Graduate Assistant, Educational Leadership, Clemson University by kao16131


									Graduate Assistant, Educational Leadership, Clemson University
College of Health, Education & Human Development
Eugene T. Moore School of Education

Applicants must have been admitted to the Clemson University Graduate School and be
enrolled full-time (min. 9 cr. hrs. per semester) in the PhD program among the Faculty of
Leadership, Counselor Education, Human, and Organizational Development of the
Eugene T. Moore School of Education. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in
the scholarship, policies, and practices surrounding P-20 educational leadership.

Activities and Opportunities
The successful candidate will participate in scholarships of research, teaching, and
service in the field of educational leadership.
        Research activities may include and are not limited to the preparation of grant
        applications and proposals, conduct field-based research on leadership and
        policies affecting schooling, prepare research reports, and participate in the
        development of presentations, papers, and publications based on scholarship
        surrounding school leadership.
        Teaching activities may include among other assigned duties instructional and
        logistical support to redesign of curriculum and field experiences of Masters and
        Specialist programs preparing school leaders for certified positions in public
        Service activities may include such activities as data entry and analysis of
        program statistics, generating reports for accreditation, participation in student
        and faculty governance activities, and other responsibilities as assigned.

$22,000 per year (2009-2010 stipend) for 30 hours/week for a full-time graduate student
maintaining a minimum course load of 9 credits per semester and 6 credits over summer
terms. The Graduate Assistant receives a bi-weekly paycheck including summer

Application Procedure
Applicants will be required to submit the following materials:

   1. Vita of work experience in p-12 education and educational preparation through
      Masters level.
   2. A 300-500 word essay describing current scholarly and career interests and goals
      for the future.
   3. A letter of support from graduate level faculty familiar with the applicant’s
      academic accomplishments at the masters level.

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