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					                                                            SAT NEWS   Southern African AIDS Trust
                         Supporting Community Responses to HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa

                                                                                   January to March 2005

Prevention of HIV infection among girls and          Most of the delegates hoped that mocrobicides
women remains one of the key challenges of           would be affordable to most women when they
our time. In an effort to contribute to the          are produced as this would promote their use by
development of prevention methods, SAT               more people. It would also add more prevention
hosted a regional meeting in Johannesburg,           methods for both men and women.
South Africa, from 17 to 19 November 2004.
Funded     by    the   Swedish     International     Way forward
Development Agency and the Canadian                  At the end of the meeting, SAT committed itself
International Development Agency, the theme of       to do the following:
the meeting was ‘Raising hope for African
women: advocacy and partnerships to                  •    Organise a regional workshop to train
accelerate the development of microbicides’.              facilitators who will facilitate national level
                                                          meetings on microbicides
Microbicides are substances that are inserted in     •    Conduct national level meetings on
the vagina (or rectum) to substantially reduce            microbicides initially focusing on the five SAT
the transmission of HIV and other STIs. Trials            countries with prospect for meetings in other
on microbicides by scientists are trying to               southern African countries later
produce different types, for example, gels,          •    Continue to collaborate with global, regional
creams or suppositories. However, none are                and national advocacy groups such as the
ready for human use. If successfully developed,           African Microbicides Advocacy Group
made colourless, odourless, safe, affordable,             (AMAG) and the Gender AIDS Forum (GAF)
easy to use and store, microbicides would            •    Facilitate    the      involvement    of    key
enable women to take greater control of HIV               stakeholders in the microbicides agenda at
prevention and reduce their vulnerability to both         all levels
HIV and STIs.
                                                     •    Produce and distribute a comprehensive
Currently, HIV prevention strategies rely largely         report of the meeting by May 2005
on the use of condoms and on men agreeing to         •    Compile a resource kit on microbicdes
use them. However, it is widely acknowledged
that many women lack the power to negotiate          When the meeting ended, there was excitement
condom use within relationships.                     and hope in the potential of microbicides to
                                                     promote women’s sexual and reproductive
The Johannesburg meeting aimed at raising
                                                     health    rights.   Participants   committed
awareness,       informing     and      mobilising
                                                     themselves to mobilising various stakeholders
community, national and regional stakeholders
                                                     at all levels in their various countries to
to accelerate the development of microbicides.
                                                     advocate for the speedy development of
The majority of the participants represented
CBOs/NGOs, national and regional networks of
ASOs or PLWHA, National AIDS Councils, and
bodies undertaking clinical trials of microbicides
in the region. There were also international level
stakeholders and resource people.
Delegates at the meeting agreed to increase          Contents
and expand community involvement in the              News ...................................................... 2
development of microbicides, as well as to
involve men at all stages to ensure                  School Without Walls ............................. 3
acceptability. They also urged each other to         Monitoring and Evaluation...................... 3
work hard towards establishing, promoting and
strengthening links and communication among
                                                     Publications . .......................................... 4
scientists, activists and communities.               Contact details........................................ 4
New SAT partners                                           One partner joined the Zimbabwe country
                                                           programme. The Union for the Development of
Ten new partners joined SAT between October                Apostolic Churches, a network of Apostolic and
and December 2004.                                         Zion churches, was established in Gweru in
Three partners joined the Malawi country                   2002. Its activities include peer education and
programme. Ladder for Rural Development is a               advocacy against stigma and discrimination.
community-based organisation established in
                                                           New staff
Ntchisi District in Central Malawi in 2000. Its
activities include HIV prevention, care and                SAT welcomes Ernest Chetse, Zoonadi
support for the chronically ill, orphans and               Ngwenya and Maria Helena Mbambamba.
vulnerable children.
                                                           Ernest, the Co-ordinator: Human Resources
Friends of AIDS Support Trust was established              and Administration in the SAT regional
in Nsanje District of southern Malawi in 1996. Its         Secretariat joined SAT in November. He holds
activities include peer education, home-based              Masters and undergraduate degrees in
care, support for orphans, chronically ill, youth          Industrial Psychology, as well as a Diploma in
and vulnerable women.                                      Personnel Management. He is also registered
                                                           as an Occupational Psychologist with the Health
Interfaith HIV/AIDS Secretariat was established
                                                           Professions Council. Before joining SAT, Ernest
in Lilongwe in 2003. Its activities include
                                                           was Personnel Manager at Old Mutual for 7
coordinating faith-based responses to HIV and
AIDS in Malawi through material production and
information sharing with its affiliates.                   Zoonadi,     Country Programme      Manager:
                                                           Zambia, joined SAT in December. He holds a
Two partners joined the Mozambique country
                                                           Masters in Development Administration and a
programme. Community Vision for the
                                                           Bachelors Degree in Public Administration and
Development of Mozambique was established
                                                           Economics. Before joining SAT, Zoonadi
in Chissibuca in the south of Inhambane
                                                           worked as the Administrative Manager and
Province in 2001. Its activities include peer
                                                           Deputy Head of Mission at the Commonwealth
education and HIV and AIDS impact mitigation
                                                           Regional Health Community Secretariat in
through sustainable agricultural projects.
                                                           Arusha, Tanzania. He also worked as the
Community Association of Women in Zavala                   Director and Chief Executive of the Zambia
was established in Inhambane in 1999. Its                  Institute of Management in Lusaka for eight
activities include home-based care and support             years.
for orphans and vulnerable children.
                                                           Maria, Administrative Assistant: Mozambique,
One partner joined the Tanzania country                    joined SAT in November. Before joining SAT,
programme.       The   National   Network      of          Maria had worked as Administrative Assistant
Organisations working with Children was                    and Executive Secretary for more than 10
established in Dar-es-Salaam in 1999. Its                  years.
activities include coordinating and networking
with organisations assisting vulnerable children           Farewell
and advocating for their rights.                           SAT bade farewell Angela Tapiwa, Director of
Three partners joined the Zambia country                   Finance and Administration. We wish her all the
programme. Kubalusa was established in                     best in her career path.
Kasempa in 2003. Its activities include peer
education, home-based care, support for
children who are infected with HIV or affected
by HIV and AIDS.
St. Kalemba was established in the Manyinga
area of Kabompo District in the North Western
Province in 2003. Its activities include home-
based care, support for children who are
infected with HIV or affected by HIV and AIDS,
counselling and peer education.
Kabompo AIDS Programme was established in
Kabampo in 2002. Its activities include peer
education and support for children infected with
HIV and affected by HIV and AIDS.

     SAT News                                Page 2 of 4                     January to March 2005
                                SCHOOL WITHOUT WALLS
SWW workshops April 04 - March 05                         workshop. Family Support Trust and REPSSI
                                                          will co-facilitate the workshop.
                            Annual     Progress
      National SWW           Plans      so far            January 25 – 29: Twafane Christian Community
                                                          Care of Zambia will host the national Strategic
 No. of workshops             41          36              Planning workshop. The National Facilitation
                                                          Team will facilitate the workshop.
 Est. no. of participants     738         733
                                                          February 7 – 8: SAT will host the regional
                                                          meeting on Collaboration and Coordination of
                            Annual     Progress
                                                          Regional Bodies. SAT and UNAIDS will co-
     Regional SWW            Plans      so far
                                                          facilitate the meeting.
 No. of workshops             10           8              February 7 – 11: Youth/parent Crisis
 Est. no. of participants     150         137             Counselling Centre of Tanzania will host the
                                                          national CABA workshop. The National
Scheduled activities                                      Facilitation Team will facilitate the workshop.
January 10 – 14: Tanzania Media Women’s                   February 14 - 18: St. Francis Home-based Care
Association will host and facilitate the national         of Zambia will host the national workshop on
workshop on Sexuality, HIV and AIDS.                      Resource Mobilisation. The National Facilitation
                                                          Team will facilitate the workshop.
February 14 – 18: Kuyacana of Mozambique will
host the national CABA workshop. Rebuilding               February 21 – 25: SAT will host and facilitate
Hope will facilitate the workshop.                        the regional workshop on Effective Advocacy
                                                          and Networking: Challenges, Needs and
January 17 – 21: Rensida of Mozambique will               Opportunities.
host the national Stigma and Discrimination
workshop. The National Facilitation Team will             February 21 – 25: Musasa Project of Zimbabwe
facilitate the workshop.                                  will host and facilitate the national Gender
                                                          Mainstreaming workshop.
January 18 – 22: Foundation for Community
Services of Malawi will host the CABA Network             March 05 – 10: Malawi Network for AIDS
workshop. The National Facilitation Team will             Service Organisations of Malawi will host the
facilitate the workshop.                                  Survival Skills for PLWHA workshop. The
                                                          National Facilitation Team will facilitate the
January 24 – 28: Family Support Trust of                  workshop.
Zimbabwe will host the national Parenting Skills

                            MONITORING AND EVALUATION
In the lessons testing projects, KICOSET of               knowledge and skills to deal with HIV and AIDS
Tanzania adapted lessons learnt from                      before they can work on stigma and
Nkhotakota AIDS Support Organisation of                   discrimination. Community outreach is cost-
Malawi on ‘Tackling stigma and discrimination’.           effective and allows more people to learn about
Lado Lado of Mozambique adapted lessons                   stigma and discrimination in a shorter time.
learnt from Women Neighbourhood Association
                                                          Lado Lado project results indicate that even with
of Tanzania, on ‘Income substitution for
                                                          limited experience, a micro loan lending scheme
Commercial Sex Workers’.
                                                          can achieve high repayment rates. Low interest
End of project results for KICOSET indicate that          rates made it possible for commercial sex
identifying factors that promote stigma and               workers in the loan scheme to repay their loans.
discrimination is necessary before developing             It is possible to transform the lifestyles of
strategies to tackle the problem. Stigma and              commercial sex workers. The majority of
discrimination can be reduced if PLWHA are                commercial sex workers who benefited from the
included among volunteers in community-based              loans no longer depend entirely on commercial
organisations. The whole community benefits by            sex work as a means to earn a living. It is also
ensuring greater involvement of PLWHA in                  possible for commercial sex workers to regain
fighting HIV and AIDS.                                    respectable social standing in their communities
                                                          once they leave commercial sex work.
In addition, the findings show that there is need
for a policy framework to guide the
implementation of non-discriminatory practices.
Volunteers and staff must be equipped with

     SAT News                               Page 3 of 4                      January to March 2005
  SAT SHARE series: CBO/NGO Support                          •    The ability to identify policy gaps, and
                                                                  provide    unique    input   into  policy
  SAT has produced the second publication in its                  development.
  SHARE series. The SHARE series: CBO/NGO
  support: the role and added value of NGO-                  Portuguese publications
  based CBO/NGO support providers in the
  response to HIV and AIDS in southern and                   SAT has produced the Manuais de Formação e
  eastern Africa highlights the role and                     Prática: 1. Como planear e realizar um
  importance of NGOs in providing support to                 seminário participativo, (Training and Practice
  CBOs and other NGOs in responding to HIV                   Manuals: 1. How to plan and run a participatory
  and AIDS.                                                  workshop). The publication provides a much
                                                             needed resource to guide facilitators through
  The publication is largely based upon material             the process of training.
  gathered at a regional workshop co-hosted by
  SAT and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.               SAT Info
  The publication demonstrates that the strength             SAT has also produced the Portuguese
  and added value of NGO-based CBO/NGO                       translation of the SAT Info (the SAT leaflet). The
  support providers in the responses to HIV and              leaflet is an advocacy tool that gives an
  AIDS in eastern and southern Africa depends                overview of SAT’s work and achievements. It
  on:                                                        explains who SAT is, the various SAT
                                                             partnerships, the School Without Walls initiative
  •    A strong understanding and vision of                  and SAT’s Good Practice Strategy. The leaflet
       CBO/NGO support work for HIV and AIDS                 also lists SAT’s portfolio of publications.
  •    Thorough understanding of CBO/NGOs,
       their strengths and weaknesses
                                                             To receive PDF or hard copies, e-mail us on
  •    Participatory community-level processes               info@satregional.org
       that empower rather than extract
                                                             To download SAT publications, visit our website

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