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									Gregory Capra                                                                1/25/07

                         Music, Marketing & Merchandising

       Formerly known as Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd., the Yamaha Corporation of America

(YCA) is the largest fully owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation originally

founded by Japanese visionary, Torakusu Yamaha on October 12, 1897. Comprised of

the Yamaha Motor Company, Fine

       Tuning Technologies Co., Ltd., Livingtec Corporation, and Metanix Corporation,

Yamaha produces and sells everything from professional, home, and commercial

audio/video products and systems to motorcycles and jet-skis. Furthermore, the YCA

subsidiary was additionally designed to distribute a wide variety of products to an

overseas market.

       Yamaha’s main U.S. headquarters are located in Buena Park, California (YCA),

Michigan, and Georgia. Based in Buena Park, CA, the Yamaha Electronics Corporation

(YEC) manufactures commercial audio products and services to be distributed to both

U.S. and European markets. A fair amount of products that are distributed to the U.S.

market are assembled domestically at the Yamaha Musical Products facility in Michigan

and the Music Manufacturing building in Georgia. Their musical instruments consist of

acoustic pianos (disklaviers, midi pianos, clavinova digital pianos, digital pianos &

keyboards), drums (acoustic kits, snares, hardware, electronic drums), Guitars (electric,

acoustic, bass, amplifiers & effects), live sound (PA systems, mixers, speakers, digital

effects processors), strings (violin, viola, cello, bass), brass & woodwinds (piccolos,

flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, horns, trombones). Furthermore, both of these
domestic assembly warehouses are subsidiaries of YCA. As of 2006, the Yamaha

Commercial Audio Systems (YCAS) was established.

       In 1955, Yamaha decided to delve into the auto-motors market. Formally titled

the Yamaha Motor Corporation, Ltd., and U.S. subsidiary, Yamaha Motor Corporation,

they have designed everything from snowmobiles, golf carts, outboard engines, and water

vehicles it is known to be the 2nd largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

       After looking around on, I came across a particular 6-string

electric guitar. The Yamaha AES720 I found really interesting considering it won a

Guitar World Platinum award for quality & design. This guitar is designed for hard rock,

equipped with a mahogany body & set neck, rosewood fingerboard, and custom

DiMarzio humbuckers. What honestly caught my eye was the two-tone metallic finishes

and jet-black hardware. I’ve never had the opportunity to play this guitar, but I definitely

wouldn’t mind trying one out, somewhere down the line.

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