The Budget Process and FAA by mgi72364


									                                                    14041 The FAA Budget Process
                                                  Training Source Referral Crosswalk
              Objectives                           Equivalent Training                                Description/Comments
 Explain the terms associated with        Frontline Manager Course – Phase 1
  FAA budget process cycles.                          Budget Section
 Identify consequences of various
  personnel compensation and
  benefits.                                         OMB Website                  OMB manages the budget process for the President. Their web
                                                            site has information on all budget related matters
 Explain the various FAA budget        United States House of Representatives   This is an excellent source of information on the budget process
  categories.                           and issues from the Congressional perspective.
 Identify budgeting responsibilities                 FAA Budget                 This is an excellent source of information on how the FAA spends
  with the events in the Federal        its appropriated money to address all of the demands of aviation.
  budget process.                                                                The FAA Budget in Brief is an excellent document that explains the
                                                                                 agency’s budget in the areas of Operations, Facilities and
 List and explain the steps of the                                              Equipment, Research, and Airports.
  budget control process.                     Federal Budgeting Process          In this course we examine how the annual federal budget is put
                                                  fgov_01_a08_bs_enus            together. The course begins by defining what the budget is. It
 Identify key components of an
                                                                                 seeks to understand how budgetary power is shared power
  actual budget.
                                                                                 employed under a system of checks and balances made possible
 Recognize the systemic relationship                                            by the separation of powers. The course sets down the actual
  of the plans that support the                                                  budgetary process and charts how the budget is presented,
  National Airspace System.                                                      negotiated, signed into law, and monitored. The course is aimed at
                                                                                 those in the federal sector who wish to understand in a concise and
                                                                                 straightforward manner how the federal budgeting system works
                                                                                 today. SkillSoft's Legal Compliance course on the Federal
                                                                                 Budgeting Process is developed and maintained with subject
                                                                                 matter support provided by Christopher Yukins, Associate
                                                                                 Professor of Government Contract Law, The George Washington
                                                                                 University Law School, and Peter McKeen, a member of the
                                                                                 adjunct faculty, University of Virginia Procurement and Contracts
                                                                                 Management Program. .

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