biggest loser workout by modestmouse


									                       PAFB Biggest Loser Competition Rules

1. Integrity First
   1.1. All members must use healthy methods to lose weight and body fat (i.e. diet and
   1.2. Members shall not use unhealthy, unsafe, or dangerous methods to lose
        weight/body fat. Examples include but are not limited to: laxatives, diuretics,
        extended periods in sauna/steam room, wearing vinyl suits while exercising,…

2. Eligibility
   2.1. Competition is open to 3-6 member teams of active duty/reservists

3. Teams
   3.1. Any member who does not complete their initial Bod Pod measurement by 22
        Feb will not be included as part of their team in the final results
   3.2. Teams must finish with the same members they started with. Exceptions will be
        considered on a case by case basis in the event of injury, deployment, TDY,…

4. Measurements
   4.1. All measurements are completed in the Bod Pod
   4.2. Members must be wearing the proper attire to be measured
   4.3. Initial measurements must be completed by COB 22 Feb 08
   4.4. Final measurements must be completed between 5-22 May 08
   4.5. Final measurements must be completed as close as possible to 90 day point
        after the initial measurement

5. Classes and Workouts
   5.1. The Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) will offer specific Biggest Loser
        nutrition and fitness briefings to help members achieve their goals
   5.2. The Fitness Center will offer specific Biggest Loser workouts in addition to
        regularly scheduled fitness classes

6. Prizes
   6.1. All prizes are based on team averages
   6.2. Prizes will be awarded in 4 categories:
       6.2.1. Largest weight loss (e.g. Members of a 4 person team loses a total of 32
               pounds of body weight. The average would be 8 pounds)
       6.2.2. Largest body fat loss (e.g. Members of a 3 person team lose 10%, 8%,
               and 6% body fat. The average would be 8%)
       6.2.3. Largest change in body composition: decrease in pounds of body fat +
               increase pounds of lean body weight (e.g. Member loses 8 pounds of
               body fat and gains 2 pounds of lean body weight which would result in a
               10 pound change in body composition)
       6.2.4. Participation
      A participation prize will be given to the team that accumulates
                  the most “fitness points” between 1 Mar and 30 Apr.
  Members receive 2 fitness points for participating in a designated
                    Fitness Center or HAWC Biggest Loser event
  Members receive 1 point for attending a regular fitness center
                    class, regular HAWC class, or working out in the Fitness Center
                    and having the workout signed off by a member of the Fitness
                    Center or HAWC staff
6.3. A team can only win a prize in one category. In the event a team wins prizes in
     more than one category then the prize in the other category will be awarded to
     the team in second place in that category.

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