Things you should know about equipment leasing

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					Things You Should Know About Equipment Leasing These days, new entrepreneurs prefer to lease equipment rather than purchase. Through leasing business equipment, the budget can be spent on more important areas of the business. Leasing also enables you to enjoy bigger savings from your expenses. In this article, let’s discuss the basic facts about leasing and some tips on how you can lease equipment more easily. Equipment Leasing Responsibilities If you’re going to lease, you need to pay attention to your contract. Your lease contract or lease agreement stipulates your specific duties as a lessee. Leasing companies offer varying repayment terms or payment options. For instance, you may choose annual , semi-annual or quarterly mode of payment. Others prefer to submit their lease payments on a monthly basis. Whichever is more suitable to the nature of your business, there is more likely to be a lease term made for you. One duty of a lessee that you should seriously consider is handling and maintaining the equipment leased. Keeping machines, devices or vehicles in good condition is a must. This way, you can return the leased equipment to your leasing company without having to pay penalties for damages or breaks. Leasing also gives the borrower the option to purchase the equipment when the lease term ends. However, you should be clear about your leasing company’s terms and conditions when it comes to purchasing leased equipment. You should be able to buy equipment at a much lower price after you have leased them. Take note of the “Hell-Or-High-Water Clause” in your contract. This clause means you are obligated to submit your payments within your lease term regardless of any event that could diminish the performance of the equipment you’ve leased. Make sure that you are clear about this clause and what it means. Remember, your lease contract binds you to the Terms and Conditions of your leasing company. Never sign a lease contract without first analyzing its contents. It is also advisable to review the lease contract with someone who knows the ins and outs of the leasing process. You may choose to hire the services of a business attorney to help you in signing the contract. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to make things more convenient for you. It always pays to ask for a lower interest rate especially if you know that you are a qualified candidate. It’s important to discuss your wishes or concerns with your leasing company right from the beginning before the contract signing takes place. Resources for Loans For New Businesses Small Business Start up