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The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc by nbh42189


									    February 2006                                                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1

The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.
                                Letter from Michael….
                                Dear Friends,
 The Michael Bolton Charities
     14th Annual Event          I hope that your holidays were       the scourge of domestic violence.
                                healthy and happy ones. As we        In every form, this abuse is the
  Benefit Concert & Reception
 Sunday, September 17, 2006     embark on the new year, so much      cause of generational, cyclical
      The Palace Theatre        comes to mind. Because of your       suffering that negates every great
          Stamford, CT          support and interest in our ef-      principal I believe decent Ameri-
    Celebrity Golf Classic
                                forts, each year, I am more en-      cans embrace. As doctors and
 Monday, September 18, 2006     couraged, more motivated and         scientists strive to treat victims
   Rockrimmon Country Club      deeply inspired.                     and cure cancer and other dis-
         Stamford, CT
                                Most of us have so much to be        eases, we must strive to end the
                                                                     cycle of domestic violence. Acts     build their lives, to live, to hope
                                grateful for and despite the hard-
                                                                     of terror against Americans are      and to dream again of a decent life
                                ships and challenges life places
                                                                     going on everywhere in our           for themselves and their families.
                                before us, we know we're so
  BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                 country, but our immediate focus     Thank you for helping us help vic-
                                fortunate for our health and the
        Michael Bolton                                               has been on the states devastated    tims of the hurricane and victims of
                                well-being of our families and
        Robert Doran                                                 by Hurricane Katrina -- we have
                                loved ones.                                                               abuse to become survivors.
        Robert Epstein
                                                                     witnessed the devastation and        Sincerely,
         Louis Levin            We are fortunate to have people
                                                                     misery that Hurricanes Katrina
       Kenneth Sitomer          in this world with enduring com-
                                                                     and Rita have left in their wake;
                                mitment to making life defini-
      Jacqueline Smaga                                               wiping out homes, businesses,
      Executive Director        tively better for those far less
                                                                     schools and hope from peoples'
                                fortunate. We were proud to
      Andrena Gagliardi                                              lives. Because of your generos-
      Executive Assistant       honor two such human beings at                                            Michael Bolton
                                                                     ity and support of our 13th an-
                                our event in September: Chuck
                                                                     nual event, The Michael Bolton
                                Norris and William Austin --
                                                                     Charities reached out to an or-
                                you will read about their incredi-
                                                                     ganization who works directly
                                ble humanitarian efforts in this
WOMEN’S ADVISORY COUNCIL                                             with women and children who
                                newsletter. These two individu-
 Lois Beekman Oliveira, Chair                                        were already escaping from their
       MaryAnn Arcatie          als have exemplified our eternal
                                                                     own unimaginable tragedy of
         Juley Fulcher          responsibility as a nation: to                                                 Inside This Issue:
         Joan Lunden                                                 domestic violence: The Louisi-
                                honor and respect human rights,                                                Project Homeward Bound    2
         Robin Runge                                                 ana Coalition Against Domestic
                                human dignity and the divine gift                                              2005 Event               3, 4
      Elizabeth Sahakyan                                             Violence-Hurricane Katrina
          Amber Senn            of our own true humanity.                                                      2005 Fan Reception        5
       Sandi Silverman                                               Fund. Our donation of $100,000            “Five Feet Away”          5
         Jackie Smaga           For the last few years, I have       to LCADV is making it possible            LCADV                     6
       Georgia Tavlarios        been focused more than ever on       for these at risk families to re-         So The World May Hear     6
       Meredith Wagner
                                                                                                               2005 Grants               7
                                  The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 1

Page 2
                                  Project Homeward Bound (A collaboration between The Michael Bolton
                                  Charities and Yale Child Study Center—Family Support Services: A Research Project
                                  Investigating the Roots of Homelessness for Women and Their Children in Real World Settings)

                                  We are pleased to update you on the       cian. The team carries a case load of     vices, entitlements and benefits that
                                  ongoing progress of Project Home-         eleven to twelve families. In addi-       make it possible for homeless chil-
                                  ward Bound, one of our largest fund-      tion, the team conducts a parenting       dren and families to find and main-
                                  ing initiatives. Project Homeward         education and support group for           tain safe and secure home environ-
                                  Bound was developed eleven years                                                    ments. Cognitive limitations may
                                                                            homeless women at two shelters in
                                  ago by the Family Support Services                                                  seriously affect an individual’s
                                  (FSS) division of the Yale Child          New Haven. The Department of              ability to maintain a stable home
                                  Study Center with our support and         Social Services, the Department of        environment, provide for her own
                                  encouragement. The collaboration          Children and Families and local           and her children's health, mental
                                  with FSS was driven by The MBC’s          shelters are some of the referral         health and educational needs, get
                                  interest in assisting research pro-       agents to the program. The Project        and sustain a job and access possible
                                  grams that investigate the roots of       Homeward Bound Team provides              benefits and entitlements.
                                  homelessness for women and their          invaluable clinical and case manage-      These poor functional abilities offer
                                  children in real world settings. The      ment services to homeless women
                                  financial support of The MBC cou-                                                   some answers to the question of why
A recent report of the lessons                                              who are actively parenting. These
                                  pled with the clinical expertise of the                                             so many families headed by a parent
learned from the program,                                                   services are designed to help fami-       with cognitive disabilities become
                                  FSS staff has led to the creation of a
prepared by Jean Adnopoz,         program designed to reduce the poor       lies experience a more successful         chronically homeless and place their
                                  developmental and educational out-        transition back into the community.       children at high degrees of risk for
MPH, of the Child Study                                                     Successful termination is determined
                                  comes frequently experienced by                                                     failure. Women with cognitive limi-
Center states that “contrary      children affected by homelessness         not only by the attainment of stable      tations have extreme difficulty advo-
to our expectations, we           and expand our understanding of the       housing but the development of            cating for services and benefits. It is
                                  factors that may influence a              daily living skills that will allow
discovered early in our work                                                                                          not unusual for some provider agen-
                                  woman’s ability to provide safe and       families to maintain their housing        cies to misdiagnose or mislabel these
with families in shelters, that   stable housing.                           following the active intervention of      women as mentally ill or as sub-
the families most likely to be    Project Homeward Bound has three          the Homeward Bound team.                  stance abusers. The Project Home-
                                  main goals: clinical care, policy                                                   ward Bound team serves as a strong
referred for Homeward                                                       A recent report of the lessons
                                  advancement and research. The first                                                 advocate for the family with these
Bound services were those                                                   learned from the program, prepared
                                  goal is to work with homeless
                                                                            by Jean Adnopoz, MPH, of the Child        systems, negotiates on their behalf
headed by a parent with           women and their children to identify
                                                                            Study Center states that “contrary to     and helps to overcome the stigmati-
                                  and facilitate access to the services
cognitive limitations.”                                                     our expectations, we discovered           zation and lack of understanding by
                                  they need in order to achieve a level
                                                                            early in our work with families in        some providers that might otherwise
                                  of safety and stability in the commu-
                                                                            shelters, that the families most likely   severely compromise the family’s
                                  nity. To reach the second goal of
                                                                            to be referred for Homeward Bound
                                  policy advancement, P.H.B. collabo-                                                 ability to receive the services they
                                                                            services were those headed by a
                                  rates with a variety of State and local                                             need. The P.H.B. team advocates
                                                                            parent with cognitive limitations. As
                                  organizations in order to ensure the                                                for homeless women with cognitive
                                                                            reported in the past, we believed
                                  availability of resources and pro-                                                  limitations on multiple levels. On
                                                                            initially, that the lack of safe and
                                  grams for homeless women and                                                        the individual level, the work of the
                                                                            stable housing was the result of
                                  children. The third goal is to ad-
                                                                            high-risk parental behavior relating      team involves case management,
                                  vance the field of knowledge in
                                                                            to substance abuse or domestic vio-       systems collaboration and pushing to
                                  regards to the needs of homeless
                                                                            lence. We came quickly to the reali-      gain access to the services that the
                                  women and children.
                                                                            zation that women were unable to          publicly funded systems are sup-
                                  These women constitute a popula-          maintain stable and safe housing for      posed to provide, although they
                                  tion whose needs are often over-          multiple reasons, one of which was
                                                                                                                      often lack the resources to live up to
                                  looked or misunderstood. As a             related to their impaired cognitive
                                                                            functioning. We found that a sur-         their mandates. In addition, the team
                                  result, they are frequently shunted                                                 works to bring about changes in
                                                                            prising number of homeless women
                                  aside and isolated from mainstream                                                  policy on the State level. P.H.B.
“These women constitute a                                                   lacked the ability to fully understand
                                  service systems. Not only do these                                                  staff has played a prominent role in
                                                                            and utilize the resources, supports
population whose needs are        women suffer as a result, but their       and systems available to them. This       the facilitation and development of
often overlooked or               children are placed at a higher risk      finding led the program to commit         the statewide Parents with Cognitive
                                  because of environmental and educa-       some of its resources to the develop-     Limitations Workgroup which pro-
                                  tional instability. Moreover, children    ment of working partnerships and          vides training for providers working
                                  are potentially at an increased risk      collaborations not only with the          with actively parenting, cognitively
                                  for residing in an unsafe environ-        child and adult mental health and
                                                                                                                      impaired women. As a result of
                                  ment. Since its inception in 1994,        protective service systems, but also
                                                                            with the Department of Mental Re-         these trainings and several statewide
                                  Project Homeward Bound has served                                                   conferences on the topic, there is a
                                                                            tardation and the Department of
                                  approximately 350 children living in                                                growing interest in finding ways to
                                                                            Social Services. At this point in
                                  120 families. Project Homeward                                                      improve services to this popula-
                                                                            time, we believe we are the only
                                  Bound has been staffed by a clinical      program in the area that consistently     tion. Another, larger national con-
                                  team composed of a full time family       reaches out to all of these systems in    ference on this topic is being dis-
                                  support worker and a part time clini-     an effort to access the range of ser-     cussed for next year.”
The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                            Volume 2, Issue 1

                                                                                                                                                 Page 3
MBC 13th Annual Event
The 13th Annual Michael Bolton          The KickStart Program is actively     Richard Marx & Paul Williams will
Charities Benefit Concert and Ce-      working in 37 schools in the Texas     write a song for you, a private
lebrity Golf Classic, sponsored by     public schools. They have over         dance lesion with Patrick Swayze
American Airlines (official airline    5,000 Team members learning the        and a private performance by Mi-
of The Michael Bolton Charities),      philosophies of the martial arts in    chael Bolton. Special thanks to our
took place on Sunday, September        order to live a more productive life   friends, Warren and Jalé Trepp,
18th 2005, at SCA’s Palace Theatre     and make healthy choices for them-     who so genersouly matched live         Chuck Norris, Joan Lunden, Michael
in Stamford and Monday, Septem-        selves. Chuck Norris’ vision is to     auction cash contributions for the            and Nancy Sinatra
ber 19th, at The Wee Burn Country      have this prevention program in        evening, helping to put us over the
Club in Darien. The event featured     every school in American. Chuck        top! Special thanks to our
a VIP/Sponsor Dinner Reception,        says, “I want to make the 5,000        wonderful friends and supporters at
Silent Auction, Live Auction and a     students we now have develop into      CASSIS, creators of The MBC
Benefit Concert. A star-studded        24,000 students and beyond.”           “Balloon of Dreams” Pin for their
and remarkable evening of music                                               generosity to our celebrity guests.
                                       The MBC was also proud to recog-
and entertainment featuring Joan
                                       nize our friend and true humanitar-    The Golf Classic followed the next
Lunden, who once again graced the
                                       ian, Mr. William Austin, Founder       morning at The Wee Burn Country
stage as Mistress of Ceremonies
                                       of The Starkey Hearing Founda-         Club in Darien. Thirty groups
and performances by the legendary
                                       tion. Bill Austin founded The          featuring celebrities including       Mistress of Ceremonies, Joan Lunden
Nancy Sinatra, Grammy award-
                                       Starkey Hearing Foundation in          Oscar Winner Paul Williams, actor,
winning Country Superstar and six
                                       1973 with the simple premise it        Matt McCoy, LPGA great Jan
time CMA nominee, Lee Ann
                                       still holds true today: “Giving is     Stephensen, David Letterman show
Womack, America’s piano sensa-
                                       easy, Giving is exciting. The chal-    announcer, Alan Kalter, Olympian
tion Jim Brickman, multi-talented
                                       lenge is to increase your ability to   Jeret “Speedy” Peterson, NFL
dancer, actor and singer, Patrick
                                       give. Alone we can’t do much, but      greats Scooter McGruder, Don
Swayze and Michael Bolton and
                                       together, we can change the            McPherson and Larry Centers and
his band.
                                       world.” Today, Bill’s vision has       others teed off in a “shamble” golf
Actor, Producer and Humanitarian,      empowered his Foundation through       format. The winning low gross                Paul Williams & Michael
Chuck Norris, was honored for his      the strength of thousands of volun-    prize went to Jeret Peterson, Larry
work with the Foundation he estab-     teers and donors across the globe,     Coben, Frank Penski, Randy
lished, KickStart. The KickStart       enabling the foundation to spread      Schader and Dean Vanech of Delta
Foundation, founded in 1990 and        the gift of hearing to the hearing     Power Corp, with a great round of
originally as Kick Drugs Out of        impaired by giving away more than      11 under par 60. The winning low
America, is dedicated to changing      20,000 hearing aids every year.        net prize went to Michael Cohen,
and saving children’s lives through    Annually, The Starkey Hearing          Dennis Cone, Ray Dumont and
the Marital Arts. Specific goals of    Foundation conducts more than          Marty Hakel of Professional
KickStart are to encourage students    150 hearing missions in countries      Caddies Association, with a
to resolve conflict productively,      stretching from the U.S. to Peru to    tournament record 24 under par 47.
avoid participating in gangs,          South Africa and Vietnam. The
                                                                              The real winners for the entire       Patrick Swayze wows the crowd with
choose drug-free lifestyles and        Foundation also works to promote                                             his rendition of “She’s Like The Wind”
                                                                              weekend are the children and
remain in high school. Martial Arts    hearing health awareness while
                                                                              women at risk who will benefit
training serves simply as the vehi-    also supporting and conducting
                                                                              from the funds raised by the
cle to instill the values and skills   research and education on hearing
                                                                              hundreds of participants who
necessary to combat the drug and       healthcare. Mr. Austin’s generos-
                                                                              sponsored The Benefit Concert and
gang-related peer pressure. The        ity to The MBC at last year’s live
                                                                              Golf Classic, and contributed
core philosophy of Martial Arts        auction resulted in a beautiful song
                                                                              auction items, raffle prizes and
stresses the vital importance of       written by Michael Bolton and Paul
                                                                              gave such generous donations. A
healthy mind and body necessary to     Williams entitled “The Voice of
                                                                              total of close to $400,000 was
lead a productive life. The Kick-      Love”, a song which is now used
                                                                              raised. Due to the success of the
Start karate program replaces many     for The Starkey Haring Founda-
                                                                              event, The Michael Bolton                 The legendary Nancy Sinatra
missing elements of student’s lives    tion’s mission.
                                                                              Charities made a donation to the
including offering a role model, a
                                       The live auction, which featured       Louisana Coalition Against
figure of authority, a chance to set
                                       auctioneer extraordinaire, Jack        Domestic Violence (LCADV)
and reach goals, physical and mar-
                                       Williams and Co-Host, Tom Gross,       Hurricane Katrina Fund.
tial conditioning and very impor-
                                       was incredible, raising close to
tantly, a feeling of hope for the
                                       $320,000 and included one-of-a-
future and believe in themselves.
                                       kind items such as, Michael Bolton,

                                                                                                                        Piano Sensation, Jim Brickman
                                           The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                        Volume 2, Issue 1

Page 4

                                           2005 Event Photo Gallery

                                    Patrick Swayze rocks the stage with his        Country Superstar Lee Ann Womack
                                      moves along with dancer/vocalist                                                         Michael performs
   Chuck Norris receives The
                                              Monique Lindesay                                                                 “Nessun Dorma”
 Lifetime Achievement Award

                                                                                       Gena and Chuck Norris and
                                                                                          Tani and Bill Austin
                                                                                                                                Ice Sculpture
                                          Michael, Nancy Sinatra, Patrick                                                    depicting MBC logo
     Stormin’ Normin and
                                          Swayze and Monique Lindesay
        Paul Williams

                                                                                     MBC “Crew” at 2005 Golf Event
    Elizabeth Sahakyan and
   Jacob Dursunian of CASSIS
                                           From Left: Cindy Raymond, Kyle                                                  Vocalist Janis Liebhart
       with Nancy Sinatra
                                           Raymond, Chuck Norris, Colleen                                                   and Patrick Swayze
                                             Raymond and R.A. Raymond

                                                                                            Joan Lunden and
                                                    Auctioneer Extraordinaire               Jeff Konigsberg
   Our great volunteers at registration                   Jack Williams
                                                                                                                               Lee Ann Womack

                                                                                   Michael poses with VIP Guests
      Warren Trepp, Paul Williams                                               including Rita Cosby, Lis Wiehl and     U.S. Olympic Aerialist, Jaret
             and Michael                                                                  Mickey Sherman              “Speedy” Peterson and Michael
                                       The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1

Page 5

                                       2005 Michael Bolton Fan Reception
                                        The 9th Annual Michael Bolton        for an upcoming concert. The       thanks to everyone involved,
                                        Fan Reception was once again         MBC also donated two front         but most of all a special thanks
                                        a great success. The event           row tickets to the Benefit Con-    to Michael’s fans!
                                        raised over $10,000 for the
                                                                                                                The committee would like to
                                        MBC—the largest amount yet!
                                                                                                                thank all of those who took part
                                        Approximately 65 fans enjoyed
                                                                                                                in the event, no matter how
                                        brunch and mingling with a
                                                                                                                large or small, and hope to see
                                        number of honored guests, in-
                                                                                                                everyone back at the 10th An-
                                        cluding Michael’s mother,
    Percussionist Tre Balfour and                                                                               nual Michael Bolton Fan Re-
                                        Helen Bolotin and cousin, Kaye
       Auctioneer Tom Gross                                                                                     ception.
                                        Innamorato; Dennis & Laura
                                        Cone of The Professional Cad-          Laura Cone & Dennis Cone of      Look for more information at
                                        dies Association; Michael’s               PCA and Helen Bolotin
                                        band members, Tre Balfour,                                              BOLTONINFO/MBF.html
                                        percussion and Jason DeLaire,        cert that evening at SCA’s Pal-    or contact the committee via
                                        saxophone/keyboards.                 ace Theatre.                       email at
                                        And, thanks to our good friend       This event was established so      Thank you to the committee for
                                        and auctioneer extraordinaire,       that Michael’s fans could get      your tremendous efforts and
                                        Tom Gross, the live auction          together and enjoy each other’s    dedication…….
                                        was absolutely magnificent!          company during Michael’s             Connie Brubeck, Chairman
                                        The most popular item was            event weekend and also help          Dan Brubeck
                                        donated by Michael. Toni Wil-        raise money for his cause in the     Gail Atkinson
   Fan Reception Committee Sharon
     Oyster, Connie Brubeck, Dan        liams of Florida was the highest     name of all his fans.                Sharon Oyster
       Brubeck & Gail Atkinson          bidder, paying $4000 for two                                              Layne Seeloff
                                                                             The reception has become more
                                        tickets and backstage passes
                                                                             and more successful each year

                                       Michael Bolton Records Song To Benefit PCA and
                                       The PCA World Mentoring Program
                                       Michael was honored when             wide,” said Dennis Cone.            that these unsung heroes will
“The caddie relationship               Professional Caddie’s Associa-                                           continue to endure.”
                                                                            PCA is an organization dedi-
is inspiring and my                    tion (PCA) founder, Dennis
                                                                            cated to providing caddies with     For additional information or to
                                       Cone, asked him to record the
continued work on this                                                      high quality benefits, services     purchase a copy of the song,
                                       first caddie anthem, “Five Feet
                                                                            and certification through educa-    please visit
project has taken on a                 Away.” The song was initially
                                                                            tional and communication pro- or
                                       written and produced for Bruce
whole new meaning,”                                                         grams worldwide.          
                                       Edwards, professional golfer
said Michael.                          Tom Watson’s long-time cad-          Michael was deeply touched
                                       die and friend, and dedicated to     when he first heard the song.
                                       all caddies worldwide. The           “The caddie relationship is
                                       song was played at Bruce Ed-         inspiring and my continued
                                       ward’s funeral when he lost his      work on this project has taken
                                       courageous battle against ALS        on a whole new meaning,” said
                                       on April 8, 2004, the first day      Michael. And, after recording
                                       of the Masters Tournament.           his own version Michael said,
                                                                            “I hope that Five Feet Away
                                        “More than three years of work
                                                                            will help in some way to sup-
                                       have gone into this project to
                                                                            port and fuel the PCA World-
                                       capture the essence of the cad-
                                                                            wide Caddie Foundation’s mis-
                                       die’s job on and off the golf
 Dennis Cone presents Michael with                                          sion to assist caddies and their
                                       course and put it to music in a                                               Dennis Cone and LPGA
the first Bruce Edwards Spirit Award                                        families and The PCA-World                great Jan Stephensen
                                       way that will stick in the hearts
                                                                            Mentoring Program to ensure
                                       and minds of people world-
The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                     Volume 2, Issue 1

                                                                                                                                  Page 6

Donation to LCADV
Due to Michael's desire to help      forever. We lost five of our 20    which would allow LCADV to
the domestic violence victims        domestic violence programs in      make $5,000 donations to bat-
from Hurricane Katrina, he           the state. Also, communities       tered women who were past the
made a promise at our 13th           were lost, a major urban center    immediate crisis intervention
annual benefit concert, that The     was destroyed, colleagues were     stage and were planning and
MBC would make a significant         displaced, possibly perma-         preparing for the longer term
contribution to an agency that       nently, and our domestic vio-      goals of their lives. LCADV
provides direct services to these    lence program directors lost       and its member programs will
victims. The MBC is pleased          their homes, as did the majority   meet with the woman and help
to announce that a grant in the      of their staff. Women and chil-    her develop long-term goals           "We are honored by
amount of $100,000 was made          dren were displaced throughout     and then provide the financial        Michael Bolton's
to the Louisiana Coalition           the United States, many of         assistance to make what often         continued support in the
Against Domestic Violence            whom may be victims of do-         would be viewed as a dream, a         cause to improve the lives
(LCADV) Hurricane Katrina            mestic violence. They found        reality. This may include re-         of domestic violence
Relief Fund from the proceeds        themselves in strange places       turning to school, purchasing         victims", Angela Clark,
of our annual event. LCADV           with no support systems and        an affordable home, purchasing        Associate Executive
was selected as the beneficiary      very likely, not even knowing      a car to provide transportation       Director, LCADV.
of this grant after researching      where to get domestic violence     to work. The program goals
the various agencies who were        assistance if needed. The          also include financial education
providing direct services.           criminal justice and judiciary     on budgeting, banking, credit,
LCADV was hit twice from             systems, which are important in    homeownership, and continued
both Hurricane Katrina and           the protection of battered         advocacy and support. The
Hurricane Rita. They provide         women and their children,          second need identified is for
financial assistance directly to     were/are temporarily inactive      LCADV to provide funds to
battered women and their chil-       or their responsibilities have     their member domestic vio-
dren, and no administrative          changed as needed."                lence programs in the affected
costs have been, nor will be,                                           parishes to purchase supplies
                                     As a result of many conversa-
used from the Hurricane Relief                                          and furnishings not covered by
                                     tions between The MBC and
Fund donations. In the words                                            FEMA or insurance. This in-
                                     LCADV, it was determined that
of Angela Clark, Associate                                              cludes purchasing furniture,
                                     we could make the greatest
Executive Director-LCADV,                                               bedding, towels, etc.
                                     difference by providing a grant
"Katrina changed our lives

So The World May Hear - Starkey Hearing Foundation
Joanne Schwabauer is a long-          and heard about his work at our   ing Foundation in Eden Prairie,
time Michael Bolton Fan. It           Benefit Concert, she could only   Minnesota, where he implanted
wasn’t until her husband passed       think of her grandson, Joshua.    a special hearing device inside
away four years ago that she          Joshua Noll, now 22, was deaf     Joshua’s ear. The procedure
became more involved in Mi-           in one ear since the age of 1-    was a success — Joshua could
chael’s Fan Club. After meet-         1/2, largely due to major ear     hear again!
ing a few other fan members at        infections he had as an infant.
                                                                        Joanne and Joshua extend their
concerts, Joanne and her              When Joanne had the opportu-
                                                                        deepest thanks to Bill Austin
daughter decided to make the          nity, she introduced herself to
                                                                        and everyone at The Starkey
trip to Connecticut to attend         Bill Austin and explained her
                                                                        Hearing Foundation for their
Michael’s 2005 Event. Little          grandson’s hearing impairment.
                                                                        tremendous generosity.
did she know what was about to        Mr. Austin told Joanne that he
take place would change the           could help her grandson and       Joanne would also like to thank
life of one of her family mem-        invited them to his lab in Min-   Michael, for if it weren’t for     Joanne Schwabauer and her
bers forever.                         nesota. In November of 2005,      Michael, Joanne never would           grandson Joshua Noll
                                      Mr. Austin flew Joanne and her    have met Bill Austin.
When Joanne read about Bill
                                      grandson to The Starkey Hear-
Austin in our event program
The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1

                                                                                                                                       Page 7

2005 Grants
Louisiana Coalition Against          Little Sisters of the Assump-       Kids in Crisis                     Children's Advocacy Center
Domestic Violence (LCADV)            tion Family Health Service          Greenwich, Connecticut             of Manhattan
Hurricane Katrina Fund               Harlem, New York                    $10,000                            New York, New York
New Orleans, Louisiana               $5,000                                                                 $5,000
                                                                         Support to keep beds available
$100,000                             Support for the food pantry and                                        Support to provide services to
                                                                         for children ages 0-12 years who
                                     family advocate office.                                                abused children which include
Funds used to provide $5,000                                             are deemed at risk of abuse and
                                                                                                            physical and mental evalua-
grants to battered women and                                             cannot access services provided
                                                                                                            tions; parent support groups;
their children to help rebuild                                           by the Department of Children
                                     Stamford Center for the Arts                                           education and linkages with city
their lives as well as financial                                         and Families.
                                     Stamford, Connecticut                                                  hospitals and social service
and budgeting education for
                                     $5,000                                                                 agencies.
them; second use of funds is to
purchase furniture, bedding,         Support for the community out-      Prevent Child Abuse America
towels, and other items for one      reach program which provides        Chicago, Illinois
                                                                                                            Family ReEntry
of the shelters that was com-        free tickets to cultural/artistic   $20,000
                                                                                                            Norwalk, Connecticut
pletely destroyed.                   events for Stamford public
                                                                         Support for PCA’s program,         $10,000
                                     school students.
                                                                         "Healthy Families America's,
                                                                                                            Support for "transitions-
                                                                         prenatal education program
Yale Child Study Center                                                                                     youthful offender mentoring
"Project Homeward Bound"             Columbus House                                                         program" for young men incar-
New Haven, Connecticut               New Haven, Connecticut                                                 cerated at Manson Youth Insti-
$50,000                              $10,000                                                                tution (Cheshire) and young
                                                                         New York City Family
                                     Support for a life skills case      Justice Center                     women at York Correctional
Funds to provide the services of
                                     manager working at Sojourner's      Brooklyn, New York                 Institution (Niantic).
a case manager and MSW to
work with women and their chil-      House which is a residential        $20,000
dren who have cycled through         home for 16 women who suffer
                                                                         A center providing one stop        Domestic Violence Services of
the shelter system at least twice    from abuse, violence, aids and
                                                                         essential services to domestic     Greater New Haven
to ensure and assist their suc-      cognitive limitations.
                                                                         violence victims.                  New Haven, Connecticut
cessful transition back into the
community. Project Homeward
Bound has facilitated the coordi-    Project Return                                                         Support for the outpatient coun-
                                                                         Mentor—National Mentoring
nation of systems for the first      Westport, Connecticut                                                  selor and the temporary restrain-
time which is helping these          $1,500                                                                 ing order advocate in the Mil-
                                                                         Washington, DC
women to secure the benefits         Support for the “Managing           $25,000                            ford court.
and assistance they need from        Emotions Program” at this tran-
social service agencies. Work                                            Support for mentoring programs
                                     sitional home for 6 young
is done at the Christian Commu-                                          ($20,000) and endowment            Mt. Sinai Sexual Assault
nity Action Shelter in New Ha-                                           ($5,000).                          Victims Intervention Program
ven.                                                                                                        New York—$15,000
                                     Joe DiMaggio Children's                                                Support to train volunteer advo-
                                                                         Domestic Violence Crisis
                                     Hospital Foundation                                                    cates who work in New York
Boys and Girls Village                                                   Center - Norwalk and
                                     Hollywood, Florida                                                     City hospital emergency rooms
Milford, Connecticut                                                     Stamford, Connecticut
                                     $1,000                                                                 to help counsel and advocate for
$5,000                                                                   $15,000
                                     Support for the general fund                                           victims.
Funds used to provide parent                                             Support for the family advocate
                                     which provides free healthcare
education training for at risk                                           in the confidential shelters.
                                     to indigent pediatric patients.
youth housed at the transitional                                                                            In 2006, we are excited about
school on the campus in Mil-                                                                                updating you on our efforts at
ford.                                Toys for Tots Foundation            Susan B. Anthony Project           Safe Space of New Haven, Inc.
                                     Connecticut                         Torrington, Connecticut            and a collaboration with Com-
National Domestic Violence           $1,000                              $10,000                            munity Renewal Team in
Hotline                                                                                                     Hartford around the creation
Austin, Texas                        To purchase new toys for needy      Support to provide funding for     of The Michael Bolton Con-
$5,000                               children in Connecticut.            legal fees for clients.            temporary Music Program.
General Support.
                          The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc.
                          P. O. Box 936
                          Branford, CT 06405
                          Phone: (203) 483-6463
                          Fax: (203) 483-6531

                                                                                                   Mailing Address Line 1
                                                                                                   Mailing Address Line 2
                                                                                                   Mailing Address Line 3
                                                                                                   Mailing Address Line 4
                                                                                                   Mailing Address Line 5

The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. continues to support many wonderful organizations, mainly in
the Connecticut area. Our mission remains twofold: to provide grants to other nonprofit
organizations that support children and women at risk of poverty, abuse, neglect, homelessness
and domestic violence; and, to provide access to education for underprivileged youth.
Michael dedicates numerous hours not only to his own foundation but assists the efforts of other
charitable organizations as well. Michael is currently the Honorary Chairman of Prevent Child
Abuse America, National Chairman of This Close for Cancer Research and is a board member
for MENTOR/The National Mentoring Partnership and The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

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                                   We accept personal checks, money orders, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
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                                                                         All MBC Event photos are courtesy of
                                                                 Wayne Logan—Wayne Logan Photography, Branford, CT
                                                                     Stuart Walls—Woodstock Studio, Milford, CT

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