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   Theme List

 1 Certification
 2 Base of the Pyramid

 3 Biomimicry

 4 Career counselling/ training
 5 Case competitions
 6 Cause Marketing

 7 Climate Change
 8 Community Development
 9 Conservation

10 Corporate Philanthropy

11 Corporate sustainability

12 Design

13 Education
14 Energy and Clean Tech

15 Environmental sustainability
16 Financial inclusion

17 Green building

18 Human Rights/ Gender Equality

19 ICT sustainability

20 Impact measurement (SROI)

21 Inspirational session
22 Microfinance

23 Net Impact Cabinet
24 Other
25 PPP(public private partnerships)

26 Public Health

27 Social Enterpreneurship

28 Social innovation
29 Social venture capital

30 Sustainability consulting

31 Sustainability in Apparel
32 Sustainability in Hospitality sector

33 Sustainability reporting

34 sustainable agriculture

35 Sustainable Finance

36 Sustainable Investing

37 Sustainable Supply Chain

38 Water sustainability
The Brundtland Commission to the UN laid down the most well-known definition of sustainable
development: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to
meet their own needs”

eco labelling, carbon labelling, fair trade, Blab, etc.
Coined by CK Prahalad /Stu Hart - economic development at the bottom of the pyramid - The bottom of the pyramid is the largest, but
poorest socio-economic group. In global terms, this is the four billion people who live on less than $2 per day, typically in developing
countries. The phrase “bottom of the pyramid” is used in particular by people developing new models of doing business that deliberately
target that demographic, often using new technology, design or user focused innovations. This field is also often referred to as the "Base of
the Pyramid" or "BoP".
Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems.
Biomimicry is an innovation method that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies, e.g., a solar
cell inspired by a leaf. The goal is to create products, processes, and policies---new ways of living---that are well-adapted to life on earth
over the long haul.
self explanatory
self explanatory
Branding and marketing targeted at creating positive sustainability impact or leveraging social and environmental credentials to create
shareholder/ stakeholder value
See and
Economic development focused on regenerating communities
Conservation is an ethic of resource use, allocation, and protection. Its primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural world:
forests, fisheries, habitats, and biological diversity. Secondary focus is on materials conservation and energy conservation, which are seen
as important to protect the natural world.
Corporate giving to various causes as a way of giving back to the community - Corporate giving is often handled by the corporation,
directly, or it may be done through a company foundation. Corporations most commonly donate cash, but they also donate the use of
their facilities, property, services, or advertising support. They may also set up employee volunteer groups that then donate their time.
Often, philanthropy is used as a form of public relations or advertising, promoting a company's image through high-profile sponsorships.
Read Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy by Michael E. Porter, Mark R. Kramer to get the latest thinking

The debate on how to minimize negative social and environmental impacts from corporate activity. How can companies reconcile the need
to drive growth for investors with the notion of sustainability? John Elkington (1999) developed the concept of the Triple Bottom Line
which proposed that business goals were inseparable from the societies and environments within which they operate. Whilst short-term
economic gain could be chased, a failure to account for social and environmental impacts would make those business practices
unsustainable. (Corporate sustainability is a term often used interchangeable with CR/CSR/ Corporate Citizenship)

Also known as design for affordability - Innovators rally around a common design process, appreciate cultural contexts, develop deep
empathy, prototype and iterate ideas rapidly, and sometimes reframe the problem entirely in order to design for a huge majority of the
world population that is below the poverty line
US focused ( education reform and quality) global focus (lack of education and literacy)
Energy is at the heart of all sustainability issues it is the key to sustainable development. Solving the energy challenge, demand, supply and
operation will be key to solving the climate challenge, the development challenge ( including poverty) and the conservation challenge. Its
the biggest issue of our times. Cleantech is the response to this challenge -investments in clean sources of energy and technological
innovations in most of the energy intensive sectors. This is a huge, fascinating and exciting area with may opportunities for MBAs. It is also
a huge favorite investment area for the VC community for those of us interested in going into VC. There is also a lot going on in China and
some investment in India with pioneers coming from places other than Silicon Valley. Another reason why this is such an important issue is
energy security, if you want a quick primer on this issue read the Stern Review on Climate change.

Waste management/ E waste/ tools for environmental conservation
Financial Inclusion is the delivery of banking services at affordable costs to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups. This is a
specific issue focused on increasing access to financial services for those in the informal economy worldwide

Two reasons why this issue is important - 1) we need to reduce emissions on existing infrastructure after transport it’s retrofitting
buildings as the next biggest opportunity to create massive efficiency gains in energy (example Buildings consume over 72% of the
electricity in the US.) 2) new construction is an opportunity to leapfrog past mistakes and create a zero carbon intensive eco-system and
economy in developing countries ( linked to other issues such as food supply, transport, clean air and water)

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
SEE UNHCR - working on this issue essentially means promoting awareness and activities that champion human rights - also see business
and human rights for more insight
Sustainability in the information technology (IT) context means creating technologies, IT infrastructure, and new business models that
promote low emissions, save money and leave a lighter footprint on the environment. A new generation of sustainable IT services is being
innovated that deconstruct conventional physical infrastructure and make possible low-carbon improvements across business operations
and product life cycles. Plethora opportunities exist to make improvements across the value chain: in supply chain, in materials and energy
consumption, in IT system architecture and physical design, and in innovative tools and models to optimize resource allocation.

Impact measurement is a very important field as a lot of funding is dependent on showing that the project/ approach being funded works.
Social Return on Investment, or SROI is an attempt to measure the social and financial value created by a non profit, NGO or business - its
largely an academic exercise due to the complexity of organizations and activities that are being measures. Moreover social impact is often
intangible and difficult to measure/ quantify
self explanatory
Microfinance is the supply of loans, savings, and other basic financial services to the poor." (CGAP)As the financial services of microfinance
usually involve small amounts of money – small loans, small savings etc. – the term "microfinance" helps to differentiate these services
from those which formal banks provide.
self explanatory
General sessions on sustainable development
public-private cooperation in the form of Partnerships between government agencies and the private sector in order to solve a social or
environmental issue examples include GAVI/, MMV, Global Fund to fight AIDS etc
Focuses on the discovery ,delivery of healthcare services and advocates for billions of people who lack access to basic healthcare

Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others
miss by improving systems, inventing new approaches and creating sustainable solutions to change society for the better. However, unlike
business entrepreneurs who are motivated by profits, social entrepreneurs are motivated to improve society. Despite this difference, social
entrepreneurs are just as innovative and change oriented as their business counterparts, searching for new and better ways to solve the
problems that plague society. (SKOLL)

synonym for sustainability
Social venture capital is a form of venture capital investing that provides capital to businesses deemed socially and environmentally
responsible. These investments are intended to both provide attractive returns to investors and to provide market-based solutions to social
and environmental issues.
Management/ strategy consulting for organizations focused on creating value/ opportunities and managing risks from social and
environmental impacts - a way to provide companies with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and
environmental impacts.
Includes supply chain issues, labour, fair trade, need for organic cotton, trade subsidies, eco materials, “field-to-shelf involvement in
creating a more eco-friendly supply chain is particularly focused on keeping toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and defoliants out of
water, food and air
designing for energy efficiency and integration of natural materials wherever possible. Reduction or elimination of items used in
construction which can produce noxious or toxic fumes for years to come. Naturally insulating construction, natural lighting,
- Landscape utilization of native plants and/or tolerant of prevailing climate a rainfall without irrigation. If trees or large amounts of shrubs
are taken out to accommodate buildings replanting of the same species in like quantities within the project. Organic methods applied to
maintaining the landscape and utilization
-Outreach to the immediate community for resources, when those resources are not in sufficient supply or non-existent, working with local
resources to develop the product on a local level. This creates a sustainable and diverse local economy, which is stronger and more vital.
- Energy, utilization of highly efficient equipment in as may aspects as possible. Production of energy through the use of alternative
sources, wind or solar power. In its ultimate expression production of energy exclusively from alternative sources or even producing more
than it consumes.
- Utilization of low impact and biodegradable products wherever possible in laundry cleaning and maintenance operations.

Disclosure and reporting on economic, environmental, and social performance as an indicator of organizational success and value creation -
for more see GRI ( Most major corporations today issue a corporate sustainability/CSR report to
supplement financial disclosure
Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals--environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.
Stewardship of human resources includes consideration of social responsibilities such as working and living conditions of laborers, the
needs of rural communities, and consumer health and safety both in the present and the future. Stewardship of land and natural resources
involves maintaining or enhancing this vital resource base for the long term. A systems perspective is essential to understanding
sustainability. The system is envisioned in its broadest sense, from the individual farm, to the local ecosystem, and to communities affected
by this farming system both locally and globally.

Innovative financing for sustainability - understand the impacts of environmental and social considerations on financial performance. There
is a growing view that banks, insurers, asset managers and other financial sector participants have a pivotal role to play in ensuring
sustainable and long term economic growth. Attention is increasingly being paid to the manner in which the financial sector provides and
manages capital, whether impacts on sustainable development are considered and if contributions to society and environment are made.
In addition the linkages between environment, social and governance issues and financial value are increasingly apparent. A broad range of
financial institutions, including commercial banks, investment banks, venture capitalists, asset managers, and multi-lateral development
banks and agencies -need to be involved in a constructive dialogue about the nexus between economic development, environmental
protection, and sustainable development. This covers the integration of environmental considerations into all aspects of the financial
sector's operations and services.

Part of sustainable finance - looks at investing activity - sustainable investment goes beyond just buying shares in a solar panel company for
good returns. Its about investment strategies that maximize financial, environmental, social and governance gains

Focus on the need to cut carbon out of the supply chain i.e. shrinking companies' carbon footprints and energy costs while improving
corporate performance: Increasing political momentum around issues such as resource scarcity, climate change, security, and new
regulations brings to light critical challenges that supply chains in all industries will face in the coming years. SCM includes ensuring that the
goods and services provided by suppliers are sustainable and working with suppliers to increase efficiency and competitiveness, Working
effectively with customers and sales channels to design sustainable products and services.

Freshwater is drying up, or being contaminated by parasites and chemicals - in a world with increasing population water is seen as the next
conflict resource - It's the axis issue that intersects the world's greatest challenges, from health, poverty and security to climate,
immigration and environment, even financial and commodities markets. More than five million people die each year due to a lack of safe
drinking water, and the United Nations estimates that 5.5 billion people will lack adequate access to fresh water in the next 20 years.
Water scarcity and threats to water quality have emerged as serious threats to people and businesses around the world.
  Time         Session Name                                            Speakers
  10:45 am -                                                           Pete Davies, Richard Seireeni, Anthony Zolezzi,
1 12:15 pm     Bringing Green Products to the Masses                   Amy Hebard

                                                                       Vic Abate, Gregg Dixon, Sheree Petrone, Clint
2              Building a New Energy Infrastructure                    Wilder

                                                                       Matt Lazarewicz, Brian Parsonnet, Bart Riley,
3              Business Opportunities in Energy Storage                Frank DiSalvo

               Case Study: Designing a Better Bottle with Bio-based
4              Plastic with Green Harvest and Ziba                     Debbie Driscoll, Patrick Kenney
               Case Study: From the Credo and Beyond: The
               Development of a Sustainability Strategy with Johnson   Coleman Bigelow, Al Lannuzzi, Patrick
5              & Johnson                                               McCrummen, Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy

               Climate Change Mitigation: What is the Role of
6              Agriculture?                                          Jason Aramburu, Jeff Bernicke, Edward Heslop
               Creating Access to Clean Water: A Top Down vs. Bottom Gemma Bulos, Kevin McGovern, Bjorn von
7              Up Approach                                           Euler, Cheryl Choge
                                                                     Holly Fowler, James Stanway, Terry Vreeland,
8              Energy Efficiency: Going Beyond the First Pass        Tracy Cheung

               Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps: Become a Rachel Beckhardt Hinchliffe, Ian Lavery,
9              Fellow or Host a Fellow                              Catherine Sweere, Neelam Bhatia

               John Perkins, Economist, Founder of Dream Change and
               the Pachamama Alliance and Author of Confessions of
10             an Economic Hit Man                                  John Perkins
               Mark Albion’s More than Money Training for Graduate
11             Career Services Professionals                        Mark Albion, Mrim Boutla

12             Opportunities in Opportunity Finance                    Greg Fairchild, Debra Schwartz, Mark Pinsky
                                                                       David Murphy, Sarah Pacheco, Paul Polizzotto,
13             Scaling Socially Driven Enterprise                      Bart Houlahan

               Scaling Solutions: Managing Corporate Responsibility    Michael Jacobson, Kevin Moss, Jeff Senne,
14             Globally                                                Audra Jones

               Social Intrapreneurship: Secrets of Successful Corporate Hamlin Metzger, Mike Nicholus, Stewart
15             Changemakers                                             Rassier, Dave Stangis, Sarah Cooke

               The Comparative Advantage: Partnerships in
16             International Development                               Erin Mote, Madhu Sridhar, Erin Hulme

               The Evolution of Corporate Philanthropy: Achieving      Anne Bronson, Hasting Stewart, Mark Kramer,
17             Greater Impact Through Strategic Giving                 Jason McBriarty
                  The Future of Organics: Is There Still Room for Small
18                Business and Entrepreneurs?                             Sarah Endline, Jessica Rolph, Mary Vincent
                  The Hospitality Divide: Looking at the Future of
19                Sustainable Hospitality                                 Susan Mann, Russell Savrann, Raj Chandnani

                  Transforming Education: How to Use Your Business        J. Delano Ford, Lindsay Kruse, Brandon
20                Skills to Make a Difference                             Malmberg, Kerry Connor

                                                                          Graham Hill, Deborah O’Malley, Edward
21                Universal Design: Opportunities & Implications          Steinfeld, Susanne Bruyere

  12:30 – 1:45    Applied Learning: Enhancing Students’ Knowledge         Kelly Boone, Melissa Carrier, Klaus Weber, Jo
1 pm              through Corporate and Nonprofit Partnerships            Mackness

2                 Networking Session: Board Fellows                       Josh Cleveland

3                 Networking Session: Curriculum Change                   Alejandra Villalobos
                  Special Net Impact Screening of: “In Search of the Good Vanessa D’Ambrosia, Dean Krehmeyer, Denny
4                 Corporate Citizen”                                      Swenson

                  Workshop: Sustainable Investment: The Future of the
5                 Industry                                                Hewson Baltzell

                 Social Entrepreneurs in the Water, Sanitation, and
1 1:00 – 1:45 pm Hygiene Sector                                           Cheryl Choge, Tito Llantada
                 Transformational Innovation, Iconic Branding, and
2                Holistic Sustainability                                  Udaiyan Jatar

                 Beyond Strategic Philanthropy: How Corporate
                 Changemakers Promote Broad Social and                    Beth Cieslik, Michelle Mann, Colleen Van
1 2:00 – 3:30 pm Environmental Change                                     Haden, Michael Schreiber
                 Both Sides of the Term Sheet: Incubating Sustainable     Jim Mahoney, Udo Waibel, Eric Young, Charles
2                Venture Businesses                                       Hamilton, Kelsey Lynn

                  Can the Private Sector Spark the Green Revolution in    Al Doerksen, Lloyd Le Page, Simon Winter,
3                 Africa?                                                 Edward Mabaya

4                 Corporate Responsibility as a Gamechanger               Patty Calkins, Rich Lechner, Chris Librie

                  Creating a Network to Nurture Social Entrepreneurs and Jerri Chou, Christine Egger, Lennon Flowers,
5                 Triple Bottom Line Businesses                          Adriana Pentz, Ryan Fix
                                                                         Dan Bross, Valerie Smith, Chris Pinney, Dave
6                 Developing CSR Competencies                            Stangis

                  E-Waste Recycling: Designing, Manufacturing, & Selling
7                 Goods with End-of-Life in Mind                         Ralph Reid, Hamlin Metzger, Suman Dutta
8                 Eco-Tour
                                                                           Marc Fox, Paul A. Hilton, Bruce Kahn, Gregory
9                Getting Beyond Socially Responsible Investing             Larkin, R. Paul Herman, Peter S. Knight
                 Greening Your MBA: Leading Environmental Impact           Greg Buzzell, Trish Kenlon, Emily Martin,
10               Projects on Campus                                        Justin Parisi, Josh Cleveland
                 Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for
11               Women Worldwide                                           Sheryl WuDunn

                 Investing in Clean Energy Expansion: Greening             Saurabh Anand, Kenneth Brown, Gisele
12               America’s Infrastructure                                  Everett, Tyler Reeder

                 Keeping Score: Internal Strategies for External Impact & Mira Inbar, Eric H. Israel, Alex Mcintosh, Scott
13               Reporting                                                Bearse

                 Living in a Carbon Constrained World: How Fossil Fuels
14               are Rewriting the Energy Equation                      William Bruno, Sherri Stuewer

                                                                           Krista Bauer, Steven Phillips, Mari Ortega,
15               Public Private Partnerships in Global Health              David Greeley

                                                                           Sarah Endline, Susan Arnot Heaney, C.A.
16               Social Responsibility as a Marketing Tool                 Webb, Jeff Klein

                 Strategies for Sustainability with Adam Werbach, Global
17               CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S.                             Adam Werbach

                                                                           Matthew Kwatinetz, Philip Morris, Ian David
18               The Creative Economy                                      Moss
                                                                           Mark Albion, Deborah Merrill-Sands, Carolyn
19               The MBA Curriculum: Steering a New Course?                Woo, Maggie McArthur

                 Unplanned Innovation in the Supply Chain: The             Justin Boevers, Richard Coyle, Steve Varon,
20               Suppliers’ Perspective                                    Olivia Zaleski
                 Workshop: Design Process Thinking for Product             Mark Bates, Dan Buchner, Christine Ciccone,
21               Innovation                                                Gaurav Rohatgi

                                                                           Doug Cameron, Michael Gilbert, Maro
1 4:00 – 5:30 pm Can Biofuels Deliver?                                     Imirzian, Mark Stowers, Larry P. Walker

                 Case Study: Lighting the Bottom of the Pyramid with
2                OSRAM                                                     Wolfgang Gregor

                 Coca-Cola Enterprises Keynote Revisited: Corporate
3                Responsibility and Sustainability Goals One Year Later    John Brock
                 Cooperative Capitalism: The Value Proposition of          Tristram Coffin, George Hofheimer, William
4                Community Banking                                         Myers

                 Creating a Cradle to Cradle Economy: Stories from the     Robin Ingenthron, Travis Lee, Sean Martin,
5                Front Lines                                               Sandy Selman, Adam Menter
                                                           Heidi Baschnagel, Ryan Furby, Geoffrey Geist,
6    CSR Reporting: Moving Forward Meaningfully            Nick Andrews

7    Defining Brands, Changing the World                   Carol Cone, Arlene Fairfield, Cynthia Round

     Green and Affordable: Bringing Green Housing to the   Alma Balonon-Rosen, Ariel Behr, Andrew
8    Mass Market                                           Padian, Vincent Reina

                                                           Scott Baron, Jeffrey Brown, Antonio Coutinho,
9    Growing Opportunities in Wind Energy                  Richard Krauze, Dawn Dzurilla

     Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The New Business     Crist Inman, Garnie Nygren, Kristen Rainey,
10   Models of Sustainable Hospitality                     Brian Thurston

                                                           Brigid Ganley, Scott Morgan, David Rosenberg,
11   Innovative Models of Education                        Michael Strong

     Navigating and Profiting from Changes to U.S. and     Alan Nogee, John Saintcross, Jared Snyder,
12   Global Energy Policy                                  Ryan Kelley

     Picking Winners: Navigating Private Equity            Amol Deshpande, Jamie Kiggen, Brian Walsh,
13   Opportunities in Sustainability-Minded Businesses     Michael Goguen

14   Social Impact Measurement Framework                   Drew Tulchin, Eileen Yang, Gautam Kaul

                                                        Richard Coyle, Holly Fowler, Carrie Freeman,
15   Sustainable Innovation through Employee Engagement Justin Yuen
16   The Business of Health Care Policy                 Hyung Kim, Michael Shank

                                                           Marlys Appleton, Amy Muska O’Brien,
17   The Role of Institutional Investors                   Graham Sinclair, James Walsh, Craig Metrick

     The Vision Thing: The Power of Creative
18   Entrepreneurship                                      Ron Gonen, Don Shaffer, Jeff Mendelsohn

     Using Technology to Develop Business in Emerging      David D. Ferguson, Janet Longmore, Molly
19   Markets                                               Tschang, Glen Dowell
Content Notes                                                       Theme
Branding, marketing, Richard Seireeni is a bit of a brand veteran -
promises to be a good panel                                         Cause Marketing

Big names in Clean Tech/ plus GE will be very specifically focused
on avoiding legacy infrastructure trap. Specific panel on how
infrastructure must be dealt with to solve the energy issue - must
go if that is what you want to learn more about                    Energy and Clean Tech

Specific to energy storage - for energy experts and environ
scientists/ or if you want in-depth exposure to this issue           Energy and Clean Tech
Potentially interesting for people who want to go into green
design/ marketing. Will showcase insights from iconic bio-bottle
team                                                                 Design

Corporate sustainability focus - and if you want to meet the J&J
team / some good work on sustainable brands                          Corporate sustainability

Carbon and climate focus on solutions and enterprises providing
services for CC mitigation in agriculture. Join if your area of
expertise agriculture 20% emissions                                  Energy and Clean Tech
Excellent panel with leading experts from the field. Must do if
water is your issue                                                  Water sustainability
Companies take on energy efficiency - Walmart/FedEx/ Sodexho
and PG&E                                                             Corporate sustainability

Very specific to EDF/ climate corps role - attend if you want this
job                                                                  Energy and Clean Tech

Rainforest conservation/ awakening the idealist/ this will be a
rejuvenating g session if you have lost your passion/ or just need a
pick me up from the tough challenges we face to restore our
planet to health                                                     Inspirational session

Focused on career services professionals more than on students       Career counselling/ training

in particular looking at how this network offers financial access in
the US - one organizations perspective                               Financial inclusion
Better world books one of the panelists/ will focus specifically on
growing a social enterprise                                          Social Enterpreneurship
Intel/BT/Sodexho - another panel on corporate sustainability/ BT
has done some great work and have good insights/ it is tech
focused though                                                       Corporate sustainability

Dave Stangis used to be at Intel (8years) this panel is going to
provide a seasoned professionals view on what it takes to stay
and thrive in corporate sustainability and be an internal change
maker/ also perspectives from Accenture/ Saatchi and Saatchi (
but S&S is fairly new) should be interesting                         Corporate sustainability

IBLF knows PPP better than anyone - if your interest is in public PPP(public private
private partnerships/ and especially in international development partnerships)

Promises to be an excellent session led by Mark Kramer (FSG) and
representatives from Levis/ Shell. If philanthropy/ social impact
consulting is your thing than do this panel                       Corporate Philanthropy
very specific session on organic business/ useful for entrepreneurs sustainable agriculture
This should be a great panel for folks wanting to go into hotel     Sustainability in Hospitality
management/ hospitality                                             sector

Ed Pioneers, KIPP,Jumpstart and Uncommon schools - this is an
excellent line up for education not to be missed if that’s your thing Education

very specific to design for all ages/ this is going to be of interest to
people who will work with the aged/ children or anyone with
specific needs that design can solve / good panel of experts             Social Innovation
Focused on career services professionals more than on students/
or cabinet members to see what other MBA opportunities exist at
other schools                                                            Career counselling/ training
useful for net impact cabinet members to learn from each other/
best practice sharing                                                    Net Impact Cabinet
useful for net impact cabinet members to learn from each other/
best practice sharing                                                    Net Impact Cabinet

Review of a particular film on corporate citizenship                   Corporate sustainability

This is a talk by the co founder of Innovest ( they have done some
good work in the past) it’s a single speaker)                       Sustainable Finance
Good session by Global water channel and Ashoka with specific
cases - very interesting for those who want real life examples on
water sustainability                                                Water sustainability
Focus on iconic brands for social enterprises - interesting for the
social entrepreneurship folks                                       Social Enterpreneurship

Hear from practitioners in companies - this will talk about the
term / insights (strategic philanthropy) coined by Michael Porter
and how it is being applied in corporations - very interesting and
useful way of looking at philanthropy/ corp. sustainability. Also
interesting if you want a career in corporate sustainability           Corporate Philanthropy
Promises to be an excellent panel for anyone interested in social
venture capital                                                        Social venture capital

This is for people interested in Africa and her developmental
challenges - good line up from DuPont /Pioneer and Cornell             Sustainable agriculture

BSR/Xerox/IBM/SC Johnson - focus on CR and triple bottom line
focus at these companies. Good if you want to lean more about
CR/CSR/Corporate sustainability initiatives                            Corporate sustainability

This will be interesting for social entrepreneurs and those on the
venture side / network focus                                           Social venture capital
DaveS/Campbell, VPs from Citi and MS - should be a good panel
on corporate citizenship                                               Corporate sustainability

Specific focus on e-waste - good for people interested in IT
sustainability/ mobile waste and solutions                             Environmental sustainability
Fabulous line up of practitioners from Calvert/ Goldman/
Deutsche/GIM. Not to be missed if you are into sustainable
finance                                                               Sustainable Finance

interesting for anyone wanting to get involved in campus efforts Net Impact Cabinet
Speech/ Pulitzer prize winner - for people interested in women's
issues                                                           Human Rights/ Gender Equality
Fabulous line up of practitioners from Deutsche/JPM and others -
US focused but will be enlightening for all those interested in
solutions for the future                                         Energy and Clean Tech

Nestle recently re did they CR report/ dolomite is involved in a lot
of this work as is KPMG - this session is for people interesting in
corporate sustainability jobs and reporting especially as a lot of
the jobs revolve around communications                               Sustainability reporting
Conversation between Exxon and moderator - should be pretty
corporate focused/ a lot of "speak" not sure if this will cover real
issues                                                               Energy and Clean Tech

For those interested in global health - will touch on AIDS crisis /
brings corporate views to the table (Exxon)                           Public Health
Another interesting panel on cause marketing - social
responsibility and community impact as
part of the marketing mix.                                            Cause Marketing

Saatchi and Saatchi - small organization formed from the take
over of Act Now (Adam W moved as well) most famous for
Walmart work. 2 years old should be interesting for those looking
to work into his space                                            Sustainability consulting

Big picture focus on establishing environments ripe for creativity -
for those interested in fostering creativity in their organizations  Other
Focus on business and management education - curriculum
change towards sustainability                                        Education

Fantastic line up - this is the supply chain session to go for -
representatives from MSC/ Walmart and Div Intradeco                   Sustainable Supply Chain
3 hour workshop by Continuum on design thinking as a tool for
business                                                              Design
Excellent line up - real experts talk about biofuels - will be
specifically focused so good to go if you are interested in this
energy solution                                                       Energy and Clean Tech

Focus on access to energy at the BOP - interesting case study on
Africa (also talks about microfinance as an enabler) Good for
anyone interested in BOP or MF                                        Base of the Pyramid

candid discussion on key note - good for those interested in coca
cola/ water sustainability / sustainable agriculture                  Corporate sustainability
Good line up on community banking - credit unions ( chaired by
Aspen)                                                                Sustainable Finance

for those interested in lifecycle analysis of products,
representatives from a design firm, e waste recycler, retail
furniture store and Blue Skye                                         Environmental sustainability
More on reporting which is a huge field in itself - reps from Fedex
and Gap - Gap has one of the best CR reports out there - should
be a good panel                                                     Sustainability reporting
United Way and Global change talk about the impact / strategies
for cause marketing - both for and non profit focus / probably
example based                                                       Cause marketing

this panel is great because it brings together insights from
financing to federal tools for green building. Then it moves on to
talk about broader strategy for green building in America. Must go
if this is your area of interest.                                  Green building

Excellent line up - real experts talk about wind energy as one of
the sources that will help to solve the energy crisis and the
barriers to scaling up this particular source of clean energy        Energy and Clean Tech
Good panel - Crist Inman is an expert on enterprise and
conservation. He has also a deep expertise in the hotel sector.
With other panelists they explore the business case for              Sustainability in Hospitality
sustainability in this industry                                      sector

Excellent panel on education reform - led by Michael Strong
(FLOW) with teach for America, Uncommon Schools and Ed
Pioneers represented - must for people interested in education       Education

Amazing panel - not to be missed. The representatives are going
to share insights on Waxman Markey and COP 15 - panelist are
from US cgov and union of concerned scientists - they will be well
informed on potential scenarios and implications for the US        Energy and Clean Tech

This is the panel to go to if you are interested in clean tech private
equity                                                                 Sustainable Finance

Good panel on impact measurement and the debate around SROI/
social return on investment/ what are the metrics for ESG
measurement and how can they be applied.                         Impact measurement (SROI)
Walmart, Sodexho and Intel will talk about the employee aspect
of corporate sustainability and how it can be provide a strong
business case for the company. Will be a good panel - very issue
specific                                                         Corporate sustainability
Focus on US                                                      Public Health

Fabulous panel on ESG considerations and the role of Inst.
Investors in advancing the business case for sustainability - leaders
in the field Mercer as advisor to investors, TIACREFF and Sinclair.
Will be very good. Excellent for asset managers and those
interested in the role of finance for sustainability                  Sustainable Finance
Panel of social entrepreneurs - will be fun. Look up individual
entrepreneurs online to see if these businesses are of interest to
you                                                                   Social Enterpreneurship
This is the only panel on ICT sustainability with representatives
from Cisco and others leading the field - must go if this is your
area of interest                                                      ICT sustainability
     Time            Session Name                                            Speakers
                     2009 re-source™ Challenge: Boosting On-Campus           Paul Ligon, Leslie Lucas,
                     Recycling Rates with Nestle Waters North America and    Alex McIntosh, Anthony
     10:45 am – 12:15GreenOps
                      pm                                                     Zolezzi

                     Amplifying Impact: Using Business Skills to Make aHans Cole, Ashley Zwick,
1                    Transformative Impact in the Social Sector        Nora Silver, Cleveland Justis
                                                                       Alex Counts, Gil Crawford,
                     Beyond Microfinance: New Knowledge and Models for Henry Gonzalez, David
2                    Development                                       Maxson

                     Beyond the Bandwagon: Consumer Belief and
3                    Motivation Surrounding the Green Movement               Suzanne Shelton

                                                                             Josh Stack, Kevin Stack,
4                    Biomimicry: Nature as a Model for Entrepreneurship      Asheen Phansey
                                                                             Justin DeKoszmovszky,
                                                                             Peter Eliassen, Yasmina
                                                                             Zaidman, Francisco
5                    Careers at the Base of the Pyramid                      Noguera

                     Case Study: Consulting in the Development Sector with
6                    Accenture Development Partnerships                    Christopher Jurgens

                     Case Study: Putting More Value in the Value Chain with
7                    Relationship Coffee                                    Libby Evans
                                                                            Hema Gunasekaran,
                     Conquering Public Markets: Financing Needs for         George Sent, Rodney
8                    Emerging Businesses                                    Parsley
                                                                            Unmesh Brahme, Jo
                                                                            Mackness, Ben Packard,
9                    CSR 2020: The Past and Future of CSR                   Jim Schorr
                                                                            Marcus Chung, Kevin
                                                                            Martinez, Libby Reder, Katie
10                   CSR Careers: From Aspiration to Reality                Kross

                     Fashion with a Focus: Apparel Companies in their        Ruth DeGolia, Tal Dehtiar,
11                   Communities                                             Oliver Madison
                                                                             Kristen Beyers, Kevin Doyle,
                     Finding a Socially and/or Environmentally Sustainable   Nick Ellis, Ben Larkey, Amie
12                   Job in the Current Economic Climate                     Vaccaro

                                                                            Duncan Duke, Felicia
13                   International Approaches to Sustainability             Pullam, Robert Strand
                     Is There a (Social) Return on Investment for Workforce Steven Dawson, Edward
14                   Innovations in Healthcare?                             Reif, Mark Popovich

                     Pro Bono Service: Make Change without Living on a       Jenny Davis-Peccoud,
15                   Dime                                                    Jamie Hartman, Mike Lynch
                                                                             Mike Colgrove, Chris Liston,
                    Saving Our Built Environment: An Examination of the      RPA, LEED AP O+M, Scott
                    Economic and Environmental Impacts of Building           McClintock, Gregory
16                  Energy Retrofitting                                      Thomas, Mark Lorentzen

                                                                          Meg Busse, Erin DeCurtis,
                    Sector Switching: Making Your Move into the Nonprofit Monisha Kapila, Katie
17                  Sector                                                Pakenham, Kasey Gagnon
                                                                          Beth Colleton, Laura
                    Sustainability and Brand: Balancing New Messaging and Fortenberry, Rob Kaplan,
18                  Established Brands                                    Tina Dacin

                                                                             Tim Greiner, Jennifer
                    Sustainability as a Design Criteria and Corporate        Magnolfi, Adam Menter,
19                  Strategy                                                 Valerie Patrick, Reena Jana

                                                                            Jose Albertini, Jr., Thomas
                    Sustainable Destinations in Costa Rica: Master-Planned Enderlin, Gina Guillén,
20                  Developments and Ecotourism                             Millay Kogan, Ray Lansigan
                                                                            Charles B. Howland, Al
                    The Challenges of Clean Technology: Social Friction and Maiorino, Tom Stebbins,
21                  Renewable Energy Development                            Stephen Lacey
                    Workshop: From Green to Blue: Activating
22                  Sustainability throughout your Organization             Stewart Rassier
                   Making Conservation a Growth Strategy for the San
24 12:30 – 1:45 pm Diego Zoo                                                 Annie Chang, Lara Lee

25                  Making the Most of Your MBA Internship                   Liz Abbett, Karin Ash
                                                                             Lisa Jones Christensen,
                                                                             Shon Hiatt, Warner
26                  MBAs as (R)Evolutionary Change Agents                    Woodworth

                    Workshop: How to Generate Business Value through
27                  CSR                                                      Jason Saul

                    Case Study: Nonprofit Environmental Entrepreneurship
29 1:00 – 1:45 pm   with the Habitat for Humanity ReStore                Chris Council

                    Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility:
30                  Perspectives from an American in Scandinavia             Robert Strand

31                  Net Impact: Start a Net Impact Chapter                   Will Morrison, Kirin Swanson

32                  Socially Responsible Business Plan Competitions          Ian Fisk

                    The Benefits and Challenges of Implementing an
33                  International Eco-label Standard                         James Balch

                    Case Study: Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable
35 2:00 – 3:30 pm   Transportation with Better Place                         Amit Nisenbaum
     Case Study: Investigating Women’s Role in Sustainable   Supriya Banavalikar, Marcia
36   Development with The Hunger Project                     Greenberg

                                                           Peter Capozucca, Robert
     Case Study: Supporting Education through Ecotourism   Granja, Douglas McMeekin,
37   with Yachana                                          Monica Touesnard
                                                           Tirza Hollenhorst, Brian
     Communicating Corporate Responsibility through Social Reich, Will Robinson, Nick
38   Media                                                 Aster

     COP15: A Global Compact on Carbon with Nancy Sutley,
39   Chair, Council on Environmental Quality              Nancy Sutley, Sheeraz Haji

                                                             Peter Frykman, Mike Lin,
40   Design for Extreme Affordability                        Ting Shih, Jeffrey Gangemi

                                                             Henry Gonzalez, Amie Patel,
                                                             Harold Rosen, Steven
41   Emerging Markets Investing: Beyond Aid                  Zausner, J. Alexander Sloan

     Innovations in Electricity: The Smarter Grid of         Cameron Brooks, Michael
42   Tomorrow, Today                                         Jung, Ted Howes

                                                             Tim Derrick, Robert Petrina,
43   Making Solar Work                                       Jeff Wolfe, Stephen Lacey
                                                             Derek Cabrera, Michael
     Social Entrepreneurship: Hybrid Business Models and     Strong, Anke Wessels,
44   Maximizing Impact                                       Kevin Hager

     The Clean Energy Deployment Administration or "Green
45   Bank"                                                Reed Hundt

46   The Green Jobs Revolution                               Jailan Adly, Dave Pollard

                                                             Dan Bross, Chris Pinney,
47   The State of Corporate Citizenship                      Barbara Dyer

     The United Nations Global Compact: Challenges and       Ben Jordan, Maggie Kohn,
48   Opportunities                                           Oliver Williams

     Thinking Outside the Can: Creative Innovations to       Kurt Blascoe, Ron Gonen,
49   Expand the Recycling Market                             Fred Keller, Ben Anderson
                                                             Andrew Furner, Michael
     Transparency 2.0: Reaping the Rewards and Passing       McNicholas, Sabrina
50   Them Along to the Consumer                              Vigilante, Phil Fitzpatrick

51   Workshop: Are You Doing It Pro Bono?                 Jamie Hartman, Aaron Hurst
     Workshop: Co-Creativity: Leveraging the Power of the
     New Consumer to Drive Innovation, Growth, and Social
52   Impact                                               Raphael Bemporad

     Workshop: Measuring and Managing Corporate Social
53   Responsibility Performance                              Monica Nakielski
54   Workshop: More than Money with Mark Albion   Mark Albion
Content Notes                                                                                  Theme
This panel will focus on a single initiative being undertaken in collaboration with Nestle
and Wholefoods across US colleges. Of interest of those who want to make contacts at
these companies.                                                                               Water sustainability

Representatives from Patagonia ,speak with academics about using MBA skills for
transformation. A start will also be discussed but not clear which one - this panel will be of
interest to a broad MBA audience especially if you are new to this sector and want to
figure out where you can make an impact                                                        Career counselling/ training

Amazing line up - leaders in microfinance from Grameen, Microvest, Morgan Stanley and
Accion. Must attend if this is your area.                                             Microfinance

Advertising agency originally focused on media and high tech but also retail and financial
services will talk about cause marketing - single speaker event                                Cause Marketing

Specialized session on this new source of innovation for sustainable development - very
interesting and up and coming field. IF your interest is in environment / design and
innovation this is a good session to attend. Notice it is a small panel and led by academics/
one green building expert - the panel will present case studies which may be interesting      Biomimicry

This is a session led by practitioners and must attend for those looking for opportunities in
the BOP or wanting to learn more about the BOP. Representatives include an all star cast:
Acumen Fund, Next Billion/WRI, Vision Spring (social entrepreneur) and SC Johnson             Base of the Pyramid

case study - single speaker - of interest to those who want to learn more about ADP and
also about the kind of work they do                                                            Sustainability Consulting

Case study - single speaker - supply chain focus on coffee industry - very interesting for
those interested in greening the supply chain. Representative from sustainable harvest         Sustainable Supply Chain

Excellent panel on private equity strategies for sustainability ventures - must attend for
entrepreneurs - reps from leading PE firms                                                     Sustainable Finance

Amazing line up - leaders from HSBC and Starbucks - starbuck is the innovator on CR and
this promises to be a fantastic panel                                                          Corporate sustainability

No intro needed - this is Katie's session!                                                     Career counselling/ training

The first session on Apparel - this is for anyone looking to go into apparel as it will explore
first hand the issues around fair trade and environmental sustainability for this industry. Sustainability in Apparel
Looks like a good panel for those overwhelmed by the job search - both triple pundit and
bright green talent have plenty of experience and should be able to provide good
guidance                                                                                        Career counselling/ training

General overview on how sustainability is viewed and manifested globally - wide ranging
discussion from GMOs to differing standards - interesting for someone new to
sustainability and looking for an overview                                                     Other

Session very specific to workforce ROI in US healthcare.                                       Public Health

Specific discussion around pro-bono work by Bain and Capital One - a consulting firm and
a financial services firm. Case studies/ will explore relevance of business to non profits Other
At last a good session on retrofitting existing infrastructure and why that is important to
the energy debate. CBRE is a global real estate services company and Nexamp is a leader
in projects that reduce energy consumption. Promises to be a good session                   Green Buidling

Representatives from Common Good careers and idealist will discuss career opportunities
in the non profit sector - will be interesting to those specifically focused on non profits Career counselling/ training
Another fabulous line up - NBC, Brown Forman and FedEx will talk about branding for
sustainability - BF and FedEx are experts in this space and should have good insights to
share.                                                                                      Cause Marketing

Bayer, Autodesk, Business week and Pure will talk about sustainability strategies for
companies. Specific focus on design and innovation - do some research before you decide
on this panel - check out the companies and speakers                                    Corporate sustainability

Excellent panel with Marriot/ rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Hospitality and Costa Rican   Sustainability in the Hospitality
reps on eco-tourism. Must do if this is your field of interest                               industry

Focus on community buy-in for renewable energy projects - especially wind. Looks like a
great panel for those looking for contacts /knowledge in this area                           Energy and Clean Tech
Single speaker session by Saatchi & Saatchi S on employee motivation - pre registration
required                                                                                     Corporate sustainability
Short Session by Jump Associates on one project they did - go if you want to lean about
Jump interested in Zoology/ conservation                                                     Conservation

Cornell CMC and Honest Tea will advise on how to navigate your internship                    Career counselling/ training

Will cover stories of how MBAs have made a difference                                        Inspirational session

Well known practitioner - should be interesting for those who want more insight into
sustainability strategy development for non profits/ corporations and foundations            Sustainability Consulting

Specific example of ReStore and Habitat - interesting to those who want to be connected
to Habitat                                                                              Community Development

Specifically focused on a comparison of US and Scandinavia - Scandinavia known to be a
leader in sustainable business practices with much to teach other regions of the world.
Single speaker session - do research before you attend                                       Corporate Sustainability

                                                                                             Net Impact

Ian Fisk is an expert in this field                                                          Case competitions

Eco-labeling and the issues surrounding implementation                                       Certification

Transport is a huge issue/ big emitter/ negatively impacts social and environmental
landscape and needs to be fundamentally rethought. Better Place is the world’s leading
EV provider - this session should have some good insights into issues surrounding
transport and what one organization is doing to contribute to the solution                   Sustainable Transport
Overview of the Hunger Project                                                                 Community Development

Discussion on Yachana Foundations work in the Amazon                                           Social Entrepreneurship

Fantastic line up on social media - Ogilvy, If people and little m media - must do session if
you are interested in social media                                                            Cause Marketing
This is the one exception to single speaker sessions in that it has Cleantech LLC in
conversation discussing COP15 and the implications for the public and private sector.
Promises to be a good sessions for those interested in the latest views in climate change
and Copenhagen                                                                                Climate Change
Leaders such as ClikDiagnostics show what is possible in terms of innovation for the poor -
promises to be an interesting session on how to access the BOP and how to design for this
audience                                                                                      Base of the Pyramid

Excellent panel that will talk about SVC - the big picture - must attend if this is your area of
interest. Panelists are leaders in their field                                                   Social Venture Capital

Excellent panel led by Ted Howes of IDEO - must attend for those interested in
innovations in renewables infrastructure                                                       Energy and Clean Tech

Great line up from Axio/ GroSolar and Yingli Green to discuss the opportunities and risks
around solar as solution to the energy crisis.                                                 Energy and Clean Tech

Discussion around well know social entrepreneurship challenges such as scaling and
replicability - good panel                                                                     Social Entrepreneurship
Coalition for the Green Bank will talk about CEDA and its relevance to the future of
renewables in the US - should be interesting for those focused on clean tech especially in
the US and US energy policy                                                                    Energy and Clean Tech
very interesting session on the impact of US Federal stimulus on creating new green jobs
and where these opportunities will emerge. Good for both career perspective and
sustainability in the US focus                                                                 Career counselling/ training

Hitachi and Microsoft will explore what it means to be a good corporate citizen based on
the CC survey - US focused/ interesting for those who want to understand how the debate
and agenda around CC/CSR/ Corporate sustainability has evolved over time and where we
are now. Good panel                                                                      Corporate sustainability

UNGC reps, Coca Cola and Merck discuss the role of the compact in advancing corporate
sustainability. Will be of interest if you want to work for UNGC                               Corporate sustainability
Really good panel on recycling - promises to be deep and broad - reps from Cascade/
preserve/ Recycle bank will talk about the need/ impact of recycling and where the
debate is headed                                                                               Environmental Sustainability

MSC, Uoriki Fresh Inc and rainforest Alliance discuss transparency in the supply chain -
fabulous panelist line up - must attend for those interested in operations/ supply chain       Sustainable Supply Chain
Taproot Foundation is the expert on pro bono - should be an interesting session on how
to get involved                                                                                Other
BBMG based out of NYC and San Fran - talk about consumer side of sustainable
development agenda - these guys are really good at what they do - should be some
interesting insights into brand                                                                Cause Marketing

Session led by Harmeda on metrics and reporting on sustainability for companies (they do
CSR consulting and stakeholder engagement projects as well)                              Sustainability Reporting
Do some research on the book/ read the book   Career counselling/ training
Conference Tracks
Corporate Impact
Energy and Clean Tech
International and Community Development
Social Innovation

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