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Cancer Donors Research Business Plan - PDF by hnh65474


Cancer Donors Research Business Plan document sample

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									               THE                                                                           Participation in Events
            JONSSON                                                                          Events increase awareness and provide
                                                                                             fund-raising opportunities for JCCF
            CANCER                                                                           volunteers and corporate partners by
                                                                                             creating avenues that promote the work
             CENTER                                                                          of the cancer center in the community.

The Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation            Utilizing sound principles of estate
                                                                                             Epicurean Evening
                                                                                             This exclusive annual fundraiser supports
                                                                                             the highest priority cancer research
                                                                                             initiatives at the cancer center while
                                                                                             bringing together some of the country’s
                                                                                             most celebrated chefs. In the recent past,
                                                planning, donors who make these gifts        this event has featured such chefs as
(JCCF) exists for the primary purpose           to the JCCF can receive lifetime             Daniel Boulud of Daniel & Café Boulud
of raising and distributing funds for           income, continued use of gift property,      in New York, Charlie Trotter of Charlie
                                                avoidance of capital gains taxes,            Trotter’s in Chicago, Francois Payard of
cancer research at UCLA. Fiduciary              immediate income tax deductions, and         Payard’s in New York, Michael
responsibility for charitable gifts made        estate tax savings.                          McCarty of Michael’s in Santa Monica
                                                                                             and New York, Michael Mina of Aqua
to the JCCF rests with its 52-member            Special Gifts                                in San Francisco, and fine wines from
board of directors, a respected group                                                        Far Niente Vineyard. This special
                                                Lifeline Connection                          evening attracts both food and wine
of business and community leaders               Annual gifts of $1,000 or more provide       aficionados as well as corporate partners
who are deeply committed to the                 one of the JCCF’s most vital means of        and other guests who are committed to
                                                support. Donors at this level make           cancer research at UCLA.
cancer center’s research mission.               possible some of the cancer center’s
                                                highest priority research initiatives, and
The JCCF offers the following                   gain membership in the Lifeline               Epicurean Evening
diversified range of giving opportunities:       Connection. This dedicated cadre of
❖ Major and Planned Gifts                       contributors keeps abreast of the latest
❖ Special Gifts                                 advances in cancer research at the JCCC
❖ Participation in Events                       through InfoLLC, a free electronic news
❖ Community Activities                          service exclusively for Lifeline
                                                Connection members. They also are
Major and Planned Gifts                         invited to the cancer center’s Annual
                                                Donor Recognition Dinner and JCCF
The JCCF actively welcomes significant           board of directors meetings.
contributions for vital research priorities         Seed Grants are an outstanding
identified by the cancer center                  example of how important needs are
leadership. Donors can choose to direct         funded through Lifeline Connection gifts.
gifts to research in specific types of cancer,   Seed grants are like venture capital. They
and appropriate naming opportunities are        provide start-up funds for investigator-
available. Assets that can be given include     initiated projects of the JCCC’s best and
cash, appreciated securities, qualified          brightest researchers. Tomorrow’s
retirement plan assets, and real estate.        breakthrough discoveries often result        Community Activities
                                                from these innovative beginnings.
Planned gifts that will support cancer                                                       Conejo Valley Guild
research in the future can also be made         Tributes and Memorial Gifts Program          Mystic Day Fashion Show and Luncheon
to the JCCF. Examples of planned gift           Monetary gifts at all levels assist the      Game Day
arrangements include:                           cancer center in achieving its mission.
❖ Wills or living trusts                        Donors can honor friends or relatives by     San Fernando Valley Guild
❖ Charitable remainder trusts                   making gifts in any amount to the            Holiday Brunch
❖ Charitable lead trusts                        JCCF’s Tributes and Memorial Gifts           Annual Golf Tournament
❖ Charitable gift annuities                     Program. The JCCF sends a card of
❖ Pooled income funds                           celebration or sympathy to acknowledge       Orange County Roosters
❖ Gifts of homes                                each contribution.                           Annual Golf Tournament
                                Recent Gifts of Note
                                            $1 MILLION & ABOVE
             Carrie L. & Henry A. Meinhardt                                    Carol & Saul Rosenzweig
         Kidney Cancer Research Endowed Chair                        Cancer Therapies Development Endowed Chair

                                            $250,000 - $499,999

         Andrew Castellano                        Judy & Kurt Kamm                     The Stranahan Foundation
       Brain Cancer Research                     Basic Cancer Research              Translational Cancer Research &
                                                                                   Advanced Clinical Cancer Research
        Thelma L. Culverson                             J. B. Ladd
   Endowed Cancer Research Fund                 Prostate Cancer Research                     STOP CANCER
                                                                                            Research Career
         Julia & John Delfino                     Shelley Resnik
                                                                                          Development Awards
       Breast Cancer Research               Squamous Cell Carcinoma
                                                   Research                                     UNITRIN
     Philip R. Jonsson Foundation
                                                                                         Brain Cancer Research
           Capital Campaign
                                            $100,000 - $249,999
       Gloria & John Gebbia                 Robert Kaplan Foundation                      Marion & Kevin Riley
    JCCC Highest Priority Needs          Gastrointestinal Cancer Research                Brain Cancer Research
      Diana & Kenneth Jonsson               Kasdan Family Foundation                       Wendy & Ken Ruby
       Angiogenesis Research               JCCC Highest Priority Needs                    Cancer Prevention &
                                                                                           Control Research
The Kenneth Jonsson Family Foundation                  Phase 1
  Advanced Clinical Cancer Research                Cancer Therapy                          Geri Dunford Zoref
                                                 Development Program                    Cancer Genetics Research
        John & Ursula Kanel
       Charitable Foundation
    JCCC Highest Priority Needs

                                                $50,000 - $99,999
      Harry Allgauer Foundation             General Motors Foundation               R.A. Stranahan Jr. Charitable Trust
       Brain Cancer Research                 Breast Cancer Research                     Cancer Genetics Research
     Peggy & William Bloomfield               The Lund Foundation                        Judi & George Ray Wiley
    JCCC Highest Priority Needs           UCLA Familial Cancer Registry               JCCC Highest Priority Needs
           Comedy Central                    Orange County Roosters               The Lewis K. & Gladys H. Yarnall Estates
Cancer Prevention & Control Research        Pediatric Cancer Research                 JCCC Highest Priority Needs

                                                 $25,000 - $49,999
            Amgen, Inc.                   Expedition Inspiration Fund for                The Mosk Foundation
          Cancer Therapy                     Breast Cancer Research                Seed Grant/Interdisciplinary Award
        Development Program               Revlon/UCLA Breast Center
                                                                                         Nancy & Bruce Newberg
        Conejo Valley Guild                 French Dressing Jeanswear                       Cancer Therapy
    JCCC Highest Priority Needs            Revlon/UCLA Breast Center                     Development Program
                                             Sheila Gold Foundation                         Pete Sampras
        Hudson B. Drake                    JCCC Highest Priority Needs
     Women’s Cancer Research                                                          Revlon/UCLA Breast Center
                                                    Jack J. Harris                      San Fernando Valley Guild
             Gail Elliott                       Colon Cancer Research                 JCCC Highest Priority Needs
       Brain Cancer Research                 Jean & Stephen Kaplan &                   Step Up Women’s Network
                                           Oaktree Capital Management                 Revlon/UCLA Breast Center
                                           JCCC Highest Priority Needs

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