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earth wood stove

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									surface. Loosely layer the firebox with lightly crum-      external dial regulates heat output and controls      your chimney lining. If your stove pipe is boxed
pled newspaper and dry, finely split kindling or a fire-   fuel delivery. Occasional cleaning of an ash pan is   in, you won’t readily see any metal failure or
lighter on top. Firmly open the damper and ignite          necessary, while all other aspects of the heating     damage to the pipe. Spend some money on a
the paper on all sides.                                    process occur automatically.                          professional service to properly examine these

                                                                                                                                                                                             Wood Stove
   If the fire burns too slowly, draft louvers of the                                                            “hidden” areas and your entire woodburning
stove should be opened or the door left slightly           Chimney Maintenance                                   system. Otherwise you may be creating a fire
ajar for the first few moments to get a good blaze.           The Consumer Product Safety Commission             hazard that could cost you thousands of dollars,

Add more kindling and some pieces of larger                estimates that about 45,000 chimney fires             or even the destruction of your home!
wood. A constant rising movement of air signals            occur each year. Improper maintenance and                Pellet stoves are easy to maintain: empty the ash
that good drafting conditions have been                    inadequate cleaning are the most common               pan weekly; periodically clean the burn pot, hopper,
achieved. Your chimney is preheated when each              causes. Metal stovepipes are especially suscepti-     ash traps and glass; hire professional servicing of the
larger piece of wood you add burns vigorously,             ble to failure due to heat stress, creosote           entire unit annually before the cold season, and
without a loss in intensity of the fire.                   buildup and even scouring and weakening of            have the chimney and vent inspected annually (and
                                                           the metal from cleaning with abrasive brushes.        cleaned as necessary) by a certified chimney sweep.
                                                               Creosote is an oily residue that resembles a
                                                           tar-like liquid or small black flakes. No matter      In Case of a Chimney Fire
                                                           how efficiently you burn wood, the combustion            The first indication of a serious chimney fire is
                                                           process is never 100 percent complete. Creosote       the noise – a loud roaring. Black smoke and sparks
                                                           is found almost anywhere in a wood heating            (in severe cases even flames) will exit the top of
                                                           system. It is more of a problem in wood stoves        the chimney.
                                                           than fireplaces since the exhaust gases from             nCall the fire department immediately
                                                           stoves are cooler than those from fireplaces.            nGet everyone out of the house
                                                              Creosote builds up on the lining of the chim-         nIf you have time, close the stove’s draft
                                                           ney flue, and even a small amount is highly                louvers and solid damper in the stove pipe
   During warmer seasons in spring and fall, con-          combustible. A hot fire can ignite the creosote          nIf possible, wet down the roof (not the
trol the total heat output by limiting the amount          buildup resulting in chimney fire. A chimney               chimney) and other outdoor combustibles to
of wood you place on the fire, rather than by clos-        fire can send globs of molten creosote and mor-            prevent fires ignited by shooting sparks and
ing down the air supply. Make shorter, hot fires           tar onto your roof. It can penetrate your chim-            flames.
using more finely split wood. Let the fire burn out        ney and ignite your walls and rafters.
rather than smolder at a low air supply setting.              The National Fire Protection Association                  National Farmers Union
When you need more heat, restart the fire again            states in their fire safety code, “Chimneys, fire-        Property and Casualty Company
with kindling, but then add smaller fuel loads.            places and vents shall be inspected at least once a          5619 DTC Parkway, Suite 300
This allows your stove to operate at maximum               year.” Regardless of how often you use your wood
                                                                                                                     Greenwood Village, CO 80111-3136
efficiency with minimum emissions and creosote             burning appliance, follow this code and have
buildup. Avoid the temptation of building a big                                                                               (800) 347-1961
                                                           your wood burning system checked annually.
fire and then starving it for air. Never let a wood        More frequent checks are advisable if your stove
fire burn unattended or overnight.                         builds up more creosote and soot than normal.         This brochure is informational only and is neither an offer to insure nor
   For Pellet stoves, pellets are placed in a hopper          Unless you are an experienced and compe-           a contract of insurance. It is intended to provide general Wood Stove
where they are automatically fed into the fire pot.        tent do-it-yourselfer, think twice before trying      Safety information without any agreement, promise, representation or
                                                                                                                 warranty with respect to such information.
A simple electronic igniter lights the fire, and an        to clean your own chimney—you may damage
                                                                                                                                          BR-??? (09/06)
   The rich tradition of wood burning is deeply            Heat Output                                              must be followed to the letter. So it is recommend-         pipe and drip onto the stove or floor.
ingrained in our American lifestyle and history.            The right size unit is very important to your           ed you always have a qualified heating contractor              Wood that is dry and well-seasoned for 9 to 18
   Today’s wood burning appliances are not mere-            enjoyment. Your hearth retailer can help you            experienced with wood burners install your unit.            months will ignite and burn much more efficient-
                                                            determine the right size, factoring in your                If you opt for a pellet stove, purchase from a trained   ly and cause fewer problems. Split logs dry and
ly an economical heat source but also an integral
                                                            climate, floor plan and lifestyle. The heat out-        pellet stove expert who can arrange installation by a       ignite even faster.
addition to home furnishing. However, every year
                                                            put rating information on the certification label       certified professional installer and also provide a
there are many tragic fires traceable to improper                                                                   resource for where to purchase pellet fuel in your area.    Pellet Fuel
                                                            can also help match your heating needs with
installation or incorrect maintenance of wood               the capacity of the stove.                                 Installation of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors             Pellet fuel is a renewable, recycled energy
burning appliances.                                                                                                 becomes especially important if you have a wood             resource made from sawdust and wood shavings
                                                           Pellet Stoves                                            burner. Have them installed in an adjacent room to          (and sometimes corn). This recycled waste goes to a
Purchasing                                                   These are unique and efficient home heaters                                                                        pellet mill where it is dried, compressed and formed
   The wood stove industry using modern technolo-                                                                   avoid false alarms from smoke escaping from your
                                                             that generate automated, economical and earth-         wood burning appliance. Make sure the detectors are         into small pellet-sized bits. Resins and binders
gy has developed wood burning appliances that pro-           friendly wood heat using pellet fuel instead of                                                                    (lignin) occurring naturally
duce more heat, use less fuel, are safer and also meet                                                              UL “listed” or Factory Mutual (FM) approved and
                                                             firewood. Pellet stoves may be installed almost        test them monthly.                                          in the sawdust hold the
clean air standards. If you’re shopping for a wood           anywhere in your home within as little as three                                                                    pellets together, so they
burning unit remember the starting point is you,                                                                       You should also install a multipurpose dry chem-
                                                             inches from a wall. The key is having an               ical extinguisher within easy reach of each stove.          contain no additives.
your home, your tastes and your lifestyle. From there        electrical outlet near to power the electronic                                                                        Pellet fuel is unparal-
a trained hearth products retailer can help you                                                                     A 2-A, 40-BC extinguisher is desirable. Using
                                                             igniter which initially lights the fire.               water on a hot stove in an emergency can result in          leled in heat efficiency,
choose the ideal product.                                                                                                                                                       ensures almost complete
                                                                                                                    severe stove damage or even an explosion.
  Safety                                                 Retiring Old Stoves                                                                                                    combustion and produces minimal smoke. This
    Purchase only an appliance which has been               Currently no technology is available to improve         Wood Fuel                                                   fuel requires specially designed pellet stoves or fire-
    safety tested and bears a label from                 an uncertified stove or fireplace insert. The only            Hardwoods and softwoods are chemically sim-              place inserts which are easily installed and main-
    Underwriters Laboratory (UL), another                option is to purchase a new certified unit. This may       ilar – the difference is density. Soft woods such           tained. If you would like more information on this
    recognized testing lab or a building code            be simple and surprisingly affordable.                     as fir and pine are easy to light and burn rapidly          fast growing industry, the Pellet Fuels Institute
    group. Avoid “garage sale specials” or antique          Gas logs or a fireplace insert may be just right for    with a hot flame. Hard woods, such as ash,                  website is
    stoves. Even a small undetected flaw can             you. Fireplace inserts that burn pellet fuel are also      beech, birch, maple and
    result in hazard.                                    available. Other upgrading costs can include the wood      oak, provide a longer-                                      Starting a Fire
                                                         stove or fireplace insert, chimney, delivery, installa-    lasting fire with a shorter                                     You want to create the “good drafting condi-
  Efficiency                                             tion, annual fuel costs and maintenance. However, a        flame. A mixture of soft-                                   tions” necessary to maintain clean combustion
    Again, look for a certification label by an          newer certified unit will be more efficient and burn       woods and hardwoods is                                      and minimize creosote buildup. Good drafting
    accredited testing laboratory. An EPA-               less wood, so the cost of upgrading pays for itself over   the best choice for a fire                                  means your chimney consistently draws air into
    sanctioned label includes emission and               time, especially if you switch to a pellet fuel system.    that is easily ignited and                                  the firebox at a high enough rate to provide ade-
    efficiency ratings for the appliance. The amount                                                                long lasting.                                               quate oxygen for complete burning. To create this
    of wood you will                                     Installation                                                  Green wood has too                                       draft you must “preheat the chimney.” This pre-
    burn to produce                                        Installation of your wood heating appliance should       high a moisture content                                     heating can vary by chimney but typically requires
    the desired output                                   be done by a professional. All wood burners must be        for satisfactory use.                                       5-15 minutes of vigorous firing. Some wood stove
    will depend on the                                   installed to comply with local fire/building codes         Condensation of this                                        manufacturers provide specific guidelines for
    efficiency of the                                    and manufacturer’s specifications. There are safety        moisture makes for a “cool” fire which encour-              startup and preheating phases. Follow these
    stove that you                                       requirements for wall clearance, floor protection,         ages creosote buildup. Burning green wood                   instructions when they are specified.
    select.                                              venting and insulation of the stovepipe and chim-          can cause the formation of so much creosote                    At startup, remove from the firebox all but a thin
                                                         ney. Manufacturer’s installation requirements              that it may even run down inside the stove                  layer of ashes, which will provide a heat reflecting

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