scope by mgi72364


									     Pilot Program | Scope
      90-95% | Data Collection / A-GIS Input          5-10% | Creation / Evaluation of eALP

        Implement Data Related FAA ACs                   Work with FAA-developed e-ALP
        150/5300-16, -17 & -18                           software tools (in development) to
                                                         identify needed software/process
        Conduct Obstruction Survey for All               improvements and enhancements
        Runways and Perform Airport Airspace
        Analysis. Conduct Part 77 Analysis
                                                      Reports Provided to the FAA
        Collect Planimetric GIS Data from
        Electronic Imagery                           1) Imagery/Geodetic Control / Obstruction
                                                         Survey/Airport Airspace Analysis
        Translate and Import existing non            2) Collection and Submission of Planimetric
        Planimetric Data where available                 Data
        (Property Maps, Boundary Surveys,            3) Conversion and Submission of Cadastral
        Environmental Data, Underground                  and Utility Data
        Utilities)                                   4) Conversion and Submission of Planned
                                                         development and eALP Assembly
        Translate to GIS and Import “Planned”            Scope of Services provided
        development on Existing ALP                      Considerations/Rationale
                                                         Cost/time information for subtasks
                                                         within report area
                                                         Recommendations for improvements to
                                                         scope, guidance, templates, tools and

     Airports GIS | electronic ALP                                           Federal Aviation
     November 5, 2009                  Administration

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