free paper dolls by modestmouse


									                         Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown
                                Nancy Milam
                     Instructional Classroom Grades 4-6

908– Students will be able to identify different types of literature
901 – Students will understand and use vocabulary words
903 – Students will be able to understand what they read
906 – Students will be able to identify characters and settings of

The multiple intelligences activities will occur during and after the class has
read the book.


Flat Stanley books
Inspiration Fantasy web organizer worksheets and transparency
Activity Sheet 1
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

  1. hand out Flat Stanley books to students
  2. preview and scan the title and pictures in the story
  3. Discuss what type of genre Flat Stanley would be
  4. pass out Inspiration web organizer for each student
     Attached: Fantasy web.doc
  5. students complete organizer by classifying the different characteristics
     of a Fantasy genre
  6. Students complete Activity Sheet 1 by drawing and coloring what
     they would look like flat and how they became flat.

   1. read pages 5 and 6 together
   2. Introduce the word absurd and have students look up the definition in
      the dictionary
   3. Discuss the absurdities that occurred in the book.
   4. in groups, students brainstorm other absurdities
   5. each group practices how they can role play their favorite absurd idea
   6. The groups take turns acting out their ideas for something they think
      would be absurd


The students will complete this activity in order to visualize what Stanley
looks like after the bulletin board flattens him.

Large sheet of butcher paper for each group
Yard stick for each group
Flat Stanley books

  1. Read and discuss pages 8-18 aloud.
  2. Divide students into small groups of 3 or 4.
  3. Each group will get a large piece of butcher paper and a yard stick.
  4. Together the students will measure 4 feet tall and 1 foot wide on the
     piece of butcher paper. They should draw an outline of a boy on the
     paper with these measurements.
  5. As a large group, discuss what it would be like to be ½ inch thick.
     Name objects that are about ½ inch thick. Where could they go if they
     were only ½ inch thick?

#1: Tell Students that they will start their own "Flat Stanley" project. Each
student will select one paper doll and mail it to various relatives and friends
in and out of the United States. Go to the computer lab and allow the
students to use the following Web site to download paper dolls, or your class
may wish to design their own. Allow students time to decorate the doll
however they wish.

Web Resources
Title: Making Friend - Free Paper Dolls

Annotation: A wide variety of multi-cultural paper dolls available for free
downloads. Accessories such as clothing and hair may also be printed from
this site. From the main page, select the theme you'd like, and then choose a
friend. At the friend's page, go down to the second bullet and click on "print
your own" either in color or in outline.
They may also choose the Flat Stanley template to print, color, and cut out.

Duration: 15 minutes
Tell students that they will send their doll to relatives and / or friends, one in
or out of the United States. Have them make a list of people that they may
want to send their dolls to. The students' parents will be responsible for
providing the addresses of the person listed on the students' lists. Each doll
sent will be sent with a letter asking the recipient to mail the paper doll back
to the school (be sure to enclose the school's address), along with either a
small souvenir from their state or country, or a picture of Stanley in front of
an identifying landmark. Use the following letters to send home to parents
explaining the project, and to be included with the paper dolls when being
sent to relatives/friends. You may want to send home a completed example
for clarity. If you prefer, ask the parents to provide a stamped, addressed
envelope to school so you can mail all of the letters at a designated time.
Title: Flat Stanley Letter Filename: Flat Stanley Letter.doc
Description: To be mailed with the Stanley’s to the designated people in
and out of the country. Customize for your class. Image from Microsoft
Title: Flat Stanley Parent Letter Filename: Flat Stanley parent letter.doc
Description: To be sent home to the parents. Explains the assignment.

#2: After finishing the book, the students will go to the computer lab and
make a character and setting web using Kidspiration. The character web will
describe and illustrate Flat Stanley. The setting web should describe and
illustrate the different settings that took place in the book. They will print
their webs when finished.


Students go to the computer lab and go to the following web site to read
stories written by other students.
Students then reflect on the story they have chosen to read. They need to
complete the Reflection sheet attached. Reflection sheet.doc


This is an optional web quest activity for Flat Stanley

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