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English for Senior High School


Text 1 There are five requirements for a student who wishes to become a chemist that he possesses a greater than average aptitude for learning. Another is that he possesses a good working knowledge of mathematics.


Still another is that he enjoys applying his knowledge so some problems or others. In addition, he should be curious about things-about what causes natural phenomena and about how a things is put together, how it works, and why Finally, he must be enthusiastic.

1. The topic of the passage is …… a. a chemist student b. how to become a chemist c. requirements to become a chemist student d. the application of chemist in solving problems e. the importance of possessing good knowledge of mathematics

2. Which of the following requirements is not mentioned in the passage? a. Having done many experiments. b. Having a strong interest in chemistry. c. Having great natural ability in learning. d. Having a good knowledge of mathematics. e. Having curiosity about how things are formed or made.


Text 2 There was a time when the owner of shops and business in Chicago had to pay large sums of money to gangsters in return for protection. If the money was not paid promptly, the gangsters would quickly put a man out of business by destroying his shop.

Obtaining protection money is not a modern crime. As long ago as the fourteenth century, an English man, Sir John Hawkwood, made the remarkable discovery that people would rather pay large sum of money than have their life work destroyed by gangsters.

3. What did shop owners do in Chicago to get protection? a. They hired gangsters b. They paid large sums of money to Sir John Hawkwood c. They closed down there shops d. They put other shops owners out of business e. They asked for government’s help

4. What was the discovery made by Sir John Hawkwood? a. The discovery of Italy b. That shop owners in Chicago would pay money for protection c. That people would rather loose their work than pay money to gangsters d. That people would rather pay than have their work destroyed e. That people would hire gangsters to protect them

In cities …(5)… poverty sometimes occurs in …(6)… slums, where some poor people have not had the opportunity to learn skills that will help them to …(7)… a living. People trapped in this kind of situation often have …(8)… income.


5. a. least b. large c. likely d. extreme e. possible


6. a. fare b. small c. urban d. remote e. suburban


7. a. get b. owe c. find d. need e. earn


8. a. much b. enough c. sufficient d. inefficient e. inadequate


9. Rini : Why can’t we borrow the new books? Dina: They ………… now. a. are numbering b. were numbering c. are being numbered d. have been numbered e. have been numbering

10. Dika : Your English is good. When did you start learning it? Yoga : In 1995. And I … it for more than ten years. a. will learn b. am learning c. have to learn d. is going to learn e. have been learning

11. Popy : I wish I hadn’t seen the film before. It means … a. Popy doesn’t see the film b. Popy hasn’t seen the film before c. Someone saw the film now d. Popy sees the film now e. Popy saw the film before

12. Ted : Is your father working at this office? Tony : Yes, he …… here for ten years by the end of this year. a. works b. will work c. was working d. has been working e. will have been working

13. Ali

: In our next vacation we plan to climb Mount Sumbing. What do you think, Sir? Teacher : I don’t have any objection to the idea. From the dialogue above we can see that the teacher utters his …… to Ali.


a. agreement b. certainty c. satisfaction d. disagreement e. possibility


14. Bram : Will you came to the movie with me to night? Diah : I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t. My mother is ill. From the dialogue we know that Diah is……


a. stating agreement b. giving an opinion c. accepting an offer d. asking for permission e. refusing the invitation


15. Dedy : John lost his money on his way to school this morning. Angga : Oh, poor John. The italic sentence expresses Angga’s…. a. regret b. opinion c. expectation d. obligation e. sympathy

16. Daru

: I think the government should give more attention to the education Norman : I think so. Because the school fee is too expensive for the poor to pay.


The underlined words are used to express a/an… a. Like b. Surprise c. Opinion d. Pleasure e. Agreement

17. Ana : “Are you sure, you want to exchange your cloth with my watch?” Bob : “……………..” a. I’m sorry to hear that b. Yes, I agree with you c. Yes, I have no doubt about it d. I’m very happy for your asking e. It’s a pity of you to help me certain

18. Anwar : “Do you think the government will be able to overcome our economic crisis within one hundred days.” Ibrahim : “……….the condition is so comlicated and uncertain.”


Which of the following is not suitable to complete the dialogue above? a. It is impossible b. It’s very doubtful c. It’s highly unlikly d. It seems quite probable e. It is hard to predict


19. Hamidah : “Budi must have been ill, that’s why….” Mahmud : “I think so. He’s never been absent so far.” a. He hasn’t come b. He wasn’t coming c. He mustn’t come d. He didin’t come e. He hadn’t come

20. Tony : Why did you leave your job? Boby : Well, if the company……me more, I would not have left my job. a. paid b. had paid c. had not paid d. will have paid e. would have paid

21. Shita

: Wawan, will you help me type my homework? Wawan : Ok, but can I do it at home? Shita : Of course, but I must submit it to my teacher next Friday. Wawan : Don’t worry, I ….it by then.

a. will finish b. am finishing c. will have finished d. have finished e. had finished


22. Indra : How did you get here? I don’t see your car. Ardi : By bus. I am having it repaired. The underlined sentence means that… a. Ardi repairs the car b. Ardi has repaired his car c. The car is being repaired by someone d. Someone has asked Ardi to repaired the car e. Someone has the car repaired by Ardi

23. Susan : Pretty, I’ve got good news for you. Peter, the crazy guy, has got manager job. Pretty : What? What does Pretty’s expression mean? a. A question b. A boredom c. A dissappointment d. A pleasure e. A surprise


24. Susan : Why do you look awful? Yanti : I missed the train Susan : You …. Earlier. a. come b. must come c. would come d. have come e. should have come


25. A : My car is broken. Can you help me fix it? B : Sorry, I have too much work to do this week. Why don’t you ask, Paul? He is also an experienced mechanic. I think you can get him… your car. A : Thank you. I’ll go and see him right now.

a. fix b. to fix c. fixing d. fixed e. to be fixed



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