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					                                   EMC Testing

  The state of the art facilities to conduct EMC testing as per IEC/EN standards have
been installed. The 3 meter ferrite tiled Anechoic Chamber from ETS Lindgren is
utilized for carrying out Radiated Emission and Radiated Immunity Testing to cover
large equipment/system. The EMI Receiver upto 26.5 GHZ from Rhode & Schawarz
can measure easily eighth harmonics for Radiated Emission measurement on 3GHz
servers and IT products. For smaller equipment GTEM Cell upto 3 GHz can generate
Field upto 100V/m. The laboratory is equipped withy whole range equipment and
accessories to carry out Emission and Immunity Tests as per IEC/EN Standards
mentioned EMC Directive. The laboratory has well trained engineers to help
manufacturer to test for CE Marking requirements.
.    International

       Federal Communication Commission USA For Part 15 &18
       UL USA – Certification of Appointment as a TCB Laboratory
       Saudi Arab Standards Organisation

National Accreditation

   •   National Accreditation for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for
       Quality System as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005
   •    STQC Certification Services for EMC Mark
   •   Bureau of Indian Standards

Radiated Emission Test Setup of IT Products
  Sr.       Product
                            Parameter / Test      Applicable Standards
1     IT Products         Emission, Immunity     CISPR 22 & CISPR 24,
                          and Harmonics          IEC61000-3-2
                                                 EN 55022 & EN 55024,
                                                 FCC Part 15 & 18
2    Domestic           Emission, Immunity       CISPR14-1,CISPR14-1
     Appliances & Tools and Harmonics &          IEC 61000-3-2,IEC
                        Flicker                  61000-3-3
                                                 EN 55014-1 & EN 55014-
3    Luminaries &       Emission, Immunity,      CISPR 15,IEC 61547,
     Lighting Equipment Harmonics & Flicker      IEC 61000-3-2,IEC
                                                 EN 55015
4    TV Receiver &        Emission & Immunity    CISPR 13 & CISPR 20
     associated eqpt                             EN 55013 & EN 55020
5    UPS                  Emission & Immunity    IEC 62040-2
6    Energy meter         Emission & Immunity    IEC62053-11 & 21
7    Electronic Ballast   Emission, Immunity,    CISPR 15,IEC 61547,
                          Harmonics & Flicker    IEC 61000-3-2,IEC
                                                 EN 55015
8    Industrial Scientific Emission & Immunity   CISPR 11
     & Medical Eqpt.                             EN55011
9    Automobiles           Radiated Emission     CISPR 12
10   Electrical            Emission & Immunity   IEC 61326
     equipments for
     controls & lab. use
     Electronics           Emission & Immunity CISPR 22
11   Equipments used                               EN 50155
     for Railway
12   Chambers              Shielding Effectiveness Mil-Std 285
13   All products          Emission Test
                           Conducted Emission
                           Discontinuous           CISPR 22
                           disturbance             CISPR 14-1
                           Radiated Emission
                           Radiated Power          CISPR 22
                           Immunity Tests          CISPR 14-1
                           Radiated Immunity       EN/ IEC 61000-4-2

                          Burst /Electric fast   EN/ IEC 61000-4-3
                          Surge                  EN/ IEC 61000-4-4
                            Conducted (RF)          EN/ IEC 61000-4-5,
                            Immunity                CCITT,FCC 68
                            Power Freq. Magnetic
                            Immunity                EN/ IEC 61000-4-6
                            Pulsed Magnetic
                            Damped Pulsed           EN/ IEC 61000-4-8
                            Magnetic Immunity
                             Voltage Dip &          EN/ IEC 61000-4-9
                            Damped Oscillatory &    EN/ IEC 61000-4-10
                            ring wave Immunity

                            Audio Immunity          EN/ IEC 61000-4-11

                                                    EN/ IEC 61000-4-12

                                                    EN/ IEC 61000-2-2

Major Test Facilities

           Name                   Make                    Model
   EMI Receiver              Rohde & Schwartz            ESIB26
   EMI Receiver                 PMM Italy             PMM9000 Plus
   Antenna Mast                   EMCO                    1050
   Turn Table                     EMCO                   1060-04
   3 m Anechoic Chamber        ETS Lindgren              FACt-04
   RF Amplifier                   Prana                AP32DR225,
   Absorbing Clamp           Rohde & Schwartz            MDS 21
   Bi-conical Antenna             EMCO               3108,3104,3109
   Log Periodic                   EMCO                    3146
   Antennae – Loop, Rod,          EMCO             3303B,
   Horn , Adj. Dipole                              3121C(Dipole)HFH2
   Antenna                                         -Z2
   AC Power source               Pacific                 140TMX
   Flicker test                                          140TMX
   Ultra Compact                 EM test               UCS-500M6
   (Combined Immunity)
   Test Simulator
   Capacitor Clamp             EM Test                     HFK
   Surge Simulator             Keytek                   M801-05
   Ring Wave Generator         Keytek                      S-1
   EFT/Burst Simulator         Keytek                   M801-04H
   ESD Simulator               Schaffner             Mini-gap MZ-15
   Interference Simulator      Schaffner                NSG222A
   TEM with Signal             TDK RF              5403,SMIQ 03B,
   Generator and power         systems             120S193
   Amplifier up to 3GHz                            P Surg 8000, PIM-
   Damped Oscillatory             Haefley              PCD 130
   Audio Power Generator         Solar
   Signal Generator           IFR International
   Digital Phospher              Tektronix            TDS-5104


      Testing as per National & international Specifications
      Testing for CE Marking, C-tick Mark FCC Mark, SASO Approval, EMC Mark ,
      Review of Technical Construction File For CE /FCC Marks
      Identification EMC Standards and preparation of EMC Test Plan
      Development Assistance and Advisory Service
      Antenna Calibration
      Onsite Testing for complex and Large systems

Shielding effectiveness testing Of Chamber/Shelter/Room

     Shielding Effectiveness of Shelter
Conducted Emission Test Setup for IT Equipment

Radiated Emission Test Setup of IT Products
  Radiated Emission Setup In Anechoic Chamber                       Monitoring the
                             RE Measurement


EMC section of ERTL(N) has wide experience to carry out the EMI/EMC Testing as
per national & international Specifications. The Engineers have been trained at VDE
Germany, R&S, Germany, Siemens Plessey Assessment Centre, U.K, and ETS
Lindgren, USA. and participated regularly in national & International Conferences on
EMC. Around 35 Technical papers are published/ presented in the leading journals/
conferences. We are constantly updating our knowledge & skill according prevailing
requirement. We had provided the EMC solution to various industries to improve the
product to meet the EMC standards. Large number of Manufacturers have exported
their products to the international market after utilizing our facilities. We had wide
exposure to carry out the testing for CE-Marking, FCC Mark, C-Tick Mark ,EMC Mark.
Various agencies like BIS, RDSO, Defence, DGS&D, Delhi Metro ,TEC, PSUs & MNCs
are regularly utilizing our facilities. .

Types of products tested

   Domestic Appliances.
Washing Machines, Cooler, Radiating Heater, Mixer Grinder ,Refrigerator, Remote
controller for Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, Fan , weighing Machine Energy meter,

Microwave oven

  TV & Broadcast Systems
Colour & BW TV, Public Address System ,Amplifier , Audio System
CNG Operated Car, LPG Operated Car, Petrol Car, Central Locking System, Ignition
plug for Engine, Blower , Speedometer

Information Technology & Telecommunication Products.
Computer & peripherals, server , Photo copier, telephone ,EPBX , Multiplexe,Coba
System, PCO Machine ,Telephone Exchanges, ISDN Network, Public address &
Display system, Network Terminator , Access node ,Remote Terminal Unit

    Lighting Equipments

Electronic Ballast , CFL, LED based Aviation Light, Fluorescent lighting for Photo

   Industrial, Scientific & Medical Equipment

Ventilator, Photometer, Spectrometer, Compressor, Currency & binding Machine ,
Sewing Machine Microprocessor based spectrometer, Relays , Proximity Switches,
Timer Bar , Portable chromatograph System, Mini spectrometer, Petrol pump (
control unit ), Flame Photo meter , Calorimeter, Signal Generator , capacitance
Meter, insulation Tester , Controller for air conditioning system for railway .etc

   •   Power Electronics Equipment

UPS, SMPS, Line conditioner, Surge protector, Stablizer, Tri-vector Energy Meter
Chargers, 10 KV regulator .


CNC Grinding Machine, Printing Press, Die Cutting Machine

    Antenna Calibration

Bi-Conical Antenna, Log periodic Antenna, Dipole Antenna.

   Shielding Effectiveness Measurement
EMI Shelter, Shielded Chambers/Rooms for Hospitals.

Major Clients
      RDSO, Lucknow, TEC, New Delhi, Deptt Of Weight & Measures
      NTPC, Ministry of Defence , DRDO, PGCIL. Punjab Communications
      LG Electronics, Bharti Teletech Ltd , HCL , Bajaj Electrical Ltd
      Alstom , Avery India, Datex Accure Pvt Ltd, HFCL
      Adhunik power Systems Pvt Ltd, Autometer Alliance Ltd , HFCL
      AIMIL, Pramod Telecom, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
      ABB, Asian Electronics, TUV India, UL India
      FIBCOM , Linkquest , AREVA , CISCO, L&T , GE, Multitech
      Adya System, Fixopan, MPlast
Surge & EFT Simulator Test Set up

    GTEM Cell

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