professional halloween masks by modestmouse


									Everyone gets into the Spirit
with Halloween Masks!
Easy-to-make masks make every family member boo-tiful!

 What you’ll need
   •   8"x 10" photo of face
   •   Spray adhesive
   •   Cardboard or foam core board
   •   Acrylic paints in various colors
   •   Clear paint medium
   •   Paintbrushes
   •   Scissors or craft knife and
       cutting mat
   Optional: yarn for hair; assorted
   papers, lace, and trims for collars
   and other “costumes,” curling
   ribbon, craft glue; hole punch;
   thin dowels and masking tape

                                          For professional quality prints, visit to find a store near you.
                                             At home, use Fujifilm photo paper to get outstanding prints with brilliant color.

 What to do

  ● First, take a close-up photo of everybody's face...and ask someone to snap yours, too!
  ● Get 8" x 10" photos printed at your local Fujifilm retail photo center, or print at home
       on 8 1/2" x 11" Fujifilm photo paper, making sure that each face fills the sheet.
  ● Back each photo with cardboard, and cut out around the face.
  ● Put “make-up” on the face. The secret to tinting skin is to mix drops of acrylic paint with
       a dollop of clear paint medium from the craft store.
  ● Glue on yarn hair, paper hats, lace collars and other “costumes.”
  ● Put your "heads" together with curling ribbon for a boo-tiful garland. Or, for facemasks, poke
       holes so the wearer can see out, and either tie on or tape a dowel to the back for a handle.
       When masks aren't in use, stick the handle into a pumpkin for a Halloween centerpiece.

                    Great to use as a costume or as a house decoration,
                            these masks are a family sensation!


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