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					Preparing for Performance Reviews
Resources for line manager development

The Workforce Reform Team is seeking to establish a Line Manager Development Programme for use in
schools. This will be a generic programme based around the “HSE Management Standards Approach”,
that will be suitable for the professional development of:-

      Teachers with line management responsibilities who undertake statutory performance
       management reviews of colleagues
      Senior school support staff that manage teams of colleagues and undertake annual reviews.

Until this programme is developed, schools may find the following resources / links useful:-

“How to” sheets as produced by TDA / RIG.
Originally, the intention was for RIG to produce a series of around 20 of these guidance sheets. We are
now told that no more will be produced. These are specifically geared towards the new statutory
regulations for teacher performance management.
Creating the Right Environment
Equality, Fairness and Diversity
Performance Management
Reviewer Support
School Improvement
Unattached Teachers

Resources on Teachers TV
A number of 15 - 30 minute videos have been produced by Teachers TV, dealing with aspects of
Performance Management and in-house CPD. These are freely downloadable from or
can be viewed on-line. Follow the links to Whole School Issues / Performance Management or click on
the link below:

HSE “Line management behaviour and stress at work – guidance for line managers”.
Although the focus is reducing stress at work, pages 3-5 set out the 6 management standards, the
associated competencies and examples of positive and negative manager behaviour. The examples of
positive and negative behaviours are particularly useful for all line managers.

“A guide to Employee Development Reviews (EDRs) for School Support Staff”
Adapted form the LA Best Practice Guide for Employee Development Reviews, this guidance underpins
the pilot project for EDRs for school support staff (currently being piloted in 7 schools prior to wider
release in January 2008).
A Guide to Employee Development Reviews (EDRs) for School Support Staff

e-learning training resource to prepare both School Support Staff and their Line Managers / Team
Leaders for participation in the EDR process.
This e-learning resource is adapted from a similar resource used within the LA for training line managers
that undertake EDRs. It now focuses on the school environment and is being trialled in schools
undertaking the School Support Staff Development Review pilot.
The pilot will be completed by Easter 2008 and subject to a successful outcome, the EDR process will
then be made available to all schools.
Schools/individuals may review the materials in development and any feedback is welcome. Only
schools involved in the pilot programme should use the materials with support staff in schools until
the pilot is completed.

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