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									                                       HEALTHCARE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                     SO MANY OPTIONS! (And these are just a sample)

                                                     CLINICAL SERVICES

     Job Title             Educational                                               Description
 Cert Surgical Tech     One year training       Prepare and provide sterile supplies, instruments, and equipment during surgical
                          @ Maine Med           procedures
                       National certification
     Dietician            4 year degree,        Provides medical nutrition therapy and education services
 Education Tech III         4 yr degree         Works 1/1 and in small groups within a classroom setting with children between
                           Certification        the ages of 5-12 who have special education needs.
     Lab Tech             2 year degree,        Fast-paced – constantly changing technology High tech equipment – analyze =
                           Certification        diagnose and treatment – interact directly with doctors and patients – real world
                                                application of new technologies
 Medical Assistant       MA Certification       Clinical and clerical support services in physicians office practice, Occupational
                                                Health and other settings.
Phlebotomist/Clerk     High School or GED       Provides clinical and clerical support services in hospital or physician office
                                                setting. Collects blood specimens for testing purposes.
   Resident Tech      2 or 4 year programs or   Provides direct care to children/adolescents with behavioral impairments in a
                       equivalent work exp      residential group home setting. Responsibilities include assisting residents through
                                                the daily routine, doing activities with the residents, teaching them daily living
                                                skills and accompanying them in community integration outings.
 Respiratory Care         2 year degree          Performs, assists, and instructs in all areas of therapeutic and diagnostic respiratory
   Practitioner         4 yr degree option                              care for both inpatients and outpatients

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                             Educational                                              Description
     Job Title              Requirements
    Radiology               2 year degree,        Many opportunities to specialize (Ultrasound, MRI,Nuclear Med) – state of the art
Technologist I and II        Certification        technology
  Social Workers            4 year degree,        Case Management responsibilities in Acute, Behavioral or a Physician Office
                           License required       setting.
  Social Workers            Masters degree        Case Management and Therapy work in Acute, Behavioral or a Physician Office


     Job Title               Educational                                              Description
 Behavior Services         C N A certificate      Responsible for direct patient care/behavior modification to patients with
      Tech                                        psychiatric or chemical dependency disorders.
     CNA                   C N A certificate      Direct patient care in hospital or long term care settings

                         12 wk part time class
                        Earn While You Learn
                        Get paid while in class!
 Surgical Services         C N A certificate     Member of surgical team who assists with certain surgical instruments. Also
       Tech                                      assists with environmental services in operating room setting. Great stepping
        RN               2 or 4 year programs    Direct patient care in a variety of settings. Many opportunities to specialize, from
                                                 long term care to ICU, Occupational Health, Behavioral, Case Manager and more!
 Nurse Practitioner         Masters Degree       Opportunities in Occupational Health, Behavioral and a Physician Office setting.

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                                             ADMINISTRATIVE/OFFICE SUPPORT

     Job Title              Educational                                                Description
Office/Unit Secretary    High School or GED      Patient contact and office support positions in a hospital, long-term care or
                                                 physician practice setting.
    Billing Rep          High School or GED      Submits patient account claims to third party insurance
 Call Center Assoc       High School or GED      First point of contact in our communication center
    Patient Rep          High School or GED      Provides insurance verification, benefit analysis, collections and financial
                                                 counseling services
       Coder            2 year degree preferred, Coding in-patient and outpatient medical records.
  Transcriptionist      Certification or 2 years Transcribing medical records from hospitals, long-term care facilities or physician
   (Clinical Data          Medical Secretary     practices
    Transcriber)                program          At-Home opportunities available
    Information                                                                 Opportunities range from:
      Services                                                                         Help desk
        Staff                                                                     PC Support Engineer
                                                                                  Programmer Analyst

                        Healthcare organizations employ individuals in all the major maintenance trade areas.

                                                      HOSPITALITY SERVICES
Various full time and part time opportunities to provide state of the art food service program to include room service/galley program,
               family style dining services, table service, (Maison Marcotte/d'Youville), full service catering and more.
                                      Opportunities for hospitality associates, leaders and cooks.

                              Opportunities range from first line supervisors to executive level positions.

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                                                        Sample Career Paths

Certified Surgical Techs, Medical Assts, C N A’s could move through any of the following:
And radiology tech, lab tech, PT/OT Asst, RN, Resp Therapist

Hospitality Associates could move through nutrition care rep - > diet tech-> dietician or Cook or pursue the lines above

Ed Tech could move to teacher or social worker/clinician

Residential Tech could move into social worker/clinician

Behavior Service Tech could go the RN or social worker/clinician route

Any of these could also move into the management career ladders.

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