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					Someone asked, "what is Faith to me?" Just give me a minute, keep on reading and you will soon see. Faith is not something that's tangible in the physical form, But without it your life would be just like a big windstorm. Faith is belief, confidence, and trust in God as well as Jesus Christ, Faith is knowing through all obstacles his love will endure as well as suffice. Faith is also the belief in things unseen, You can just rest and reamin peaceful and serene. Faith is believing in all of the things that God promise, And God is not a man that he lies, after all he's flawless. To me Faith is a never ending supply of needs met, With it you can do anything with hardly any amount of sweat. With undying Faith you WILL end up with God's favor, All you have to do is surrender to him sort of like a waiver. A waiver is the surrender of a voluntary privelege or right, Once you surrender to him you will soon after see the light. And that light is his never ending unconditional love, Then you can go through life much easier without so much as a push or a shove. It will literally feel like you're just breezing right through, I'm living in it right now and I feel like i'm brand new. Just having faith in him has given me so so much, There's not too many days that go by that I don't feel his warm touch. I don't have any more worries or any more fears, He took over those burdens for me, he even took away my tears. See that's what having faith in him will get you, It frees you up so will never have another nagging little issue. It has you seeing life in a whole 'nother way, That's why from his love and truth I will never stray. Even through the trials and tribulations I will stay faithful, And God will to that's one of the reasons i'm so so so so grateful. It's nice to have someone in my life so awesome with so many wonderous works, He loves me, forgives me, gave me peace and joy, and that's just some of the perks! There is SO much more that he has given to me, He has made me whole, showed me to love, he has made me free.

I finally feel free, free as a bird, I've never felt this good, I don't ever want to go backward. I promised myself to not look back and just keep on moving, So sometimes I just sit back and meditate on God's love, and it's very soothing. It just keep me in the mind that anything is possible just dream big, Alot of times I find myself having my own little shindig. Well not just myself because i'm really never alone, You know my God is always with me and that's fine, He's the greatest force i've ever known. There is really not enough words to describe him as a whole, He's so awesome, he even has millions of ways to free your soul. Without him I would not even be here, And I know by staying faithful my breakthrough is really really near. See that's the faith that i have in Him, I'm not afraid anymore, I can see now, it's no longer dim. I just keep staying faithful and praising his holy name, I'll tell the whole world how good God is, I have no shame. He has done so many wonderful things for me, I am so grateful to be a part of God's Army. He keeps me safe and very very warm, He has made me who I am, He has made me fully transform. Into the loving, caring, honest and thoughtful being you see today, And I have faith that he will let me live until i'm old and gray.

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