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									Proposed Expansion of St Gregory's Catholic Primary to Three
Form Entry.

This consultation document is addressed to:
  •   The staff and parents of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
  •   The parishioners of Ealing Abbey
  •   Local Schools
  •   Local Residents
  •   Others who may be affected by these proposals
  •   Other interested bodies

Consultation is carried out by the Governing Body so that:
  •   It is clear that the proposals are at a formative stage and consultation is being
      carried out before any decision is made.
  •   This document is not definitive. Individuals will have differing views and will seek
      information on a range of topics; the planned consultation meetings and will be the
      forum for that exchange of views and information to take place.
  •   All those likely to be affected by the proposal will be consulted.
  •   Those being consulted are urged to become involved in the consultation.
  •   The consultation document provides a good description of the proposal and the
      reason for it so that those being consulted are able to make well informed
  •   There is ample opportunity for explanation to and consideration by those being
      consulted with a clear timetable. This will include meetings to explain the proposals
      and seek comments followed by sufficient time for written comments to be received.
  •   When the governing body has considered the views of those consulted they will
      decide whether to proceed with the proposal.
  •   Should it be decided that the proposal proceeds the governing body will immediately
      publish statutory notices as shown in the timetable.
This consultation document is addressed to everyone involved
in St Gregory's Catholic Primary School and its environment
                                                                    January 2010

Potential Expansion of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School Pupil Places

We want to hear your views!

The Governing Body of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School is currently considering a
proposal initiated by the Diocese of Westminster to expand the number of pupil places at
the school through an investment in a new building and restructured facilities. We want to
canvas the views of local stakeholders to inform our decision before we formally respond to
the Diocese of Westminster. The proposal is at a formative stage and no final agreement will
be made until consultation is completed. Even if the go ahead is given following
consultation, "statutory notices" still have to be published which gives another round of
consultation and an opportunity for further comment.

The Proposal

The proposal under consideration is the introduction of an additional form of entry into
Reception from 2011. Arrangements for a bulge class already exist for 2010-11 meaning
three classes of 30 in Reception in 2010 and then as these pupils move up through the
school, there will be an extra class each year until 2016 by which time the school role will
increase from 420 today to 630.

The proposal may look like this:
   • The existing reception block would be demolished. A new one storey purpose built
       Foundation Stage Unit would replace it on the existing site.
   • The existing Infant block would be extended beyond the Y2 classrooms.
   • The existing junior block would be built onto in the form of a two storey extension.
   • The school hall would be extended incorporating the main hall, small hall and studio
   • Administrative and Staffing facilities would be extended.
   • If approved the new build is expected to take place over a five year period and be
       ready for September 2015.


This expansion has been prompted by the Diocese of Westminster in response to the
projected numbers of Catholic pupils requiring places within the borough and Catholic pupils
being unable to be obtain a place in a Catholic school including those requiring a place at St
Gregory's. This has created a situation where there is a pressure of places within Ealing
Local Authority and the Diocese working with the Local Authority is working hard to secure
the future of Catholic educqtion within this area. The Local Authority have endorsed the
expansion of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School and other expansion options continue to
be explored by both Diocese and Local authority. The School and Governors of St Gregory's
are working hard with the Local Authority and Diocese and believe that this is the right
location and a real opportunity to secure the right provision for Catholic children now and in
the future.
What next?

We need your views to assist us in making an objective decision as to whether to support or
object to the proposal. As a Governing Body we have discussed the proposal at length and
summarise below our views to the pros and cons as we see them. We recognise that this list
is not exhaustive and have left space on the attached questionnaire for you to add your

   •   Better to meet the needs of the Catholic community and support the Diocesan
       strategy for securing Catholic education.
   •   St Gregory's is able to offer places to Catholic pupils who presently cannot get a
       place in a Catholic setting.
   •   St Gregory's is able to accommodate more Catholic pupils requiring a place at St
   •   A real opportunity to build a 21 st Century Foundation Stage setting these pupils so
       richly deserve.
   •   An important feature of the new build will be "fit for purpose" ICT suites in the
       Infants and Juniors.
   •   Extended hall provision.
   •   Dedicated music room with improved facilities.
   •   Increased storage and resource facilities.
   •   Improved staffing facilities.
   •   Job creation and greater career progression opportunities for staff. The expansion of
       the school will provide at least 7 additional teaching posts, additional classroom
       assistants posts and SMSA posts by 2017.
   •   Increased financial flexibility and resourcing.
   •   A significant benefit for our future children securing a legacy for the future.

   •   Risk of adversely changing the character of the school:
   •   The school size will increase by 50% from 420 to 630 places (excluding nursery)
       over seven years.
   •   If projected increased birth rates don't materialise within the parish catchment area
       there would be an increase in out of catchment pupils. Distance would be the
       determining factor in such admissions which could impact traffic movements.
   •   Less outside space per pupil as the site is not expanding in total.
   •   Significant disruption as a project of this size and length is a large undertaking.
   •   Impact on the management and organisation of the school during the building
       phase. Some classes may have to move into temporary accommodation.
   •   Access to the site for heavy plant and machinery, and storage of bUilding materials
       will need to be located on the school site but this will be governed by Health and
       Safety regulations and the school will also draw on the experiences of other schools
       in a similar position.
   •   Local traffic will be disrupted.
   •   No immediate benefits to our Year 2-6 pupils as facilities will not be available until at
       least 2015.
   •   Risk of having to compromise the initial vision of building works as Local Authority
       and Diocesan funding is finite

Please take time to complete the attached questionnaire so that we can take
account of your views. We attach a plan of the proposal for your information
Please return it to school by twelve noon March 12th 2010.
                       St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

Please indicate your views on the proposal to expand St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
by one form of entry from 2012 by ticking the most appropriate box.

Expansion would mean we could:                Strongly Agree       Don't      Disagree   Strongly
                                              Aqree                Know                  Disaqree
Improve educational facilities for Catholic
Help meet the growing demand for
Catholic school places:
Offer more "in-catchment" places:

I support the proposal:

Please add other comments on the proposal (continue overleaf if necessary):

For your views to be counted, you must provide your full name and address. Only
one response per person will be accepted. We will not pass on your personal
information to a 3rd party. Your views will be treated as strictly confidential.

Name:                                                                                       _

Address                                                                                         _

Please tell us your interest by ticking appropriate boxes:

D     Parent/Carer at St. Gregory's   D       Member of Staff      D       Local Resident

D    Governor at School               D       Prospective Parent    D      Other, specify           .

Please return this form to St Gregory's Catholic School by March 12th • Boxes for
completed forms will be placed in the Reception area. Alternatively please post
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Woodfield Rd, Ealing WS 1SL

There will also be a Public Session meeting with the School Governors in St
Gregory's School Hall at 7.30p.m. on Thursday March 4 th • All Welcome.
           Proposed Timetable Schedule for Expansion to 3fe

14th       GB consider Draft Letter and Agree Governing Body Steering Group
22         Letter agreed by GB goes out to all involved in consultation procedure

1st        Staff Consultation Meeting (To explain proposal)
4          School Council Consultation (To explain proposal)
9th        Drop In Session for Parents with Governors (Parent Consultation
           Evening) from 3.30 to 6.30 p.m.
           Drop In Session for Parents with Governors (Parent Consultation
           Evening) from 3.30 to 6.30 p.m.
           School Council Consultation (To hear views and feedback)

4th        Public Session Meeting
12th       Consultation ends
30         Steering Group meet to consider evidence from consultation and make
           recommendations to Full GB.

29 th      Full GB meeting to
               • Agree to expand
               • Reject expansion
               • Modify expansion

           After May Half Term: Statutory Notices sent out if GB agree to expand
           (Four week period)

           Steering Group meet at end of Statutory Notice period to produce
           report for GB.
           Full GB meet
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