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									                                  Jobs Australia Ltd (JA)
                            Indigenous Training Network (ITN)
                             Membership Information – 2008
Jobs Australia (The national peak for non - profit providers of employment and related services) has established
an Indigenous Training Network (ITN) to develop the capacity of Indigenous organisations and communities to
deliver high quality vocational education and training (VET) to their communities. This initiative is jointly funded
by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and Jobs Australia; funding is
available for 18 months.

Building on Jobs Australia’s ongoing work with Indigenous organisations in the delivery of nationally recognised
training, the ITN will provide a valuable new opportunity for Indigenous organisations and communities to
become qualified deliverers of VET.

The ITN will build capacity by assisting organisations and communities to:
             identify local VET needs;
             prepare to deliver nationally recognised VET qualifications locally;
             gain access to support and advice from existing successful Indigenous RTOs and to network
                 with other Indigenous organisations;
             identify community members with existing VET skills and support their career enhancement and
                 development within the VET sector;
             access Jobs Australia support and advice on VET; and
             access funding opportunities via tender support.

ITN membership will be available nationally and is open to all incorporated Indigenous organisations and

Indigenous Training Network membership is available free of charge to all incorporated Indigenous organisations
and communities.
(Membership does not cover travel, accommodation or associated costs)

ITN Membership Services

Member Meetings
Network meetings will be held in most states and territories 2-3 times each membership year. ITN Member
meetings provide members with the opportunity to be kept up-to-date with developments in the Vocational
Education and Training as well as network with other members. The initial round of meetings will be held in each
state and territory during March, April and May 2008. ITN members will also be invited to attend Australian
Training Network (ATN) Meetings and network with current ATN members

Professional Development
ITN will provide a series quality professional development workshops in locations across Australia aimed at
preparing members to, or increasing member’s capacity to, deliver Vocational Education and Training Services.
Two of these workshops will be provided free of charge under our funding arrangement with DEEWR. Additional
professional development workshops will be offered to ITN members at discounted rates.
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
ITN will deliver Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAA40104 to ITN members through either
recognition of prior learning or classroom based pathways. One course will be offered in each state and
territory free of charge to ITN members during 2008-2009. The full cost of this course would normally be
$1200 per participant.

Jobs Australia will advocate on behalf of members to ensure the network’s issues are addressed equitably and
effectively. Influencing VET policy decision makers on behalf of members in relation to new and future policy
directions is a priority for ITN.

Advice and Support
Jobs Australia will be provide ITN members with access to advise and support on Vocational Education and
Training issues including training and funding opportunities and tender support.

Australian Training Network
ITN members will be given the option of becoming members of the Australian Training Network (ATN). By
joining ATN, members can enjoy a wide range of capacity building services, including access to JA’s Scope of
Registration working in a partnering arrangement. Jobs Australia is a Registered Training Organisation. The ATN
initiative was established in 1999 as a separate membership option for Jobs Australia members involved in or
seeking to be involved in delivery of nationally accredited vocational education and training. The ATN has a
strong emphasis on building the capacity and self-sufficiency of members in the delivery and management of
quality training and recognition services.

ATN membership is open to JA members regardless of whether they are a RTO or not. Information regarding
Jobs Australia and ATN membership is available on request.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our services or have any other queries, please contact Chris McAleer,
Julie Anderson, Heather Brown or Dennis Batty at Jobs Australia on 1800-331-915 or 03-9349-3699.


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