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									 Direct Marketing

     ●   Public Relations
                                                                       PROJECT-BASED DIRECT MARKETING
     ●   Brand Consulting
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                                                                                SUMMARY AND BENEFITS
     ●   Marketing
         Conferences                  Benson Marketing Group LLC is the wine industry’s leading marketing agency. Founded in 1997, the agency
                                      consults with small, medium and large U.S. and global wine companies, as well as spirits and water brands.

                                       Need a little extra marketing help? Our focus on wine allows the agency to offer project-based Marketing
                                       Services that are essential for differentiating today's leading wine brands, and creating those for tomorrow:

                                               Email: We design, write, test, blast and report on all email campaigns

                                               Design: We produce award-winning websites, email templates and collateral

                                               Copy Writing: Precise language that conveys your brand’s identity

                                               Webmastering: We keep your website fresh with new copy and up-to-date images

                                       ●       Web Traffic: Increase site visits and mailing lists using Search Engine Optimization and our proprietary
                                               Web Marketing Toolkit

                                               Data Mining: Drive sales by understanding buyer behavior at a deeper level

                                               Surveys: Discover what services club members really value

                                      Benson developed these services – which are also available for its PR and Direct Marketing Packaging clients –
                                      because some wineries lack bandwidth or certain skills to accomplish their goals, and often it is much more cost-
                                      effective to outsource non-core functions. Benson has the experienced team of professionals ready to help with
                                      your ad hoc projects.

                                                                               PROJECT-BASED SERVICES

                                      Email campaigns drive 70% or more of online winery sales. Our comprehensive email services range from
                                      installing the email tool you need, all the way to writing, designing and blasting campaigns for you.

                                      Email Tool Installation
                                      We have used several different email systems and have installed them on at least 50 winery websites. Our
                                      recommendations are always state-of-the-art, CAN-SPAM-compliant, double opt-in email solutions that are
                                      proven in the market. In summary, the technology allows you to collect email and address information on your
                                      website, manage the list, segment the list for one-off campaigns, blast campaigns, and report results with
                                      sophisticated, 24/7 online reporting.

                                      Price: $2,000 one time, includes installation, training, email list cleaning, design of customized email template. It's
                                      everything you need to get your email program launched.   Page 1 of 3
                                      Email Production Services
                                      Benson Marketing Group writes and produces email campaigns for many wineries; we'll design a plan that's right
                                      for your resources and budget, providing as mush help as skills and budget warrant. In all cases, we'll format and
                                      test your campaign and provide you with drafts for your approval prior to blasting to your list.

                                       ●       Email Creation. Create, write, format, test and blast email campaign. This is an excellent option for wineries
                                               that want to keep in touch with customers but don't have the bandwidth. These campaigns frequently
                                               include winery news, seasonal vineyard updates, wine club information, new releases and special offers.
                                               We'll take your notes and talking points and then write to your specifications, offering insights we have
                                               gained from our years of experience. Price: $1,500/email campaign.

                                       ●       Email Format Blast. If you write the text, we'll take it from there – formatting, testing and blasting your
                                               campaign to your list. Price: $150/email campaign.

                                               Email Editing. Benson will edit your text as needed. $150/hour.

                                       Website Design: Award-Winning Web Production
                                       Add some zip to your website with a fresh new design that updates your brand. Avoid the costs and cookie
                                       cutter look of sites designed by the image-agencies. Most full website design projects cost between $20,000
                                       and $30,000. Some of our creations:

                                      (a simple, effective micro-site)

                                      (awarded the best winery website in 2005)




                                      Copy Writing: Draw on Benson's Experience
                                      Writing copy – for websites, emails, collateral and other media – is in our DNA. Clients benefit from the diversity
                                      of skills and experiences that the Benson team brings to the table. So rather than just one independent
                                      consultant's opinion, clients get the collective advice and creativity a team with experience in Public Relations,
                                      Direct Marketing and Brand Consulting.

                                      More specifically, what experience does Benson provide?
                                       ●       250 Email Campaigns per Year: Benson measures the results from 250 client campaigns per year to better
                                               understand how writing tone, style, length and other factors influence click-throughs and consumer-direct

                                       ●       Robust Website Analytical Drives Copy: Benson's team manages and monitors website metrics to
                                               determine which subject area (e.g., recipes) are of the most interest to website visitors. Copy projects
                                               benefit from this experience, data and institutional knowledge.

                                       ●       Proven PR success: PR results are often driven by creative concept development and precise copy writing.
                                               Our professionals in Napa and New York often write drafts or wordsmith existing copy to punch up your

                                      Price: Please contact us for a quote.

                                      Webmastering: Keeping Websites Fresh
                                      Some clients just need an extra hand completing simple text changes or more complex changes to navigation
                                      and website functionality. But since Benson provides a team of experts, we are a reliable partner that'll make sure
                                      your new feature story or wine rating gets up on your site, fast! We can also schedule a quarterly, comprehensive
                                      review of your website to ensure that text and images are accurate.

                                      Prices: posted hourly rates, so you only pay for what you need.

                                      Drive Website Traffic: Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing Toolkit
                                      Search Engine Optimization can improve revenue and raise awareness by driving more qualified visitors to your
                                      website. Benson Marketing Group has extensive knowledge of SEO techniques and strategies as well as a deep   Page 2 of 3
                                      understanding of the wine market. This combination allows our clients to enjoy the benefit of great 'organic'
                                      search engine rankings, versus paid-for placements. The search terms that consumers use to find information on
                                      the Internet are constantly evolving and this service ensures that your website will keep pace with changing
                                      interests of your consumers.

                                      Price: $1,250 per quarter

                                      Search Engine Optimization is also included in our Web Marketing Toolkit, a suite of tools designed to optimized
                                      website traffic and usability; it is particularly helpful for new websites.

                                      Price: $2,000 one time.

                                      Consumer-Direct Data Analysis: Understand Your Consumers
                                      Want to understand buyer behavior? Want to know who buys what, when and where? Regardless of what
                                      e-commerce cart or accounting software you use, Benson's proprietary RFM Analysis mines customer-level
                                      transactions and opens a window into purchase recency, frequency and monetary value.

                                      Our proprietary SQL database drives the RFM Reports. It took 30,000 lines of coding to develop a platform-
                                      independent tool to analyze all direct sales – nothing else like it existed, so we developed it ourselves. Ideal for
                                      wineries with established wine clubs, tasting rooms, and mailing lists, Benson's data mining tool produces reports
                                      that surface new revenue opportunities that inform and inspire new marketing offers and campaigns. The result?
                                      New, incremental revenue.

                                      Price: $2,500 per quarterly analysis

                                      Wine Club Member Survey: Understand Your Customer
                                      We recommend conducting an annual, online survey of club members and mailing list customer to assess how
                                      well the winery's communications campaign is meeting their needs. This service can help set benchmarks for
                                      tracking what club members really value and whether the winery is delivering on its promise.

                                      Price: $2,500 per survey campaign.

                                                            Integrated Marketing for the Wine Industry

                                                    Napa Valley HQ 707.254.9292 | New York 212.808.6550


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