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									       Spellman Humanitarian Awards BAYARD RUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL 4/14/09
Balancing community service with commitments to excellence in school and sports is the
trademark of our next recipient. While Rustin’s varsity basketball team has occupied a
significant amount of his free time this last school year, this recipient has still found time to
volunteer to work at a retirement home. In addition, as a member of the Kappa Alpa Psi
Fraternity, he spent many hours in the prior three years visiting churches, distributing turkeys for
the holidays, and hosting college fairs. For his outstanding commitment to service we honor
Lazar Asparagus.

The next Spellman Award winner has been a member of Rustin’s Good Friends club for 3 years.
The club aims to foster friendships among its members which includes students with disabilities.
This recipient is described by the faculty member responsible for the club as “a primary moving
force in the success of the club” serving this past year as chairperson. However, this recipient’s
friendship does not stop at the doors of Rustin. Outside of the school, she is a member of her
church youth group and has volunteered for Special Olympics. It does not stop there. She spends
each 8th period in the Autistic Support class at Rustin volunteering and learning more. As a
volunteer she has worked with girls at risk and organized a collection of items for the troops in
Iraq. She is a friend, pen pal, helper, confidante and most of all a humanitarian, so we are
honored to recognize Emily Bauer as a Spellman Award winner.

On a consistent basis, our next recipient has been there when others needed him. He has been a
volunteer for the Chadds Ford Historical Society and as an Eagle Scout he helped build planting
and picnic tables for the disabled. Beyond this, he has volunteered to help with his church youth
group. When others need assistance, this Rustin Knight is there to lend a helping hand. Please
join me in honoring as a Spellman Award winner, Andrew Broadbent.

Our next recipient moved to the West Chester Area School District just under two years ago. In
that short amount of time he has established a reputation as one who treats others with basic
respect, politeness and courtesy. It should come as no surprise that someone who clearly lives by
the Golden Rule has centered his volunteer work on his Church, Emilie United Methodist in
Levittown. This recipient serves on the administrative board of the church, works with the
church’s food ministries, volunteers to operate the sound system for the Church and has
participated in mission trips. As an Eagle scout, he has also spent several hours helping to
refurbish his Church. Tonight we honor Richard Kriebel with the Spellman Humanitarian

In her three years at Rustin High School, our next recipient logged over 1000 hours in
community service outside of the school. Most of these hours she spent supporting her Church
and local volunteer fire company as well as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. She has
also been an active member of Rustin’s Community Service Club. Commitment to serving
others is a core philosophy of Lisa Kueny and tonight we honor her service.
Our next recipient is well known in the state and nation as a track star. However, most people
are not aware that she is a devoted community servant. She is a regular volunteer in her Church
nursery program and she shares her stellar track skills at the West Chester Track Club summer
program. In addition she has volunteered at Gaudenzia House, the West Chester Community
Center and has been a regular weekly volunteer for the girl scouts in West Chester for the past
two years. For all the work she does away from the spotlights on the track, we honor Kayla Lee.

Among Rustin High School seniors, there is one student who has distinguished himself for his
service to the school community. He is a founding member of the Guiding Knights who provide
directions and information to visitors to the school. He has volunteered as a student
representative to the Strategic Planning Committee for the school. He founded the Sign
Language Club at Rustin High School and is a peer tutor and has provided support to Rustin’s
special needs students. Outside of school, he is an Eagle Scout and an active volunteer at his
church. He does all of these things on top of being a strong student and active in Rustin’s music
and drama programs. In March, he received the Philadelphia Inquirer’s citizenship award for his
volunteer efforts. Please join me in recognizing Jacob LeVasseur as a recipient of the Spellman

You might not think that watching YouTube and playing video games could be a form of
community service. However, in the hands of our next creative recipient, what would otherwise
be a self-absorbed escape from the pressures of school and work has become a way to help
another. For six years, our next recipient has spent countless hours helping a nearly paralyzed
man with spinal muscular atrophy by providing fellowship and entertainment. In addition, this
recipient has volunteered for the last two years as a volunteer at Chester County Hospital. For
his care and concern for those in need, we honor Maarten Levert

Our next award winner greets challenges with passion – and she has faced many. She frequently
reflects on her immigration experience and how it influences her goal to teach immigrant
students. She is an inspiration for students as a Latina achieving through hard work. At a
reading by author, Julia Alvarez, this recipient’s awe for books was so palpable that in a room of
students, the author acknowledged her directly. This recipient is an active community member
aiding Spanish-speaking customers at her job, working 20 hours per week to support her family
and spending several hours leading service projects for an aid organization. Tonight we
recognize Gabriela Lopez-Serrano for being an influential member of our community.

Our next recipient follows in the footsteps of Dr. Spellman. She has committed much or her
community service time to Westminster Presbyterian Church where Dr. Spellman was also an
active member. She has participated annually in a mission trip to Mexico. She also has taken
part in the 30 hour famine to raise awareness and funds to end famine. She is a youth leader of
the Confirmation class and participates in numerous other charity events sponsored by the
Church. We are so proud to recognize the devoted service of Maggie Smith.

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