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									Importance of Work Teams
         Improve on-time delivery of results Improve customer relations Facilitate innovation in products and services Essential for management and employee development and career growth Reinforce or expand informal networks in the organization Improve employees' understanding of the business Reduce costs and improve efficiency Quality improvement Increase employee ownership, commitment and motivation

Members of a Self-Managing Work Team
Other team leaders and managers

Self-managing team
Software team
 Participate in selection of new members  Train new members  Order supplies and obtain other needed resources  Communicate with suppliers and customers  Set goals  Schedule work  Design work processes

Communications team

Budget team

Training team

Recognition and compensation team

Effectiveness Criteria for Work Teams
Team Effectiveness

Task completion Accuracy

Team development Team cohesiveness

Stakeholder satisfaction Customer satisfaction with team’s procedures and outputs Team satisfaction with team’s procedures and outputs Satisfaction of other teams with the teams procedures and outputs

Creativity Cost

Team flexibility
Team preparedness for new tasks

Effectiveness Criteria for Work Teams (cont.)
Individual Effectiveness

Task performance Speed

Relationship with others Increased understanding of other perspectives

Personal development Develop competencies (teamwork, communication, strategic action, global awareness, planning and administration, and selfawareness) Develop network of colleagues within and outside the organization Gain technical knowledge and skills

Accuracy Creativity

Build others’ trust in you New friendships


The Development of Work Teams
End or recycle End or recycle End or recycle End or recycle

Degree of Maturity





Low Start Time Together End

Some Guidelines for Virtual Teams
 Use a variety of communication technologies  Pay attention to quality of communication

 Encourage team members to discuss differences  Be sure that someone is responsible for

facilitating communication process
 Encourage team members to interact one on one  Train members to match their choice of

technology to the task

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