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					                    Ring Administration Module
        Ring Administration Module (RAM) is an Excel based application developed by
the World Bank It helps countries which are participating in the global Ring Comparison
to provide the ICP Global Office with information about products that can be priced in
their countries. The responses are captured in a structured manner allowing the Global
Office to analyze and create a common Ring Product list efficiently. The RAM displays a
list of products (otherwise known as Structured Product List) priced by each of the six
ICP regions, and the specifications to help identify these products. It also displays
pictures of products. Its objective is to help ring countries identify the products correctly,
indicate whether each item is available in their market and provide comments when a
positive or negative answer does not suffice. The RAM system does not need any
installation on a user's computer. It can be run from a CD on which it is distributed.

   1)   Computer with operating system Windows 2000 or later version
   2)   Excel 2000 or later version installed
   3)   Display resolution of 1024 x 768
   4)   Disabled “Autosave” option in Excel (otherwise the application will prompt you
        to save the document frequently. Please do not save if this message pops up)

How to start:
   1) Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.
   2) Double click on “RingAdministrationModule”. It will ask for permission to run
      the macros. (See picture below)

   3) Click on the “Enable Macros” button. The application will open up.
   4) Enter the “Access Code” and click on the “Login” button.
   Now you are in the system and can work in it. Click on Help for more information
   about RAM.
   5) If you wish to save your response, first create a folder in your computer and give it
   a name. Go to the RAM application system and click on “Select Response File Path”
   to select this folder. Your response will be saved in this folder.

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