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									                                            Gregory John Killian
                                            1101 Surrey Trace SE
                                            Tumwater, WA 98501
                               (360) 584-9352 – Home       (210) 267-7323 - Cell

                                                                                              September 24, 2010
Dear Hiring Manager,

As a successful mainframe systems programmer and hands-on Director for 30 years, with a solid background in
z/OS and Windows, I have been the leader for multiple infrastructure projects in mainframe, distributed
systems, and Wintel architecture, performance tuning, capacity planning, troubleshooting, project management
(TQM), hardware sizing, cooling, upgrades, data and systems migration. Intimately involved in data center
operations and management, help desk, scheduling, production control, issue reporting, escalation, and
resolution. ITIL literate and possessing excellent leadership, presentation, written, and oral communication
skills. My strengths are in tactical and strategic planning and in the execution of plans.

My skills for this position include a solid understanding of z/OS, mainframe, AIX, and Windows server
technologies that I have used to execute many successful software and hardware projects involving capacity
planning. As the manager (Director) of Systems programming, I have been managing mainframe and Windows
infrastructure, hardware, and software projects in a complex multi-platform environments, for more than seven
years. During this time I have been in involved in problem management, capacity planning, performance
improvement, problem escalation, and building business cases for technology changes and process

Application development (SDLC) from an infrastructure perspective has been a focus throughout my career. I
have been responsible for troubleshooting, tuning, and coding of mainframe and distributed systems
applications as a second level expert.

Communicating with executive management, business units leaders, and vendors has been a major focus of my
career. Understanding business unit needs has been a key ingredient of my success. These skills have been used
to understand day to day issues and for the successful completion of major multi-million dollar, hardware and
software projects.

My ability to research and apply technology to business needs has been a significant strength in my career,
having managed the projects which migrated major applications from Wintel environments to both AIX and
mainframe environments, managed mainframe and distributed hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and
infrastructure components. These architecture achievements are documented in my resume.

I am a very enthusiastic, high energy leader with proven leadership, technical, and communications skills that
could be used to build, or continue, a dynamic environment with growth opportunities for the business and for
the staff. I appreciate the time that you are taking to read this letter and to review the attached resume. I would
love to further discuss my skills with you in person.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Killian

                                           Gregory John Killian
                                           1101 Surrey Trace SE
                                           Tumwater, WA 98501
                              (360) 584-9352 – Home       (210) 267-7323 - Cell

   Dynamic leadership skills providing creative tactical and strategic results for initiatives.
   Managed corporate data center assets, IT vendor relationships, provisioning, and budgeting of
    infrastructure related assets.
   Extensive experience in management of data center operations, infrastructure management, production
    control, and application software development (SDLC).
   In-depth knowledge and experience in mainframe hardware and software architecture, performance
    tuning, capacity planning, project management, infrastructure planning and implementation.
   Experience in budgeting, capital planning, goals and objectives, modeling, ERP, and performance
   Experience evaluating, maintaining, and resolving data center power, cooling, and HVAC issues.
   Recruited, managed, evaluated, and mentored systems programmers, and production support analysts.
   Significant experience in disaster recovery planning, implementation, and testing.
   Provided leadership in the analysis of existing infrastructure processes, and the establishment of new
    processes based cost effective solutions.
   Planned and tested disaster recovery / business resumption processes.
   Designed, implemented, and documented management processes that support regulatory compliance.

Washington State DOT Olympia, Washington March 2008 to Present – Systems Programmer
As a systems programmer I was responsible for installing, maintaining, and upgrading systems software.
Installed z/OS maintenance, built consolidated res volumes and exploited new z/OS features. Installed new
releases of ISV products including JCLPREP, VPS, Control-M, MIM, IOF, Endevor, and Syncsort. Installed
IBM tape library and replaced STK silo. Introduced SMS control for tapes and esoterics. Made numerous
IOCDS changes using HCD / HMC. Replaced unsupported systems software (USCCOPY, JCLCHECK)
without additional cost by exploiting existing software features. Exploited new features in ISV software.

Wachovia Bank San Antonio, Texas January 2004 to August 2007 – Director, Systems Programming
As the systems programming, systems engineering, storage management, and DBA Director in a matrix
organization, enthusiastically led a team of eleven systems programmers. Architected, planned, and upgraded
CPUs, DASD, z/OS, AIX, and ISV products. Provided data center operational expertise to write procedures,
diagnose and repair problems, optimize schedules, and train operators and production control. Moved Lotus
Domino Notes system from clustered Wintel to a z9 mainframe. Established and managed SLAs. Used project
management skills to architect and build a web based system to access content management data (OnDemand
ODWEK) through Websphere (JAVA) by a .Net based IIS application, via JNbridge. Used project management
skills to replicate DASD to a DR site via Hitachi True Copy as part of a Parallel Sysplex project. Architected
and built a new mainframe system without tape, utilizing Shadow Image. Migrated Filenet system from Wintel
to AIX on P590s with HACMP. Implemented VSM and replicate mainframe tapes to DR site. Managed
mainframe and open system disk capacity and performance planning. Developed and managed an 18M dollar
budget, evaluated staff, managed projects, and presented to upper management. Provided regulatory (SOX,
FFIEC) oversight, vendor management and contract negotiations, capacity, and resource planning. Prepared
estimates (FPA), budget forecasts, business cases, reports, capital planning, and capital requests to senior
management. Responsible for staff reviews, hiring, firing, training, and development plans. Involved in data
                                           Gregory John Killian
                                           1101 Surrey Trace SE
                                           Tumwater, WA 98501
                              (360) 584-9352 – Home       (210) 267-7323 - Cell

center planning, building, migration, cooling, and power consumption. Provided extensive interaction and
communication with business units to prioritize projects and resolve issues. Implemented ITIL, Six Sigma, and
PMI concepts.

Bet Emunah Institute San Antonio, Texas 4/2003 – Present - Vice President
Manage the computing, training, facility, and staff resources. Install and configure desktop operating systems
(Windows XP), and productivity software (Microsoft Office). Install, configure, and manage LAN and WAN
routers, switches, and firewalls. Provide Access database creation, conversions, and reports. Install, configure,
maintain, and manage Windows Server 2003 servers running Sharepoint, file sharing, and application servers.
Install and manage the network. Develop and teach technical and non-technical courses. (Volunteer work)

National Processing Company Louisville, Kentucky 1/2000 – 6/2003 –Systems Programming Leader
Led a team of five systems programmers to architect, plan, install, configure, and migrate to OS/390 and to
z/OS 1.2. Hired and evaluated staff. Performed vendor management. Converted and coded JES2 BAL and
HLASM exits. Assisted in CICS and network software upgrades. Performed extensive tuning and capacity
planning based on reports from CMF, Sysview, and Omegamon. Implemented and tuned Parallel Sysplex,
WLM goal mode, Websphere, and DFSMS. Prepared and delivered reports for executive management. Used
Best/1 for modeling and capacity planning. Upgraded DASD and STK’s HSC. Used project management skills
to upgrade CPU several times including memory, new processors, and new CPU type. Provided data center and
network operational expertise to write procedures, diagnose / repair problems, optimize schedules, and train
operators and production control personnel. Maintained an extensive TCP/IP and SNA communications
network. Used Strobe to tune application programs and VSAM datasets. Built and maintained ICF catalogs.
Performed Dump analysis using IPCS. Provided project management for software and hardware upgrades.

Boeing Computer Services Seattle, Washington Nov. 1990 to Nov. 1999– Sr. Systems Programmer
Used project management skills to implemented web and network technologies (Neon Shadow web server and
HTTP server) for the mainframe to serve all departments. Maintained, modified, and automated SMF
accounting programs and capacity planning reports in PL1 and MXG. Designed and implemented programs in
rexx. Installed, configured, maintained, tuned, and exploited MVS, OS/390, Internet / intranet (ICSS [alias
Websphere]. Designed and implemented remote operator consoles using PCs and ISDN terminals. Migrated
from FDR/ABR to DFHSM and ABARS. Participated in CPU consolidations. Responsible for dump analysis
using IPCS. Worked with RACF for web security. Installed, and maintained APPC (LU 6.3) in rexx. Worked
extensively with FTP and TCP/IP. Used Six Sigma training to improve department quality.

Seafirst Bank        Seattle, Washington June 1989 to Nov. 1990– Sr. Systems Programmer
Used project management skills to architect, plan, configure, and implement LPARs and a mainframe CPU
upgrade for this commercial loan processor. Assisted in disaster recovery planning and testing. Installed, tuned,
and maintained MVS/ESA and third party software products. Provided project management and capacity
planning for MVS software and mainframe hardware.

                                          Gregory John Killian
                                          1101 Surrey Trace SE
                                          Tumwater, WA 98501
                             (360) 584-9352 – Home       (210) 267-7323 - Cell

FIserv-Fresno Corp. Fresno, Ca            June 1988 to May 1989– Senior Consultant Systems Programmer
Installed, tuned, and maintained MVS/XA operating system and exits (BAL). Installed and supported CA7.
Participated in the planning and testing for disaster recovery and business resumption planning. Performed
extensive ICF catalog work. Used project management skills to plan and implement an automated operation
project for multiple data centers. Provided operator training, trouble shooting, and dump analysis.

Dresser-Rand Company Wellsville, New York March 1986 to May 1988– Lead Systems Programmer
Install, configure, tune, maintain, and trouble shoot Windows, MVS, and ISV systems software. Provided
direction, expertise, and training for systems programmers, operators, and DBAs. Performed desktop and LAN
hardware and software trouble shooting, testing, and installations. Coded exits in assembler. Installed and
managed the Novell network.

Geary Corporation    Pittsfield, Ma. May 1985 to March 1986 – Consultant Systems Programmer
Maintained MVS system software, administered RACF, and provided customer training in CICS, JCL, and
COBOL. Wrote BAL applications.

IBM Corporation       Poughkeepsie, N.Y.      August 1982 to April 1985 - Programmer Level II + III
As a PSR and As part of the MVS level II, and Change team, I was responsible for providing problem
determination, dump analysis (IPCS), GTF trace analysis and resolution for complex MVS operating system
problems, using BAL and PL1. Worked on all MVS components and VTAM/NCP. All BAL and PL/S fix
testing was performed as a guest under VM. Provided technical presentations to customer executives.

Tacoma City College Tacoma, WA.         September 1981 to January 1982 – Adjunct Instructor
Developed curriculum and taught RPGII programming.

   Designed and built several web sites.
   Extensive experience as a web researcher.
   Lectured extensively on a variety of subjects.
   Exposure to SOA.

   Bet Emunah Institute of Torah          4/2003 – Present     Vice-President, member of the Board.
   Bet Yosef Institute of Torah           8/2000 – 4/2003      Vice-President, member of the Board
   Toastmasters Intl.                     6/1976 – 9/1978

Associate of Science degree - Long Beach City College - Long Beach, CA
Bachelor of Science courses (Computer Science) - California State College - Long Beach, CA
Project Management Certificate – University of Washington – Olympia, WA.
IBM Education: PSR training. Level II, / III analyst training. MVS Installation Workshop, Systems Programmer
Training, Project Management, Process Management, Management and Leadership training.
Boeing: Six Sigma and ITIL.

                                           Gregory John Killian
                                           1101 Surrey Trace SE
                                           Tumwater, WA 98501
                              (360) 584-9352 – Home       (210) 267-7323 - Cell

z800, z900, z890, z990, z9 (zSeries), zAAP, zIIP, Coupling Facility, Sysplex Timer, 3174, 2074, AS/400, Compaq
servers, HP servers, STK silo, IBM blade servers, 3745, 3995, HDS TagmaStore USP600, DASD (SAN, DAS,
NAS): 9985, 9980, 9970, ESCON director 9032, STK SL8500, STK Virtual tape (VSM), STK 9840B tape, 3584 -
IBM VTS, 3494 Tape Library, RS6000, P570, P590 (pSeries), ICF, True Copy.

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS (Mainframe and WINTEL servers)
Program products (ISV): Computer Associates Unicenter (CA90S), CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, JARS, Pkzip, True Copy,
Shadow Image, Endevor.

Tools: TMON (ASG), NaviGraph, NaviPlex, Omegamon, Epilog, MainView, BMC Patrol, Netview, RMF, SMF,
GTF, MOM, PERFMON, encryption, Sysview, NetSpy, OPS/MVS, Best-1, True Copy(SAN, NAS, DASD),
Shadow Image, QuickRef.

Tuning and Diagnostic Controls: WLM, HCD, HMC (LPAR management), EREP, IOCDS, IOCP, GRS, MIM,
Strobe, MXG, Compuware AbendAid, IPCS (dump reading / analysis).

Programming: JCL, PL/1, PLS, BAL (assembler), HLASM, REXX, CLIST, COBOL, SAS, EZtrieve, PSF, RPG II,
VBscript, VB, JavaScript, HTML, Visual Studio, FORTRAN, BASIC, DreamWeaver, SOA, Focus, WebFocus,

OS Subsystems: USS, ICKDSF, CICS TS, TSO, ISPF, JES2, SDSF, Websphere MQ, Websphere HHTP server,
Websphere application server (WAS), EXLM, LMS, FDR, ABR, FATS, FATAR, HSC, SRS, VTCS, ABARS,
DFSMS, DFHSM, DFDSS, Tivoli (TSM) ADSM, Apache, Samba, ksh, HACMP, Harbor, T-Rexx, VSM, PPRC,

Data access: IMS (DB DC), DB2 (data sharing), Informatica, OAM, PowerExchange, Oracle, SQL server, Top
Secret, RACF, ACF2, Access, HFS, zFS.

Communications: Communication server (VTAM), NCP, SNA, TCP/IP, OSA, VIPA, FTP, TPX, Netview,
NetMaster, Netspy, Connect:Direct (NDM) with Secure+, Enterprise Extender, WS_FTP, IIS, APPN, APPC,
Apache, HFT, JNbridge, Lotus Domino Notes, HTTP server, Neon HTTP server, PPRC, XRC, GDPS, Netware,

Application Controls: DFSORT, LE/370, IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IDCAMS (VSAM), Examine, Syncsort, Control-
M, Comparex, Panapt, PanValet, Fileaid, VSAM, JCLcheck, JCLPREP, Xpediter, Abend-AID, Change Action,

OS Upgrades: ServerPac, CBIPO, CBPDO, SystemPac, MVS, OS/390, z/OS, z/VM, AIX, SMP/E, UNIX System
Services, GroupWise, Windows, Parallel SYSPLEX, Windows XP, .NET 2.0 framework, Windows Server 2003.

Reporting Tools: CM OnDemand (Content Management), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project, Power Point,
Outlook, Access, Publisher, Visio), Remedy (BMC), EventAction, Crystal Reports, Peregrine, Dispatch, Microsoft
Sharepoint, PeopleSoft.


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