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									Step #1 - Access the Online Commonwealth Telephone Directory
The online Commonwealth Telephone Directory can be accessed on the Bureau of
Publications’ website at\publications.

Click on “Commonwealth Telephone Directory”

Click on “Telephone Directory”
Step #2 – Download and Save Your Agency and Alphabetical Listing
Select your agency from the drop down menu.

Once you select your agency, a Microsoft Word document containing your Agency
Listing and your agency’s Alphabetical Listing will appear. Save this document to your
computer. When naming the document, include your agency’s number and name in the
Step #3 – Update the Agency and Alphabetical Listing

Once you have saved the document to your computer you can begin making your
updates. Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature has been turned on. This feature
must be left on when updating the document so that we can see where your changes have
been made. All updates must be combined on one document.

To delete something
in your listing, highlight
the text to be deleted
and hit your “Delete”
key. The item you are
deleting will appear with
a strikethrough.

To add something in your
listing, place your
cursor where you want
the new information
inserted and begin
typing. The new
information will be

If you need to add something
entirely new, place your cursor
at the end of the row before
the row where the new
information is to be added.
In this example, a new name
and phone number are being
added under Desktop
Publishing/Forms Layout.

Hit the “Enter” key and your
cursor will be moved to the
following row. You can begin
inserting the new information.

Once the name has been entered, hit the “Tab” key and the dot leaders will appear. You
can then begin typing the phone number.
When adding information, do not be concerned if the new information runs to the next
line. This is acceptable and does not need fixed.

Complete the following three steps when updating the Alphabetical Listing, which can be
found at the end of your Agency Listing:

   1. Review the list and make any necessary changes to existing names
   2. Delete all employees that are no longer employed with your agency
   3. Add all new employees to the end of your listing. (Last name then first name – no
      commas needed)

Complete this step by saving your updates.
Step #4 – Update the General Reference Numbers and Numbers for
Teletypewriters Pages
To access these pages, click on the “Miscellaneous” drop down menu.


Once you download and save the pages to your computer, you can begin making updates
the same as you did for the agency listing. Complete this step by saving your updates.

 If you have no updates to these pages, then you do not need to download and save them
to your computer.
Step #5 – Submit your Updates to the Bureau of Publications
There will be two opportunities for you to submit your agency updates for inclusion in
the printed version of the telephone directory. Each year after the printed version has
been issued (in July) there will be two additional opportunities for you to update the
online telephone directory. To find the deadlines for submitting updates, click on the
link “Deadlines for Submitting Updates”.

Updates to the telephone directory must be submitted by, an Agency Telephone Directory
Coordinator. A list of coordinators can be found by clicking on one of the links shown

Updates should be submitted to the “GS, Commonwealth Telephone Directory” email
account found in the Global Address List in Outlook or to the following email address:
The email should contain:

    1. The Microsoft Word file containing updates that were made to the Agency and
       Alphabetical Listing
    2. The Microsoft Word file containing updates that were made to the General
       Reference Numbers and/or Numbers for Teletypewriter pages. If you do not
       have any updates to these pages you do not have to attach them, however,
       indicate in the email that you reviewed the pages and no changes are necessary.

Step #6 – Proofing Your Agency’s Information and Submitting
Additional Updates
Two weeks after the initial submittal deadline, all agency updates will be posted back to
the Bureau’s website. An email will be sent to all Agency Telephone Directory
Coordinators as a reminder that their agency’s information has been updated and posted.
At that time, download your agency’s information again and proof the listing against the
updates that you submitted to confirm that they have been made accurately.

If additional updates are necessary, you will have one additional opportunity after the
initial deadline, to submit updates for inclusion in the printed version. To find this final
deadline, refer to the “Deadlines for Submitting Updates” link mentioned in the previous
step. Follow steps 1 through 5 to submit your final updates.

Again, two weeks after the final submittal deadline, all agency updates will be posted
back to the Bureau’s website. Your listing as it appears at this time is how it will appear
in the printed version of the Commonwealth Telephone Directory.

If throughout the remainder of the year you wish to update the online telephone directory,
submit your updates by the deadlines posted on the website.

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