Graduation Project Visual Arts by mwv14394


									                               Graduation Project: Visual Arts

                                 The 2 D Design Portfolio
The student will submit a portfolio of original works that involves powerful decision
making about using the elements and principles of art in two dimensional designs.

I.          The student will submit an application, to their current art teacher, of intent
            to submit a portfolio.

II.         The portfolio will include:
       A.   10 to 12 original works of art
       B.   Actual works on flat paper, cardboard, canvas board, unstretched or stretched
            canvas is acceptable. The work may not be larger than 18 x 24” including matting
            or mounting. Works that are smaller than 8 x 10” should be mounted or matted
            on sheets at least 8 x 10”.
       C.   An independently created mixed media work.
       D.   Art works demonstrating a conscious and deliberate application of the principles
            of design: unity, variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, scale, rhythm and
       E.   Works demonstrating the student’s experimentation with a variety of two
            dimensional media including, but not limited to, graphic design, typography,
            digital imaging, photography, collage, fabric design, illustration, painting,
            printmaking, video or an approved computer generated project.
       F.    Current work. Only work demonstrating involvement in the visual arts during
            the high school years will be accepted.
       G.   Works organized in a portfolio. The works should be neat. The work should be
            protected from smudging and damage by matting or mounting.

III.        Additional require ments:
           Sketchbook(s)
           Written critique
           Evidence of art history research
           Written commentary defining the student’s involvement in creating a work of art
           4 studio hours/Month

IV     Schedule an appointment:
When the portfolio and additional works are ready for presentation, the student will
schedule an appointment for a portfolio review.

V.          The student will meet with the art department faculty for the portfolio

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