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					                                                Visit our website: WWW.SACTC.COM
2004 Officers: President: Carole Buss (210) 545-1237; Vice-President: Lou Maulden (210) 648-3881; Secretary: Cheryl Meynig (210)
(210) -341-1057; Treasurer: Troy Rowe (210) 656-6458; Car Clinics: Andy Hoekstra (210) 690-8514; Tours: John Kennedy (210) 342-0344;
Newsletter Editor: Neal Johnston (210) 824-1257; C.T.C.I. Advisor: Carole Buss

                          September Activities
MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Saturday, September 11th, 9 A.M. at JIM’S COFFEE SHOP, 16101
San Pedro (Between Bitters and Thousand Oaks on West Feeder Road).
Rosanky Swap Meet: September 9-11th, 13 miles South of Bastrop on highway 304 at Central
Texas Museum of Automotive History. 1300+ spaces last year. Full concessions. Parking $5.00.
Information: Bo or Susan Franks 512-360-3562 or email: . A group will be
leaving for this event after our membership meeting. Call Andy Hoekstra @ 690-8514 if you want to go.
WEEKLY TECH MEETINGS: 6 P.M. the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday                                                       at the I.H. 10
BIRDER’S NIGHT OUT: 4th Wednesday, September 22nd, Taste of China,                                                        Colonies
North Mall, 3711 Colony Drive
Kruse Classic Car Auction: September 24-25th, Fredericksburg Airfield
Minutes – August 14th 2004
President, Carole Buss, called the meeting to order at 9:15a.m. With 26 members and welcomed R.B. Waldrep’s
guest, Jessie Tant.

George Kiobassa moved to accept minutes as written, with a second by Don Meynig.

Troy Rowe provided Treasurer’s report indicating a balance of $XXXXXX. A letter of thanks from the Nebraskaland
Thunderbird Club was read to members acknowledging our $200.00 donation to their convention fund. Letter to be
filed in secretary’s binder.

August birthdays and anniversaries were recognized.

Cruise Director, John Kennedy shared the following information:
            Attended AACOG meeting with Neal Johnston where the October 16 , Scenic Hill Cruise was
            discussed. He and Neal will make a dry run and suggest we plan to have BBQ at Carter’s around 12:30
            – 1:00pm. Final plans should be available by the September club meeting. John and Neal suggest any
            member interested in attending AACOG meetings to please join them. The next meeting is scheduled
            for September 9 at the old Tesoro building, next to Luby’s at Broadway and Nachodoches. Meeting
            starts at 7:00pm and usually ends around 8:30 – 9:00pm.
            Cruise the Coast – October 3rd – 10 , 2004. The largest Classic Car Show in the Southeast. Activities
            include Drag racing, Top-named entertainment, CTC Swap Meet, Long Beach Parade, Car Corral.
           Norm Brinkmeyer shared information about a possible cruise to Galveston. If interested in looking at
            information available, please look at using the Alta Vista search engine. His
            daughter has offered to provide a hospitality suite at her home but would need help with the cost of
            food. She also has a secure space for drivers to leave their hard tops at her place if not needed during
            the weekend. Club members expressed interest and Norm is to provide further details at the
            September meeting.
           Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming, August 21, 2004, Open Car Show at Pleasanton River Park.
            Begins at 1:00pm. POC: Roy or Margie Mendez (830) 569-2169.
            60 Semi-Annual San Antonio/Austin Spring Hill Country Collector Car Auction. Friday, September
              th                                      th
            24 , 4:00pm, Saturday, September 25 , 10:00a.m. The Hangar Hotel and Conference Center,
            Fredericksburg, Texas. POC: (800) 968-4444,
           Neal said a Friday night cruise would begin the middle of September at the Blanco Café on Austin
            Jordan Ford is presenting the new GT350 and new sporty cars on August 18 . They would like old
            cars to come to the event from 3:00 – 8:00pm. They are located on I35.
            October 24 – Mustang Show, 11:00am – 4:00pm.
            October 30 , 31 local nursing homes are asking car clubs to bring their old cars for the resident’s

Neal reported that after researching the copy machine issue, he decided it was a better use of club funds to
purchase another drum for $180.00 than to buy a new copier. Thanks Neal for being such a conscientious club
member and looking out for our pocketbook!!

Discussion about returning to EZ’s on Friday nights is pending ACOG’s decision.

Cheryl Meynig reported that due to schedule conflicts through the end of the year, she and Del would postpone
their efforts for a club recipe book. Neal kindly offered to publish a monthly recipe in the newsletter. We appreciate
the offer and ask anyone wishing to share a recipe to e-mail it to Neal.

Carole Buss shared information regarding the Colorado Thunderbird Club hosting the Region 5 Convention in 2007
in Denver. A date has not been selected. Club members expressed interest in attending and Carole will provide
information as it becomes available.

Congratulations to Betty Schwartz on the adoption of her new baby, a 2002 Thunderbird blue T-bird. They say folks
resemble their pets but I do believe Betty is now dressing the color of her car! Also, congratulations to Don Meynig
on the adoption of his 2003 desert sky blue T-bird. They now join the ranks with Sal and Ollie and their sassy red
one. There is rumor that several other members having gotten the bug and imagine it is only a matter of time before
we’ll have the 2fers group expanding.

There being no further business, JoAnn Carter moved and Don Meynig seconded the adjournment of the meeting
at 10:15a.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Cheryl Meynig
Recording Secretary

September Birthdays:          18.Mary Lou Hoekstra 22. C. L. Hood 23. Marc Weiss

        Anniversaries:        14. Gregory & Bettie Den Herder 17. Stan & Karen Steiger

                            Lifting Out Engines with a Seat Belt
                                                 By George Lang
There have been lots of good suggestions on how to lift the engine out of your car. I just haven't seen anyone
suggest using a old seatbelt instead of chains or cables for lifting. I use an old Mustang seatbelt ('66 vintage) for
most of my lifting jobs. If you do an extra loop on the lift hook, it won't slip and it won't scratch anything that it may
get in contact with. I anchor the floor eyes to the engine, usually at the exhaust ports, one on each corner of the
engine, (take off the manifolds) and can adjust the length of the strap at the buckle assembly. This way you can
get the lift hook real close to the engine if needed.

The advice of taking out the distributor should be used, they bend real easy. And doing the engine seperatly from
the trans sure makes it a lot easier to avoid any paint chips or dents.
                              Nebraskaland Thunderbird Club
                        Invites you to experience “Heartland Flight”
July 7-10, 2005 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha Marriott, located in the beautiful tree lined Regency residential
and office park near interstate access, will serve as the convention hotel. This luxurious site with its amenities and
spacious parking facilities provides a relaxing and enjoyable setting for the
convention and concours d’elegance. Several shopping centers and
multiple restaurants, some within walking distance, surround the hotel.
Borsheim’s Jewelry, the nation’s largest single jewelry store owned by
Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett, is across the street from the hotel. In
addition to the concours d’elegance the scheduled events include a
judges’ seminar, Thursday night poolside welcome party, Friday buffet
dinner with entertainment, and Saturday evening awards banquet. Bus
tours to the historic Old Market area for shopping and lunch and to the
Henry Doorly Zoo to visit its geodesic desert dome, the world’s largest
indoor rain forest, and its unique aquarium and new gorilla valley are
planned. The touring cars will caravan to tour nearby Father Flanagan’s
Boys Town. Come join us for the fun and help celebrate the 50 anniversary of the Thunderbird. Pre-register now!

To pre-register send a check for $50 to: Nebraskaland Thunderbird Convention Account, c/o Martin Bierman, Event
Chairman, 825 Branding Iron Drive, Elkhorn, NE 68022. For hotel registrations contact Omaha Marriott, 10220
Regency Circle, Omaha, NE 68114, phone: (402) 399-9000 or 1-800-228-9290 after July 6, 2004 and request the
Thunderbird convention rate of $89 per night. For information contact Martin Bierman at 402-289-4516 or email: Visit our club web site at

                                                                               On The Agenda
                                                                     Cruisin The Coast, October 3-10
                                                                    AACOG Scenic Cruise October 16
                                                                       Mustang Show October 24
                                                                    Nursing Home Cruise October 30

                                                                          The Pause that Refreshes
                                                                   The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric
                                                                   acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in
                                                                   about 4 days. Phosphoric acid also leaches
                                                                   calcium from bones and is a major contributor
                                                                   to the rising increase in osteoporosis.

                                                                   To carry Coca-Cola syrup (the concentrate)
                                                                   the commercial truck must use the hazardous
                                                                   material place cards reserved for Highly
                                                                   corrosive materials.

                                                                   The distributors of Coke have been using it to
                                                                   clean the engines of their trucks for about 20

                                                                   Now the question is, would you like a coke or
                                                                   a glass of water?

      “My problem lies in trying to reconcile my bad habits with my gross income.” Errol Flynn
                                               The Birdnest
                                     The Thunderbird Becomes a Family Car

Reprinted from Motor Life, September, 1957
Since the introduction of the Thunderbird in the fall of 1954 (1955 model), many potential sales have surely been
lost due to the fact that seating is limited to two or three people. However, the top brass at Ford never intended the
personal car to be an all purpose vehicle, so no provision was made, even as an option, for extra seating.

Bill Colgan, an auto upholsterer in Burbank, California, felt something should be done about the situation. The
Colgan rumble seat is now being marketed under the name “Birdnest” and at present is only available for the 1957
Thunderbird. Plans call for introduction of a kit for 1955-56 models at a later date.

Almost coincidentaly with the announcement by Colgan of his new rumble seat, reliable word from Detroit is that
the long awaited four-passenger Thunderboird would be introduced as the 1958 model. The seating arrangement of
the 1958 Thunderbird is not known. It’s unlikely that it will be in the form of a rumble seat.

It would appear, at first thought, that the introduction by Ford of a four-passenger model might spell the end of an
accessory of this type before it gets started. And some Ford sales agencies will be quick to predict a loss of sales of
their new four-passenger model because the
owners of 1957 models can convert their present
T’Bird into a four seater.

All this is specualation, of course, because so
much will depend on the appearance and cost of
the new model. The advanced report indicates the
body of the 1958 Thunderbird will be all new and
may be of unit construction. If the designers come
up with an attractive package, sales will be good;
if they miss the boat, sales will be down, four
seats or not. The quality of the “Birdnest” kit is
excellent and to someone who didn’t know the
difference, it could be mistaken for a factory-
installed unit. Thus, sales should be good because
it doesn’t look like something “just tacked on”.

The novelty feature is present and no rumble seat
has been seen in this country since 1939, a time
span of some eighteen years.

While not affording as much leg room for the
passenger’s legs as might be desired, it will
certainly be adequate, and for children, it is more
than adequate.

Wind, one of the most common faults of a rumble seat, or the back seat of a convertible for that matter, is not
much worse than the wind disturbance in the front seat of a Thunderbird with the top down. And, for those who are
really concerned about it, a wrap around windshield is offered for an extra $59.95. This rear windshield attaches to
the holes which normally position the rear of the top. A rubber molding is attached to the lower edge of the
windshield to prevent damage to the body panel.

Photo captions: Seats are trimmed in white nauahyde to match the interior of the car. Other colors can be
obtained on special order.

A special windshield is also available as an extra for the rumble seat, for those who might have to much objection
to the windy ride. The spare tire is remounted. It is strongly urged that safety belts be used for children in the back.
No cutting, welding or defacing of the T’Bird is necessary to install the Birdnest. Installation time, one hour.

Reprinted from the Classic Thunderbirds of San Diego newsletter, “The Bird’s Eye View, August 2004

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