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TPB E01/E02
Tripod barriers

PRINCIPLE                                 FUNCTION                                Automatic folding down
                                                                                  standard: fixed crossbars
Kerberos tripod barriers are the ideal Access side                                   folding (type 1.1, 1.2 and 2)
solution for a quick singling out of     inwards right    inwards left               to get free passage for groups or
people and for access control. They      (variant A)       (variant B)               material transports, the crossbars
can be installed nearby the guard,                                                   can be folded down by using the
                                                  inside  inside
e. g. at stadias, leisure centers,                                                   release button. The resetting is
banks or in public transit areas.                                                    effected manually.
Various locking aggregates allow for
                                                 outside outside                     Type 2:
an adaptation to different needs. They
                                                                                     A Kaba Gallenschütz patent
can be combined with all type of card
                                       Access                                        pending system allows for an
readers or ticketing machines and
                                       Type 0: mechanical, one direction             automatic resetting of the folded
are suitable for outside installation.
                                                    free, opposite direction         down crossbar.
FINISH                                                                            In the event of power failure
                                          Type 1.1: one direction controlled,
                                                                                  Type 0: one direction free, opposite
                                                    opposite direction blocked
stainless steel satin finish (grit 320)                                                     direction blocked
                                          Type 1.2: two directions controlled
                                                                                  Type 1.1: both directions blocked
                                          Type 2: two direction controlled with
CONSTRUCTION                                                                      Type 1.2: both directions blocked
                                                  servo positioning drive
                                                                                  Type 2: both directions turn freely
Housing in stainless steel
Columns with space for card readers Drive
                                                                                  If crossbars are foldable (option for
or other installations              Type 0 / 1.1 / 1.2:
                                                                                  type 1.1 / 1.2 / 2), the upper crossbar
                                    manual, end point positioning
Crossbars                                                                         collapses.
                                    Type 2, servo positioning drive:
Type 2: stainless steel Ø 40 mm,    After a release and a manual push,            When power is restored
Type 0/1.1/1.2: aluminium Ø 32 mm   the tripod barrier turns automatically        If crossbar is folded down, it must be
Covering plates in stainless steel, by 120°. A silent (smooth) running            replaced manually. Type 2 resets
3 mm, W x H = 255 x 175, for reader and a longtime life are guaranteed.           automatically.
installation outside or push button Door also opens under load.
                                                                                  Safety devices
inside                                                                            For all locking aggregats not
   plastic plate, 5 mm                                                            necessary.
   (for non-contact readers)

      Kaba Gallenschütz GmbH              Phone +49 (0) 7223-286-0                    alternative     optional
      Nikolaus -Otto-Straße 1             Fax   +49 (0) 7223-286-111
      D-77815 Bühl (Baden)                             Subject to technical modifications
Kerberos TPB-E01/E02
Tripod barriers
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT                  INSTALLATION                                 operating panels (only type 2):
                                                                                   flush or concealed installation,
Electrical datas                      on finished floor level (FFL)
                                                                                   also as double or triple unit
Power supply:                           structural floor level (SFL),
                                                                                   additional board for servo
  110 - 250 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz             X = 80 - 120 or X = 121 - 160
                                                                                   positioning drive (type 2)
Control voltage: 24 VDC                 Pallet with stainless steel ramp,
                                        rubber covering appr. 1,5 m x 1,5 m
Control possibilities                                                              coin acceptor unit with catch-
According to the aggregates’ type,                                                 ment box
various numbers of inputs and          OPTIONS                                     housing in stainless steel V4A
outputs with corresponding                                                         (1.4404 or 1.4571)
                                         personal guiding bar
functionality are possible.                                                        for E01: stainless steel columns
                                         preparation for customer’s reader
For servo positioning drive (type 2):                                              on top plane (instead of sloping)
various adjustment possibilities via
                                         release push button in covering
PC or manual programming device,
   e. g. speed (Vmin, Vmax),
                                         signal device (only type 1.2 or 2)
   time out, etc.
Inputs- / outputs freely programmable:
                                       VIEW TPB-E01/E02                       SIDE VIEW TPB-E01
   4 inputs, 24 VDC:
   (standard: single release entry /
   exit, release = crossbar folds
   down, blocking)
   8 outputs, 24 VDC
   3 relais outputs, potentialfree
via a potentialfree normally open
contact, e. g. by means of push
button or customer’s card reader

PLAN installation example several units TPB-E01                               PLAN TPB-E02


PLAN installation on FFL              SUB STRUCTURE                           LEGEND
                                      installation on SFL
                                                                              1.   FFL
                                                                              2.   SFL
                                                                              3.   screws ∅ 10 x 100
                                                                              4.   conduits
                                                                                   1 x PG 29 (3 x 1,5 mm2)
                                                                     1             1 x PG 29 (14 x 2 x 0,8 mm2)
                                                                                   1 x access control systems
Sales partner:                                                                All measures in mm.

                                                                                   alternativ      optional

                                                                              Subject to technical modifications

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Description: Kerberos (Network Authentication Protocol) is a network authentication protocol, the design goal is the key system for client / server applications to provide strong authentication services. Implementation of the certification process does not depend on the host operating system authentication, without the trust based on host address, does not require all hosts on the network's physical security, and assume that data packets sent over the network can be arbitrarily read, modify and insert data . In the above cases, Kerberos authentication as a trusted third-party services is through the traditional cryptographic techniques (such as: shared key) to perform authentication services.