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SCUSD Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond Letter to Staff Sept. 23


SCUSD Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond Letter to Staff Sept. 23

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									                                                                          OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                                                 5735 47th Avenue  Sacramento, CA 95824
                                                                                     (916) 643-9000  FAX (916) 643-9480
                                                                                      Jonathan P. Raymond, Superintendent

BOARD OF EDUCATION           September 23, 2010
Ellyne Bell, MA, LMSW
Trustee Area 1
                             Dear Colleagues:

                             The rap against large public school districts, such as ours, is that we operate “in silos,” that
Patrick Kennedy
Vice President               each school or department or program is an island of isolation. Our critics say that we prefer to
Trustee Area 7
                             put up walls or create caverns because it is easier than building bridges. And that the idea of a
                             district being a single organization with a single purpose – to improve the lives of all the
                             children we serve – remains illusive.
Roy Grimes, MPA, MBA, CGFM
2nd Vice President
Trustee Area 6               I’m happy to report today that there is mounting evidence that at our district, this old way of
                             thinking is fading into the past.
Jerry Houseman, Ed.D.        On Wednesday, two principals attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Hiram Johnson High
Trustee Area 2
                             School, where a new $100,000 fitness center was officially opened. One principal was
                             Johnson’s Felisberto Cedros, whose campus is recipient of this gift. The other was School of
Donald Terry                 Engineering and Sciences Principal Belinda Kirk, whose students won the work-out equipment
Trustee Area 3
                             by out-performing every other campus on the 2010 Governor’s Fitness Challenge contest.

                             Because Johnson has a more pressing need for new gym equipment (the 52-year-old school has
Gustavo Arroyo
Trustee Area 4               1,800 students and 16 California Interscholastic Federation sports teams), SES gifted the
                             fitness center to the school.

Diana Rodriguez              This is an extraordinary act of generosity, and a great example of thinking about the greater
Trustee Area 5
                             good. After all, the students who attend Johnson are our kids, as are the children at all of our
                             campuses. They are all our kids.
Arthur Fong
Student Board Member         If we can collectively lift up Johnson, a persistently low-achieving campus that is one of our
                             six Superintendent’s Priority Schools, our entire community benefits. If we can give students
                             pride in their school and hope for the future, our entire community benefits. If we can
                             encourage those students – through athletics or the arts or mentoring or technology or whatever
                             means we can – to stay in school, graduate and go to college, our entire community benefits. If
                             we can change the course of lives, our entire community benefits.

                             I am proud of Principal Kirk, her teachers and staff, her families and students, for their ability
                             to not only see the big picture of a united district, but to demonstrate their belief in that vision
                             through their actions.

                             It is my hope that they stand as great role models of what can be accomplished at SCUSD
                             through cooperation and collaboration and doing what is right for kids.
Baseball manager Joe Maddon once told a story of about being on a plane and feeling upset
and sorry for himself because he had been passed up for a major league coaching position. And
a woman sitting next to him said “Remember one thing always: Whatever you put out there
will come back to you.” Maddon said he thinks of this advice when “things aren’t quite right. I
do a little self-check. Am I putting the right stuff out there?”

Principal Kirk put “the right stuff out there” and provided a good lesson for all of us.


Jonathan P. Raymond

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