501 East Gregory Street Pensacola, Florida

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					501 East Gregory Street
Pensacola, Florida

There are Three parts to this project.

1 - Paint Entire Building an orange-red base color with white trim. (Photo 1) Paint would be similar to a recently
remodeled building at 2590 North 12th Avenue, although a little lighter color. (Photo 2 & 3)

2 - Install a ADA Ramp constructed of either treated lumber with wood handrails (Photo 12) or structural aluminum
with aluminum handrails (Photo 13). The lower portion of any ramp would be screened with a paver stone wall
(Photo 1) using the same material as the planter and other screening walls currently on the property. (Photo 6 & 7)

3 - Install a 6 foot by 8 foot Sign on the 10th Avenue side of the building. (Photo 1) This sign would be 60 Square
Feet. Along with other existing signage, the total would be well under 100 Total Square Feet. The entire building
surface along 10th Avenue is approximately 1200 Square Feet.

Also attached:
Photos of all four sides of the building.
Wood Ramp Sketch.
Modular Aluminum Ramp Information.
      Building located at 2590 N 12th
      Presented as an example of

-2-                                     -3-


       -8-   -9-
Wood Ramp Drawing
Modular Ramp Diagram:

Sample Ramp Configurations:
Use the following examples to establish your desired ramp configuration. Section 1 shows the basic
components. Section 2 shows how to combine runs in order to create a custom modular ramp system.
Keep in mind, EZ-ACCESS Modular Ramp System can accommodate virtually any modular ramp setup you
may need.