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  Solution Overview
Black Box Overview
Worldwide Leadership

•   1.1 Billion Dollar Publicly Held Corporation (NASDAQ: BBOX)
•   Operating in 141 countries.
•   Services over 175,000 customers.
•   Maintains 4 million ports.
•   One of the Largest North American distributers for Nortel, Siemens
    and NEC enterprise systems.
•   Telecommunications is our business with voice services representing
    60% of our overall revenue.
•   Serves large universities, hospitals, state, local and federal entities
    and has strong relationships with the U.S. armed forces.

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Black Box Packaged Services
Hint: It ain‟t Centrex
    • Delivery of communication services without the need to
        evaluate/purchase hardware/software solutions.
    • Billed as monthly charge in 1, 2, or 3 year contracts.
    • Inherent advantages over the ownership model.
         - More Resilient (multi-level redundancies, NOC )
         - Inherent Disaster Recovery
         - OpEx vs. CapEx
         - Easy integration of tele-workers and remote sites.
         - Flexibility
          Size (up or down)
          Functionality
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Black Box Packaged Services
Hint: It ain‟t Centrex
    • Easy, cost effective introduction of new applications.
    • Easy, cost effective integration of business applications.
    • Voice/Email integration.
         - Unified Messaging Features
         - Toolbar real time integration
    • Unlimited Local and Domestic Long Distance.
    • Open standards based.
         - SIP Based

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Disaster Recovery

•   Natural Disaster Causes Backup Calling Process
•   Calls for Specific Extensions Route to Cell, Home, etc.
•   Call Routing Options, (Simultaneous Ringing, etc.),
•   Unified Messaging Operational
•   Conference Calling Operational
•   Broadcast Messaging Through Auto Attendant
•   Specific Disaster Recovery Operational Plans can be
    Established with Customers‟ Specific Requirements
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The Black Box Solution
Managed Software as a Service
•   Leverage our infrastructure or yours
•   Ease of implementation
•   Scalable and repeatable
•   Technology, people & experience

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Optional Premium Services

  • Outlook Plug-Ins
  • Audio Conferencing
  • PC Based Reception Console

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Microsoft Outlook & IE Integration
                               TM                         TM
Integrated Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Explorer Telephony Toolbar

    •   Resides within Outlook, enabling easy click-to-dial functionality from
        existing Outlook contacts.

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World-Class Audio Conferencing
Capabilities that improve effectiveness of your business presentations.

•   Schedule conferences on-the-fly to enable multiple
    locations or audiences to “virtually meet”
•   Send pre-configured meeting requests direct from Outlook!
•   Configure with web ex tools to reduce costs with complete
•   Share presentations, word documents, excel files or
    desktop applications
     • You control what is seen and when for all participants

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 Reception Console
Advanced front-desk functionality in easy-to-use format to simplify call handling
 Current Switchboard Activity
 • Business Directory
    • Phone status, alternate
      #‟s, dept, and room for
 • Call Options
    • Only „valid‟ options
 • Call Control
    • Point-and-click to
      handle the call

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Reception Console Benefits
•   Easy-to-use ergonomic design follows the natural work flow
    of a call from the top to the bottom of a screen
     • Simplify training and use. So simple, even the CEO can do it!
•   Improved business processes, only „valid‟ options are
    presented to the attendant
    •   “I see that her extension is busy, would you like her voice-mail?”
•   Professional call handling, critical information is available in
    „real time‟
    •   “She just got off the phone, one moment while I transfer you.”
•   Accurate delivery of messages with one-step process when
    people are unavailable
    •   “She’s out of the office, would you like her voice-mail?”
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Black Box Enables
Hosted BBX and Service Delivery
• Hosted business phone systems
• Big business features, small business pricing
• Quality, capability, value
• Supports Polycom, Cisco, Aastra, Soft Phones, EdgeMarc
  routers and BYOD (Bring your own device)

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Internal Operational Benefits

•   Provides centralized services so there is no need for
    planning, design, installation, and on going management
    like the traditional model.
•   Planning for new locations or changes will be handled by
    Black Box.
•   Management of firewalls, intrusion detection and other
    security concerns for a company‟s telephony assets are
•   Software patches and release upgrades are no longer

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Internal Operational Benefits

•   No insurance is required for replacement of telephony
•   Provides compliant E911 service and allows automated
    location adjustments.
     • The cost of a separate 911 system and its support is
•   Call accounting systems, updates, management and
    support costs are eliminated.
•   Maintenance of the system is not an incremental expense.

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  Total Cost Comparison
  PBX vs. BBX
PBX    System                                                                                                                        BBX
       Phones                  Simple Budget

                                          Disaster Recovery

       Network         Proprietary                           Open Standard

      HW Upgrades                    Cap Ex                                  Op Ex
      SW Upgrades

                                              Not Flexible                           Very Flexible

       Usage Costs                                       Multi Site                              Multi Site     $
      (Local and LD)                            $

                                                             $        Tele Workers                      Tele Workers        $

                                                                  Internal Factors

                                                                                                                       Company Confidential
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