FAA Closing Remarks by mgi72364


									                  Closing Remarks (Day 3) for Peggy Gilligan, AVS-1
        2010 US/Europe International Aviation Safety Conference, New Orleans, LA
                                     June 10, 2010

Good afternoon. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to
meet with our aviation safety friends and partners throughout
the world. It gave me the chance to learn from all of you and
share information and ideas.

We came together in this spirited, courageous city during a
decisive time in the history of our industry. Facing a projected
substantial increase in air traffic, the need for a strong safety
culture in aviation will be even more critical.

As stewards of safety, we have to make sure we can meet this
growing demand while ensuring safety is never compromised.
This is a challenge we all must share because civil aviation
has evolved into a global system that transcends national

That’s why these conferences are so important. This
partnership and meetings like this are our best hope to
establish seamless and consistent standards of safety in this
region and around the world.

Working together and sharing expertise is the only way
forward, and that’s exactly what we were able to do this week.

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Yesterday, our workshops provided a forum to openly share
professional differences of opinion. For example,

   There was a lively discussion regarding the level of
    information necessary to maintain the continued
    operational safety of a product.

   We also heard a debate on the best way to handle
    compliance times for simple modifications that correct
    unsafe conditions.

   And, this morning there was a discussion between a
    modifier and an OEM on the interrelationships of post type
    certification modifications.

This open sharing of diverse ideas is just what we want. A
strong safety culture requires that everyone speak up, and that
we consider every side of the issue.

We also identified areas of consensus.

   In our workshops on pilot training, for example:

     The panelists agreed that mandating a minimum
       number of hours alone is inadequate when establishing
       new hire pilot qualifications. A qualitative element is
       also required.

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     The panelists also agreed that scenario based training
       is key in all training curriculums.

   We heard that the percentage of emergency ADs and
    NPRM AD’s issued between the US and Europe is
    comparable. So, although our processes are different, the
    products of those processes are similar. As we go
    forward, we can continue to align our processes as well as
    the outcome.

We were encouraged by a few things that we learned at the

   On a positive note, EASA learned of the ICAO Paris
    initiative on harmonizing safety cases within the North
    Atlantic region and we learned of a similar effort by the
    SESAR Joint Undertaking and Eurocontrol. This small
    exchange of information will increase collaboration and
    lead to greater harmonization and a better product.

I think we did delve into critical issues facing our industry.

And, I believe these types of exchanges provide everyone with
invaluable information and ideas. So now we begin planning
for our next conference; I’d like to ask Patrick (Goudou) to fill
us in on the details. Patrick.

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(Announcement of 2011 conference location)

Thank you, Patrick. I know I speak for all of us when I say: we
can’t wait to meet with you next year. So please go onto our
website periodically and look for any updates. You can also
visit the website to find summaries of the different workshops
and information sessions we’ve shared this week. Hopefully,
that will provide you with valuable information as we go

In return, we are interested in your feedback as well as ideas
for future conferences. Our conference contractor will email
you an online evaluation. We appreciate your time and

In closing, I want to thank everyone for joining us here this

I appreciate your unwavering commitment to safety as we
embrace the changes our industry must implement in the
years ahead. And I look forward to working with you and
building even stronger partnerships with you in the future. This
is a challenging and yet exciting time for our industry, and as

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we continue to work together to find common solutions to our
shared problems, nothing is impossible.

I wish you a safe trip home and look forward to see you again
next year. Thank you.

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