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									                                                                                           Queensland Baptist

                                HR Newsletter                                                     Volume 2, Issue 2
                                                                                                  December 2007

        Changes to Debit Cards                                                          INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
Due to a recent Austra-       Visa Debit Card.             access this information
lian Taxation Office rul-                                  at www.employee
ing regarding Bendigo         This card, however, has, or
Bank Visa Debit Cards,        a different ruling from      contact Karla at Head        Salary packaging              2
from the first pay in         the Taxation Office,         Office Payroll on (07)
January 2008 most staff       which will allow staff in    3550 3737.
members who are salary        the new Fringe Benefit
packaging amounts to          year to package the          We acknowledge that          Profile                       3
these cards will have the     maximum amount of            this change will cause
amount that they are          $615 per fortnight.          inconvenience to staff
packaging reduced.                                         and thank you for your
                              QBC has no control over      patience and under-
Effected staff will receive   what rulings the Austra-     standing while these         New Staff                     3
notification from the Pay     lian Taxation Office         changes occur.
Office of their new           make. We do, however,
amounts within the next       have a legal obligation to   QBC is committed to en-
fortnight.                    administer the Employee      suring that you receive
                              Benefits Program within      the maximum benefit          Nurses                        4
To avoid the negative         those taxation guide-        from salary packaging.       Agreement
impact of this tax ruling     lines.                       Stay tuned for more sal-
on QBC staff in the fu-                                    ary packaging options,
ture, QBC has entered         Application forms for the    including laptops, PDAs
into an arrangement with      Westpac Employee             and novated leasing,         Community                     5
Westpac to enable QBC         Benefits Card will be for-   available in the New         Programs
staff to access their Em-     warded with the letters      Year.
ployee Benefits Card.         to effected staff.
The Employee Benefits                                                                   Salvus                        6
Card is a Mastercard          If you wish to know more
which operates similarly      about the Employee
to the Bendigo Bank           Benefits Card you can

                                                                                        Devotion                      6

           Industrial Relations Update
QBC would like to as-         workforce (including         (including CASH, SACS
sure all staff that the       nurses, support services     and Clerical), QBC is
change of power to a          staff, teachers and          advised that these
Federal Labor govern-         school officers) is em-      awards will continue but
ment will not affect your     ployed under a collective    will be modernised and
current pay rates and         enterprise bargaining        simplified into a new
conditions. All industrial    agreement. QBC is ad-        award system com-
arrangements, such as         vised that such agree-       mencing in 2010.
collective agreements         ments will be a major        Awards will not be abol-
and individual contracts,     part of Labor’s IR sys-      ished but will continue to
in place prior to the elec-   tem and the current em-      act as a “safety net”.
tion on Saturday 24 No-       phasis of negotiating
vember will continue to       agreements in the work-      We are also advised that
have effect.                  place will continue.         existing right of entry
                                                           rules for unions will re-
Furthermore, a large          For those staff employed     main.
percentage of QBC’s           under an award
                               Volume 2, Issue 2                                                        Page 2

                              the new software and
      Kronos                  time clocks will result in
                                                                            Did You Know?
      Update                  more accurate and up to                      Christmas Trivia
                              date rostering informa-
                              tion and therefore more       Gift Giving - In the Ro-       candles as decorations,
Kronos is the new time        accurate pays each fort-      man festivals of Saturna-      which looked good but
and attendance system         night. Once all of QBC’s      lia and New Year, gifts        was very heavy on the
being introduced in all of    aged care facilities are      were given as good luck        branches. German glass
QBC’s facilities and pro-     online, the new system        emblems. The early             blowers began produc-
grams.                        will also be rolled out       Christians frowned on          ing glass balls to replace
                              across Head Office and        this pagan ritual but          the heavy decorations,
Kronos has now been           Community Programs            many of the converts           which have developed
implemented with mini-        early next year.              wouldn't part with the         into the ornaments we
mal disruption to work                                      practice of giving gifts       use today.
practices at Brookfield                                     and related it to the
                              QBC would like to thank       Magi's giving of gifts and     Bells - An early pagan
Village, Clifford House,      staff for their cooperation
Colthup Home, Karinya                                       later to St. Nicholas' gift    winter celebration of
                              and patience during im-       giving. Gift giving be-        ringing of bells to drive
Village and Wishart Vil-      plementation. We would
lage. Hilltop Gardens                                       came widely accepted           out evil spirits.
                              especially like to ac-        by the middle ages.            Later the tradition began
and Shalom Village are        knowledge the work of
also preparing to go live                                                                  to ring bells on Christ-
                              Jan Huggett at Head Of-                                      mas Eve to welcome in
on the new system in the      fice, who has been in-
                                                            Ornaments - Early
next few weeks. While                                       Christmas trees had real       the spirit of Christmas
                              strumental during this                                       with joyful noise.
the change has taken                                        fruit and flowers and
some getting used to,
QBC is confident that

                              Darryl had previously         style.                         planned for early next
                              worked as a nurse in                                         year, Darryl accepted a
      Profile                 maternal and child wel-       Darryl also found an af-       move into QBC’s Head
                              fare, and with St Luke’s      finity with the residents      Office, where she is pro-
       Darryl                 as a home care nurse.         in her care. “They be-         viding clinical support to
      Rossberg                Despite starting in aged      come a friend,” she            Helen Wallace, Execu-
As she approaches 30          care because of its con-      says. “Losing one of           tive Manager Aged Care
years of service with         venience, Darryl now          them is like losing one of     Services and Acting
QBC and then retire-          believes that the industry    your family.” Her popu-        CEO, until February
ment, Darryl Rossberg         was a perfect fit for her.    larity with the residents      2008. As a person who
can look back with satis-     “Some people just think       is evident when she re-        thrives on busyness,
faction on a fulfilling ca-   it’s a job. But for me it’s   turns to Brookfield for a      Darryl is viewing her cur-
reer, and forward with        more than a job – it’s a      visit and is surrounded        rent position as a way to
anticipation to what lies     calling,” she says.           by people who have             ease into retirement.
ahead.                                                      heard that she is, like        And yet she does not
                              Darryl started at Brook-      Elvis, “in the building.”      intend to stay still for
She began at Brookfield       field as a part time regis-                                  long. Darryl is an ex-
in the 1970s as a young       tered nurse, and then         Darryl adds that QBC           perienced and adventur-
mum with three children.      began working full time       being a faith-based or-        ous traveller, and has
Darryl wanted to con-         in the 1980s. She be-         ganisation has been an-        several recreational trips
tinue working but             came the Clinical Nurse       other benefit to working       planned for 2008. She
needed something close        Consultant for Haven          at Brookfield Village.         also aims to travel out
to home. Living “about a      and Miller Lodge in           She acknowledges that          west in Australia to
mile” down the road from      2000. In what can be a        it is often difficult to get   make connections with
Brookfield Village made       stressful position for        staff (and residents) at       and minister to drought
it an ideal choice. She       many, Darryl flourished.      Brookfield because of its      affected women.
has since moved house         “I enjoy the people con-      location, but maintains
several times but has         tact and the interaction,”    that once someone has          QBC would like to thank
remained in the western       she says. She became          worked there for a             Darryl for her tireless
suburbs within easy trav-     a champion for her staff      month, they will not           work in Aged Care Ser-
elling distance of Brook-     and is well-known for her     leave.                         vices, and to wish her
field.                        straight talking but em-                                     well for her retirement
                              powering management           With her retirement            next year.
                              Volume 2, Issue 2                                                 Page 3

          Christmas Greetings
Many years ago Martin        I wish you God’s bless-
Luther King Jr. said         ing and a peaceful
“Everybody can be great      Christmas season with                Pay days over Christmas
……because everybody          family and friends.
can serve. You don’t                                                      holiday period
have to have a college
degree to serve. You         Helen Wallace
don’t have to make your      Acting CEO                       Pays will be processed as usual over
subject and verb agree
to serve. You only need                                                 the Christmas period:
a heart full of grace and
a soul generated by
love”.                                                       Thursday 20 December—normal pays
                                                                 Friday 21 December—FB pays
Thank you all for the ser-
vice and care you give to
our clients and residents                                      Thursday 3 January—normal pays
so consistently, and I
trust that the service you                                          Friday 4 January—FB pays
give in the coming year
will bring joy to others
and satisfaction to your-

                                         New staff at QBC
The following people         Bibha Pant                Jesse Taylor                 Southside
have joined QBC in the       Dawa Sherpa               Patricia Thompson            Education
last three months. We        Elizabeth Stevens                                      Jessie Mabo
would like to welcome                                  Hilltop Gardens              Laura Mahoney
them to the team.            Colthup Home              Deborah Dowling
                             Renee Johnson             Okgi Jung                    Wishart Village
Aged Care Services           Jane MacDougall           Eun Yung Kim                 Lilian Aw
Ruth Warren                  Beverley Nelson           Anna Mortimer                Michelle Barnes
                             Sandra Windsor            Nancy Nicholls               Jonathan Clarke
Brookfield Village                                     Rejina Saka                  Christine Coe
Jessicca Bate                Counselling and           Hugh Shin                    Melissa Holden
Nathan Chand                 Training                  May Tan                      Keren Koil Pillay
Carmen Donnolley             Joanne Diefenbach                                      Leah Love
Ramona Federer Foun-                                   Karinya Village              Gloria Salt
tain                         Fassifern                 Rachael Baker                Karen Stinton
Susan Jackson                Community Centre          Kitty Ferguson               Josephine Zhang
Sarah Kenny                  Jane Gilloway             Andrea Setch
Cecile Lyons                 Wendy Jackson
Coral Moody                  John Pemberton            Orana Youth Shelter
Donna Newham                                           Nikki Brown
Scott O’Donoghue                                       David Evans
Andrea Page                  Glendyne
                                                       Matthew Sampson
Michael Taylor               Education
Tania Thorne                 Zachary Acworth
                             Phillip Babbage
                                                       Shalom Village
Carollynne White                                       Kelly Byrne
                             Trayn Dalpozzo
                                                       Ann Johnson
                             Ralston Dolan
Clifford House                                         Marilyn Lancini-Smith
Robyn Adams                  Harlie Drake
                                                       Janell Rutherford
Christopher Dowling          James Ferriere
                                                       Wendy Wickens
Susan Morrison               Moinque Psaila
                                                       Shiree Williams
Raj Nagarkoti                Ryan Shorten
                              Volume 2, Issue 2                                                       Page 4

           Nurses Collective Agreement                                                  QBC Head Office will
A new collective agree-     rental birth/adoption pay-   tion process
ment for QBC nursing        ments.                                                      be closed from Mon-
staff has been put out to                                To date, five meetings
ballot.                     The Nurses Consultative      have been held and
                                                                                         day 24th December
                            Group has been meeting       have been very positive
Copies of the agreement     to negotiate the new col-    for all involved.                until Tuesday 1st
are available from your     lective agreement for
administration office and   several months.              QBC would like to thank
                                                                                        January. We will be
in your staff rooms. Vot-                                those facility representa-
ing closes Monday 10th      The Consultative Group       tives who were involved        open again for busi-
December and votes will     includes staff represen-     in the consultative group
counted at Head Office      tatives and QNU repre-       for their input and will-      ness on Wednesday
on Wednesday 12th.          sentatives, as well as       ingness to be involved.
                            QBC’s HR Manager and                                             2nd January.
The new agreement           representatives from
continues existing condi-   Aged Care Services
tions and includes an-      management. The
nual pay increases of       group aims to ensure
4.5% as well as in-         that all parties to the
creased uniform allow-      agreement have a voice
ance and enhanced pa-       throughout the negotia-                                          New Care
                                                                                      Clifford House said goodbye
                                            Years of Service
                                                                                      to their Care Manager, Jan
       New EEN
                                                         Jan Huggett                  Croft, on Thursday 20th
       Graduates              In the last three
                              months, the follow-        Neil Murray                  September. Karen
                              ing people have            Michelle Octa                Memmott has been
 QBC would like to
 congratulate our recent      reached these mile-        Luta Paeniu                  appointed as Care Manager
 EEN graduates for all of                                Ros Rawlinson
                              stones in their years                                   at Clifford in Jan’s place,
 their hard work and                                     Steve Spiertz
                              of service with QBC.                                    having previously worked
 dedication. They are as
 follows:                                                                             there as the Clinical Nurse
                              25 Years                   2 Years                      Consultant for 1.5 years.
                              Karen Muller
 Brookfield Village                                      Katherine Brown              Please support and
                              Helen Wallace
                                                         Gail Bryant
 Sarah Carney                                                                         encourage Karen as she
 Anna Ramzy                                              Reanne Cooper
 Kelly Vorbach
                              20 Years                   Ron Frey                     steps into this new role.
                              Margaret Fell              Allan Henderson
 Pat Webster
                                                         Mariatu Jalloh               Wishart Village also said
 Clifford House               15 Years                   David McNair
                                                                                      goodbye to their Care
                              Rhonda Widdows             Kayleen Offord
 Janis Enright                                                                        Manager, Janice Johnson,
                                                         Sonia Palada
 Louise Instone                                                                       who retired on Friday 16th
                              10 Years                   Katharina Robinson
 Jeanette Jacobie                                        Houston
                              Pam Clavan                                              November. We would like to
 Fiona Pomeroy                                           Chitra Rodrigo
                              Carol Faulks                                            welcome Jonathan Clarke
 Janet Snedden                Denise Higlett             Gayle Smith
                                                                                      as the new Care Manager
                              Pia Lund                   Michael Woods
 Hilltop Gardens              Anne Mar                                                at Wishart. Jonathan has
 Daniel Nosovich              Joyce Pampling                                          over 20 years of experience
                              Helen Webb                                              working in hospitals, most
 Shalom Village                                                                       recently at the Royal
 Debra Blair
                                                                                      Brisbane Hospital as a
                              5 Years
                              Eileen Branch                                           Nurse Manager for 12 years.
 Well done!!
                              Robyn Gent
                              Julie Hill
                              Volume 2, Issue 2                                                        Page 5

                             New Community Programs
QBC’s Community Pro-         To provide these ser-         funded by Disability Ser-     QBC has also received
grams and Ministries         vices QBC must rely on        vices Queensland. Our         approval to establish and
provide services to the      funding from a number         House will provide day        operate a second youth
disadvantaged, the mar-      of areas including Fed-       and overnight respite for     residential care program,
ginalised, and the hurt-     eral and State Govern-        people with disabilities to   this time in Yeppoon.
ing in our communities.      ments, client fees, phil-     allow their carers to         The program will be
The range of services        anthropic foundations,        have a break. The facil-      funded by the Queen-
provided includes coun-      public donations and a        ity also operates as a        sland Department of
selling from a number of     number of targeted fund       kind of community cen-        Child Safety and will run
church and community         raising opportunities that    tre, in that it has a num-    from an old monastery
sites, as well as services   rely on community sup-        ber of multi-purpose          building. The building
to disadvantaged young       port.                         rooms which are used          has been used by a QBC
people particularly in re-                                 by a variety of commu-        counselling service for
lation to education, life    We are pleased to an-         nity groups, including a      several years but was
skills, and accommoda-       nounce that these ser-        visiting health nurse.        officially gifted to QBC
tion.                        vices are continuing to                                     this year. Work has al-
                             expand as we head into        Les Penrose has been          ready begun to renovate
A workforce of over 150      2008.                         appointed at the pro-         the building to provide
paid and volunteer staff                                   gram’s Client Services        accommodation for up to
deliver these services.      In September, QBC took        Coordinator. He will be       6 residents at a time.
These people may be          over the management of        assisted by a number of       The program aims to
only one sixth of QBC’s      a purpose built disability    Lifestyle Workers. It is      work with moderate to
total number of staff, but   respite facility called Our   hoped that the program        high risk youth to enable
they are making a huge       House. The facility is        will be in full operation     them to integrate into a
difference in their local    located at Toogoolawah,       by early 2008.                normal foster family. It is
areas.                       north of Esk, in the Bris-                                  hoped this will com-
                             bane Valley and is                                          mence by March 2008.

                                    From the IT Department
I love a good sci-fi! A      or version on their com-      How can you do this?          to a location on your
good dose of "Star           puter. Worse still, they      Good question.                hard drive which you can
Trek - The Next Genera-      may have a different op-                                    then email or copy. By
tion" always makes the       erating system such as        a) Use the free Open          the way, this "print to
day seem brighter!!.. (ok    Linux or MAC.                  Office for your office       PDF" process works
and a bit nerdier). One                                     suite available at www.      very well for printing
device that any good sci-    How can we share these It has a     internet banking re-
fi show has is a             documents?? Easy! We           PDF exporter built in        ceipts, web pages, virtu-
"universal translator".      have the "universal            and you simply click a       ally anything you like.
This device enables          translator" from the           toolbar button to create
creatures from any           planet Adobe called            a PDF from your docu-        To read any PDF files
planet to communicate        PDF. Portable Docu-            ment or spreadsheet          you also need a free
with each other in per-      ment Format enables            etc.                         PDF reader from either
fect American English        anyone to create a                                          http://www.foxitsoftware.
(so that we the viewer       PDF file from almost any      b) Use a free PDF crea-       com/pdf/rd_intro.php OR
can understand).             document and email it in      tor available at http://
                             a format that anyone can              products/acrobat/
Computers today have         read as long as they          Products/CutePDF/             readstep2.html
the same problem. Cre-       have a PDF reader             writer.asp OR
ate a file in MS Pub-        (available for free). In       In our next episode we
lisher, Excel, Word or       fact, unless you need to      project/showfiles.php?        will see how to deal with
whatever and you can         edit a document created       group_id=57796&packa          invaders from SPAM (ok
be sure that if you try      by someone else you           ge_id=53473. Install ei-      this is getting a bit nerdy
and email it to someone      should always send            ther of these programs        even for me...).
to look at they can't read   documents in PDF for-         and then simply PRINT
it because they don’t        mat, never the original       to the PDF printer. This      regards Rick Saul
have the same program        format (such as .pub).        printer "prints" a PDF file   Network Administrator
                Queensland Baptist Care
                                                                                         hard in the off-season”
                                                                                         into entirely new, divine
                    PO Box 6166                                                          proportions!
                MITCHELTON Q 4053
                  53 Prospect Road                                                       And Christmas is a good
                GAYTHORNE Q 4051                                                         time to ponder God’s far-
                                                                                         seeing providence. The
                Phone: (07) 3550 3737                                                    Bible says, “At just the
                 Fax: (07) 3550 3730                                                     right time, God sent his
                Email:                                                     Son … to redeem
                                                                 (us)” (Galatians 4:4).
                                                                                         Thousands of years’
  If you have any comments or suggestions regarding
                                                                                         preparation led up to Je-
    this newsletter, please contact Katherine Huth on          Working Hard in           sus’ birth – to be OUR
      (07) 3550 3737 or email               the Off-Season            saviour. Wow! All that
                                                                                         preparation for us!
                                                             Summertime in Oz –
                                   and drinks contain-       Christmas, New Year,        Christmas does many
qbc                                ing caffeine;             cricket, tennis, golf,      things – but here are just
wh&s                           •   Dress appropriately       beach. That’s about it,     three:
                                   for your activity -       isn’t it? Well some say
                                   wear loose fitting,       not.                        • It makes me realise
SALVUS                             tightly woven cloth-
                                   ing. Lighter colours      Some say that next
                                                                                           that if some life event
                                                                                           takes me by surprise,
Dehydration, rehydra-              are best as they do       year’s football premier-      I needn’t think it has
tion and heat stroke.              not absorb as much        ships are being won           surprised God. No
                                   heat as darker col-       now, by the players who       doubt He has an an-
With summer well on its            ours;                     “work hard in the off-        swer for me too.
way, we can look for-          •   Wear a hat;               season”. Preparation is
ward to long days and          •   Take breaks               so important!               • It moves me to cele-
temperatures in the 30’s.          throughout the ac-                                      brate the birth of
                                   tivity, taking time to    It was similar when Je-       God’s Son, Jesus,
But with summer comes              sit in the shade or a     sus was born. For             who came to “save
the risk of sunburn, de-           cool place; and           Mary, Jesus’ birth had        his people from their
hydration and heat             •   Undertake physical        been 9 months coming,         sins” (Matthew 1:21)
stroke when working or             activities in the         but God had been at           and to appreciate all
undertaking outdoor ac-            morning or the eve-       work way before that.         God’s “work in the off
tivities.                          ning, avoiding the        He had a hand in Mary &       season” – all His
                                   heat of the day.          Joseph’s godly upbring-       preparation for us.
Our bodies are made up                                       ing, and similarly for
of two thirds water, so       Heat stroke is also            Mary’s cousin Elizabeth,    • It makes me wonder
losing large amounts of       caused by the sun and          mother of John the Bap-       what things are hap-
fluid from our body with-     heat and symptoms in-          tist who prepared the         pening to me and you
out replenishing it           clude:                         nation for Jesus (Luke        right now, that one
causes an imbalance            • Headache                    1:17) – and so on and so      day will be seen as
and can sometimes                                            on …
                               • Dizziness                                                 God’s “work in the off
cause a person to feel ill.
                               • Sluggishness or fa-                                       season” for some-
                                                             The approaching Christ-       thing he is planning
Signs of dehydration in-                                     mas season is a good
clude:                         • Seizure                                                   to do in the future.
                                                             time to read of Jesus’        Makes life pretty ex-
• Thirst                                                     birth in Matthew and          citing!
                              Prevention of heat
• Feeling dizzy or                                           Luke (the early chap-
                              stroke is similar to that of
    lightheaded                                              ters). All of the charac-   God’s blessings to you
• Dry or sticky mouth                                        ters that march across      this Christmas.
• Fatigue                     Medical treatment
                                                             the page were there by
• Confusion                   should be sought if
                                                             appointment – God had       Don McPherson
                                                             been working very hard      Chaplaincy Co-ordinator
                              symptoms persist and
There are many ways to                                       indeed preparing for the
                              especially if a very
prevent dehydration.                                         momentous event of Je-
                              young or older person is
 • Drink plenty of flu-                                      sus’ birth. King Herod,
    ids;                                                     Zechariah, the Jewish
 • Avoid coffee, tea          Lynne Matthews                 nation, … it goes right
                              Risk Management                back … It puts “working

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