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					  Volume 23, Issue 3

  December 2002

                                   American Society for Information Science &
                                   Technology, Southern Ohio Chapter

 ü     Scholarship
                                   Message From the Chair                                                          Glen Horton
 ü      Awards!                    I’d like to welcome you to        many of the topics being dis-    I have some ambitious goals
                                   SOASIST’s 2002-2003 year.         cussed in Philadelphia such      for our chapter this year. I
 ü     Philadelphia                Last year was an exciting         as metadata, digital librar-     want to carry on the stellar
                                   and successful one mainly         ies, virtual reference, and      services and characteristics
       Reports!                    due to our chapter’s loyal        data mining were topics that     of our chapter as well as im-
                                   and energetic membership.         SOASIST covered locally in       plement some new ones.
 ü      Events!                    Patricia Carter, our fearless     its programs this past year. I   And while I do want to seek
                                   leader last year, promoted a      was also complimented sev-       new members, I want to fo-
 And more….                                                                                           cus my efforts on getting
                                   winning attitude for              eral times on what a fine
                                   SOASIST. This is why she          chapter we have. Ours is         current ones more active.
Inside this issue:                 was recently presented with       definitely a model that other    We already have several
                                   our chapter’s Leadership          chapters strive to emulate!      people involved in our chap-
Message from Chair &                                                                                  ter’s committees, but there’s
New Member Welcome
                              1    Award.
                                                                     Our new Chair-Elect & Pro-       plenty more to do.
McClanahan Wins Scholarship        I am writing this only days       grams Chair, Rosemary
Competition                        after returning from Philadel-    Ashton, is busy planning the     The best way to make sure
                                   phia where I attended the         upcoming year’s events.          that you are getting what you
Chapter Awards                3
                                   ASIST Annual Meeting. ASIST       Starting in December with a      want out of your member-
Catching Up with ASIST        4    is at the forefront of informa-   program on media literacy,       ship is to get involved your-
                                   tion science and the South-       this year’s programs will        self and make it happen.
Allard Wins ASIST James M.         ern Ohio Chapter is clearly       again cover topics that are      Feel free to contact me or
Crestos Leadership Award                                                                              any other SOASIST officer
                                   “on the move” and leading         important to SOASIST mem-
UK-ASIST Student Chapter           the way for the society.          bers and others in the field.    and find out how you can
Update                                                               Have an idea for a future        help.
ASIST SIG-CR Classification        At the annual meetings, I am      program? I encourage you to
                              6    always pleasantly reminded        pass your ideas along to         I look forward to working
Research Workshop
                                   of how strong a chapter we        Rosemary. Better yet, con-       with you all over the next
ASIST Business & Leadership        have. This was especially         sider planning or helping        year.
                                   evident this year in that         with a program!
Event Report: Disruptive
Minutes of Board Meeting
                                   Welcome, New Members!
1/31/ 2002
                                   Ms. Nancy Fawley                  Ms. Marianne Kane                Mr. Robert Trader
Past & Upcoming Events        11   Lexington KY                      Fairborn OH                      Lexington KY
Budget for 9/30/2002          12        
New from ASIST Online              Ms. Christine Jarrell             Mrs. Debra May                   New members are auto-
                                   Louisville KY                     Fleminsburg KY                   matically subscribed to
Current Officers & List              our SOASIST-L list.
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                                Page 2

2002 Student Scholarship Essay Competition Winner: Kitty McClanahan

Kitty McClanahan, a student in         Kitty McClanahan’s               scholarly and practical con-     observe at the Meeting, and
the College of Communications          winning entry:                   tent. Because of my particu-     use my experience to promote
& Information Studies at the                                            lar areas of interest, I am      their interest in attending fu-
University of Kentucky, was the                                         most interested in attending     ture Meetings.
                                       "SOASIST, with its character-    sessions related to medical
winner of the 2002 SOASIST
                                       istic generosity, has posed      information and digital li-
student scholarship essay com-                                                                           In terms of Community-
                                       an interesting question:         braries, as well as ones per-
petition. The competition is                                                                             oriented benefits, I believe that
                                       “what specific benefits do I     taining to globalization and
hoped to encourage students in                                                                           students attending the Meeting
                                       hope to gain by attending        the general state of the dis-
Library and Information Science                                                                          are even more fortunate than
                                       the 2002 ASIST National          cipline.
& Information Studies programs                                                                           the professional attendees are!
                                       Meeting?” This year’s
to consider the benefits of par-                                                                         It seems that an intrinsic cul-
                                       theme - “Information, Con-       Regarding Connections-
ticipation in the activities of pro-                                                                     tural value of ASIST is to sup-
                                       nections, and Community” --      related benefits, I would
fessional societies. All students                                                                        port and nurture its student
                                       provides a natural frame-        argue both for the obvious
enrolled in Library and Informa-                                                                         members, and this trait will be
                                       work for my answer, and a        career-enhancing relation-
tion Science/Information Stud-                                                                           most evident at the National
                                       tidy typology for the myriad     ship-building that such or-
ies programs (who live in Ohio                                                                           Meeting. Full members are
                                       motivations any student          ganizational meetings are
or Kentucky) were eligible to                                                                            wonderful about reaching out
                                       would have for aspiring to                         designed to
enter. Competitors were re-                                                                              to make students feel wel-
                                       attend this                                        produce, as
quired to compose an essay                                                                               come, including them in activi-
                                       year’s flag-
addressing the following ques-
tion: "What specific benefits do I
                                       ship event
                                       for our as-
                                                            “SOASIST,                     well as an
                                                                                                         ties, and responding to stu-
                                                                                                         dents’ specific areas of inter-
expect to derive from attending                                                           linkage to     est. In particular, I plan to at-
                                       sociation.                                         reach oth-
the ASIST 2002 Annual Meet-                                                                              tend the Student Chapter Advi-
ing? Essays were judged
"blindly" by a panel of SOASIST
                                       With all
                                       due credit             with its                    ers who
                                                                                          won’t be
                                                                                                         sor’s meeting, the student
                                                                                                         member reception, the awards
                                       to the slo-                                        able to at-
members. The winner receives                                                                             banquet, and a number of SIG
                                       gan com-                                           tend the
reimbursement funding up to                                                                              social functions, to enjoy the
                                       mittee,                                            Meeting in
$1000 for registration, airfare,                                                                         fellowship of other ASIST mem-
                                       here are                                           person this
food, and lodging expenses to                                                                            bers. These shared experi-
                                       my expec-
attend ASIST 2002: Informa-
tion, Connections & Community
                                                           generosity,                    year. To
                                                                                                         ences will have a special sig-
                                                                                                         nificance to me, as this Meet-                                                                      the former,    ing marks the end of my time
                                       under the                                          I plan to
                                                        has posed an
Conferences/AM02/index.html                                                                              as chair of my university’s stu-
                                       three cate-                                        make the
November 18-21, in Philadel-                                                                             dent chapter, and there is
                                       gories sug-                                        acquaint-
phia, PA and a one-year mem-                                                                             some slight chance that we
                                       gested by                                          ance of as
bership in ASIST.                                                                                        might win a student chapter

Established in 2001 at the sug-
                                       their motto:
                                                           interesting                    many at-
                                                                                          tendees as
                                                                                                         award. Regardless of this out-
                                                                                                         come, I anticipate the pleasant
                                       The Infor-                                         I can, and
gestion of Patricia Carter, Man-                                                                         feeling of being a part of an
ager, LexisNexis Technical Li-
brary and Past Chair of
                                       related          question….”                       seek in-
                                                                                          sights into
                                                                                                         accessible organization full of
                                                                                                         great people involved in worth-
                                       benefits I                                         their par-
SOASIST, this award was                                                                                  while activities.
                                       expect to                        ticular niches in the infor-
funded entirely by LexisNexis in
                                       gain from this event relate      mation profession. Although
2002. This is another example                                                                            My expectations about the
                                       directly to the presentations,   I am not yet at a job-hunting
of how LexisNexis supports pro-                                                                          Meeting are high, and I look
                                       sessions, and keynote            stage, I hope to spend time
fessional library and informa-                                                                           forward to experiencing the
                                       speeches, and posters that I     at the Placement Center to
tion science associations. And                                                                           enlightenment of encountering
                                       will be able to experience at    learn about the priorities
supporting students is a top                                                                             cutting edge research, the ex-
                                       the Meeting. My studies          and needs of both the buy-
priority with SOASIST, through                                                                           citement of establishing new
                                       have convinced me that in-       ers and sellers present at
programs targeted at students,                                                                           professional relationships, and
                                       formation science is a re-       that “marketplace,” for fu-
involvement in the student                                                                               the satisfaction of spending
                                       markably fast-evolving fron-     ture reference. In addition, I
chapters, and by giving out this                                                                         time with other members as
                                       tier, one that is developing     see myself as providing a
award.                                                                                                   “just people”. This event will
                                       at a pace that races ahead       kind of vicarious point of       undoubtedly fulfill its promise
                                       of the usual publishing cy-      connection to the confer-        to deliver “Information, Con-
                                       cle, such that conferences       ence for non-attending stu-      nections, and Community” to
                                       like this are a good place to    dent members. I will actively    all who attend."
                                       hear about the latest in         report on what I learn and
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                             Page 3

Chapter Awards                                                                                        Tim Richison, Awards Chair

SOASIST awards were presented at
the Chapter's annual business meet-            JOHN KAHLES MEMBERSHIP AWARD                         STUDENT CHAPTER
ing on October 15, 2002. On the                                                                  MEMBER-OF-THE-YEAR AWARD
Chapter's site you will find a com-         (SOASIST member; including former winners) -
plete description of Chapter member         recognizes the Chapter member who con-         (Student chapter member not receiving it
awards and a link to past Chapter           tributed most to the growth of the Chapter’s   before) - recognizes the Student Chapter
award recipients.                           membership.                                    member deemed to have made noteworthy
                                                                                           contributions to ASIST, SOASIST, or the pro-
                                              The 2002 winner is Kitty McClanahan,         fession through active participation in and
                                                    University of Kentucky.                support of national or Student Chapter of-
   OUTSTANDING MEMBER AWARD                                                                fices, committees, programs, workshops,
                                            Noteworthy contributions to SOASIST/           and publications.
(ASIST member for at least 2 years) -       ASIST:
recognizes the Chapter member                                                                  The 2002 winner is Suzie Allard,
                                            • Planned and facilitated four programs
deemed to have made noteworthy con-                                                                University of Kentucky.
                                                to introduce ASIST to new students
tributions to ASIST, SOASIST, or the        • Recruited several students into join-
profession through active participation                                                    Noteworthy contributions to SOASIST/
                                                ing SOASIST                                ASIST:
in and support of national or Chapter
offices, committees, programs, work-
                                            • As Chair of the UK-ASIST Student             • Chair of the Digital Libraries SIG
shops, and publications.                        Chapter, acted as a role model for         • 2001 ASIST SIG Member of the Year
                                                professional society participation, es-    • Moderated two panel discussions,
  The 2002 winner is Glen Horton,               pecially for students.                         contributed two research posters to
     Greater Cincinnati Library             Supporting reasons: dedication; leader-            poster session, and was a judge for
           Consortium.                      ship; enthusiasm; determination.                   SIG-III's International Paper contest.
                                                                                               at 2001 National Meeting
Noteworthy contributions to                                                                • Secured locations and speakers for
SOASIST/ASIST:                                                                                 UK-ASIST Student Chapter events.
• Chaired two committees: Web                  HEBERLE EYLES LEADERSHIP AWARD              • Served as a UK-ASIST guest speaker
      Committee and Program Com-                                                               on effective job interview techniques
      mittee                                (SOASIST member not receiving it before) -         and resume preparation
• Planned and facilitated four pro-         recognizes the Chapter member who has          • Brought the UK student chapter, a
      grams and workshops                   exhibited continuous outstanding leader-           substantial amount of recognition
• Represented SOASIST at sister             ship in chapter activities.                        through her awards and activities at
      societies' events, including be-                                                         the national ASIST level.
      ing OCLIS representative for            The 2002 winner is Patricia J. Carter,
      SOASIST                                            LexisNexis.
• Redesigned, updated, and main-
      tained SOASIST web site as web-       Noteworthy contributions to SOASIST/
      master                                ASIST:                                             MEMBER ANNIVERSARY AWARDS
• Registered web site domain                • Created Web Committee to redesign
      name hosting the SOASIST web               the SOASIST web site                              25 Years of Membership
      site at GCLC                          • Formed Dayton program-planning                         Donald Owen Case
• Updated and maintained email                   committee, whose members gained
      distribution lists as list adminis-        experience by organizing, and facili-             15 Years of Membership
      trator                                     tating four programs/workshops                 Leslie Denton & Cynthia Klinck
• As Chair-Elect, acted as a role           • Represented SOASIST at sister socie-
      model for professional society             ties' events                                      10 Years of Membership
      participation.                        • As Chair, acted as a role model for                Patricia Carter & Doug Kaylor
Supporting reasons: dedication; re-              professional society participation.
sponsiveness; sense of responsibil-         Supporting reasons: helped people de-                    5 Years of Membership
ity; gets the job done; technical           velop their potential; disciplined; dedica-           Jill Sellers & Marsha Tomlin
skills.                                     tion.
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                    Page 4

Catching Up with ASIST at the Annual Meeting                                                      Glen Horton, Chair

As I mentioned earlier in       meant participating in the    meeting, the group broke         other conferences for a
this newsletter, I recently     Chapter Assembly meet-        out into several smaller         few years. I have to agree.
attended the ASIST Annual       ing. The meeting is open      groups to discuss some
Meeting in Philadelphia.        to all ASIST members and      issues relating to the chap-     Of course, there are plenty
While I only stay active in     not just the Chapter As-      ters. The groups provided        of networking opportuni-
ASIST at the chapter level, I   sembly Representative.        feedback on such ques-           ties at the annual meeting.
still find it rewarding and     It's a good meeting to at-    tions as “What should be         I spent most of my time
worth the trip to attend the    tend if you want to learn     done with dormant chap-          between sessions catching
annual meetings when pos-       how the chapters will be      ters?”, “How can ASIST           up with fellow SOASIST
sible. I encourage all of you   impacted by changes in        make chapter leadership          members and others. In
to check out the programs       the society. It also gives    more appealing?” and             addition to the welcome
at the annual and midyear       each chapter an opportu-      “Should chapter bank ac-         reception, ASIST sched-
conferences and see if          nity to have a voice in so-   counts be managed by             uled receptions for new
there might be something        ciety issues. Some items      headquarters?” Hopefully,        members, student mem-
of interest for you. In my      of interest from the meet-    ASIST will use the feedback      bers, international mem-
opinion, however, the best      ing are:                      to develop ways of               bers, and even one for
parts of annual are not                                       strengthening the chapters       alumni of different aca-
necessarily the sessions,       ASIST Headquarters is         and their leadership.            demic institutions. There
workshops, or even the          creating a Web-accessible                                      were also networking din-
keynote. For me, the most       database of                                Once the actual     ners where several of the
valuable aspect is getting      all ASIST                                  conference be-      special interest groups
to see what's happening in      members. It                                gan, it was time    and chapters could social-
the society outside of our      will allow for                             to figure out       ize. And towards the end
own chapter. While              electronic                                 which sessions      of the conference there
SOASIST remains one of          access to all                              to attend. There    was the awards banquet
THE most active chapters,       of the infor-                              were about six      reception and dinner.
there is still a lot happen-    mation cur-                                sessions sched-     Every attendee got a free
ing in the rest of the soci-    rently found                               uled at any         ticket to the event that be-
ety. For most of the year, I    in the print                               given time so       gan with a networking hour
focus my time and atten-        directory of                               there was al-       (with drinks and Scottish
tion to SOASIST. It's very      members. It                                ways some-          music!) followed by dinner
easy to forget that there       will also allow                            thing for every-    and presentation of many
are things happening in         members to                                 one. Because I      of the society's awards.
other chapters, in the spe-     update their                               was most inter-
cial interest groups, and in    own informa-                               ested in topics     If you have never attended
various committees. Get-        tion in the                                relating to li-     an ASIST conference or
ting a chance to learn          database. Besides con-        brary technology, I at-          haven't done so lately,
about the happenings of         tact information, mem-        tended sessions on topics        then I invite you to con-
these groups and interact       bers who wish to list their   such as wireless network-        sider going to the Informa-
with the people in them is      credentials and areas of      ing, e-books, virtual refer-     tion Architecture Summit
truly the best part of the      expertise may do so in the    ence, open source soft-          in March or the Annual
annual meeting. So it's fit-    directory.                    ware in libraries, and digital   Meeting next October. In-
ting that this year's confer-                                 libraries. Rather than focus     formation about future
ence was titled                 ASIST is preparing a new      on the histories of these        meetings can be found on
"Information, Connections       journal for its members.      topics, the sessions looked      the ASIST web site at www.
and Community."                 Unlike JASIST with its        forward and let me know
                                mostly theoretical topics,    what to expect from these
There were a couple of          the new journal will have     technologies in the future. I
days before the actual con-     articles with a more prac-    heard people at the confer-
ference began when work-        tical focus.                  ence say that they learn
shops and governance                                          about things at ASIST an-
were held. For me, this         Toward the end of the         nual that don't show up at
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                             Page 5

Congratulations to Suzie Allard!                                    Announced in Philadelphia

                                                                    Congratulations to
                                                                        Suzie Allard,
                                                                       Winner of the
                                                                        ASIST 2002
                                                                   James M. Cretsos
                                                                   Leadership Award!

UK-ASIST Student Chapter Update                  Kitty McClanahan, Past Chair, UK Student Chapter

                                                   Cara Sparks is now the Chair,

                                               Kitty McClanahan is Past Chair,

                                             Lori Hancock is Secretary,

                               Membership & Promotion Officer is Julene Jones,

                                                                                Chair-elect is open

                                             Computer Mediated Communication Officer is open
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                  Page 6

Classification Research Workshop at the Annual Meeting                                          Jill Sellers, Secretary
Emerita Professor Pauline      such as facet classifica-        generic or other, between     Everyone seemed to feel
Cochrane (University of        tion appear to have been         individual semantic ele-      that somehow Classifica-
Illinois at Champagne-         lost or forgotten. Particu-      ments, regardless of the      tion Research bodies like
Urbana) opened this un-        larly tenuous today is the       degree of hierarchy and       SIG-CR had themselves
usual workshop held on         balance of human intel-          regardless of whether ap-     dropped the reins—doing
Sunday, November 17,           lectual input—formal, rig-       plied to print or to elec-    no self-promotion, failing
2002 with vivid memories       orous thinking about the         tronic information.”          to preserve texts or to de-
of the beginnings of the       organization of knowl-                                         velop a canon; not assert-
Classification Research        edge—with machine                Many presentations fol-       ing standards and defini-
Study Group in North           processing.                      lowed; I will mention only    tions; not seeking co-
America in 1957-8 (its                                          two:                          sponsored programs with
first formal meeting was       Cochrane quoted                                                AI, HCI and other groups.
in 1959). This group, the      Fairthorn on Don Hill-           •   Jonathan Furner’s pa-     Instead of saying “we
nucleus of the Special In-     man:                                 per, “Bibliographic re-   have so much to offer,
terest Group - Classifica-     “I would argue against               lationships, citation     why don’t they ask” the
tion Research (SIG-CR),        certain plausible uses of            relationships, rele-      SIG-CR needs to move
was inspired by the British    mathematics . . .                    vance relationships,      out other more technol-
Classification Research        mathematics must be                  and bibliographic clas-   ogy oriented SIGs. One
Group founded in 1952,         true only to itself; applied         sification: an integra-   way to promote its value
and by the first Interna-      mathematics must be                  tive view,” proposed      is to get funded projects
tional Study Conference        useful to its subject mat-           that cataloging and       similar to TREC to evalu-
on Classification for Infor-   ter . . . when it is in error,       classification are im-    ate classification tools
mation Retrieval, held in      mathematics exagger-                 proved by addition of     along standards it devel-
1957.                          ates the error . . .                 co-indexing, co-          ops in conjunction with
                               extraordinary uses of                citation relationships.   other groups. Websites,
The goals of all these         statistical based meth-          •   James Anderson            newsletters, digitization
groups were summed up          ods yield peculiarly mis-            spoke about               and sharing of seminal
by Phyllis Richmond in         guided results.”                     “Effective display of     texts, contests and game
1963 (Libri: pp. 55-56):                                            browsable classifica-     playing were also men-
                               Visualization was dis-               tion of the WWW and       tioned.
•   disparate forces at        cussed in the 1950s:                 other hypertext me-
    work in the universe       Fairthorn again was                  dia.” Asserting that      The stated objective of
    of knowledge organi-       quoted as saying about               “browsing is funda-       the workshop—to come
    zation;                    the various methods of               mental” today, he ar-     up with a research
•   limits of hierarchical     representing informa-                gued that “one-           agenda for the coming
    classification;            tion, that “there is a limit         dimensional hierarchi-    year—went by the board.
•   overwhelming quan-         in every case . . . graph-           cal sequences of          Participants enthusiasti-
    tity of written records;   ics reach their limits               classes” are inade-       cally agreed that a funda-
•   inadequate reflection      faster than words.”                  quate for browsing        mental change in the
    of the organization of                                          and faceted schemes       group’s program, pres-
    knowledge in library       Cochrane said the issue              are the answer.           ence and communication
    classification;            was not whether technol-                                       was essential, what
•   increasing develop-        ogy is good or bad, right        Ensuing discussions ad-       Marcia Bates in her sum-
    ment of specialized        or wrong: it exists and          dressed why current em-       mation called “re-
    schemes for small col-     will continue and offers         phasis on technology so       conceptualization.”
    lections.                  undeniable benefits. As          often ignores the content,
                               early as the 1960s, clas-        relationships, and vocabu-    Since the meeting, email
Notably, issues have not       sification was defined at        lary issues of classifica-    has been flying and the
changed much in 40             Elsinore as “any method          tion.                         will to change appears to
years but valuable ideas       of creating relationships,                                     be strong.
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                 Page 7

Annual Meeting Business & Leadership Reports                                            Patricia Carter, Past Chair
Chapter Assembly                   through awards at the    •   Expanding your ASIST            tual distance educa-
ASIST Annual Meeting               ASIST Annual Meet-           involvement                     tion; relationships
Nov. 17, 2002                      ing? Are we giving too   •   Avoiding burnout; sur-          with deans/directors
Director, Doug Kaylor, re-         many awards?                 vival tips                      of info-related educa-
ported that ASIST would be    •    Should the monies        •   A link found on the             tional units in acade-
using new membership da-           held by Chapters be          ASIST web site to the           mia
tabase software. The Web           moved to ASIST Head-         “Get Involved” web          •   Conduct membership
browser-based package              quarters?                    page                            survey and act upon
allows each member ac-                                      •   And “Are We Having              feedback and sugges-
cess to his/her record, and   Notes from the breakout           Fun Yet?”                       tions that make a dif-
grants access to Chapters     groups were forwarded to                                          ference; recruitment;
also.                         Doug Kaylor and not           Annual Business Meeting             benefits; Placement
                              shared with the Assembly      ASIST Annual Meeting,               Task Force; open as
Other topics included:        at large, as time had ex-     Nov. 19, 2002                       many doors as possi-
• Conducting an ASIST         pired.                        Board requested that An-            ble to members wish-
   membership survey                                        nual Meeting attendees              ing to participate; en-
• An ASIST publication to                                   provide feedback re:                gage new members;
                                  Editor’s note:
   replace the Bulletin           Patricia Carter was       evaluation form.                    Board looking at prod-
   that would address the         elected to the                                                ucts and services for
   application side of In-                                  Awards were presented to:           members
   formation - Science                                      past President, Commit-         •   Creating strong advo-
                                  Award Jury by the
   (instead of theory)                                      tees, outgoing Chapter As-          cacy for student mem-
                                  Chapter Assembly!
• The digital library prod-                                 sembly Advisors, Cretsos            bers: free access to an
   uct being pursued with                                   Award winner, and the SIG           ASIST DL, special ses-
   the publisher: John                                      Awards’ recipients.                 sion at Annual Meet-
   Wiley & Sons               Leadership Development                                            ing, and student re-
• The new student chap-       Program                       The Annual Meeting is no            ception at Annual
   ter in Arkansas.           ASIST Annual Meeting,         longer recorded by Digis-           Meeting
                              Nov. 17, 2002                 cript.                          •   Strengthening ASIST
Chapter Assembly repre-       Ellen Sleeter and Julie                                           ties in the interna-
sentatives voted on a can-    Hurd—with Candy               In progress:                        tional community; at-
didate to be added to the     Schwartz as a stand-up        • Infrastructure: web               tracting international
Chapter-of-the-Year Award     poster—shared their               site; ASIST member-             members
Jury and one to serve on      thoughts on “Being In-            ship data accessible        •   Maintaining ASIST tra-
the Nominations Commit-       volved in ASIST and Stay-         via a Web browser;              ditions worth preserv-
tee.                          ing Sane.”                        electronic voting; con-         ing.
                                                                ference calls
The Assembly broke out        Issues they covered:          • Governance: schedul-          New:
into smaller groups to dis-   • Why did they get in-            ing of ASIST Annual         • Summaries of JASIST
cuss the following ques-          volved in ASIST               Meeting; Committees;           articles in the Bulletin
tions:                        • Why do they stay in-            strengthening SIGs          • ASIST publication to
• What should ASIST do            volved in ASIST               and Chapters                   replace the Bulletin
    with dormant Chap-        • How do they have a          • Awards: how best to              that would address
    ters?                         life (outside of ASIST)       present them                   the application side of
• What should ASIST do        • What do they gain           • Summits: planning IA             information science
    to make Chapter lead-         from participating in         and KM                         (instead of theory)
    ership more appeal-           ASIST                     • Leadership Develop-           • ACM SIGIR and CIKM
    ing?                      • Ways to allow other             ment Education: new            available to ASIST at
• What contributions              members to get to             delivery models for            member rates.
    should be recognized          know you                      CE; accreditation; vir-
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                    Page 8

September Event Report: Disruptive Technology                                                 Glen Horton, SOASIST Chair

On September 25, 2002          should actually make it a       nologies in their early          Bradley C. Proctor,
a panel of speakers pre-       goal to disrupt them-           stages for this reason. A        CEO, ServerTown USA,
sented "Disruptive Tech-       selves or else someone          common characteristic            Host, "IT Matters"
nology: A Panel Discus-        else will do it for them.       among disruptive tech-           Proctor's examples of dis-
sion on Innovation & Dis-      Large companies, how-           nologies is that they of-        ruptive technologies fo-
order" at the Miami Valley     ever, may have a ten-           ten have viral character-        cused on those that
Computing Societies Fall       dency not to pay attention      istics. That is, the tech-       evolved in the Dayton
joint Meeting.                 to disruptive technologies      nology usually feeds off         area. Dayton is the birth-
                               because it does not sat-        of the technology that it        place of the electric starter
Disruptive technologies        isfy end-users. Almoney’s       is disrupting.                   for cars. This, of course,
are those so innovative        suggestions for staying on                                       helped to disrupt the
that they go well beyond       top of these new tech-          Colonel Andrew Gilmore,          horse-drawn carriage and
typical "better, faster,       nologies are to observe         Deputy Director for Tech-        make the automobile the
cheaper" improvements          trends, be creative, con-       nology, Directorate of In-       primary method of trans-
to radically alter (i.e.       duct research, and use IT       formation Technology, Air        portation that we use to-
"disrupt") business and        staff to help prevent the       Force Materiel Com-              day. The Wright brothers,
societal paradigms. Dis-       technology blind spot.          mand, Wright-Patterson           from Dayton, performed
ruptive innovation can                                         AFB                              the first manned flights
create or destroy the mar-     Allan McLaughlin,               Gilmore's examples of            that eventually led to the
ket for entire product         CTO & Sr. VP, LexisNexis        existing disruptive tech-        disrupting of other forms
lines.                         McLaughlin mentioned            nologies included e-             of travel such as blimps.
                               that web search engines         learning, wireless net-
Jeff Almoney,                  are a very good example         working, stealth technol-        The panel as a whole also
CTO & VP Application Ser-      of a disruptive technol-        ogy, and business-to-            discussed how to recog-
vices, Reynolds & Rey-         ogy. This is because many       business integration. He         nize a disruptive technol-
nolds                          people now turn to the          predicted that nanoscale         ogy in its early stages. It
Almoney stated that dis-       search engines to do their      barcodes (microscopic            was agreed these tech-
ruptive technologies have      research rather than con-       barcodes that can be             nologies often come from
been around for a long         sulting a librarian. Librari-   placed/hidden on any-            strange places. That is,
time. His examples of          ans are certainly not ob-       thing) and computer op-          when something is disrup-
these technologies are         solete, but they definitely     tics (using light instead of     tive, it often evolves from
peer-to-peer networks          have been disrupted by          printed circuit boards in-       an unlikely or unexpected
(they disrupt client/server    this new technology.            side computers) will             source. Also, many disrup-
networks), wearable &                                          evolve into disruptive           tive technologies are so
tablet PCs (they disrupt       With any technology, peo-       technologies.                    advanced or unusual that
traditional desktop & lap-     ple should not assume                                            many people laugh at
top PCs), mobile Internet      that things will always be      He suggested that disrup-        them at first. Throughout
(disrupts wired networks       the same. Just because a        tive technologies can            history, these technologies
and other established          particular technology has       have their vulnerabilities.      have often been dis-
communication methods),        been around for a long          They can overshoot their         missed at fads when they
Linux (disrupts traditional,   time, one cannot assume         goals and actually be too        actually turned out to be
commercial operating sys-      that it will be around for-     disruptive. An example of        revolutionary.
tems such as MS Win-           ever. A new, disruptive         this is Microsoft’s Office
dows), and web services        technology may come             software. Word-                  To learn more about dis-
(disrupts the existing cli-    around at any point.            processing software may          ruptive technologies, visit
ent software model).           When a disruptive tech-         have disrupted the type-         www.disruptivetechnology.
                               nology does appear, it is       writer, but MS Word has          org
Businesses are always          usually simple and crude.       many more features than
trying to predict disruptive   Many people mistakenly          most people use. It may
technologies. Companies        dismiss disruptive tech-        actually go too far.
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                                 Page 9

Minutes of SOASIST 2002 Virtual Board Meeting, January 31, 2002
Conference call based at LexisNexis
Dayton, OH

Meeting convened at 3:10 p.m.

Present: Ted Baldwin, Patricia Carter, Barbara Davis, Yvonne Davis, Leslie Denton, Glen Horton, Patricia Neff, Jill Sellers

I. Approval of Minutes from Board Meeting on October 23, 2001
The minutes were approved unanimously.

II. Committee Reports
        A. Web Committee (Glen Horton)
             1. SOASIST listserv
             Glen stated that the chapter's listserv is currently being housed at IUPUI, and was being overseen by Julie Fore. Due to
             several factors, Julie is recommending we find another place to host the listserv. Glen suggested that GCLC be consid-
             ered as an alternate host, and stated that GCLC would not charge to provide this hosting. The Board agreed unani-
             mously that the listserv should be moved to GCLC. Glen also brought forth the idea of a second listserv for non-ASIST
             members who want to be notified of upcoming events and other related announcements (enhancements to SOASIST
             website, chapter news, etc.). The Board discussed the demand of such a list, and who could be targeted to join it. The
             Board approved the creation of the second listserv, also hosted by GCLC.

             2. New chapter domain name
             Glen stated the / domain names will have an annual recurring cost of $41 per year. He
             has set up this URL to automatically forward to the current website (housed on the ASIST server). He stated the impor-
             tant tasks now are to promote the new URL and locate those pages that link to the ASIST address and request that
             they update their link before the URL permanently changes to the new address.

         B. Archives (Yvonne Davis)
         Yvonne provided an update on the SOA SIST archives, which are housed at UC's Rare Books and Archives department.
         Kevin Grace from UC has stated that the department will scan all SOASIST materials in the archives and place them in a
         database for full-text searching. Yvonne will get back to Kevin to find out the expected date of completion for this project.
         Yvonne stated that current access to archives is not easy - no content is on the department's website, and an appointment
         is required with Kevin Grace to view the materials.

         C. Student Chap ters (Patricia Carter)
                  1. University of Kentucky
                  Patricia stated that Kitty McClanahan, current chair of the UK student chapter, sent her a list of newly-elected offi-
                  cers. Meiling Pope is the new Programs Officer and Chair-Elect, and Kristiana Burk is the new Computer Mediated
                  Communications officer. There was no information included as to how many members are currently in the chap-

                  2. Ohio Student Chapter (12-12-12, formerly OhioLEARN)
                  Patricia stated that there has been interest from Ted Morris (Kent State) and some current students to form this
                  virtual chapter. Ted will serve as the faculty sponsor.

         D. Programs (Glen Horton)
                  1. Chapter Programs
                  Glen reported that there were 65 attendees at the Handheld/PDA workshop. He was unable to provide financial
                  and demographic details at this time. Glen stated that the chapter website has been updated with the newest
                  information on chapter programs. He provided an outline of upcoming chapter programs
                  and events:

                  March, 2002 (Cincinnati, OH)
                  April 10, 2002 (Cincinnati, OH)
                            The Virtual Reference Desk: Implementation, Application, and Planning

                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 10)
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                               Page 10

Minutes of SOASIST 2002 Virtual Board Meeting, January 31, 2002
(Continued from page 9)
                    May 21, 2002 (Dayton, OH)
                             Thesaurus Design for Semantic Information Management
                    August, 2002 (Cincinnati, OH)
                             Data Mining
                    September, 2002 (Bloomington, IN)
                             Co-sponsored program with I-ASIST
                    September, 2002 (Dayton, OH)
                             Co-sponsored program with MVCS

                    Further details on some programs will not be decided until the chapter survey results are analyzed.

                    2. Satisfaction Survey Results
                    The Board discussed the results of the SOASIST chapter satisfaction survey, which was sent to the entire SOASIST
                    membership. Patricia pointed out that there was the most interest in program topics relating to "Information Or-

          E. OCLIS Membership/activities (Glen Horton)
          Glen stated that the next OCLIS meeting will be February 12th, 2002. The topics for discussion will be the Statewide Re-
          source Sharing Project and the Ohio Support Staff Conference.

          F. Membership (Jill Sellers)
          Jill reported that SOASIST had lost 20 members since the last report. Most of the regular members who dropped their
          membership did so because of budgetary issues. Others may have already renewed in the lag time since receiving the re-

          G. Newsletter (Leslie Denton)
          Leslie stated that the end of February is the due date for the next newsletter. Leslie asked about the policies for placing
          ads in the newsletter.

          H. Treasurer's Report (Patricia Carter for John Tebo)
          Patricia stated that the chapter still has about $8,000.

III. Old Business
          Nothing to report.

IV. New Business
         A. Student Travel Award 2002 (Patricia Carter)
         The Board began discussions on this year's award, and reviewed what had been done in the previous year. Patricia stated
         that for the 2001 award she had posted an announcement about applying to various organization and student chapter
         listservs. It was decided that as part of the 2002 award, Leslie Denton will interview the winner, and include an article in
         the newsletter. Patricia also reported that Steven Manos, the 2001 winner, is running for chair of the Ohio student chap-

          B. New Member Welcome Packet (Patricia Carter)
          The Board discussed the content and format of delivery (paper, electronic) for the welcome packet, and what was already
          sent to new members by ASIST headquarters. Jill Sellers will investigate further.

          C. History of SOASIST Project (Patricia Carter)
          Patricia stated she will get access to the archives at UC and begin compiling a historical record of the chapter.

V. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Ted Baldwin
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                 Page 11

ASIST & SOASIST Past Year’s Events, November 2001-November 2002

                Information, Connections, and Community, ASIST Annual Meeting - November 18-21, 2002
Knowledge Management in the 21st Century: Moving Forward, Sustaining the Momentum, ASIST KM Summit - Nov. 16, 2002
                                    Metadata and the Digital Library - October 15, 2002
               Disruptive Technology: A Panel Discussion on Innovation and Disorder - September 25, 2002
                                Data Mining and Text-based Information - August 27, 2002
                         Thesaurus Design for Semantic Information Management - May 21, 2002
                  The Virtual Reference Desk: Implementation, Application, and Planning - April 10, 2002
                Refining Our Craft, ASIST 3rd Annual Information Architecture Summit - March 15-17,2002
                                                Privacy - February 20, 2002
                              Handheld Computers in the Information Age - January 30, 2002
          Information in a Networked World: Harnessing the Flow, ASIST Annual Meeting - November 4-8, 2001
                               For more information, see

Upcoming Local & National Events
                                   December 11, 2002
                           Dayton OH The Role of Media Literacy in Auditing Corporate Reputation

                           Understanding the politics and structural influences that shape how news stories are produced
                           and disseminated is crucial to putting together a portrait of how large-scale organizations are
Mark your calendars        assessed by the public when using nationwide media coverage as a gauge. Likewise, there are
and attend the always      a number of organizational characteristics that determine which stories receive coverage and
interesting, timely,       which do not. Using a series of examples from mass communication and organization theory,
and educational pro-       this presentation provides two things: a background in mass media news literacy with an eye
                           towards decoding how mass media news content shapes perceptions of corporate reputation,
grams sponsored or         and an understanding of how the packaging of news content in large-scale databases contrib-
cosponsored by             utes to this process.
                           Craig E. Carroll is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Journalism at The University of Texas at
For up-to-date listings,   Austin and Associate Director of the Reputation Institute. The RI, cofounded at the Stern School
                           of Business at NYU and the Rotterdam School of Management in The Netherlands, is a global
see       network of academics and practitioners providing thought leadership on corporate reputation
events/                    measurement, management and valuation. Craig is a former lecturer in the Department of Man-
                           agement and Marketing at The University of Alabama, researcher in corporate reputation for
                           Hoover's, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOOV), and for the Corporate Communication Center at Erasmus Uni-
                           versity's Rotterdam School of Management, the #7 ranked European MBA program.

                           Dayton OH SOASIST program on knowledge management

                                   March 21-24, 2003
                           Portland OR “Making Connections,” 4th Annual ASIST Information Architecture Summit

                                   April 9, 2003
                           Cincinnati OH “Digital Copyright Issues” cosponsored with GCLC and Cincinnati SLA

                                   September 2003
                           Dayton OH Annual Miami Valley Computing Societies Fall Joint Meeting

                                   October 20-23, 2003
                           Long Beach CA ASIST Annual Meeting
 Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                Page 12

  SOASIST Budget for Quarter Ending 9/30/02                                                         John Tebo, Treasurer
   FOR THE QUAR-                                                                                         09/30/2002
      TER ENDED:

       CHAPTER:          Southern Ohio Chapter                                       Prepared by:        John Tebo

    Unadjusted Bank                                        09/30/2002                                           $11,279.83
  Statement Balance

    Add: Deposits in                                                                                                       0

  Less: Outstanding                                           check #             check amount

                              Total outstanding checks

       Adjusted Bank                                                                                            $11,966.80

 Unadjusted Chapter                                        09/30/2002
 Checkbook Balance
                           Unrecorded Interest income
   Adjusted Chapter                                                                                                   $0.00
 Checkbook Balance

   Adjusted Chapter                                        07/01/2002                                           $11,279.83
 Checkbook Balance
                                                         (beginning of quarter)

                            Cash Receipts for Quarter                                  $1,177.51

                       Cash Disbursements for Quarter                                    $490.54

      Net Income for                                                                                               $686.97

    Adjusted Ending                                        09/30/2002                                           $11,966.80
 Chapter Checkbook
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                     Page 13

New Titles from the ASIST Online Bookstore

New titles from the ASIST Online Bookstore, all with           Section IV: Information Theory
member discounts. For more information, see                          Chapter 9: Theorizing Information for Information Sci-
ARIST, ANNUAL REVIEW OF INFORMATION SCI-                               Ian Cornelius, University College Dublin
ENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Volume 36 (2002)                                  Chapter 10: Social Informatics: Perspectives, Exam-
                                                                       ples, and Trends
Blaise Cronin, Editor; Debora Shaw, Associate Editor.                  Steve Sawyer & Kristin R. Eschenfelder, Pennsylvania
690 pp/hardbound ISBN: 0-12-334151-5; ISSN: 0066-                      State University & University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                       Chapter 11: Intellectual Capital
Section I: Communication & Collaboration                               Herbert W. Snyder & Jennifer Burek Pierce, Fort Lewis
                                                                       College & Catholic University of America
        Chapter 1: Scholarly Communication and Bibli-
        ometrics                                               Section V: Technology & Service Delivery
        Christine L. Borgman & Jonathan Furner, University
        of California, Los Angeles                                     Chapter 12: Digital Libraries
                                                                       Edward A. Fox & Shalini R. Urs, Virginia Polytechnic
        Chapter 2: Collaboratories                                     University & University of Mysore
        Thomas A. Finholt, University of Michigan
                                                                       Chapter 13: Health Informatics
        Chapter 3: Computer-Mediated Communication on                  Marie Russell & J. Michael Brittain, Victoria University
        the Internet                                                   of Wellington & Health Informatics Consultant
        Susan C. Herring, Indiana University
                                                               INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB
Section II: Knowledge Discovery                                2nd Edition, 2002, by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville
                                                               486 pp/softbound ISBN: 0-596-00035-9
        Chapter 4: Organizational Knowledge and Commu-
        nities of Practice                                     ACCESSING AND BROWSING INFORMATION AND COMMUNICA-
        Elisabeth Davenport & Hazel Hal, Napier Univer-        TION
        sity, Edinburgh                                        by Ronald E Rice, Maureen McCreadie, Shan-Ju L. Chang
                                                               2001, 357 pp/hardbound ISBN: 0-262-18214-9
        Chapter 5: Discovering Information in Context
        Paul Solomon, University of North Carolina at          MODELS FOR LIBRARY MANAGEMENT, DECISION-MAKING
        Chapel Hill                                            AND PLANNING (w/ CD-ROM)
                                                               by Robert M. Hayes
        Chapter 6: Data Mining                                 2001, 278 pp/hardbound CD-ROM ISBN: 0-12-334151-5
        Gerald Benoit, University of Kentucky
                                                               THE LAWS OF THE WEB: PATTERNS IN THE ECOLOGY OF IN-
Section III: Intelligence & Strategy                           FORMATION
                                                               by Bernardo A. Huberman
        Chapter 7: Intelligence, Information Technology,       2001, 105 pp/hardbound ISBN: 0-262-08303-5
        and Information Warfare
        Philip H. J. Davies, University of Malaya              BEYOND OUR CONTROL? CONFRONTING THE LIMITS OF OUR
                                                               LEGAL SYSTEM IN THE AGE OF CYBERSPACE
        Chapter 8: Competitive Intelligence                    by Stuart Biegel
        Pierrette Bergeron & Christine A. Hiller, Universite   2001, 452 pp/hardbound ISBN: 0-262-02504-3
        de Montreal
                                                               CONTENT MANAGEMENT BIBLE
                                                               by Bob Boiko
                                                               2001, 816 pp/softbound ISBN: 0-7645-4862-X
Volume 23, Issue 3                                                                                                                   Page 14

SOASIST                                                  SOASIST distribution lists
                                                         SOASIST-L (for SOASIST members)

Officers:                                                The SOASIST-L list is intended for use by SOASIST Chapter members. New SOASIST
                                                         Chapter members are automatically subscribed to the SOASIST-L list. Likewise,
Nov. 2002 through Oct. 2003                              those who discontinue membership with SOASIST are removed from SOASIST-L. To
                                                         remove yourself from SOASIST-L while remaining a member of the SOASIST Chap-
                                                         ter, use the following directions:
Chair: Glen Horton,
                                                         To unsubscribe from SOASIST-L, send a message to and in
Chair-Elect/Programs Chair: Rosemary Ashton              the body of the message type unsubscribe soasist-l
                                                         To unsubscribe an address other than your current address, send a message to
Past Chair: Patricia J. Carter                  and in the body of the message type unsubscribe soasist-l
                                                         <address> and replace <address> with the address you wish to un-subscribe.
                                                         To get in touch with the owner of the SOASIST-L list, send a message to owner-
Secretary: Jill Sellers,

Treasurer: Barbara J. Davis                              SOASIST-ANNOUNCE (for nonmembers)
                                                         The SOASIST-ANNOUNCE list includes everyone subscribed to the SOASIST-L list but
Assembly Representative: Patricia Neff                   also includes nonmembers who wish to stay informed about SOASIST events and                             other topics of interest. Note that if you subscribe to SOASIST-L, you need not also
                                                         subscribe to the SOASIST-ANNOUNCE list. Use the following directions if you are a
Alternate Assembly Representative: Yvonne                non-SOASIST member to subscribe or unsubscribe from the SOASIST-ANNOUNCE
Davis,                                   list.

                                                         To subscribe to SOASIST-ANNOUNCE, send a message to
Archives: Yvonne Davis,                  and in the body of the message type: subscribe soasist-announce

Awards Committee Chair: To be determined                 To subscribe an address other than your current address, send a message to major-
                                                and in the body of the message type (replace <address> with the
Communications Officer: Glen Horton                      address you wish to subscribe): subscribe soasist-announce <address>
                                                         To unsubscribe from SOASIST-ANNOUNCE, send a message to majordomo@gclc-lib.
                                                         org and in the body of the message type: unsubscribe soasist-announce
Distance Learning Student Chapter Advisor:
Ted Morris,                            To unsubscribe an address other than your current address, send a message to
                                                and in the body of the message type (replace <address>
Membership Committee Chair: Patricia J. Carter           with the address you wish to unsubscribe): unsubscribe soasist-announce                           <address>
                                                         To get in touch with the owner of the SOASIST-ANNOUNCE list, send a message to
Newsletter Editor: Patricia Neff               

Nominations Committee Chair:
Patricia J. Carter,

UK SOASIST Student Chapter
                                                       is produced three or four times each year by the Southern Ohio Chapter of
Chair: Cara Sparks,
Past Chair: Kitty McClanahan,          the American Society for Information Science & Technology, Glen Horton,
Secretary : Lori Hancock,                              Chair. Current & past issues are available on the Southern Ohio Chapter
Membership & Promotion Officer:                        web page at; click on Newsletters. Members & program
Julene Jones,
                                                       attendees are encouraged to submit summaries, articles & news to the editor.