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                                               “The goldenrod is yellow; the corn is turning brown; the trees
                                                            in apple orchards; with fruit are bending down..”
    uman        esources                                                                                      -Children’s Song

  Perfect Attendance Winners
                                              Hope you enjoyed the
                                                                                                September 2009
       $100 Wal-Mart Card
                                                employee picnic!
           Petrina Cross - Surgery
             Clara LaMonte - Lab                                                    Dates To Remember:
              Terri Mogg - Lab
            Heather Moore - Lab
                                                                                           Sept 2 - Employee picnic

            Jean Swafford - PCU                                                     •      Sept 3 - Verizon Wireless Representative
                                                                                           Brian Criss (11am-1:30pm Conf. Room
                                                                                           across from cafeteria)
Did you know that perfect attendance                                                •      Sept 7 - HR Office Closed
is rewarded at HCH? Each quarter,
                                              Service Awards Banquet                •      Sept 11 - Day of Caring
those who achieve perfect attendance
will be awarded a meal ticket and those                                                    Sept 12 - Gala

names will be entered into a drawing for    The annual Service Awards Banquet       •      Sept 16 - Lincoln Financial Representative

a $100 Wal-Mart card. Five names are        will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23.           David Gent

drawn each quarter.                                                                 •      Sept 17 - Meridian Investment Advisors
                                                                                           Pension and TDA Representative Garry
   Good luck and keep up the good work!     Employees who are eligible for a ser-          Lindboe
                                            vice award will receive an invitation
                                                                                    •      Sept 17 - Verizon Wireless Representative
                                            with a card to order your award.               Brian Criss (11am-1:30pm Conf. Room
                                                                                           across from cafeteria)
                                                                                    •      Sept 21 - Shoreline TDA Representative
                                            Please see Callie with any questions.          Bud Shore

                                                                                    •      Sept 23 - Service Awards Dinner

                                                                                    •      Oct 28 - Benefits Fair

              Thank you!                                                            How To Contact Us:
                                                     Miriam Turner                  New Hours: Mon - Fri, 6:00am-
   Your generosity was appreciated!                    Lisa Garner                  4:30 pm (during school year)
   Thank you to all who donated                     Amanda Brookbank
                                                                                        Stephanie Davis                   x.1372
   back to school items for local                      Sarah New                        Benefits Coordinator
   students in need.                                 Elaine Branham
                                                                                        Bobbi Godby                       x.1510
                                           Making a Difference nominations may be       Payroll Coordinator
                                                submitted in Administration.
                                                                                        Stacy Goodpaster                  x.1485
                                                                                        HR Clerk
                       Pension Notice
                                                                                        Callie Klein                      x.1304
                                                                                        HR Clerk
Attention! HCH pension accounts will be locked from Oct. 1-3
 for rebalancing. You may not make any changes to your invest-                          April Limburg                     x.1490
                                                                                        CORE Coordinator
ment elections, access your account or change distributions dur-
ing this time. HCH pension accounts will be unlocked on Oct. 4.                         Deanna Malott                     x.2403
  If you have any questions or concerns, please see Stephanie.                          HR Director

                                                                                                                    Continued on Back
               Fundraisers                               Women ’ s Health and Cancer Rights
                                                                        Act of 1998
           Scrubco - September 1
           Book Fair - October 2
                                                     This memorandum serves as your annual notification
           Scrubco - October 15
                                                     of the breast reconstruction coverage available
           Jewelry - November 9
                                                     through our medical plan after mastectomy. This
           Book Fair - December 4
                                                     coverage is subject to the same benefit guidelines
                                                     and plan requirements as any other plan benefits
                                                     (please see your benefit booklet).

                                                     •   Reconstruction of the breast on which the mas-
                                                     tectomy has been performed;
                                                     • Surgery and reconstruction of the other breast
                                                     to produce symmetrical appearance; and
                                                     • Coverage for prostheses and physical complica-
                                                     tion of all stages of mastectomy, including lymphede-
                                                     mas, in a manner determined in consultation with the
                                                     attending physician and the patient.
       5K Run/Walk - Sept. 12

Cassie’s Cause will be having a 5K run/walk on
September 12, 2009 in Knightstown, Indiana.
The event will begin at 9:00 a.m. The cost to
participate in the race is $20 if your registra-     Wellness for All Seasons
tion form is postmarked on or
before August 22, 2009. Participants who pre-
register are given a t-shirt. Cost after August    Get a flu shot - available to employ-
22, 2009 is $25 and a t-shirt will be given if     ees in November (dates will be posted
available. Registration the day of the race will   later)
begin at 7:00 a.m. at the Shelter House in         Use good hand hygiene - wash hands often and throw away
Sunset Park and end at 8:45 a.m. Sunset Park       tissues after using them, or cough & sneeze into your
is found in the southwest corner of Knights-       sleeve
town on Hill Avenue. Packet pickup the day of
the race will be from 7:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. at    Eat a balanced diet – include five servings of fresh fruits
the Shelter House.                                 and vegetables each day

                                                   Get plenty of rest – the average person needs seven to
  ALL OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE               eight hours of sleep every night
    HENRY COUNTY DARE PROGRAM                      Control stress – too much stress can lower your immunity
                                                   and make you more susceptible to illness
                                                   (stress management classes are offered 3 times a year
   Contact Kris Manning @ 521-1322
                                                   at HCH - next session starts Oct.6th )
       for more information and
         registration materials                    To find more health tips from the ADVANTAGE Health Zone, visit

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