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									                                     August 11, 2008


TO:            Distribution

FROM:          DM01/Sheila Cloud

SUBJECT:       Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) Utilization Process Update

The initial process for requesting utilization of Michoud was baselined in June 2007. The
MAF Transition Office has updated the process for requesting utilization of MAF. This
updated utilization request process continues to apply to all users, such as NASA (e.g.,
Constellation, Ares, etc.), Non-NASA U. S. Government (e.g., US Department of
Agriculture), and commercial work.

To ensure timely evaluation of requests for new MAF users and changes from existing
MAF users, the updated process includes some options for speeding up request
evaluation. The attached new process flow indicates that all requests will continue to be
sent to:
         MSFC/MAF Transition Office
         Attn: Victoria Dixon
         Mail Code DM01
         Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
Requests can also be submitted electronically. As described in Enclosures 1 and 2, the
evaluation of all requests will be processed through the MAF Control Board and
approved requests/changes will be processed through procurement, as appropriate. The
revised process and blank forms for submitting utilization requests can be obtained at the
following website: The updated process and forms
are provided in the attachments.

The new process is effective immediately and replaces any prior MAF utilization request

Sheila S. Cloud
MAF Transition Director

4 Enclosures
1. Process Flow
2. Preliminary User Request Form
3. User Requirements Matrix
4. Engineer Change Request Form 2327

AS01/Ann McNair
ED01/Dan Dumbacher
ES11/Kathy Jones/Roy Young
EL13/Ken Whitley
EI62/Victoria Dixon
EM01/John Vickers
IS01/John McDougle
JP01/Steve Cook
JP20/Chris Braman
JP30/Chris Braman
JPxx/Steve Creach?
LS01/Bill Bierbower
MP01/Steve Cash
MP31/John Chapman/John Kress
PS01/Byron Butler
PS40/Emil Posey
PS42/Earl Pendley/Mark York
RS01/Pam Cucarola
RS03/Danny Walker
ARC/Dave Jordan
JPL/Michele Schneider
JSC/ZV/???????/Scott Wilson
Defense Contract Management Agency/G. Wayne Reynolds
Defense Contract Audit Agency/Keith Delhom
LMSS/Manny Zulueta
United States Coast Guard/Captain Edward Eng
United States Department of Agriculture/Cyrus G. Lohfink
University of New Orleans Foundation/Patrick M. Gibbs
University of New Orleans/Timothy P. Ryan

DA01/David King/Todd May
DD01/Robert Lightfoot
DE01/Robin Henderson
DM01/Clyde S. Jones/Cliff Bailey/Ron Young/John Brunson
Robert McBrayer/Gary Hudson

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