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            Realtree Road Trips® Best of Season 6
                           Reality TV, Realtree Style

COLUMBUS, Georgia, March 10, 2009 – Realtree Inc.

Just like in seasons past, Realtree Road Trips® Best of Season 6 keeps
on rockin’ with three hours and nine episodes of jaw-dropping, side-
splitting footage as only Michael Waddell can deliver.

Hitch a ride with Waddell as he travels from the peanut fields of South
Georgia to the mountain tops of Eastern Wyoming in search of his next

Find out for yourself why Realtree Road Trips won the Outdoor
Channel’s award for Best Big Game Footage in 2008. Perhaps it has
something to do with Waddell’s personal best New Mexico elk and
Colorado mule deer.

Buglin’ monarchs, lovesick longbeards and a combination of rut-crazed
whitetails and muleys are all part of this year’s Road Trips Best of
Season 6. “The Road Keeps on Callin,’” so tag along and enjoy the
ride. It’s reality TV, Realtree style!

Exclusive Bonus Footage
•     Who said Waddell doesn’t miss?
•     Varmints in the snow
•     A glance of Season 7
•     Rhett Akins unplugs at Country Goes Huntin’
•     Nicky the Wheel
•     Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert by the campfire

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