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                                         Kelley Perea-Shafer, Owner

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Bamboo & Teak         FP 185 F      16 oz: $22.00          8 oz: $11.50          64 oz: $83.00

An exotic woody, citrus type with a bergamot, lemon and litsea top-note, a floral rosewood and sage middle-note,
with a musky sandalwood and teak base-note.

Butter Cream          FP 212 F      16 oz: $20.00          8 oz: $10.50          64 oz: $75.00

Some may call this“Butterscotch”. Truly yummy in candles. CP soap safe however this one discolors to a very
dark brown upon cure. FO Color: Bright Yellow

Black Raspberry Vanilla Type FP 180 F 16 oz: $20.00        8 oz: $10.50          64 oz: $75.00

An uplifting blend of Raspberry, Peach, Lemon and Strawberry with a splash of Vanilla which ends with nice notes
of Flowers and Musk. No discoloration noted in Cold Process soap testing. A Bath and Body Works Duplication.
FO Color: Dark Yellow

Chamomile Pear        FP 200+F      16 oz: $19.00          8 oz: $10.00          64 oz: $71.00

An intoxicating blend of Bartlett pear and yellow chamomile blossoms with a green fruity top-note, a floral
honeysuckle middle-note and a soft woody, musky base-note. FO Color: Yellow

Cherry Almond Type FP 204 F         16 oz: $18.00          8 oz: $9.50           64 oz: $67.00

A Cherry Almond blend with floral notes. A mystifying scent that keeps you guessing. Similar to "Jergens Lotion"
original scent.
Christmas Memories – Claire Burke Type         FP 200+ F      16 oz: $17.00          8 oz: $9.00        64 oz: $63.00

FO Color: Yellow
Discolors to a Tan Color

One of our customers describes it best:

        I'm thinking it's cinnamon with a touch of clove, as well as notes of coriander, black pepper, nutmeg and
        maybe just a teeny bit of a soft vanilla. There might be a bit of chocolate in it, too... at least to my nose.
        What I like most is there's no dry down of musk – it ends as it starts, a delightful spicy note.

        What it reminds me of is a winter's evening, soft snow falling outside the cabin windows. There's a
        wonderful fire crackling in the fireplace. The dogs are lying in front of it, toasting themselves. You're
        curled on the sofa, cuddled in a soft blanket to keep out the chill. There are Pfeffernuss cookies sitting on
        the coffee table, and your SO is crouched in front of the fire, stirring a cinnamon stick in a cup of mulled

        What I like most about it is that I love cinnamon, but am wary of using too much
        in products due to the sensitization issue. This is a very safe work-around
        without giving up the pleasure of using cinnamon.


Citrus Basil - Type             FP 125 F        16 oz: $22.00           8 oz: $11.50            64 oz: $83.00

Fresh tangy citrus blended with a snap of basil. Very Energizing! A Bath & Body Works Duplicate scent. Very
popular! FO Color: Dark Orange


Clementine Lavender FP 135 F            16 oz: $18.00           8 oz: $9.50             60 oz: $67.00

One of our FO testers said it best: "Make room on your shelves for the Clementine Lavender! I got an opportunity
to sniff this one and it is wonderful! It is airy with a hint of sweet citrus, but the lavender is still there. It is a very
uplifting scent that is calming and invigorating at the same time. I couldn't take my nose away from it!"
A Simple Soothings Original Blend!

Cotton Blossom- Type            FP 200 F        16 oz: $22.00           8 oz: $11.50            64 oz: $83.00

A Bath & Body Works Duplicate scent. A beautiful blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia with a dry-down of
vanilla and musk. This fragrance oil may cause an accelerated trace. It is recommended that you mix this
fragrance oil with a bit of warmed reserved oils and add at low temperatures and at light trace. A water discount
is not recommended.

Cucumber Melon - Type           FP 208 F        16 oz: $21.00           8 oz: $11.00            64 oz: $79.00

A perfect pairing of crisp cucumber and juicy honeydew melon. Clean and fresh with a touch of sweetness. A
Bath & Body Works Duplicate scent. FO Color: Clear/Yellow Tinge

Daybreak               FP 190 F       16 oz: $17.00           8 oz: $9.00            64 oz: $63.00

Fresh apples with a hint of orange and lemon zest. A “Gwen Oglesby/Southern Classics” Original Blend.
This fragrance has a tendency to move quickly in CP soap. It is recommended that you do not discount your
water and use light trace and warm oils.

Fresh                  FP 220 F       16 oz: $20.00           8 oz: $10.50           64 oz: $75.00

A very refreshing, green scent. Pleasant to women and men both old and young. This is what a nice clean scent
should be - green and clean.

Gardenia               FP 200+ F      16 oz: $21.00           8 oz: $11.00           64 oz: $79.00

A beautiful blend of white southern gardenia with hints of jasmine, honeysuckle and violet.

Green Tea              FP 220 F       16 oz: $22.00           8 oz: $11.50           64 oz: $83.00

An uplifting fragrance that energizes the body excites the senses and revitalizes the spirit. Brimming with
sparkling scents such as Green Tea, Jasmine and Celery. Ours is more “Green” than other versions of Green Tea.
An exhilarating scent loved by many. A Bath & Body Works Duplicate scent

Herbal Essence - Type         FP 180 F        16 oz: $19.00          8 oz: $10.00 64 oz: $71.00

This fragrance is a duplication of Clairol's Herbal Essence's shampoo and conditioner scent. Fruity/Floral/Woody!
Perfect for both women and men, alike!

INIS - Type            FP 200+F       16 oz: $20.00           8 oz: $10.50           64 oz: $75.00

Inis is a daring and seductive blend based on a rugged and robust muguet (lily-of-the-valley) to embody the
coolness, clarity, energy and purity of the sea. Added to this is a top note of sparkling, diffusive citrus notes along
with traces of marine notes, balanced with base notes of sandalwood and oak moss and deepened with spice
notes of cloves and nutmeg. In all, a scent that moves people at many different levels. Inis is marketed as a
unisex cologne and hails from Ireland. FO Color: Pale Yellow

Jasmine Sambac         FP 200+ F      16 oz: $23.00           8 oz: $12.00           64 oz: $87.00

The mystery and allure of Jasmine has been a part of our lives since the dawn of perfumery. If you’ve been
looking for an alternative to the expensive absolute, here’s the solution. This scent is purely Jasmine – sensual,
delicate and full-bodied without being cloying and overly sweet, as some FO’s are. It is the closest we’ve found
to the real thing. It’s perfect on its own or for using in a blend, with no other notes interfering at dry-down. This
oil behaves beautifully in CP with no discoloration. A Simple Soothings original blend. FO Color: Yellow
Lime                   FP 135 F        * 15 oz: $17.00        7.5 oz: $9.00           60 oz: $63.00

This Lime fragrance oil should come in a plain brown wrapper. It is the grown up version. There is no usual life
saver scent or chemical smell to this one. It smells just like the fine oils that fly into the air when you twist a lime
peel. Real punch and clarity......great by itself or blended....a staple for everyone's fragrance collection.

* Please note that this fragrance is sold in 7.5, 15 and 60 ounces.

Lime Peppercorn        FP 160 F        16 oz: $21.00          8 oz: $11.00            64 oz: $79.00

This blend is the perfect match! A FANTASTIC grown-up lime. You must smell this to appreciate it! This
fragrance discolors to a brown in CP Soap. A Simple Soothings Original Blend!

Magnolia               FP 186 F        16 oz: $21.00          8 oz: $11.00            64 oz: $79.00

A "Southern Classics/Gwen Oglesby" Original Blend! Truly lovely and a best seller in the Simple Soothings retail
product line!

Moonlight Path – Type FP 220 F         16 oz: $20.00          8 oz: $10.50            64 oz: $75.00

A light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a slight hint of flowers. A beautiful scent all year round.
A Bath & Body Works duplicate scent.

Nautica - Type         FP 210 F        16 oz: $25.00          8 oz: $13.00            64 oz: $95.00

A duplication of the famous Men’s Cologne. Nautica is a refreshing, spicy lavender/amber fragrance with notes of
lemon, sage, rose and jasmine accompanied by moss and sandalwood. Women love this one too!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey FP 220 F         16 oz: $17.00          8 oz: $9.00             64 oz: $63.00

Truly the scent of home. Not a bakery type scent with overwhelming sweetness, but the earth scent of oatmeal,
the balance of rich milk and a touch of sweet honey. Gives the feeling of luxury without decadence.

Red Clover Tea         FP 220 F        16 oz: $21.00          8 oz: $11.00            64 oz: $79.00

A lovely tea scent with a light fruity floral combination of Violets, Lavender, Peaches and Raspberries. A Simple
Soothings original blend.

Sage & Citrus – Type FP 185 F          16 oz: $22.00          8 oz: $11.50            64 oz: $83.00

A spa-inspired mix of sparkling citrus and cleansing herbs. Very Revitalizing! A Yankee Candle duplication. FO
Color: Light Brown
Stress Relief - Type   FP 206 F               16 oz: $18.00          8 oz: $9.50            64 oz: $67.00

A soothing blend of Lavender and Sage with a hint of Peppermint and Star Anise. This is a very clean scent and a
sure hit with women and men alike! A Bath and Body Works duplication. FO Color: Pale Yellow

Sweet Pea - Type       FP 208 F               16 oz: $23.00          8 oz: $12.00           64 oz: $87.00

The sweet scented leaves of the sweet pea flower mixed with a hint of pear, loganberry and fresh green rhubarb.
A Bath & Body Works duplicate scent. FO Color: Yellow

Tranquil Sleep - Type FP 220 F                16 oz: $21.00          8 oz: $11.00           64 oz: $79.00

A Bath & Body Works duplicate scent. A warm sweet floral blend with jasmine, lily, lavender and violet and a
background of smooth woody and musk notes. Discolors to a tan.

Tudor Rose             FP 218 F               16 oz: $17.00          8 oz: $9.00            60 oz: $63.00

This one's a dead-on ringer for the real thing. Reminiscent of an English Garden with the sweet rose scent
floating on the breeze. Great alone or excellent to blend. A traditional bath and body products staple.
FO Color: Clear

True Antique Lilac     FP 218 F               16 oz: $19.00          8 oz: $10.00           64 oz: $71.00

This is a TRUE Lilac and doesn’t have that yucky powdery smell. Wonderful sticking power! The perfect spring
scent that sells well all year long. A huge customer favorite and the one you’ve been looking for! A Simple
Soothings original blend. FO Color: Clear/Yellow Tinge

Water Lily             FP 200+ F              16 oz: $20.00          8 oz: $10.50           64 oz: $75.00

This fragrance encompasses the fresh water scent of a babbling brook, a touch of soft spring green leaves and
the delicate not flowery floral of the water lily. Clean, fresh with hints of floral, herbal and water all wrapped up
in one. Great unisex scent and in a category all its own. It is the freshwater version of ocean scents. A Simple
Soothings original blend. FO Color: Yellow

Wisteria               FP 200+ F              16 oz: $21.00          8 oz: $11.00           64 oz: $79.00

A woody-floral fresh blooming wisteria type, with a neroli/orange blossom top-note, a white flower jasmine, lily of
the valley, honeysuckle and violet leaf middle-note, with a rosy-woody base-note.

Youth Dew Amber Nude – Estee Lauder Type FP 200 F             16 oz: $25.00   8 oz: $13.00 64 oz: $95.00

This one is a bit pricier than our others... but OH MY... so worth it! If you haven't had a chance to smell this new
rendition of the classic "Youth Dew" fragrance... visit your department store counter today .. You won't be
disappointed! I'm sure you'll fall in love as we have. Youth Dew Amber Nude Type is warm, sensual, and
intimate. A fragrance that invites you to get closer. Radiant florals, dark chocolate, spices and the blatant
sensuality of a black rose beckon a woman to feel warm and sexy in her bare skin that you want to be close to.
PLEASE NOTE: This fragrance is very dark brown in color. This lends a nice warm deep color to finished soap.

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