Dawn Succi City of Horton PO Box 30 Horton, by mwv14394


									                                               November 26, 2008

Dawn Succi
City of Horton
PO Box 30
Horton, KS 66439

Dear Dawn:

This is a follow up letter to my recent visit to your water system where we discussed chlorine residual and
some customer complaints regarding dry skin.

As you are aware, the city has water that is considered hard. The hardness is 240 mg/l. This may cause some
drier skin, but it is due more to the weather. At the request of the city, I did talk to the customer who was
complaining and she did agree some of it was due to the weather. She also talked about having a strong
chlorine smell in the water. My test was that the chlorine residual was 2.1mg/l. This is well below the
suggestion maximum level.

I suggest that it would not be detrimental to water quality to reduce the chlorine residual. You could more than
likely lower the chlorine residual to 1.5 mg/l in the winter months and still achieve the necessary .2 mg/l at the
far ends of your system. You may want to run some tests after lowering the chlorine to ensure that you are
getting .2 mg/l at the far ends.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Funding for the above assistance was provided through a contractual arrangement between the Kansas Dept.
of Health & Environment (State Revolving Loan Program set-aside) and KRWA. Please call Kansas Rural
Water Association if we can be of further assistance. Also, visit the KRWA website www.krwa.net for news
and information concerning water and wastewater utilities, training opportunities and other KRWA programs.
I will also be in touch.


                                                      Lonnie Boller
                                                      Surface Water Tech
C: Jim Whisenant, City Administrator

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