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Eastern Region - News & Events
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      | Updated: 10:28 am ET June 25, 2009

      The 33rd Airports Conference was held in Hershey PA. on March 2-4, 2010.

      The 2010 Agenda (MS Word) can be viewed here.

       The 2010 Agenda in a Table Format (MS Word) can be viewed here as well.

      Click on Presentations that have been posted on the website for your
      Be advised, some of the presentations may take some time to download. Please contact
       the Division at 718 553-3330 to request copies by mail(ground). Conference Agendas are
       listed below for reference.
      The 2009 Agenda (MS Word) can be viewed here as well.
       2009 Agenda Table-View (MS Word)
      2008 Agenda (MS Word)
      2008 Agenda Table-View (MS Word)
      2007 Agenda (MS Word)
      Order Withdrawing FONSI/ROD for Trenton Mercer Airport, NJ (PDF)
      For more information go to: Outreach Programs at Penn State University

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