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Call Center Community niChe Job board

Founded in 1998, is the leading NICHE                We make it EASY for candidates to find you!
employment source for reaching PASSIVE Call Center and                  By marketing our Web site to the Call Center community we
Customer Service professionals.                                         reach the people who have jobs and are looking for the next
                                                                        opportunity to further their career–or locate a position where has the largest collection of QUALITY job            their experience will be valued.You can reach these people via
openings in the industry (not temp positions or staffing agency
postings.) People visit to quickly view quality
jobs available in their Metro area – or area of specialization. They    Make it EASY for you!
return because we are part of the community!                            We have created an automated process whereby we can
                                                                       “automatically” add your open positions to
Our Competitive Advantage…                                              on a daily basis. We review these jobs manually to insure
As a “niche” career site we are able to attract a type of visitor       accuracy – AND – we even send the people to YOUR site
most job boards (and newspapers) cannot – the person looking            to apply! What could be easier or more efficient?
for a new opportunity within the industry.

    SITE STATISTICS                                                    SALARY RANGE DEMOGRAPHICS:
                                                                       40% of resumes - $10,000 to $30,000 Statistics: (2008 Averages)
                                                                       32% of resumes - $30,000 to $50,000
   • 158,332 average monthly visitors in 2008.
   • Over 68,000 active resumes in the database.                       20% of resumes - $50,000 to $90,000
   • 1,184 average page views per job posted in 2008.                  8% of resumes - $90,000+ salary range.

                                          888.353.7529   2   CallCenterJobs.Com

      1. Search Engine Placement:                                               •    TelePlaza is listed on ALL the Major search engines     
         for career related searches on call center topics. In addition,            CCJ “Powers” their
         our Partner, TelePlaza is probably the BESTindexed site                    Career Section.
         on the Internet for telemarketing and call center keyword searches
         including call center jobs.                                             • Call Center Xchange
      2. Online Advertising:                                                        com advertises on, Overture, Google,           CCJ “Powers” their
         MSN, FindWhat,Yahoo, as well as over 20 call center industry web sites.    Career Section.
         We are reaching over a million visitors
         every year!                                                             •
      3. Partnerships with Industry related Web sites:                              CCJ “Powers” their
         Conference Companies / Associations                                        Career Section. has partnered with four (4) of the top
         Call Center Industry Conference companies. These firms include our      • CrmXchange
         LOGO and a description of our company in their conference materials
         they mail (and email) to industry professionals.                           CCJ “Powers” their
                                                                                    Career Section. is reaching between 40,000 - 60,000 industry
         professionals every month as a Sponsor in these mailings. We are also   • American Teleservices
         featured on their web sites as a MEDIA PARTNER with a link to our          Assn.
                                                                                    CCJ is an official Partner
         In addition, is sponsoring or mentioned                 of the ATA.
         on MANY web sites across the industry. Following are just
         a few sites we have relationships with at the moment.                   • International Customer
                                                                                    Service Association
                                                                                    Career Resource Suppli

888.353.7529   3   CallCenterJobs.Com

Capabilities:                                                                Job	Scraping	(Wrapping)	–	the	technology	used	to	take	job	
	 •	 Candidates	can	apply	via	your	web	site.                                 postings	from	an	Employers	web	site	and	add	them	directly	
	 •	 Candidates	can	apply	via	email	directly	to	your	email	box.              to
	 •	 Automatic	posting	of	jobs	to	our	web	site                               	 •	 Candidates	view	a	position	on	our	web	site	and	are	taken		
    	 (scraping,	wrapping,	etc.).                                            	 	 from	to	the	Employers	web	site	to	apply		
	 •	 Boolean	resume	search	capability.                                       	 	 for	open	positions.
                                                                             	 •	 CCJ	tracks	number	of	views	per	position
Rates	are	GROSS	for	packages	and	NET	for	Single	Job	Postings.                	 •	 Job	Titles	are	reviewed	by	CCJ	Staff	to	insure	accuracy.

Individual	Pricing:                                                          Job	Scrape/Wrapping	subscribers	CAN	track	hires	from	our	site.	
	   •	$175	–	Single	Posting	(on	site	for	60	days.)                           We	place	a	code	in	the	link	so	you	
	   •	$275	–	1	Job	Posting	and	15	days	of	resume	searching                   can	track	hires	made	from	
	   •	$195	–	30	days	of	resume	searching                           !
	   •	$295	–	25	resume	database	searches*	(use	within	one	year.)
	   (*	A	search	includes	access	to	ALL	resumes	delivered	for	EACH	search!)

Package	Pricing:
	 •	$395	–	3	Job	Posting	Package
	 •	$595	–	5	Job	Posting	Package
	 •	$1,295	–	10	Job	Posting	Package	

Unlimited	Job	Postings:
Job	Scraping	/	Wrapping	–	includes	tracking	our	performance.
Setup	fee	–	$350	to	$750.
	   •	One	call	center	location	($1,595/year)
	   •	2	locations	($1,495/year	-	$2,990	total)
	   •	3	locations	($1,395/year	-	$4,185	total)
	   •	4	locations	($1,295/year	-	$5,180	total)
	   •	5-9	locations	($1,195/year	per	location)
	   •	10+	call	center	locations	($9,995/year	TOTAL)

                                              888.353.7529   4   CallCenterJobs.Com

Resume Searching (*3 User license)                                                 For any other Pricing requests call 1-888-353-
  • $195 – 30 days unlimited searching                                             7529 Other services offered by CallCenter-
  • $295 – 25 resume database searches (use within one year.)            
  • $495 – 90 days unlimited searching*
  • $895 – 180 days unlimited searching*                                           • “Job Match Software” for Selection /
  • $1,695 – 365 days unlimited searching*                                            Development / Retention:
                                                                             (through a Partnership
Company Profile Package - $495.00:                                                    with EmployeeAnswers) provides informa-
A Company Profile Package allows Employers to try CCJ over a period                   tion for improving Employee selection, de-
of time to allow us to demonstrate our effectiveness.                                 velopment and retention. EmployeeAnswers
   • 3 Job Postings to use throughout the year. Each posting on site for 60           offers Assessment Testing tools for Bench-
   days.                                                                              marking Top Performers in your organization
   • 25 Annual Resume Database searches. (A search includes access                    to help you identify their characteristics so
      to ALL the resumes in the category & Metro Area you select –                    you can hire MORE people with these char-
      not just 25 resumes.)                                                           acteristics.
   • Logo and link to your career section at your web site
      in YOUR Metro Area.                                                          • Software Licensing:
                                                                                     Use our software to post jobs on YOUR web
Metro Area Advertising: Logo & Link Package:                                         site! Open an account with us and every job
Let candidates know about your call center.                                          you post with us will also appear on YOUR
An annual advertisement, including a Company Logo and a LINK to your                 web site. Having job descriptions on your
web site will be displayed in a single Metro region. Let Job Seekers know            web site increases the amount of people
you have a call center in their area. All visitors are sent to your web site         applying to jobs with your company. When
to review open positions.                                                            an applicant visits your web site and does not
  • $395 – Single call center location – 365 days coverage                           see job openings they are far less likely to
  • $995 – 2-4 call center locations – 365 days coverage                             send you a resume.
  • $1,495 – 5-8 call center locations – 365 days coverage
  • $1,995 – 9+ call center locations – 365 days coverage

                                           888.353.7529   5   CallCenterJobs.Com

A. Telephone Representative Positions (Telesales, Customer Service, Help Desk, Collections, etc.)
In many cases companies are always on the look-out for good people in these positions. Since our audience is made up experienced
people it is a good idea to keep in front of them year round.

CCJ Solutions: 1. Company Profile Package - $495 - Three (3) Job                      2. Five Job Posting Package - $595 - run 5 consecutive job
                   Postings, 25 resume database searches AND a LOGO and               postings for these positions. Each job is good for 60 days
                   a Link to your web site for candidates looking for jobs in         so 5 postings will give you 300 days of coverage on
                   YOUR Metro area. Includes a full page write-up on your   
                   company with a link to your web site.

BENEFIT – Both of these packages are great for making sure you are reaching job seekers in your Metro Area. For example, when a mortgage
company went out of business in Ft. Lauderdale FL, received over 60 resumes from experienced call center candidates.

B. Call Center Management Positions (Supervisors, Managers, Directors,VP, etc.)

CCJ Solutions: 1. Five Job Posting Package - $595 - Buy 5 and keep them               3. Company Profile Package - $495 - Three (3) Job Postings,
                   in your account for when you need them.                            25 resume database searches AND a Link to your web site
                                                                                      from people looking for jobs in YOUR Metro area. Includes a
                   2. Job Posting and Resume Searching Package - $275 -               full page write-up on your company with a link to your web
                   One (1) Job Posting and 15 days of resume database access          site.
                   to locate BOTH active and PASSIVE job seekers. Includes
                   Boolean Search.

BENEFIT – Each job description added to the site is recorded for the next time you need to post Simply click Activate and the position is
immediately added..You can also edit a job by simply logging into the system and clicking Edit Posting and clicking on the title of the job.

C. Coverage for ALL your positions on (Telephone Reps., Supervisors, Managers, Directors,VP, etc.)

CCJ Solution:1. Unlimited job posting Account - CCJ will add your open positions to CCJ and have the people visit YOUR web site to apply for the
                   open position - via your OWN database. Pricing starts at $1,595 per location per year.

                                               888.353.7529   6   CallCenterJobs.Com
“What Employers using are saying:”
“We review the resumes delivered from before other
 resumes because they are always experienced candidates and we have
 a BETTER chance of hiring these people.”
 Paul Kavanaugh – KCG Associates
“I tried to fill a very difficult position that needed
 a specialized business person with call center experience. After months
 of searching using other venues I was desperate and within a week using I was able to find several eligible candidates for
 this and other key manager positions. I am now expanding my use with”
 Caroline Maguire - Staffing Specialist - The Hartford
 Internet Recruiting Works:
“The addition of to our recruiting strategy has
 significantly improved our ability to service our clients. I have been
 most pleased with the brand exposure we have received, as well as the
 caliber of candidates who respond via this unique advertising channel.”
 Allen R. Middleton,Vice President - Smith Hanley Associates
 Benefits of being a niche site:
“By being a niche site, attracts just the qualified
 candidates we need to fill our call center positions.”
 Sharon Veney - Prudential
 Quality Candidates:
“We have found the site to continually provide
 qualified candidates in the call center business. We continue to
 post ALL our center jobs regularly because of the great results
 we have experienced.”
 Jennifer Evans Haltmeier - The Cherenson Group
 Quality & Price:
“Our ad with was both economical
 and effective. We received applications from many qualified
 Dianne Schow - Project Mutual Telephone Co.

                                                888.353.7529    7   CallCenterJobs.Com

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