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       Independent Reconfiguration Panel



  Submitted to the Secretary of State for Health
                18 February 2008
Independent Reconfiguration Panel                    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendices Index

1)    Independent Reconfiguration Panel general terms of reference                             3

2)    Abbreviations contained in the report                                                    4

3)    Letter of Referral to Secretary of State for Health from Peter Skolar, Oxfordshire       5-8
      Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee

4)    Letter to IRP from the Secretary of State for Health containing terms of reference       9-10

5)    Letter to the Secretary of State for Health from the IRP agreeing to take the referral   11

6)    Letter from IRP to editors of local newspapers                                           12

7)    Site visits, meetings and conversations held                                             13-18

8)    Information made available to the Panel                                                  19-46

9)    Members of the IRP and support to the Panel                                              47-48

10)   About the Independent Reconfiguration Panel                                              49

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix One
Independent Reconfiguration Panel general terms of reference
The Independent Reconfiguration Panel is an advisory non-departmental public body. Its
terms of reference are:

A1.   To provide expert advice on:

      •      Proposed NHS reconfigurations or significant service change;

      •      Options for NHS reconfigurations or significant service change;

      referred to the Panel by Ministers.

A2.   In providing advice, the Panel will take account of:

      i.        patient safety, clinical and service quality

      ii.       accessibility, service capacity and waiting times

      iii.      other national policies, for example, national service frameworks

      iv.       the rigour of consultation processes

      v.        the wider configuration of the NHS and other services locally, including likely
                future plans

      vi.       any other issues Ministers direct in relation to service reconfigurations generally or
                specific reconfigurations in particular.

A3.   The advice will normally be developed by groups of experts not personally involved in the
      proposed reconfiguration or service change, the membership of which will be agreed
      formally with the Panel beforehand.

A4.   The advice will be delivered within timescales agreed with the Panel by Ministers with a
      view to minimising delay and preventing disruption to services at local level.

B1.   To offer pre-formal consultation generic advice and support to NHS and other interested
      bodies on the development of local proposals for reconfiguration or significant service
      change – including advice and support on methods for public engagement and formal
      public consultation.

C1.   The effectiveness and operation of the Panel will be reviewed annually.

Independent Reconfiguration Panel             Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Two

Abbreviations contained in the report:

   APA           Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists
   BAPS          British Association of Paediatric Surgeons
   CNST          Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts
   DH            Department of Health
   DGH           District General Hospital
   EWTD          European Working Time Directive
   HCC           Health Care Commission
   HDU           High Dependency Unit
   ICU           Intensive Care Unit
   IRP           Independent Reconfiguration Panel
   JRH           John Radcliffe Hospital
   MLU           Midwife-led Unit
   MMC           Modernising Medical Careers
   NICE          National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
   NIHR          National Institute for Health Research
   NNP           Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
   NSF           National Service Framework
   OSC           Overview and Scrutiny Committee
   ORH           Oxford Radcliffe Hospital
   PBR           Payment by Results
   PCT           Primary Care Trust
   PEAT          Patient Environmental Action Team
   PFI           Public Finance Initiative
   PPIF          Public and Patient Involvement Forum
   RCA           Royal College of Anaesthetists
   RCM           Royal College of Midwives
   RCN           Royal College of Nursing
   RCOG          Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
   RCPCH         Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
   RCS           Royal College of Surgeons
   SHA           Strategic Health Authority
   SCBU          Special Care Baby Unit
   SOA           Super Output Areas
   WTE           Whole Time Equivalent

Independent Reconfiguration Panel      Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Three
Letter of Referral to Secretary of State for Health from Peter Skolar,
Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Independent Reconfiguration Panel   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Independent Reconfiguration Panel   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Independent Reconfiguration Panel   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Independent Reconfiguration Panel     Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Four
Letter to IRP from the Secretary of State for Health containing terms of

Independent Reconfiguration Panel   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Independent Reconfiguration Panel              Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Five
Letter to the Secretary of State for Health from the IRP agreeing to take the

                                                                                Kierran Cross
                                                                                  First Floor
                                                                                  11 Strand
                                                                                 WC2N 5HR
The Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Health
Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall
London SW1A 2NS                                                         30 October 2007

Dear Secretary of State

Referral from Oxfordshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee about changes to
maternity, gynaecology and paediatric services proposed by Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS

Thank you for your letter of 18 October about the above.

I am happy to confirm that the Independent Reconfiguration Panel will provide advice in
accordance with the terms of reference set out in your letter and, as requested, by 18 February

The Panel will begin visits to the area in November. As usual, we will be meeting people and
hearing views from all sides of the debate.

As you know, in keeping with our commitment to open and transparent working, we will be
publishing our advice on the IRP website.

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter Barrett CBE
Chair, Independent Reconfiguration Panel

Independent Reconfiguration Panel            Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Six
Letter from IRP to editors of local newspapers

                                                                               Kierran Cross
                                                                                 First Floor
                                                                                 11 Strand
                                                                                WC2N 5HR
9 November 2007

For publication
                          IRP: Have your say on health review
Dear Editor

The IRP, the independent expert on NHS service change, has been asked by the
Secretary of State for Health to carry out a review relating to contested proposals for
changes to services at Horton General Hospital in Banbury.

As part of our review, we would like to hear from local people who feel that they have
new information that was not submitted during the formal consultation process or believe
that their voice has not been heard. Please contact us by email at:
irpreview@southcentral.nhs.uk or by calling 0800 023 4680.

The referral to the IRP relates to the proposals by Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
to reconfigure paediatric services, obstetrics, gynaecology and the special care baby unit
at Horton General Hospital.

Our review will look at whether the proposals will ensure the provision of safe,
sustainable and accessible services for local people.

Over the coming months, we will be undertaking a number of visits to the area to talk to
patients, clinicians, local authority representatives, interest groups and people living and
working in the area who believe they have new evidence that the IRP should take into

It is important that our reviews are open and accountable to local communities. We will
therefore publish our conclusions on our website - www.irpanel.org.uk - once they have
been considered by the Secretary of State for Health.

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter Barrett CBE
Chair, IRP

Independent Reconfiguration Panel              Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Seven
Site visits, meetings and conversations held

Monday 19th November 2007

IRP: Gina Tiller, Professor Ray Powles, Brenda Howard

Horton General Hospital

Mr Trevor Campbell Davis: Chief Executive, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
Ms Jo Paul: Director of Operations, Women and Children’s Services, ORH
Dr David Lindsell: Divisional Chair, Women and Children’s Services, ORH
Mr Andrew Stevens: Director of Planning and Information, ORH
Ms Helen Peggs: Director of Communications, ORH
Ms Julia Clarke: Project Director, Strategic Review, ORH
Ms Andrea Young: Chief Executive, Oxfordshire PCT
Mr Nigel Woods: Next Stage Review Programme Manager, SHA

Horton General Hospital Maternity, Children’s Ward & Emergency Department

Mr Mike Fleming: Director, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Ms Anne Haines: Senior Midwife, ORH
Mr Stuart Canty: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Dr Janet Craze: Consultant Paediatrician, ORH
Dr Justin Sims: Consultant Paediatrician, ORH
Ms Rebecca Gilbert: Children’s Ward, Senior Staff Nurse, ORH
Mr Bryan Todd: Associate Specialist, Emergency Department, ORH
Sister Michelle Brock: Acting Matron, Emergency Department, ORH

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Mr Roger Edwards: Health Scrutiny Review Officer, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Mr Lawrie Stratford: County Councillor, HOSC representative
Mrs Rose Stratford: District Councillor, HOSC representative
Ms Julie Dean: Committee Officer.

John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital, Maternity, Gynaecology & Special Baby Care Unit

Dr Anne Thomson: Consultant Paediatrician and Directorate Chair,
Children’s Services, ORH
Mr Raj Gokani: Directorate Manager, Children’s Services, ORH
Miss Pauline Hurley: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Ms Gill Walton: Head of Midwifery, Directorate Manager for Women’s and
Sexual Health, ORH
Matron Caroline Owens: Breast Care and Gynaecology, ORH

Independent Reconfiguration Panel            Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Wednesday 5th December

IRP: Gina Tiller , Brenda Howard, Linda Pepper, Ray Powles

Banbury House Hotel

Mr Andrew Stevens: Director of Planning and Information, ORH
Ms Jo Paul: Operations Director, Women and Children’s Services, ORH
Dr David Lindsell: Divisional Chair, Women and Children’s Services, ORH
Dr Stephen Richards: Clinical Executive Representative, Oxfordshire PCT
Dr John Walton: GP and Member of the Clinical Executive, Oxfordshire PCT
Dr Anne Thomson: Consultant Paediatrician and Directorate Chair, ORH
Dr Janet Craze: Consultant Paediatrician, ORH
Dr Justin Sims: Consutlant Paediatrician, ORH
Dr Eleri Adams: Consultant Neonatalogist, ORH
Dr Jonathan Williams: GP
Dr Pauline Hurley: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Ms Gill Walton: Head of Midwifery, Directorate Manager for Women’s and
Sexual Health, ORH
Ms Anne Haines: Senior Midwife, ORH
Mr Stuart Canty: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Dr Hugh Gillies: GP
Mr Jonathan Nicholls: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Mr John Nicholls: Director Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Division of
South Central Ambulance Service

Horton General Hospital – Open Staff Session 1

Barbara Falter: Children’s Ward, ORH
Kim Stuart: Children’s Ward, ORH
Jane Hampson: Resuscitation Officer and Children’s Ward, ORH
Griselda George: Consultant in Emergency Medicine, ORH
Jean Butler: Radiology, ORH
Mary Price: Maternity (midwife), ORH
Anna McLindon: Midwife, ORH
Lesley Turner: Midwife, ORH

Thursday 6th December 2007

IRP: Gina Tiller, Brenda Howard, Linda Pepper, Ray Powles

Banbury House Hotel

Dr Sarah Harvey: Independent Chair of the Stakeholder Group
Cllr George Parish: Keep the Horton General Campaign Group
Dr Peter Fisher: Keep the Horton General Campaign Group
Kate Spencer: Keep the Horton General Campaign Group
Charlotte Bird: Keep the Horton General Campaign Group
Cllr John Rakestraw: Keep the Horton General Campaign Group
Cllr Rosie Herring: South Northants District Council

Independent Reconfiguration Panel            Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Cllr Surinder Dhesi: Norton Usergroup representing Neithrop Ward & Oxfordshire County
Dr Graham Walker: Lead Consultant, Anaesthetist, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Dr Simon Chamberlain: Lead Consultant Anaesthetist, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Dr Emma Haskew: GP
Dr Richard Lehman: GP
Sir Williams Stubbs: Chairman, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
Mr Fred Hucker: Chairman, Oxfordshire PCT

Thursday 10th January 2007

IRP: Gina Tiller, Brenda Howard, Ray Powles, Linda Pepper, Paul Watson

Whatley Hall, Banbury

Jim Easton: Chief Executive, South Central SHA
Nigel Woods: Programme Manager, South Central SHA
Olga Senior: Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, South Central SHA
Jacqueline Pearce Gervis: Chair, Oxford Radliffe Hospitals PPI Forum
Barbara Henson: Member, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Patient Public Involvement Forum
Gwyneth Hunt: Chair, Oxfordshire PCT PPI Forum, Northern Group
Christopher Ringwood: Deputy Chair, Oxfordshire PCT PPI Forum, Northern Group
Dave Chapman: Member of Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals PPI Forum
Sheila Snooks: Union Representative and member of the Stakeholder Group
Kim Stewart: Nurse, Children’s Ward, Horton Hospital, ORH
Dawn Chambers: Regional Officer, Royal College of Nursing
Karen Hin: SCBU Nurse, Horton, ORH
Enid Frost: SCBU Nurse, Horton, ORH
Debbie Hancock: SCBU Nurse, Horton Hospital, ORH
Jill Edge: Manager, The Sunshine Centre.
Sheena Gow: Staff member at Sunshine Centre
Mrs Mandeman: Service user
Mrs O’Connor: Service user
Dr John Galuszka: GP and PBC Clinical Lead, South East
Dr Stephen Attwood: GP and PBC Clinical Lead, North East Oxfordshire

Horton General Hospital – Open Staff Session 1

Linda Bioling: Midwife/Team leader, ORH
Lia Dence: Medical Secretary – medicine, ORH
Sue Goodship: Medical Secretary – medicine, ORH
Alison Hall: Medical Secretary – medicine, ORH
Helen Cowmeadow: Women’s Health Physiotherapist, ORH
Jan Henderson: Physiotherapist, ORH
Bryan Todd: Associate Specialist - Emergency Department, ORH
Griselda George: Consultant - Emergency Medicine, ORH

Independent Reconfiguration Panel            Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Friday 11th January 2007

IRP: Peter Barrett, Gina Tiller, Brenda Howard, Ray Powles

Whatley Hall, Banbury

Ian Davies: Head of Leisure Services, Cherwell District Council
Mary Harpley: Chief Executive, Cherwell District Council
Cllr Barry Wood: Leader, Cherwell District Council
Cllr George Reynolds Executive Member, Community Recreation and Health,
Cherwell District Council
Mrs Anne Haines: Head of Midwifery, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Trish Neasham: Teenage Pregnancy Lead, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Jane Poole: Practice Development Midwife, Horton General Hospital, ORH
Ailsa Granne: Representing Oxfordshire PCT & member of the Stakeholder Group
Michael Goodwin: Head Teacher , Sibford School, Banbury
Catherine Weaver: Head, Blessed George Napier School, Banbury
Mark Allbrook, Head: Bloxham School, Bloxham, Banbury
Nick Irvine: Director of marketing and head of boarding, Bloxham School, Banbury
Rani Tandon: Head of boarding, Tudor Hall, Wykham Park, Banbury
Jason Gibbins: Editor, Banbury Guardian
Roseanne Edwards: Health Editor
Dr Martyn Chambers: GP and Clinical Lead, North Oxfordshire County Council
Chris Pallot: Associate Director of commissioning and contestability,
Northamptonshire PCT
Kieron Mallon: Mayor, Banbury Town Council
Cllr George Parish: Councillor, Banbury Town Council
Mark Recchia: Town Clerk, Banbury Town Council
Jan Justice: Committee member, Multicultural Play Project
Assia Bibi: Project coordinator, Multicultural Play Project
Anna McLindon: Midwife
Marina Thompson: Delivery Suite Manager
Helen Tew Midwife
Lesley Turner: Midwife
Amanda Bull: Midwife
Andrea Young: Chief Executive, Oxfordshire PCT

Wednesday 16 January 2007

IRP: Peter Barrett, Gina Tiller, Brenda Howard, Ray Powles, Cath Broderick,
Sanjay Chadha, Ailsa Claire

John Radliffe Hospital

Dr Grizelda George: Consultant, Emergency Department, ORH
Sister Michelle Brock: Acting Matron, Emergency Department, ORH
Mr Bryan Todd: Associate Specialist, Emergency Department, ORH
Dr David Skinner: Consultant in Emergency Medicine, ORH
Ms Vanessa Sloane: Deputy Directorate Manager, Children’s Services, ORH
Dr Shelley Segal: Consultant Paediatrician, ORH

Independent Reconfiguration Panel          Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Rebecca Gilbert: Consultant Paediatrician, ORH
Dr Michael Bannon: Postgraduate Dean, Oxford
Judy Slessor: Regional Officer, Southern Team, RCM
Rebecca Falloon: Local Steward, RCM
Mary Price: Local Steward, RCM
Jacqui Piper: Local Steward, RCM
Marcus Lapthorne: Member of Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals PPP Forum
John Bridgen: Member of Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals PPP Forum
Dr Melanie Darwent: Consultant in Emergency Medicine, ORH
Professor Tim Peto: Consultant in Infectious Diseases, ORH
Mr Rob Way: Nurse Consultant, Emergency Dept, ORH
Mr Alan Webb: Director of Commissioning, Oxfordshire PCT
Ms Emma Tidy: Deputy Director of Commissioning, Oxfordshire PCT
Ms Gill Walton: Head of Midwifery, Manager for Women’s & Sexual Health, ORH
Miss Pauline Hurley: Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ORH
Dr Eleri Adams: Consultant Neonatologist, ORH
Ms Helen Peggs: Director, Media and Comms, ORH
Ms Julia Clarke: Director of the Strategic Review, ORH
Ms Bev Bennett: Senior Midwife, ORH
Ms Rosie Wright: Associate Manager for Midwifery, ORH

Thursday 17 January 2007

IRP: Gina Tiller, Ray Powles, Linda Pepper, Cath Broderick
Sanjay Chadha, Ailsa Claire

John Radcliffe Hospital

Dr Anne Thompson: Consultant Paediatrician and Directorate Chair
Dr Janet Craze: Consultant Paediatrician
Matron Caroline Owens: Breast Care and Gynaecology
Pam Garside: Chair, ORH Working Groups
Dr Justin Sims: Consultant Paediatrician
Mr Trevor Campbell Davies: Chief Executive, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

County Hall Oxford

Cllr Dr Peter Skolar: Chairman, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Rose Stratford: Deputy Chairman, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Gail Bones, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Jane Hanna, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Joe McManners, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Lawrie Stratford, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Surinder Dhesi, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Dr Christopher Hood, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Zoe Patrick, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr John Farrow, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Richard Langridge, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Cllr Don Seale, Oxfordshire JHOSC

Independent Reconfiguration Panel          Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Harry Dickinson, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Mrs Jessie MacLachlan, Oxfordshire JHOSC
Mrs Ann Tomline, Oxfordshire JHOSC

Thursday 31 January 2007

IRP: Peter Barrett, Gina Tiller

Portcullis House, Westminster

David Cameron MP Member of Parliament for Witney
Tony Baldry MP Member of Parliament for Banbury
Tim Boswell MP Member of Parliament for Daventry

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Eight

                         Information made available to the Panel

Supporting papers and correspondence submitted to the IRP

1.       Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust: Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction Programme
2.       Letter from David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, re Service Improvement: Quality Assurance of Major
         Changes to Service Provision (Feb 07)
3.       Sir Ian Carruthers Review: Service Improvement-Quality Assurance of Major Changes to Service
4.       ORH Trust Board Paper: Final recommendations regarding services at Horton Hospital (July 07)
5.       ORH Trust: Minutes of Board Meeting (July 07)
6.       Oxfordshire PCT: Draft Minutes of OPCT Board Meeting (July 07)
7.       Letter from Peter Skolar, OHSC to Secretary of State re Proposals for Changes to Horton Hospital
8.       NHS South Central Response re Proposals for Changes to Horton Hospital (Aug 07)
9.       Letter from IRP to Tony Baldry MP regarding Horton Hospital Referral (Aug 07)
10.      Letter from Secretary of State to Oxfordshire OSC (Aug 07)
11.      Letter from IRP to Secretary of State regarding Horton Referral (July 07)
12.      Email from Dr Simon de Vos, GP, to IRP regarding Horton Hospital Reconfiguration
13.      Letter from Secretary of State to Peter Barrett, IRP, re Horton Referral & Terms of Reference (Oct 07)
14.      Email from Dr John Tasker regarding Horton Hospital
15.      Letter from Dr David Spackman, Sibford Surgery, Banbury re Horton Hospital
16.      Letter & Submission from Banbury Council to Stakeholder Panel re Horton Hospital Proposals (Sept 07)
17.      Letter & Statement from The Royal College of Midwives re Horton Hospital Proposals
18.      Letter from Dr DJ Wignell, GP, Windrush Surgery, Banbury, enclosing 92 letters of petition regarding
         proposed changes to Horton Hospital
19.      Letter from Banbury Civic Society to IRP re Changes to Services at Horton Hospital
20.      Letter from IRP to Secretary of State re Horton Referral (Oct 07)
21.      Letter from Lord Heseltine to Secretary of State re Horton General Hospital (Nov 07)
22.      Letter from PPI Forum ORH to the IRP re Horton Hospital
23.      Letter from Grizelda George, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, ORH NHS Trust, to IRP re Horton
24.      ORH NHS Trust - Emerging Themes: Strategic Review Fit for the Future 2005
25.      ORH NHS Trust – Template for info on contested proposals for reconfiguring NHS Services
26.      Oxfordshire Joint Health OSC Committee: Minutes of Meeting
27.      Oxfordshire Joint Health OSC Committee: Notice of Meeting at Cherwell District Council
28.      Response of Oxfordshire Joint Health OSC Committee to ORH NHS Trust Public Consultation on Horton
29.      Letter from Oxfordshire County Council to All Recipients of Oxfordshire Joint Health OSC Committee
30.      Strategic Review of Horton General Hospital - Working Groups: Staffing, Recruitment and Training
         (Briefing for Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
31.      Horton General Hospital Service Reconfiguration: Analysis of Responses
32.      Strategic Review of Horton General Hospital -Working Group: Children's Services & Obstetrics,
         Midwifery and Neonatal (Transport Briefing Papers)
33.      ORH: Risk Assessment Toolkit
34.      Strategic Review of Horton General Hospital -Working Group: Maternity, Gynaecology, Neonatal (Risk
         Briefing Document) (Jan 07)
35.      Horton General Hospital Service Reconfiguration-Post-Consultation Process

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

         (Strategic Context: Part 1 and 2)
36.      Horton General Hospital Future Service Configuration
37.      Strategic Review of Horton General Hospital (Jan 07)
38.      Letter to IRP from Washington House Surgery Patients' Group, Brackley, Northants, re Horton Hospital
39.      Letter to IRP from Jason Gibbins, Editor, Banbury Guardian, re Horton Hospital
40.      ORH Trust Board Paper: Services at the Horton General Hospital (July 07)
41.      Review of Staffing, Recruitment and Training issues as they relate to the Clinical Sustainability of
         Obstetric Services at Horton Hospital; Report by Nick Naftalin
42.      Ensuring the best Paediatric Services for the Children of Banbury: Report by Professor Sir Alan Craft
43.      Horton Hospital Future Service Configuration: Clinical Working Group on Children's Services
44.      The Response of the Keep the Horton General Campaign Group to the ORH Trust's Consultation
         document on the proposed cuts to services at Banbury's Horton General Hospital
45.      Keep the Horton General Campaign Group Response: Appendices
46.      Final Report from Stakeholder Panel on Proposals for Paediatric & Obstetric Services at Horton Hospital
47.      Horton Hospital: Risk Assessment Table (Nurse Led Overnight)
48.      Horton Hospital: Children's Risk Assessment
49.      Horton Hospital: Consultant Delivered Risk Assessment
50.      Horton Hospital: Consultant & Nurse Led Risk Assessment (Feb 06)
51.      Horton Hospital: Risk Assessment for Female Surgical Ward with on-call Gynaecology Consultant
         (May 06)
52.      Horton Hospital: Obstetric Risk Assessment (Feb 07)
53.      Horton Hospital: Infant & Post-Natal Risk Assessment (March 07)
54.      Horton Hospital: Midwife Assessment Clinic (March 2007)
55.      Horton Hospital: Low Risk Nursery Risk Assessments 1 & 2
56.      Risk Assessment for the Gynaecology Ward at the Horton Closing
57.      Risk Assessment for a Fully Staffed Gynaecology Ward at the Horton
58.      ORH: Emergency Ambulance Protocol for Management of Children 24/7 (Apr 07)
59.      Statement from Deddington Women's Institute, with petition of 18 signatures, re Horton Hospital
60.      Oxfordshire PCT: GP Survey
61.      Letter to the IRP plus North Oxfordshire & South Northamptonshire GP Forum: Submission to Horton
         Hospital Consultation Process
62.      C-Section Rates for John Radcliffe & Horton Hospitals - 2004/2005/2006
63.      Normal Maternity Deliveries with ORH 2005
64.      Location Map of Normal Deliveries with ORH 2005
65.      Main Points of View from Neonatal Nurses Horton SCBU
66.      Layout of Womens’ and Maternity Block at JRH
67.      Cherwell District Council: Response to Consultation Document on Horton Hospital
68.      Letter from Horton Midwives to Banbury Guardian (June 07)
69.      Response of MPs to Formal Consultation on Horton Hospital (Tony Baldry, Tim Boswell, David Cameron
         & John Maples)
70.      Ambulance Times: Sample of Journeys-2006/2007
71.      Letter to the IRP from Dr Elaine Sugden, Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Oxford Cancer Centre, ORH,
         re Horton Hospital
72.      Letter to the IRP from Tim Boswell MP, enclosing a petition of 221 signatures, re future of Horton
         Hospital (Dec 07)
73.      Letter to the IRP from the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester, Diocese of Oxford, re Horton
         Hospital (Dec 07)
74.      Letter to the IRP from Glyn Jones, Chairman of Weston Community Project, re Horton Hospital
75.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 1) - Minutes
76.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 2) - Minutes
77.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 4) - Minutes

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

78.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 5) - Minutes
79.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 6) - Minutes
80.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 7) - Minutes
81.      Children’s Services Working Group (Session 8) - Minutes
82.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 1) - Minutes
83.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 2) - Minutes
84.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 4) - Minutes
85.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 5) - Minutes
86.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 6) - Minutes
87.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 7) - Minutes
88.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 8) - Minutes
89.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 9) - Minutes
90.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group (Session 10) - Minutes
91.      Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Briefing for Oxfordshire
92.      Maternity Gynaecology Neonatal Services Working Group
         (Combined Transport Session) - Minutes
93.      Clinical Services Working Groups (Special Training Session) – Minutes
94.      Bloxham School Document on Future Catchment For Your Area
95.      Brochure from the Sunshine Centre
96.      Submission from MPs: David Cameron, Tim Boswell and John Maples (Dec 07)
97.      Options for anaesthetic cover from Dr S Chamberlain, Consultant Anaesthetist
98.      Cherwell District Council Submission to IRP (Jan 08)
99.      Cherwell District Council’s Final Response to Consultation on the future of
         Horton Hospital
100.     Examples of Reconfiguration Effects on other Hospital Services – Annex 2
101.     Banbury guardian submission to the IRP
102.     Data about Horton SCBU
103.     Data on Horton Births
104.     Evidence Submitted by Horton Midwives (Aug 06)
105.     Notes submitted by Chris Ringwood from Horton General Hospital Stakeholder Group
106.     Hansard Debate on Proposals at ORH
107.     Information about Teenage Pregnancy at Horton
108.     Kim Stuart Presentation and Data on Paediatrics
109.     Letter from Banbury Town Council (Dec 08)
110.     Letter from Bryan Todd
111.     Letter from Royal College of Midwives (Jan 08)
112.     Letter from Horton Midwives (Jan 08)
113.     List of Public Consultation Meetings
114.     Pack of Evidence Submitted by Banbury branch of Royal College of Midwives
115.     Review of Horton Hospital services for children within its catchment
116.     Letter from Tony Baldry MP (Jan 08)
117.     Horton Bywater ORH Final Report Draft 2 (Nov 05)
118.     Horton Bywater ORH Final Report: Consultant Delivered Service
119.     Horton Bywater ORH Final Report: Children’s Extract
120.     Banbury & Oxfordshire list sizes Apr 04 - Oct 07
121.     Proposed Integrated General Paediatric Service for Oxon 05 Version 2
122.     Trend Table for Maternity Services at ORH March/June/Sept/Dec 07
123.     Emergency Department Horton Hospital Update on Medical Staffing
124.     Julia Clarke submission to the IRP

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

125.     Information on alternative models that were considered for the Horton
126.     Letter and additional information from Andrea Young, Oxfordshire PCT
         Chief Executive (Jan 08)
127.     Letter and additional information from ORH PPI
128.     Letter and information from Tony Baldry MP (Jan 08)
129.     Letter to IRP from West Oxfordshire District Council (Jan 08)
130.     Notes for the IRP from Grizelda George, Consultant in Emergency Medicine
131.     Oxfordshire Joint Health OSC submission to the IRP
132.     Population Projections for Cherwell DC & Banbury
133.     Population Projections input to Reconfiguration Board
134.     Information on referral of patients to JRH and Horton Hospitals
135.     Letter to IRP from Horton Hospital Emergency Dept re relocation of Paediatric Services out-of-hours
136.     The Horton Hospital - Emerging Strategy Presentation
137.     Vision for Children’s Services document
138.     Transfers from Midwifery led Unit to Consultant Unit Jan 04-Dec 06
139.     Evidence presented by members of The Horton General Campaign
140.     Keep the Horton General Campaign Group's Report
141.     Further Submissions from Banbury Town Council
142.     Consultants sleeping in by Robert Scott-Jupp
143.     Sir George Alberti Report on Paediatric and Maternity Services at Horton General Hospital
144.     ORH Response to the submission by CDC
145.     Letter to Gina Tiller from Oxfordshire PCT
146.     Email to Tony Baldry from Gerald Chan submitted to IRP by Tony Baldry
147.     Tony Baldry debate on Horton
148.     Horton Hospital - Key Issues paper
149.     Analysis of where women delivered their babies in Oxfordshire during 2005
150.     Response Transfer Times from Banbury to ORH
151.     Letter from A Haines at Horton Maternity Unit
152.     Letter from IRP to Consultant in Emergency Medicine JRH
153.     Letter from M Brock Matron for Emergency Care at Horton and JRH
154.     Letter from Tricia Neasham, Specialist Teenage Pregnancy Midwife, County Lead
155.     Letter to IRP from Banbury Town Council (Nov 07)
156.     Letter to IRP from Emergency Medicine at Horton Hospital
157.     Letter to IRP from Frank Wise School
158.     Letter to IRP from Kim Stuart a Paediatric Nurse at Horton Hospital
159.     Letter to IRP from Trevor Campbell Davis at ORH NHS Trust (Feb 08)
160.     Letter to IRP from Grizelda George at ORH NHS Trust (Jan 08)
161.     Email from Cllr George Parish, Keep The Horton General Campaign detailing referral volumes (Feb 08)
162.     BLISS (Premature Baby Charity) Annual Review 2006/7
163.     History of the Horton publication
164.     Banbury Guardian May 20th 2004

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                 Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Responses to the IRP enquiry line (emails, phone calls and letters)

1.    Call from Andrew Robinson
2.    Call from Cynthia Draper
3.    Email from Charlotte Hardy
4.    Email from Charlie Hardy
5.    Email from Kathy Graves
6.    Email from Carolyn Tuttiett
7.    Email from Mandy Cox
8.    Email from Jacqui Nunn
9.    Email from Richard Newson
10.   Email from Richard Lehman
11.   Email from Rajinder Gill
12.   Email from Anne Jones
13.   Email from Councillor Patrick Cartledge
14.   Email from Claire Laurent
15.   Email from Adderbury Parish Council Clerk
16.   Email from Michael Courtenay
17.   Email from Michelle Gliddon
18.   Email from Simon Theobald
19.   Email from Susannah Harper
20.   Email from Helen Jago
21.   Email from Elsa Ingham
22.   Email from Kerri McNally
23.   Email from Neill Brodey
24.   Email from Melanie McPherson
25.   Phone Call from RG Hamlyn
26.   Phone Call from Lesley Smith
27.   Phone Call from Graham Symons
28.   Email from Carol Kendall
29.   Email from Natasha Price
30.   Email from Rosie Rogers
31.   Email from Evelyn Gage-Smith
32.   Email from Jacki Price
33.   Email from Barry Purves
34.   Email from Revd. Mark Charmley
35.   Email from Catriona Stephens
36.   Email from Meriel Ireland
37.   Email from SH Jones
38.   Email from Hannah Parish
39.   Email from Sarah Burke
40.   Phone Call from Mark Boyles
41.   Email from Douglas Boyle
42.   Email from Martin Buzzard
43.   Email from Amy Grant
44.   Email from Paul & Carol Cooper
45.   Email from Tina Doo
46.   Email from Karen White
47.   Email from Jackie King-Turner
48.   Email from Doug Hicks
49.   Email from Emily Alsford
50.   Email from Shirley Downing
51.   Email from Sophie Floate
52.   Email from Lynne Kinsella
53.   Email from Robert Oddy
54.   Email from Dawn Griffis

Independent Reconfiguration Panel        Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

55.    Email from Gillian Taylor
56.    Email from Brendan O'Farrell
57.    Email from B & M White
58.    Email from George Reynolds
59.    Email from Barbara Reynolds
60.    Email from Angela Golsby
61.    Email from Andi Padbury
62.    Email from Meryl Rimmer
63.    Email from Philippa Everest
64.    Email from George Fletcher
65.    Phone Call from Edith Howson
66.    Email from Celia Evans
67.    Email from Debbie Jasper
68.    Email from James Macnamara
69.    Email from Joshua Mullens
70.    Email from Pamela Pierre
71.    Email from Michelle Hudson
72.    Email from Mr. & Mrs. J. Healey
73.    Email from Justine Langford
74.    Email from Clare Haupt
75.    Email from Matthew Gajdus
76.    Email from Stuart Lowen
77.    Email from Alison Webb
78.    Email from Philip Cordingley
79.    Email from Susanne Paynton
80.    Email from Joyce Natzler
81.    Email from Frances Bourne
82.    Email from Julia Edwards
83.    Email from Hannah Pierce
84.    Email from Jeanette Ancil
85.    Email from Chris Collinge
86.    Email from Clare Wotton
87.    Phone Call from Mr Taylor
88.    Email from Mrs E Edwards
89.    Email from Cllr. John Donaldson
90.    Email from Andrew & Joanne Webb
91.    Email from April Jewkes
92.    Email from Emma Gardner
93.    Email from Joanne Williamson
94.    Email from D W Charles
95.    Email from Sue Edgar
96.    Email from Carol Wild
97.    Email from Corinne Watson
98.    Email from Adele Reece
99.    Email from Sally Stretton
100.   Email from Geoff Stretton
101.   Email from Deena Freeman
102.   Email from Lawrence Butler
103.   Email from Elizabeth Baker
104.   Email from Jemma Hillyer
105.   Email from David Tew
106.   Email from Don Wilkes
107.   Phone Call from Susan Walker
108.   Phone Call from Duncan Hedley
109.   Email from Sally Leszczynski
110.   Email from Lisa Beevers
111.   Email from Peter Burrows
112.   Email from Emma Thompson

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

113.   Email from Michael Ford
114.   Email from C Cummings
115.   Email from Ann Goodman
116.   Email from Heather Jones
117.   Email from Debbie Lewis
118.   Email from Philippa Graham
119.   Email from Ash Clibbon
120.   Email from Bill Gibson
121.   Email from Denise De Felice
122.   Email from Dale Fletcher
123.   Phone Call from Rehma Nakalisa
124.   Phone Call from Mrs. J Pitcher (ex nurse)
125.   Phone Call from Lois Radbourne
126.   Email from Claire Mead
127.   Email from Rea Moore
128.   Email from E.D. Hotham
129.   Email from Sally Davis & Margaret Farren
130.   Email from Corinne White
131.   Email from Graham Lees
132.   Email from Kate Spencer
133.   Email from Liz Turner & Stephen Simmons
134.   Email from Andy Poole
135.   Email from Janice Simonet
136.   Email from Suzanne Algie
137.   Email from Stephanie Collins
138.   Email from Nicola Kewin
139.   Email from Bryan Powell
140.   Email from Jamie Hermon
141.   Email from Carole Adkins
142.   Email from Deanne Wright
143.   Email from Pam Anderton
144.   Email from Colin Hillyer
145.   Phone Call from Florence Spittle
146.   Email from Martin Phillips
147.   Phone Call from Mrs Ross
148.   Phone Call from Liz Buttle
149.   Phone Call from Professor Ian Nesbitt
150.   Phone Call from Mr Swane
151.   Phone Call from Ms Nina Fairns
152.   Phone Call from Mrs. Alex Stanton
153.   Phone Call from Dr S.R. Smith
154.   Email from Kate Spencer
155.   Email from Martin Thomas
156.   Email from Tim Perkin
157.   Email from Gillian Smalley
158.   Email from Tony Kendell
159.   Email from Kate Fitton
160.   Email from Liz Scammans
161.   Email from Kate Spencer
162.   Email from Janet Chapman
163.   Email from Edward Kirkwood
164.   Email from Simon Pipe
165.   Email from Catherine Dukes
166.   Email from Jean and Noel Towe
167.   Phone Call from Nigel Morris
168.   Phone Call from Mr Hone
169.   Email from Janet Chapman
170.   Email from Pat Moulder

Independent Reconfiguration Panel               Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

171.   Email from Sue Harding
172.   Email from Kathy Harvey
173.   Email from Alan Wills
174.   Email from Canon Christopher Hall
175.   Phone Call from Yvonne Jones
176.   Email from Karen Theobald
177.   Email from George Parish
178.   Email from Sarah Sheehan
179.   Email from David Bloxham
180.   Email from Matthew Ferguson
181.   Email from Adrian and Lindsay Mills
182.   Email from Kate Spencer
183.   Email from David Woodford
184.   Email from Kathryn Hayman
185.   Email from Mark Ryan
186.   Email from Maureen White
187.   Phone Call from Suzanne Wilson
188.   Email from Rachael Hawtin
189.   Email from Denise Barson
190.   Email from Paula Rigg
191.   Email from Alexandra Papavramides
192.   Email from Kate Earl
193.   Email from Alice Hayward
194.   Email from Laurence and Nitchakan Todd

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Correspondence submitted directly to the IRP

 1        Letter from P.J. & J.R. Abbott, Banbury
 2        Letter from Val Adams, Banbury
 3        Letter from C.M. Adamson, Banbury
 4        Letter from Mr M.J. Adkins, Banbury
 5        Letter from Brian Ailsby, Headington
 6        Letter from Mrs J Akerman
 7        Letter from Anna & David Allam, Banbury
 8        Email from Miss E. Allcroft, Banbury
 9        Letter from J.H. & K.V. Allen, Banbury
 10       Letter from F. Allen, Deddington, Oxon
 11       Letter from Mr & Mrs Allen, Middleton Cheney, Nr Banbury
 12       Letter from Margaret Alton & Maurice Alton Honeywell, Brackley, Northants
 13       Letter from Mrs M. Ampwitt, Banbury
 14       Letter from Mrs J.C. Anderson, Hinton in the Hedges, Nr Brackley, Northants
 15       Letter from Mr and Mrs Andrews, Kings Sutton, Nr Banbury
 16       Letter from Mr R.J. & Mrs A.V. Anthistle, Banbury
 17       Letter from Carol Appleby, Daventry, Northants
 18       Letter from J. Archer, Banbury
 19       Letter from Shirley & Barry Aris, Daventry, Northants
 20       Letter from A. Asshete, Banbury
 21       Letter from Ken Atack, Banbury
 22       Letter from Mrs Sandra Atack, Banbury
 23       Letter from H.M.E. Auld, Banbury
 24       Letter from T.J. & A Austin, Banbury
 25       Letter from Miss R. Bailey, Banbury
 26       Email from Roger C. Baker, Banbury
 27       Letter from S. Baker, Banbury
 28       Letter from Sid Baker, Banbury
 29       Letters from Tony Baldry MP
 30       Email from Steven Ball
 31       Letter from Malcolm Bannister, Banbury
 32       Letter from Susan Bannister, Banbury
 33       Email from Clare Barber, Banbury
 34       Letter from J. Barber, Banbury
 35       Letter from D. Barberay (?), Deddington, Oxon
 36       Letter from S. Barkham, Banbury
 37       Letter from Andrew Barnes, Brackley, Northamptonshire
 38       Letter from Beryl Barnes, Banbury
 39       Letter from Paul E Barnes, Banbury
 40       Letter from Mrs Susan Barnes, Banbury
 41       Letter from Elaine Barr, Banbury
 42       Letter from Mr S.R. Bartlett, Middleton Cheney, Nr Banbury
 43       Letter from Pam Bass, Tackley Parish Council, Oxford
 44       Letter from Mrs Diana Bastable, Banbury
 45       Letter from M.E. Battersbuy, Brackley, Northamptonshire
 46       Letter from Mr A Batty, Banbury
 47       Letter from Mrs M.R. Baylis, Banbury
 48       Letter from M.D. Beames, Banbury
 49       Letter from Mr M. Beason, Banbury
 50       Letter from D. Beckett, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

51        Letter from Andrew Beere, Banbury
52        Letter from M.D. Bann, Banbury
53        Letter from Calvin Bell, South Northamptonshire Council
54        Letter from S.H. & G.N. Bellinger, Banbury
55        Letter from Mervyn Benford, Banbury
56        Letter from T.H & S.J. Bentley, Banbury
57        Letter from Mrs Beringer, Chipping Norton, Oxon
58        Letter from Mrs S M Berry, Banbury
59        Email from Gerry & Heather Bernardo, Banbury
60        Letter from Mrs J Bertulsons, Banbury
61        Letter from Mrs G. Bickley, Bletchingdon Parish Council
62        Letter from Gary & Lesley Biggs, Banbury
63        Letter from Tony Bignold, Byfield, Northants
64        Letter from Mrs Irene & Mr Derek Billingham, Brackley, Northants
65        Letter from Mrs Kathleen Billingham, Brackley, Northants
66        Letter from Mrs J. Bird, Banbury
67        Letter from Charlotte Bird, Sibford Gower, Oxon
68        Letter from Mrs P.A. Birkby, Brackley, Northants
69        Letter from Ann Bishop, Banbury
70        Letter from Malcolm & Janice Black, Banbury
71        Letter from Mrs Lesley Blake, Banbury
72        Letter from Tony Bleach, Banbury
73        Letter from Joan & Henry Blenesure (?), Banbury
74        Letter from Christine Blenntoft, Deddington, Oxon
75        Letter from A.M. Bliss, Banbury
76        Letter from Miss C. Blue, Banbury
77        Letter from Mrs K. Boscott, Banbury
78        Letter from K, S & M Bosott
79        Letter from U.A. Boss, Banbury
80        Email from Miss C Bourne, Banbury
81        Letter from Mrs N.R. Bowen, Banbury
82        Letter from Mrs N.R. Bowen, Swerford Parish Council, Banbury
83        Letter from Diane M. Bowen, Banbury
84        Letter from Mrs N.J. Bowler, Banbury
85        Letter from M.E. Bowley
86        Letter from Mr Roger Bradley, Bicester, Oxon
87        Letter from Lucy Brain, Banbury
88        Letter from S. Brain & Family, Banbury
89        Letter from Jeff Brawley, Banbury
90        Letter from Mrs M. Bray, Banbury
91        Letter from Mrs Mary Braybrook, Brackley, Northants (Syresham Parish Council)
92        Letter from A & S Brazier, Banbury
93        Letter from Frank & Vera Bridge (& Family), Brackley, Northants
94        Letter from Keith Bristow, Banbury
95        Letter from Mrs Suzanne Brocksmith, Brackley, Northants
96        Letter from Alison J. Bromhall, Banbury
97        Letter from B. Brooks, Banbury
98        Email from Nic Brotherhood
99        Letter from Ann Brown, Banbury
100       Letter from C & S Brown, Banbury
101       Letter from Mrs Ena Brown, Banbury
102       Letter from Nick Brown, North Newington
103       Letter from Mr S.J. Brown, Banbury
104       Letter from Jill & Peter Brown, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

105       Letter from Heather Brown, Bloxham, Oxon
106       Letter from W. Brown, Banbury
107       Letter from Mrs S Browne, Banbury
108       Letter from Helen Browne, Banbury
109       Letter from Janet Bryant, Thorpe Mandeville, Nr Banbury
110       Email from Dr Barbara Budd, Deddington
111       Letter from Peter Budd, Banbury
112       Letter from Mr M.D. & Mrs A.J. Bull, Brackley, Northants
113       Letter from Mrs Mary Bullock, Mixbury, Oxon
114       Letter from Brenda C. Burden, Banbury
115       Letter from J.W.W. Burdon, Deddington, Oxon
116       Letter from David, Isobel, Rosemary & Elizabeth Burke, Banbury
117       Letter from Robert Burn & Suzanne Molloy, Daventry
118       Letter from Mrs V.J. Burr, Woodford Halse, Nr Daventry, Northants
119       Letter from Peter Burrows, Banbury
120       Letter from J & L.J. Burtonwood, Banbury
121       Letter from Mr R.O & Dr L.E. Buswell, Daventry, Northants
122       Letter from the Butler Family, Banbury
123       Letter from Steven Butler, Brackley, Northants
124       Letter from Jean & Bryan Butler, Lower Wardington, Nr Banbury
125       Letter from Margo Buttery, Brackley, Northants
126       Letter from A.W. Buzzard, Banbury
127       Email from Peter H. Byles, Hinton in the Hedges, Northants
128       Letter from D. Byrne
129       Letter from P. Byrne, Banbury
131       Letter from Brian C. Cable, Brackley, Northants
132       Letter from Mrs Margaret Cable, Brackley, Northants
133       Email from Scott Caiger (and Doug Revitt, William Gelder)
134       Letter from Derek and Susan Callender, Banbury
135       Letter from Sean Callery, Banbury
136       Email from Mrs E Callow, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxfordshire
137       Letter from Mrs V.M. Cameron, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
138       Letter from Elaine Cantwell, Bodicote, Oxon
139       Letter from M.M. Cannon, Banbury
140       Letter from Mr & Mrs P. Capewell, Banbury
141       Letter from Mrs P.M. Carpenter, Banbury
142       Letter from Brenda Carter, Banbury
143       Letter from Mr & Mrs Carter, Bloxham, Oxon
144       Letter from R.M. Cash, Croughton, Northants
145       Letter from Geoffrey & Sarah Castle, Chipping Norton, Oxon
146       Letter from Duncan Chadwick, Banbury
147       Letter from Wendy J. Chadwick, Banbury
148       Letter from Anne Chalmers, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire
149       Letter from Betty Chandler, Banbury
150       Letter from The Rev Janet E. Chapman, St Mary's Rectory, Banbury
151       Letter from Evelyn Rose Chappell, Bloxham, Nr Banbury
152       Letter from David & Sue Cherry, Banbury
153       Letter from Sue & Ken Cherry, Banbury
154       Letter from Peter M Clacy, Banbury
155       Letter from P.A. & D.K. Clacy, Banbury
156       Letter from H. Clark, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire
157       Letter from Linda Clark, Banbury
158       Letter from S. Clarke, Banbury
159       Letter from G. Clarke, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

160       Letter from E. Clarke, Banbury
161       Letter from J. W. Clarke, Banbury
162       Letter from Phil & Kathy Clarke, Adderbury, Oxon
163       Letter from Frances Claydon, Banbury
164       Letter from Mrs J.K. Clayton, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire
165       Letter from Mrs S. Cleaver, Banbury, Oxon
166       Letter from Joy & Stuart Clegg, Hornton, Nr Banbury
167       Letter from D.L. Clifton, Banbury
168       Letter from Kate Clough, Brackley, Northants
169       Letter from Mrs J.A. Clowes, Oxon
170       Letter from Mrs Mary Clugston, Daventry, Northants
171       Letter from Peter Cole, Banbury
172       Letter from Peter Cole (on behalf of Aynho Parish Council)
173       Letter from Geraldine Collett, Banbury
174       Letter from Graham & Iris Collier, Adderbury West, Nr Banbury
175       Letter from Tracy Collier, Banbury
176       Letter from B.H. Collins, Bodicote, Oxfordshire
177       Letter from Andy Collyer, Tingewick, Bucks
178       Letter from Emma Collyer, Banbury
179       Letter from Mrs B.J. Colton, Daventry, Northants
180       Letter from M.E. Connor, Daventry, Northants
181       Letter from Zoe, Mark & Tristan Connor, Sibford Ferris, Oxfordshire
182       Letter from Mrs Rita Cook, Banbury
183       Letter from Andrea Cook, Banbury
184       Letter from Mr J.L. Cook, Banbury
185       Letter from Mr & Mrs C.S. Cook, Deddington, Oxfordshire
186       Letter from Frank Cookson, Banbury
187       Letter from Peter Cooling, Swann Financial Consultancy, Banbury
188       Letter from Revd E.N. Coombs, St. Paul's Church, Banbury
189       Letter from Paul and Carol Cooper, Banbury
190       Email from Steven Coppin, Deddington, Oxfordshire
191       Letter from Liz Coppin, Banbury
192       Letter from Patricia Coreton, Banbury
193       Letter from James Coreton, Banbury
194       Letter from Dr Louise Cornwall, Hightown Surgery, Banbury
195       Letter from June Couch, Banbury
196       Letter from P.S. & R.A. Couiff, Banbury
197       Letter from Betty Couldrey, Banbury
198       Letter from Mrs Alice Coulton, Banbury
199       Letter from Mrs C Covacic, Banbury
200       Letter from Mrs M.R. Cowell, Banbury
201       Letter from Mr M. Cowley, Banbury
202       Letter from Edna Cox, Banbury
203       Letter from Gillian M. Cozen, Banbury
204       Letter from Mrs B. Craig, Banbury
205       Letter from Alan Craven, Banbury
206       Letter from Brian & Carole Creak, Brackley, Northants
207       Letter from A. Creasy, Banbury
208       Email from Wendy Credland
209       Letter from Gail Cripps, Banbury
210       Letter from Mrs C Crockett, Banbury
211       Letter from Mr P. Cross, Bloxham, Nr Banbury
212       Letter from Margaret Crumpton, Banbury
213       Email from Vivienne Cudahy

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

214       Email from Chris Cudahy
215       Letter from S. Cullings, Banbury
216       Letter from Gina M. Cumming, Cropredy, Oxfordshire
217       Letter from Stuart Cummins & Penny Winter, Bicester, Oxfordshire
219       Email from Mrs Jennifer Dahlman
220       Letter from Mr & Mrs J.A. Dalton, Banbury
221       Letter from Mrs M Dargan, Banbury
222       Letter from Mr R Davey, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
223       Letter from Don & Mary Davidson, Bicester, Oxon
224       Letter from F.J. Davies, Banbury
225       Letter from Mrs J.M. Davies, Duns Tew, Oxon
226       Letter from Mrs Margaret Davies, Banbury
227       Letter from Heather B. Davies, Banbury
228       Letter from Mrs Marjorie E. Davies, Banbury
229       Letter from Viola Davies, Banbury
230       Letter from Mrs J. Davis, Banburh
231       Letter from K. Davis, Banbury
232       Letter from Mrs K. Davis, Banbury
233       Letter from Celia Day & Family, Banbury
234       Letter from Richard Day, Banbury
235       Letter from Y. Day, Broughton, Oxon
236       Letter from Mrs J.E. Dean & Mr M.W. Dean, Banbury
237       Letter from M.S. Dele, Banbury
238       Letter from Cllr Gary J. Denby, Daventry, Northamptonshire
239       Letter from H. Derry, Banbury
240       Letter from Jon Dennington, Witney, Oxon
241       Letter from Mrs Dawn Dewhurst, Banbury
242       Letter from Cllr S. Dhesi, Banbury
243       Letter from Mr & Mrs J. Dillon, Banbury
244       Letter from Jon Divers & Liz Hargreaves, Banbury
245       Letter from Professor Gerald Dix, Banbury
246       Letter from Yvonne Dodwell, Banbury
247       Letter from Harrison Donley, Wellesbourne, Warwick
248       Letter from W. Donovan, Banbury
249       Letter from Dorothy Douglass, Banbury
250       Letter from Robert Dowling, Banbury
251       Letter from Lucy Dowling, Chipping Norton, Oxon
252       Letter from Michael Drake, Banbury
253       Email from Norman Drake
254       Letter from Clive F. Drew, Banbury
255       Letter from Mrs C.M. Duck, Banbury
256       Letter from Mr G. Duck, Banbury
257       Letter from Mrs Catherine Dukes, Chipping Norton, Oxon
258       Letter from Mrs S.A. Dundshaw, Banbury
259       Letter from Lisa Duncan, Banbury
260       Letter from Mervyn Dunn, Banbury
261       Letter from J.E.C. Durley, Banbury
262       Letter from Jon Dutton, Fenny Compton Parish Council, Warwickshire
263       Letter from Mrs Vanessa Dyble, Banbury
265       Letter from D.R. Eaborn, Banbury
266       Letter from Keith Eades, Banbury
267       Letter from Mrs J. Eastwood
268       Letter from Mrs Patricia Ebdon, Banbury
269       Letter from Mrs M. Eden, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

270       Letter from Mrs Linda Edmunds, Banbury
271       Letter from Bill & Mary Edwards, Brackley, Northants
272       Letter from Mr J.L. Ekers, Banbury
273       Letter from Carol Ellington, Lower Boddington, Northamptonshire
274       Letter from Dr C.A. Elliott, West Street Surgery, Chipping Norton, Oxon
275       Letter from Mrs D. Ellis, Cropredy, Oxon
276       Letter from D.J. Ellis, Swerford, Oxon
277       Letter from Mrs Karen Ellis, Banbury
278       Letter from Veronica & Martin Elsom, Banbury
279       Letter from Scarlett Embury
280       Letter from Mr A. & Mrs M. England, Banbury
281       Letter from John English, Banbury
282       Letter from Brenda Evans, Banbury
283       Letter from Debby Evans, Banbury
284       Letter from Hannah Evans, Banbury
285       Letter from Hazel Evans, Banbury
286       Letter from Mrs O. Everall, Banbury
287       Letter from I.F. Everall, Banbury
288       Letter from R.J. Everall, Banbury
289       Letter from B. Everall, Banbury
291       Letter from Christine E. Fairbrother, Banbury
292       Letter from Mrs Genrys Farley, Banbury
293       Letter from Ann, Coren & Kyle Farley, Banbury
294       Letter from B.V. & A. Farnley, Oxon
295       Letter from James Ferguson, Banbury
296       Letter from Maurice Fermoy, Arrow Pubs Ltd, Sibford Gower, Nr Banbury
297       Letter from F. & G. Ferick, Banbury
298       Letter from Charles Field, Hinton-on-Hedges, Nr Brackley, Northamptonshire
299       Letter from Miss J. Field, Banbury
300       Letter from F.G. & W.H. Field, Banbury
301       Letter from Norman & Heather Finnerty, Banbury
302       Letter from Camilla Finlay, Banbury
303       Letter from Dr A.V. Fisher, Gt Bourton, Nr Banbury
304       Letter from Peter Fisher, Banbury
305       Letter from Mrs C. Fleming, Banbury
306       Letter from Professor Anthony Fletcher, Banbury
307       Letter from Florence, Sibford Ferris, Oxon
308       Letter from Mrs A.M. Foreman, Banbury
309       Letter from Mrs M. Forest, Daventry, Northants
310       Letter from Audrey Forgham, Helmdon, Northants
311       Letter from Stuart & Carey Forster, Witney, Oxon
312       Letter from Mrs J. Foster, Bicester, Oxfordshire
313       Letter from M. Foster, Evenley, Nr Brackley, Northants
314       Letter from Mr & Mrs G & J. Fountain, Banbury
315       Letter from Mrs D.S. Fox, Daventry, Northants
316       Letter from Zena Fox
317       Letter from A.A. Freeman, Banbury
318       Letter from Claire Freeman, Shutford, Nr Banbury
319       Letter from P.J. Freeman, Banbury
320       Letter from M.A. French, Hook Norton, Oxon
321       Letter from V. & R. French, Banbury
322       Letter from Enid Frost, Adderbury, Oxon
323       Letter from Ethel Frost, Banbury
324       Letter from Mrs Sophie Frost, Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

325       Letter from Rev. G. Fryer, Banbury
326       Email from Susan Fuller, Deddington, Oxon
327       Letter from J. Furley, Banbury
328       Letter from M.E. Furniss, Banbury
330       Letter from W.B. Gair, Banbury
331       Letter from Mrs F.A. Galdery, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
332       Letter from C. Gale
333       Letter from Mrs P.M. Galliers, Banbury
334       Letter from Paul and Anna Galvin, Banbury House Hotel, Banbury
335       Letter from Brian & Jennifer Gardner, Banbury
336       Letter from Beatrice Gardner
337       Letter from Marlene & Alan Garforth, Banbury
338       Letter from John Gaunt, South Newington, Oxon
339       Letter from David Gebbels, Banbury
340       Letter from Gillian Geering, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire
341       Letter from Mr & Mrs Giambrone, Banbury
342       Letter from Mrs Jane Gibb, Evenley, Northants
343       Letter from D. Gibbard, Banbury
344       Letter from M. Gibbone
345       Letter from I. Gibbs, Banbury
346       Letter from Mr & Mrs R.J. Giddons, Banbury
347       Letter from E.P. Gilbert, Banbury
348       Letter from George, Monica & Philip Gilbert, Sherington, Nr Banbury
349       Letter from Edna Giles, Banbury
350       Letter from Anthony, Valerie & Craig Giles, Banbury
351       Email from R. Gill
352       Letter from Squadron Leader I.R. Gillespie, Banbury
353       Letter from Mrs J. Gillett, Banbury
354       Letter from J.D. Gilley, Banbury
355       Letter from C.B. & Mrs J. Gillis, Moreton Pinkney, Nr Daventry, Northants
356       Letter from Mrs Madeleine Gilpin, Bicester, Oxon
357       Letter from Hilary Glenny, Banbury
358       Letter from Vicki Godfrey, Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust
359       Letter from Mrs E. Gold, Banbury
360       Letter from Mrs Pamela Golding, Banbury
361       Letter from Mrs J.M. Goode, Banbury
362       Letter from Mrs Janet Goodman, Banbury
363       Letter from Michael Goodwin, Banbury
364       Letter from J. Gordon, Banbury
365       Letter from D.J. Gordon, Milcombe
366       Letter from D.E. & M.J. Goundrey, Duns Tew, Oxfordshire
367       Letter from Miss A.M. Grant, Banbury
368       Letter from Mr Clive Grant, Banbury
369       Letter from Mrs A. Grant, Banbury
370       Letter from Sam Grant, Banbury
371       Letter from R & M Gray, Banbury
372       Letter from Laura Gray, Brackley, Northants
373       Letter from Geoff Gray, Banbury
374       Letter from Mrs Jean Green, Banbury
375       Letter from Mrs Jennifer Green, Banbury
376       Letter from Mr E.C. & Mrs L.P. Green, Deddington, Oxford
377       Letter from P. Green, Banbury
378       Letter from R.B. & J. Greenaway, Banbury
379       Letter from Mrs J. Griffin, Brackley, Northants

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

380       Letter from Mrs M. Griffin, Banbury
381       Email from Paul Griffin
382       Email from Dawn Griffis, Banbury
383       Letter from D. Groombridge, Brackley, Northants
384       Letter from H. Groot
385       Letter from Mrs N. Guzenda, Banbury
387       Letter from Dr D.M. Hailey, Banbury
388       Letter from Peter Haines, Peter Haines Engineers Limited
389       Letter from M. Hall, Bodicote, Oxon
390       Letter from Peter Hall, Banbury
391       Letter from Miss Rosemary Hall, Swerford, Oxfordshire
392       Email from Canon Christopher Hall, Banbury
393       Letter from Lisa Hamilton, Brackley, Northants
394       Letter from S.J. Hamman, Banbury
395       Letter from Lloyd & Mary Hammond, Banbury
396       Letter from Mrs Rona Hammond, Banbury
397       Letter from Mrs D.W. Hamson, Banbury
398       Letter from Miss M Hanmer with Poem from children of King's Sutton, Banbury
399       Letter from Mrs J.M. & Miss C. Hancox, Banbury
400       Letter from Joy Hancox, Tysoe Parish Council
401       Letter from V.I. Hands, Banbury
402       Letter from Miss M Hanmer, Kings Sutton, Nr Banbury
403       Letter from Mrs M. Harding, Banbury
404       Letter from Mrs V. Harding, Banbury
405       Letter from Mrs J.A. Hare, Banbury
406       Letter from Mrs V. Harding, Banbury
407       Letter from Mrs Elizabeth Anne Harknett, Banbury
408       Letter from Mrs L. Harney, Bloxham, Nr Banbury
409       Email from John Harper
410       Email & Letter from Dr M. Harris, Godswell Lodge, The Surgery, Banbury
411       Letter from S L Harris, Falcutt, Northants
412       Letter from Mrs Tina Harris, Middleton Cheney, Oxon
413       Letter from Emily Harris, Bicester, Oxon
414       Letter from Barbara Harris, King's Sutton, Oxon
415       Letter from Barbara Harrison ORPPI
416       Letter from Angela Hart, Banbury
417       Letter from R.F. Hartshorn & Mrs R.S.W. Hartshorn
418       Letter from Mrs Margaret Hawes, Deddington, Oxon
419       Letter from Millie Hawkins, Sibford School, Oxon
420       Letter from S.K. & D.T. Hawkins, Banbury
421       Letter from David Hay, Banbury
422       Letter from Mrs E.A. Hay, Banbury
423       Letter from R.E. & J.K. Hay, Banbury
424       Email from Shelley Hayles
425       Letter from Caroline Hayes, Banjos, Banbury
426       Letter from Ian Hayes
427       Letter from G.M. Haynes, Sibford Gower, Oxfordshire
428       Letter from Greta Haynes, Banbury
429       Letter from Mrs June Hayward, Banbury
430       Letter from P. Hayward, Daventry, Northants
431       Letter from Mrs J. Hazlewood, Banbury
432       Letter from Mrs H. Hazlewood, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
433       Letter from Christine M. Heath, Banbury
434       Letter from Cllr Eric Heath, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

435       Letter from Mr J.A. Hedges, Banbury
436       Letter from Christine, Ian & Nigel Hedges, Banbury
437       Letter from Ms J.M. Henderson, Banbury
438       Letter from Joyce Heriton, Banbury
439       Letter from A.J. Hermon, Banbury
440       Email from Karen Heron, Sibford Gower, Oxon
441       Letter from Mrs E.A. Heywood, Deddington, Nr Banbury
442       Letter from Susan D. Hiam, Banbury
443       Letter from Mrs M. Hicks, Swalcliffe, Nr Banbury
444       Letter from Mr & Mrs A. Higgins, Hornton, Nr Banbury
445       Email from Raine Hilson
446       Letter from Mrs Catherine Hirons, Banbury
447       Letter from Geoffrey Holbeck, Banbury
448       Letter from Miss M. Holland, Daventry, Northants
449       Letter from Margaret Holloway, Banbury
450       Letter from Mrs J.R. Hollyoake, Syresham, Northants
451       Letter from Mrs Helen Holmes, Banbury
452       Letter from Gillian Holt, Banbury
453       Letter from Brian & Barbara Homer, Banbury
454       Letter from Mrs P. Homer, Banbury
455       Letter from Mrs J. Homer, Banbury
456       Letter from S.D. Honett, Banbury
457       Letter from A. Hopcroft, Banbury
458       Letter from Mr & Mrs R.G. Hopgood
459       Email from Paddy Hopkins
460       Letter from Peter & Barbara Hornby, Daventry, Northamptonshire
461       Letter from Mrs Carolyn Horne, Banbury
462       Letter from George Horne, Banbury
463       Letter from W. Horsnett, Banbury
464       Letter from J. Horson, Banbury
465       Letter from The Houghton Family, Banbury
466       Email from Roselle Houston
467       Letter from Mr & Mrs Roger Howard, Banbury
468       Letter from C.V. Howard, Mollington, Nr Banbury
469       Letter from John Howe, Banbury
470       Letter from Audrey & Frank Howlett, Banbury
471       Letter from Rev. Michael Hoy, Banbury
472       Letter from Mr Terry Hoyle, Daventry, Northants
473       Letter from Mrs Sylvia Hudson, Banbury
474       Letter from G.P. & S.E. Hudson, Banbury
475       Letter from F.C. Hughes, Banbury
476       Letter from N.F. Hughes, Banbury
477       Letter from L. Hughes, Oxon
478       Letter from Mrs Marie E. Hughes, Banbury
479       Email from Mrs Susannah Hughes
480       Letter from Elaine Humphreys, Banbury
481       Letter from John H.L. Humphris, Banbury
482       Letter from Gwen Hunt, Tadmarton Park
483       Letter from Mrs Marion K. Hunt, Banbury
484       Letter from Mrs Angela R. Hunter, Banbury
485       Letter from Mr R. & Mrs M.L. Hutchings, Brackley, Northants
486       Letter from Dr David A. Hyslop, Banbury
487       Letter from Mr M. Iannotta, Banbury
488       Letter from Victor A. & Carol A. Ince, Adderbury, Oxon

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

489       Letter from Mrs Elizabeth Ingledew, Bloxham, Oxon
490       Letter from David Ingledew
491       Letter from Julia & Derick Ingram, Banbury
492       Letter from V Ingram, Banbury
493       Letter from Kate Irvine, Banbury
495       Letter from Erica M. Jackson, Banbury
496       Letter from Tess Jackson, Banbury
497       Letter from Mrs A. James, Brackley, Northamptonshire
498       Letter from D.R. James, Brackley, Northamptonshire
499       Letter from Frances James, Brackley, Northants
500       Letter from Mrs M. Jarvis, Banbury
501       Letter from V. Jarvis, Banbury
502       Letter from Susan & Ian Jeffe, Banbury
503       Letter from George & Brenda Jeffries, Chipping Norton
504       Letter from Wendy Jeffrey, Banbury
505       Letter from Mrs Mary Jenvey, Banbury
506       Letter from Patricia Jesson, Wroxton & Balscote Parish Council, Banbury
507       Letter from Douglas & Margaret Johnson, Banbury
508       Letter from Elaine Johnson, Banbury
509       Letter from William & Eileen Johnson, Banbury
510       Letter from David Johnstone, Banbury
511       Letter from Jennifer J Jones, Banbury
512       Letter from A.C. & T. Jones, Bicester, Oxon
513       Letter from Pat Jones, Banbury
514       Letter from D & M Jones, Banbury
515       Letter from Hugh & Rosemary Jones
516       Letter from Anne Jones, Banbury
517       Letter from Keith Jones, Banbury
518       Letter from Pat Jones, Banbury
519       Letter from Robert Jones, Banbury
520       Letter from Trevor Jones, Banbury
521       Letter from Mrs M. Joyce, Banbury
522       Letter from A.C. Jubey, Banbury
523       Letter from Jean Judd, Banbury
524       Letter from William & Doris Judd, Banbury
526       Letter from Kallkwik, Banbury
527       Email from Arabella Kaye
528       Letter from Stefanie & Peter Kearney, Claydon, Oxfordshire
529       Letter from Mrs Bryony Kedros, Banbury
530       Letter from Dr Caroline Keenan
531       Letter from Mary Kennedy, South Newington, Oxon
532       Letter from Mrs V.J. Kerby, Banbury
533       Letter from Derek Kerrison, Banbury
534       Letter from Andrea Kewin, Banbury
535       Letter from Mrs Pamela E. Key, Banbury
536       Letter from J.M. Keys, Banbury
537       Letter from W.F. & Mrs C. Keys, Banbury
538       Letter from Miss Emma Keyte, Banbury
539       Email from Sulamith Kilian-Carter, Banbury
540       Letter from Tracy Kilpatrick, Banbury
541       Letter from Rob Kinchin-Smith, Banbury
542       Letter from Mrs Georgina King, Banbury
543       Letter from Mrs Margaret E. King, Banbury
544       Letter from Anthony D. King, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

545       Letter from K. & B. Kinser
546       Email from Suzanne Kinton
547       Letter from Mr & Mrs Kirby, Middleton Cheney, Nr Banbury, Oxon
548       Email from K.J. Knibbs
549       Letter from D.L. Knight, Banbury
550       Letter from Richard Knight, Banbury
551       Email from John & Isabella Knights, Deddington, Oxon
552       Email from Angela Knowles
553       Letter from Mrs Helen Knowles, Banbury
554       Letter from Mrs E. Knox, Banbury
555       Letter from Nadia Kollner, Banbury
556       Letter from Michelle Kurland & Allan Patterson
558       Letter from Mrs J. Lake, Banbury
559       Letter from Roger M. Land, Banbury
560       Letter from John Landaw, Banbury
561       Letter from Paula & Jim Lander, Banbury
562       Letter from D. & E. Lane, Banbury
563       Letter from Mrs J.K. Langford, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
564       Letter from I. Lankshear, Banbury
565       Letter from Mrs Tracy Large, Brackley, Northants
566       Letter from Mrs Caroline Lautier, Byfield, Nr Daventry, Northants
567       Letter from Lindsey Lea-James, Banbury
568       Letter from Holly Leary, Banbury
569       Letter from Ann Le Druillenec, King's Sutton Parish Council
570       Email from Mrs J.M. Lees
571       Email from Dione Lefever
572       Letter from Mrs Marion S. Legge, Banbury
573       Email from Tamsin Levene
574       Letter from Mrs M.R. Lewen, Banbury
575       Letter from Mr A. Lewis, Banbury
576       Letter from Sheila Lilpey, Hook Norton, Oxon
577       Letter from Mrs M. Lindsay, Banbury
578       Letter from Mrs Karen Linnett, Banbury
579       Letter from Doreen Little, Aberaeron
580       Letter from Mrs J.E. Lloyd, Banbury
581       Letter from Rodney Lloyd, Banbury
582       Letter from Christopher Long, Banbury
583       Letter from W.C. & J. Lovesey, Tadmarton, Nr Banbury, Oxon
584       Letter from J.C. Lucas, Daventry, Northants
585       Letter from Mrs Irene Lyford, Banbury
586       Letter from Jane Lynch-Watson, Banbury
588       Letter from Mrs P. Mabbs, Banbury
589       Letter from J. Mack, Banbury
590       Letter from Gavin Mack, Banbury
591       Letter from Andrew Mack, Banbury
592       Letter from Ann Mack, Banbury
593       Letter from E. Macker, Banbury
594       Letter from Mr A. Maddison, Banbury
595       Letter from Mrs B. Mair, Banbury
596       Letter from Kate Mallock, Banbury, Oxon
597       Letter from T.K. & D.B. Manicom, Brackley, Northants
598       Letter from Charles Manners, Woodend, Towcester
599       Letter from Nichola Manners, Woodend, Towcester
600       Letter from S.M. Maplethorpe, Daventry, Northamptonshire

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

601       Letter from Mrs Zoe Mardle, Brackley, Northants
602       Letter from Mrs P.M. Markham, Banbury
603       Letter from D.J. Markham, Banbury
604       Letter from G. Marot, Banbury
605       Letter from B.W. Marriott, Banbury
606       Letter from Mrs H.M. Marriott, Bloxham, Oxon
607       Letter from J. Marriott, Banbury
608       Letter from Miss D.L. Marriott, Banbury
609       Letter from Joanne Marsden, Banbury
610       Letter from Mr A. Mather, Banbury
611       Letter from Martin H. Matthews, Banbury
612       Letter from Roger Mawle, Parish Chairman, Warkworth, Banbury
613       Letter from Mrs Bernardine Mayne, Banbury
614       Letter from Andrew & Joanne McAdam, Banbury
615       Letter from Mrs J.A. McAdam, Banbury
616       Letter from Mrs M.G. McCormack, Banbury
617       Letter from Mrs Anne McGee, Banbury
618       Letter from Mr & Mrs McGill, Banbury
619       Letter from Emma McGowan, Banbury
620       Letter from Nicola McGuirk, Dar Lighting Ltd, Banbury
621       Letter from A.A. McKnight, Chipping Norton, Oxon
622       Letter from Mr & Mrs B & M. McLean, Banbury
623       Letter and attachments from Anna McLindon, Banbury
624       Letter from Robert & Joan Measures, Shutford, Oxon
625       Letter from Linda Mee, Banbury
626       Letter from Barbara & Frank Melhuish, Chipping Norton, Oxon
627       Letter from Mary V. Memarzia, Stratford upon Avon
628       Letter from M. Messer & Family, Banbury
629       Letter from K.M. Meyrick, Banbury
630       Letter from Dorothy Micklethwaite, Brackley, Northants
631       Letter from Rebecca Mileham
632       Letter from Rosemary A. Miles, Brackley, Northants
633       Email from Brian Miller, Banbury
634       Letter from A. Mills, Banbury
635       Letter from Mrs Jennifer Minchin, Banbury
636       Letter from Mrs R. Minney, Banbury
637       Letter from Mr & Mrs P. Mobbs, Banbury
638       Letter from Henry Moore & Barney Cremin, Sibford Friends School, Sibford Ferris, Oxon
639       Letter from Margaret & Jeff Moore, Adderbury, Nr Banbury
640       Letter from Mrs M. Moore, Banbury
641       Email from Mrs Tracey Morbey, Banbury
642       Letter from M.E.A. Moreby, Banbury
643       Letter from Paul & June Morgan, Chipping Norton, Oxon
644       Letter from Mrs Margaret Morgan, Banbury
645       Letter from Sheila & Roger Morgan and Family, Banbury
646       Letter from M. Morris, Banbury
647       Letter from Mrs H.R. Morris, Banbury
648       Letter from D.B. Morris, Banbury
649       Letter from A. & C. Moss, Banbury
650       Letter from Valerie Moyses, Bloxham, Oxon
651       Email from David Mulley
652       Letter from Mrs V. Mullins, Banbury
653       Letter from Mr & Mrs Munday
655       Letter from Thelma Nash, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                 Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

656       Letter from P.A. Nash, Bicester, Oxon
657       Letter from J. & L. Nash, Bodicote, Oxon
658       Letter from Mrs Heather Nason, Banbury
659       Letter from Natasha Naylor, Bodicote, Oxon
660       Letter from Mrs J. Neal, Banbury
661       Letter from Jane Neil, Banbury
662       Letter from John F.J. Neville, Banbury
663       Letter from D.C. Newbold, Banbury
664       Letter from David Newman, Hook Norton, Oxon
665       Letter from C.A. Newson, Banbury
666       Letter from Mrs G.B. Newton, Taunton, Oxon
667       Letter from Mrs Rebecca Nichol, Banbury
668       Letter from the Noble Family
669       Letter from Mrs A. Noble, Banbury
670       Letter from A. Noone, Banbury
671       Letter from J. Noone, Banbury
672       Letter from J. A. Nunn, Banbury
674       Email from Anne O'Brien
675       Email from Kevin & Liz O'Brien, Banbury
676       Letter from T. O'Connell, Banbury
677       Letter from Mrs Jean Olsson, Banbury
678       Letter from J.M. Osborne, Banbury
679       Letter from Mrs E. Osmart, Chipping Norton, Oxon
680       Letter from Mrs Thelma O'Tibbetts, Banbury
681       Letter from Mrs Elaine O'Toole, Banbury
683       Letter from R. Page, Brackley, Northants
684       Letter from S. Page, Banbury
685       Letter from the Page Family, Banbury
686       Letter from Mr & Mrs C.R. Paine, Banbury
687       Letter from T.J. & J.R. Pallett, Finmere, Buckingham
688       Letter from John Palmer, Deddington, Oxon
689       Letter from I.G. Palmer, Banbury
690       Letter from Alice Palmer, Banbury
691       Letter from Duncan Palmer, Banbury
692       Letter from Colin Palmer, Banbury
693       Letter from Mrs D.M. Palmer, Banbury
694       Letter from Mrs V.J. Palmer, Banbury
695       Letter from F.L. Palmer, Banbury
696       Letter from Mr John, Mrs Maria & Miss Rosanna Parish, Banbury
697       Letter from George Parish, Chairman of Keep The Horton General Campaign
698       Letter from Mrs F.B.W & S.M. Parker, Chipping Norton, Oxon
699       Letter from Major (Retd) M.E. Parle, Banbury
700       Letter from Mrs J. Parry, Banbury
701       Letter from Mr D. Parsons, Daventry, Northants
702       Letter from A.M. Parsons, Brackley, Northants
703       Letter from Mrs G.P. Parsons, Banbury
704       Letter from Mrs I.D. & G.H. Partington, Banbury
705       Letter from Mr L.D. & Mrs J.M. Partridge, Banbury
690       Email from Dr Vipul Patel, Hightown Surgery, Banbury
691       Email from Hayley Pattison, Banbury
692       Letter from W.J. Paul, Banbury
693       Letter from Mrs J. Payne, Banbury
694       Letter from Ken & Mary Payne, Brackley, Northants
695       Letter from Dawn & Neville Pearce, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

696       Letter from Martyn Pearse, Banbury
697       Letter from Jean-Claude and Geraldine Peissel, Banbury
698       Letter from Dr Charles Perrott, The Health Centre, Brackley, Northants
699       Letter from John Perry, Banbury
700       Letter from Sandra Persson, Banbury
701       Letters from Mrs M.A. Peters, Fairmitre Windows & Joinery Ltd, Banbury
702       Letter from Jeff & Ruth Peyton-Bruhl, Brackley, Northants
703       Letter from Julian and Emma Philcox, Shenington, Oxon
704       Letter from Mr Peter Phillips, Aynho, Nr Banbury, Oxon
705       Letter from Susanna Pewts, Culworth, Nr Banbury
706       Letter from Mrs M.V. Phillips, Aynho, Nr Banbury, Oxon
707       Letter from Helena Phillips, Brackley, Northants
708       Email from Phoebe
709       Letter from Simon Pigott, Swann Financial Consultancy, Banbury
710       Letter from Mrs Jean Pinfold, Banbury
711       Letter from Kate Plumley, Bodicote, Oxfordshire
712       Letter from Mrs Carol Plumridge, Banbury
713       Letter from Patrick Plunkett, Banbury
714       Letter from J.A. Podmore, Banbury
715       Petition from the Polish Association, Banbury
716       Letter from Kenneth Porter, Hook Norton Parish Council
717       Letter from Kenneth Porter, Cropredy Parish Council
718       Letter from D.E. Poulton, Brackley, Northants
719       Letter from V.K. Powell, Banbury
720       Letter from Mrs Powell, Banbury
721       Letter from Mrs Alison Powles, Tingewick Parish Council, Buckingham
722       Letter from Mrs V.C. Prentice, Banbury
723       Letter from Steve Prentice, Banbury
724       Letter from G. Spencer Prestridge, Banbury
725       Letter from Derek Price, Banbury
726       Letter from J. Price, Bodicote, Oxon
727       Letter from James Price, Chipping Norton, Oxon
728       Letter from Elaine Priestley, Hook Norton, Oxon
729       Letter from Mrs Lisa Prince, Chipping Norton, Oxon
730       Letter from Mr A.R. & Mrs A.M. Pritchard, Shutford, Oxon
731       Email from Michael Pritchard, Banbury
732       Letter from R.J. & A. Pritchard, Croughton, Nr Brackley, Northamptonshire
733       Email from James, Jane, Rosie & Sophie Privett, Banbury
734       Letter from J.P. Privett, Banbury
735       Letter from Mrs S.J. Privett, Banbury
736       Letter from Mervyn C. Prodert, Banbury
737       Letter from David & Jill Puckering, Banbury
738       Letter from W.J. & J.W. Puddle, Lower Tysoe, Warwickshire
739       Letter from Cedric Pulford, Woodford Halse, Northants
740       Letter from E.J. & H.D. Punter, Banbury
741       Letter from Rick Purdom, Banbury
742       Letter from Mrs Janet Purdom, Banbury
743       Letter from Garry, Pamela & Alexander Putt, Banbury
744       Letter from Mr A Quartermaine, Banbury
755       Letter from Miss Josephine Radcliffe, Banbury
756       Letter from Mrs Christine Radcliffe, Banbury
757       Letter from Mrs Katharine Rainbow, Banbury
758       Letter from Mrs M.E.M. Rampley, Adderbury, Oxon
759       Letter from Doreen & Stephen Ramsden, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

760       Letter from Kate Ramsey, North Newington, Oxon
761       Letter from Anthony & Susanne Ramus, Bodicote, Nr Banbury, Oxon
762       Letter from G. Randall, Banbury
763       Letter from Helen Ratsma, Brackley, Northants
764       Letter from Barbara Reast, Croughton, Northants
765       Letter from Mr & Mrs A. Redrup, Brackley, Northants
766       Letter from Mrs J. Reed, Banbury
767       Letter from A. Reekie
768       Letter from Mrs Anne Reeve, Kidlington, Oxford
769       Letter from O.S. Reeves, Banbury
770       Letter from Mrs M. Reid, Banbury
771       Letter from Fiona Reynolds, Daventry, Northants
772       Letter from Cllr G.A. Reynolds, Cherwell District Council & Oxfordshire County Council
773       Letter from R.L.C. Rhind, Banbury
774       Letter from S. Rice, Bodicote, Oxon
775       Letter from Sue Rice, Banbury
776       Letter from Dr Paul Richardson, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
777       Letter from Mrs Susan Richardson, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
778       Letter from Sue Riches, Banbury
779       Letter from Peter & Patricia Ridding, Banbury
780       Letter from Dr Brian & Mrs Sheila Rider, Banbury
781       Letter from Mrs Lisa Rivers, Banbury
782       Letter from Jennifer & John Roberts, Brackley, Northants
783       Letter from Mr W. & Mrs M. Roberts, Banbury
784       Letter from Miss D. Roberts, Banbury
785       Letter from Mrs L. Roberts, Banbury
786       Letter from David A. Robertson, Banbury
787       Letter from Patricia Robertson, Banbury
788       Letter from M.G. Robins, Baschurch, Shropshire
789       Email from Colin Robinson, North Oxfordshire
790       Email from Mrs Irene Robinson, North Oxfordshire
791       Letter from I.J. Robinson, Banbury
792       Letter from Mr & Mrs G.M. Robinson, Daventry, Northants
793       Letter from Peter Robinson, Banbury
794       Letter from R.W. Robinson, Banbury
795       Letter from David & Serena Rogers, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
796       Email from David Rollason
797       Letter from Mrs P. Roots, Southam, Warwickshire
798       Letter from Kate Rose, Milcombe, Oxfordshire
799       Letter from Mrs M. Round, Banbury
800       Letter from Jon Round, Banbury
801       Letter from Iona & Mark Rouse, Banbury
802       Email from Professor Derek Rowntree
803       Letter from Philip Rumsby, Banbury
804       Letter from Leon Ruskin, Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire
805       Letter from David Russell, Banbury
806       Letter from Mrs R.A. Russell, Banbury
807       Letter from Mrs Valerie Russell, Banbury
808       Letter from Cathleen Ryan, Banbury
809       Letter from B. Sabin, Banbury
810       Letter from S.J. & E.A. Sabin, Banbury
811       Letter from Michelle Saddiq, Banbury
812       Letter from Sarah Saffet-Ole, Banbury
813       Letter from Steve Sahonta, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

814       Letter from Mrs Sale, Chipping Norton, Oxon
815       Letter from Mrs B. Salisbury, Banbury
816       Letter from Wendy & Ian Sandford, Wigginton, Oxon
817       Letter from Mrs M.A. Sands, Banbury
818       Letter from the Santhouse Family, Banbury
819       Letter from Ms E.J. Saunders, Brackley, Northants
820       Letter from Antonia Saunders, Wigginton, Oxfordshire
821       Email from Brian & Jenny Saunders, Clifton, Nr Banbury, Oxon
822       Letter from D. von Schoenberg, Lower Heyford, Oxon
823       Letter from Colin Scott, West Adderbury, Oxfordshire
824       Letter from Patrick & Julie Scott, Daventry, Northamptonshire
825       Letter from Mrs S. Scutter, Banbury
826       Letter from D.N.P Seed & J.A. Tomlin, Great Bourton, Oxfordshire
827       Letter from L.M. Semonin, Banbury
828       Letter from Jo Seymour, Middle Barton, Oxon
829       Email from James Shand, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire
830       Letter from Darren Sharpe, Banbury
831       Letter from Mrs E. Sharpe, Hook Norton, Oxon
832       Letter from Gary Sharpe, Banbury
833       Letter from Mrs Ann Shaw, Banbury
834       Letter from Revd P.H. Shaw, Banbury
835       Letter from Mr & Mrs Sherborne, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
836       Letter from Mrs E.M. Short, Banbury
837       Letter from Sue Shorter, Chipping Norton, Oxon
838       Letter from Lisa & Mark Simmons, Claydon, Oxon
839       Letter from Lawrence C. & Pamela M. Sims, Banbury
840       Letter from L. d'Arcy Singer, Banbury
841       Letter from Donella Siviter, Banbury
842       Letter from Julian Slatcher, Bodicote, Nr Banbury, Oxon
843       Letter from Mr A.J. Smith, Banbury
844       Letter from C.W. Smith, Banbury
845       Letter from Dennis Smith, Banbury
846       Letter from Graham Smith, Northants
847       Letter from Mrs S. Smith, Banbury
848       Letter from Alison Smith, Bloxham, Oxon
849       Letter from Miss H. Brenda Smith, Banbury
850       Letter from Mr P.M. & Mrs M. Smith, Bodicote, Banbury
851       Letter from Mrs K. Smith, Banbury
852       Email from Les & Chloe Smith
853       Email from Mr & Mrs D. Smith
854       Letter from Mr P.M. Smith, Banbury
855       Letter from Liz Dixon Smith, Banbury
856       Letter from Janet Smith & David Macey, Banbury
857       Letter from D. Smith, Brackley, Northants
858       Letter from R.W. Smith, Brackley, Northants
859       Letter from D.M. Smith, Banbury
860       Letter from Alison Smith, Banbury
861       Letter from Jennifer Smith, Banbury
862       Letter from Kathleen Smith, Banbury
863       Letter from Mrs Catherine Smith, Bloxham, Nr Banbury, Oxon
864       Letter from Mrs C.A. Smith, Banbury
865       Letter from G.R. Smith, Comic Connections, Banbury
866       Letter from Russell M. Smith, Banbury
867       Letter from Malcolm & Maureen Smith, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

868       Letter from Simon J.H. Smith & co, Wellers business oxygen, Banbury
869       Letter from Richard Snell, Brackley, Northants
870       Email from Sheila Snooks
871       Letter from Dr G. & Mrs J.A. Speake, Banbury
872       Letter from A. Spencer, Banbury
873       Letters from Mrs Eileen M. Spencer, Banbury
874       Letter from Mr Richard & Mrs Helen Spencer, Deddington, Oxfordshire
875       Letter from A.A. Spencer, Banbury
876       Letter from Mrs A. Spencer, Sibford Ferris Parish Council
877       Letter from Philip & Anita Spencer, Banbury
878       Letter from Valerie & Maurice Sperry, Twyford, Oxon
879       Letter from David Spicer, Sibford Gower, Oxon
880       Letter from J. Spicer, Banbury
881       Letter from Mrs S.A. Spiers, Bodicote, Oxon
882       Letter from Mr & Mrs R.M. Spitzley, Brailes, Nr Banbury, Oxon
883       Email from M.H.G. Spurgeon, Banbury
884       Letter from Mrs J. Stanley, Banbury
885       Letter from Mrs L. Stanley, Banbury
886       Letter from Mrs Julie Stanley, Banbury
887       Letter from Heather Starkie, Banbury
888       Letter from Kathleen Steel, Banbury
889       Letter from M.P. Steel
890       Email from Mrs Cathy Steiner, Bicester, Oxon
891       Email from Catriona Stephens, Hightown Surgery, Banbury
892       Letter from Christine Stephens, Banbury
893       Letter from Mrs D. Stephens, Brackley, Northants
894       Letter from Miss Sandra Stevens, Banbury
895       Letter from E.K. & G.F. Stevens, Banbury
896       Letter from T.J. Stevens, Banbury
897       Letter from Mrs S.A. Stevens, Aynho, Nr Banbury, Oxon
898       Letter from Alexander Stewart & Jacob Bearman, Sibford Friends School, Sibford Ferris, Oxon
899       Letter from J.M. Stimpson, Banbury
900       Letter from Mrs Adene Stirton, Banbury
901       Letter from Mrs Marjorie Stockford, Hook Norton, Nr Banbury, Oxon
902       Letter from Mrs P.R. Stokes, Daventry, Northants
903       Letter from Peter & Gillian Stolwood, Banbury
904       Letter from Clare Stonebridge, Chipping Norton, Oxon
905       Letter from B.L. Stonebridge, Banbury
906       Letter from Mr A.T. Stoton, Banbury
907       Letter from R.W. Stowe & L. Carpenter, Banbury
908       Letter from Jerry & Wendy Street, Middleton Cheney, Nr Banbury, Oxon
909       Letter from Marigold & Graham Street, Banbury
910       Letter from F. Streetley, Banbury
911       Letter from Ms A.E. Stretton, Banbury
912       Email from Sally D. Stretton, Eydon, Northants
913       Email from Fern Stringer
914       Email from Kim Stuart, Oxfordshire
915       Letter from Miss Jacqui Stych, Banbury
916       Letter from Kirsten Suenson-Taylor, Banbury
917       Letter from Mr B. Sullivan, Banbury
918       Letter from C.J. Swain, Adderbury
919       Letter from Mrs Sylvia Sutton
920       Letter from Andrew Swann, Swann Financial Consultancy
921       Letter from Mrs Pauline Swinford, Banbury

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                 Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

922       Letter from Peter Swinford, Banbury
923       Letter from Mrs N.W. Synington, Banbury
924       Letter from Jean Talbot, Banbury
925       Letter from R.K. Talbot, Banbury
926       Letter from Mrs Valerie Tanner, Brackley, Northants
927       Letter from Irene Tansley, Banbury
928       Letter from Y. Tapping, Croughton, Northants
929       Letter from Mr Ashley Taylor, Banbury
930       Letter from Mrs Judith Taylor, Launton, Oxon
931       Letter from Melanie Taylor, Banbury
932       Letter from John Tee, Banbury
933       Letter from Wendy Temple-Fry, Bloxham, Oxon
934       Letter from Helen Tew, Banbury
935       Letter from Wendy Thomas, Banbury
936       Letter from E.J. Thomas, Bloxham, Nr Banbury, Oxon
937       Email from Joan Thomas
938       Letter from V.R. Thomas, Banbury
939       Letter from Mrs M. Thompson, Banbury
940       Letter from M & J. Thompson, Banbury
941       Letter from D.B. Thorncroft, Banbury
942       Letter from C. Tibbetts, Banbury
943       Letter from T. E. Till, Banbury
944       Letter from Margaret E. Tilstone, Banbury
945       Letter from Mrs A.G. Timms, Banbury
946       Letter from Hazel Timms, Banbury
947       Letter from P.F. Tinker, Banbury
948       Letter from Bryan S. Todd, ORH, Banbury
949       Letter from S. Joy Todd, Banbury
950       Letter from Kevin Toley, Banbury
951       Letter from R.C. Tomkinson, Wappenham, Towcester, Northants
952       Letter from P. Topney, Banbury
953       Letter from Ruth Tothill, Deddington, Oxon
954       Letter from Jean Towe, Adderbury, Oxon
955       Letter from Michael C. Tuckey, Banbury
956       Letter from Mrs Elaine A. Turner, Banbury
957       Letter from Mrs Margaret Tustian, Banbury
958       Letter from Mr & Mrs Tutthill, Banbury
959       Letter from W.J. & Mrs P.G. Twite, Banbury
960       Letter from O. Tynan, Byfield, Daventry, Northants
961       Letter from Carol Tynan, Byfield, Daventry, Northants
962       Letter from I.M. Underdown, Banbury
963       Letter from Yvonne Upton, Banbury
964       Letter from John Vivien, Brackley, Northants
965       Letter from Anne Wadland, Daventry, Northants
966       Letter from Mrs Emma Wahlen, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire
967       Letter from Mrs Mary Walker, Banbury
968       Email from Elizabeth Walker
969       Letter from Mrs B.J. Walker, Banbury
970       Letter from Mr Tim Walker, Banbury
971       Letter from Mrs Vicki Walker, Banbury
972       Letter from Sarah Wallis, Banbury
973       Letter from Mrs V. & R.C. Walton, Banbury
974       Letter from Mr & Mrs K. Ward, Banbury
975       Letter from Ian & Maureen Warden, Sibford Gower, Oxon

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                  Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

976       Letter from C. Warne, Banbury
977       Letter from Alison Warner, Banbury
978       Letter from M.J Warren, Banbury
979       Letter from S. Watkin, Banbury
980       Letter from Mrs Jeanne Watkins, Turweston, Nr Brackley, Northants
981       Letter from M.R., C.M. and Miss R. Watkins, Brackley, Northants
982       Email from Mike Watling
983       Letter from James Watt, Sibford Friends School, Sibford Ferris, Oxon
984       Email from Jonathan Watts
985       Letter from Mrs C.A. Watts, Banbury
986       Letter from Mr John C. & Mrs Joy D. Webb, Banbury
987       Letter from Kathleen Webb, Brackley, Northants
988       Letter from Mrs Christine Wells, Banbury
989       Email from Virginia Wells
990       Email from Jane West
991       Letter from Mrs G. L. & F.D. Wheatcroft
992       Email from John & Rita Wheatley, Hook Norton, Oxon
993       Letter from Mrs J. Wheeler, Banbury
994       Letter from Mrs Beryl Whing, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
995       Letter from Mrs V.R. Whitaker, Banbury
996       Letter from J.F. White, Banbury
997       Letter from Mrs J. White, Banbury
998       Email from I. White
999       Letter from Margaret & John White, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
1000      Letter from Joe White, Banbury
1001      Letter from Mrs N. White, Deddington, Oxon
          Email from Janet, John, Benjamin, Emily, Jane and Leonard Whitehouse
1002      (and Angela, Brian and David Hadley, Barbara Quesada-Piso)
1003      Letter from Peter Whittle, Tadmarton Parish Council, Banbury
1004      Email from Elisabeth Whittle
1005      Email from Peter & Kay Whitton
1006      Letter from Sallyann Wieshen, Banbury
1007      Letter from Joyce Wiggins, Brackley, Northants
1008      Letter from Mrs M.A. Wilding, Banbury
1009      Letter from Mr & Mrs Wilkes, Banbury
1010      Letter from S. Wilkes, Banbury
1011      Letter from Mrs Helen Wilkins, Banbury
1012      Letter from Mrs Constance Williams, Banbury
1013      Letter from Sylvia V. Williams, Tysoe, Warwick
1014      Letter from Anne Williams, Banbury
1015      Letter from David A. Williams, Banbury
1016      Letter from Rev. E.H. Williams, Aynho, Nr Banbury, Oxon
1017      Letter from Mrs Sally Williams, Banbury
1018      Letter from Lynne Williams, Buckingham
1019      Letter from John & Cindy Williamson, Oxon
1020      Letter from Margaret & Peter Willis, Banbury
1021      Letter from Lesley Willoughby, Milcombe, Nr Banbury, Oxon
1022      Letter from Mrs Carol Willson, Banbury
1023      Letter from Mrs Christine Wilson, Banbury
1024      Email from R. Wilson
1025      Letter from John Wilson, Deddington, Oxon
1026      Letter from Mrs D. Wilson, Deddington, Oxon
1027      Email from John H. & Susan E. Wilson
1028      Letter from Mrs Caroline Wilson, Daventry, Northants

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

1029      Letter from Miss J.S. Wilson, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
1030      Letter from J.P. Wilton, Banbury
1031      Letter from Mrs D.E. Wiltshire, Banbury
1032      Letter from Diana M. Winbolt, Banbury
1033      Letter from Christopher Windass, Banbury
1034      Letter from Mr & Mrs Windsor, Brackley, Northants
1035      Letter from Mrs H.R. Wing, Daventry, Northants
1036      Letter from Mrs Linda Winters, Banbury
1037      Letter from Mrs D. Wise, Banbury
1038      Letter from Mrs O.C. Withey, Banbury
1039      Letter from John Witteridge, Brackley, Northants
1040      Letter from Celia & Nigel Wodehouse, Duns Tew, Oxfordshire
1041      Letter from Miss A. Wolseley, Brackley, Northants
1042      Letter from Mrs E. Wolstenholme, Banbury
1043      Letter from B. Wood, Banbury
1044      Letter from Barrie Wood, Banbury
1045      Letter from Julia Woodall, Banbury
1046      Letter from Mr & Mrs P. Woodcock, Banbury
1047      Letter from E.J. & Mrs J.M. Woodhouse, Banbury
1048      Letter from Mrs C.M. Woodman, Banbury
1049      Letter from G. Woods, Banbury
1050      Email from Jess Woodward
1051      Letter from Jane Woolfenden, Banbury
1052      Letter from Catherine Woolley, Thorpe Mandeville, Oxfordshire
1053      Letter from Mr & Mrs E. Woolley, Banbury
1054      Letter from Mrs M. Wright, Brackley, Northants
1055      Email from Joan & Alec Wright, Deddington, Oxfordshire
1056      Letter from Joan & Tony Wright, Banbury
1057      Letter from Lisa Wright, Banbury
1058      Letter from E.M. Wyatt, Banbury
1059      Letter from Jennifer Ann Wyatt, Banbury
1060      Email from Carole Wyatt, King's Sutton
1061      Letter from Mrs E. Wyles,Tysoe, Warwickshire
1062      Letter from Ms Kate Hassall, Banbury
1063      Letter from Mrs J Dean & Mr M W Dean

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                   Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Nine

Members of the IRP
*       Subgroup members that took the lead in this review
**      Declared an interest in advance of the review and took no part in the consideration or
        production of this report.

         Peter Barrett           Chair, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
                                 Former general practitioner, Nottingham
      Cath Broderick             Independent advisor on involvement and consultation

         Sanjay Chadha           Justice of the Peace
                                 Committee Member, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society

         Ailsa Claire            Chief Executive, Barnsley Primary Care Trust
                                 Chair/Manager, Yorkshire & Humber Specialist Service

         Nicky Hayes             Consultant Nurse for Older People
                                 King's College Hospital NHS Trust
                                 Clinical Director, Care Homes Support Team

         *Brenda Howard          Director of Strategic Development
                                 East Midlands Strategic Health Authority

         Nick Naftalin**         Emeritus Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
                                 University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
                                 Former member, National Clinical Governance Support Team

         John Parkes**           Chief Executive
                                 Northamptonshire Teaching Primary Care Trust

         Linda Pepper            Independent advisor on involvement and consultation

         *Ray Powles             Head of Haemato-Oncology, Parkside Cancer Clinic, London.
                                 Former Head of Haemato-oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital

         Paul Roberts            Chief Executive
                                 Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

         *Gina Tiller            Part-time tutor in industrial relations
                                 Chair, Newcastle Primary Care Trust

         Paul Watson             Director of Commissioning
                                 East of England Strategic Health Authority

Independent Reconfiguration Panel             Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Support to the Panel
        Tony Shaw                   Chief Executive (to 31 Dec 2007)

        Chris Howgrave-Graham       Advisor to the Panel
                                    Acting Chief Executive (from 1 Jan 2008)

        Martin Houghton             Secretary to the Panel

        Becky Farren                Review Manager

Independent Reconfiguration Panel                Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

Appendix Ten

                     About the Independent Reconfiguration Panel

The Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) offers advice to the Secretary of State for Health on
contested proposals for NHS reconfigurations and service changes in England. It also offers
informal support and generic advice to the NHS, local authorities and other interested bodies in
the consideration of issues around NHS service reconfiguration.

The Panel consists of a Chair, Dr Peter Barrett, and members providing an equal balance of
clinical, managerial and patient and citizen representation.

Further information about the Panel and its work can be found on the IRP Website: