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					                                                   32nd Annual Airports Conference Agenda

Tuesday, March 3                                                                           Wednesday, March 4
                                                                                           7:00 am Conference Registration - Convention Center Lobby
5:00 - 8:00 p m Conference Reg istration - Convention Center Lobby
                                                                                           8:00 am Welco ming Remarks – Carmine Gallo
Reception and Cash Bar - Exh ibit Area, Blue Roo m
                                                                                           Opening Address - William Flanagan

   Wednesday Lunch Speaker: Mike O’Donnell
   Wednesday Night Banquet Entertainer: Mark Nizer

                             Session A                       Session B                      Session C                      Session D                        Session E

                                                                                                                         Airport                     Airport Finance,
     # Day/Time               ERLPM                                                     Airport Safety                Management &                   Environmental &
                                                                                                                       Compliance                        Planning
                                                       FOD Detection Systems &                                         Airport Field Lighting
                                                         New Fire Technologies                                                   Update
           8:30 - 9:15                                           J.Paterson              Best Practices Airfield               R.Williams
                           Flexible Pavement                    N.Subbotin                Marking Handbook                    D.Gallagher            Economic Recovery (Stimulus)
                            Design & Eastern                                                   D.Speidel                --------------------------                T.Felix
              Wed                                         --------------------------
     1                     Region Laboratory
                                                       Pavement Research Update              D.O’Donnell              Case Study-Salt Lake City          --------------------------
                           Procedures Manual                                                  E.Martinez                 International Airport                 AIP Update
          9:15 - 10:00           G.Felix                       D.Barbagallo                                                      J.Burns                       N.Williams

            Break                 Break                          Break                           Break                         Break                            Break

                                                                                                                                                           Air Quality Issues:
                                                       Case Studied-AVP EMAS                                                                            Implementing Voluntary
          10:30 – 11:15                                           System               Safety Managem ent System                                     Airport Low Emission (VALE)
                          Development of Job                      J.Deter                       Update                 Update on FAA ACs for                     J.Plante
     2        Wed
                             Mix Formula                 --------------------------            K.Spencer              Airfield Lighting systems &              C.Davenger
                              C.Brower                  Case Study-CGE Land                    N.Sapone                       Equipment.                 --------------------------
                                                               Acquisition                     C.Johnson                         T.Mai               Air Quality Issues: Airport Air
                                                                  C.Trice                      W.Pennell                                                  Monitoring Programs
          11:15 - 12:00

           Lunch                Lunch                          Lunch                           Lunch                          Lunch                            Lunch

                                                                                                                                                  Innovative Approaches for
                                                          Sustainability and the                                                                Managing Stormwater Runoff:
                                                                 Airfield                                                                           Constructed Wetlands
                          Superpave techniques
           1:30 - 2:15                                           C.Lurie                                                                                    K.Minkel
                            on Airport Projects                                             VPDs Analysis                 Airport Geographi cal
                                                               S.Moulton                                                                                    S.Wallace
                                R.McQueen                                                       B. Landry             Information Systems(AGIS)
              Wed                                                                                                                                            G.Meal
     3                    --------------------------
                                                                                         --------------------------            Workshop
                            Random Sampling                                               VPDs Investigation                   R.Bonanni
                                                       Consultant Fees Should not                                                               The Changing World of Airport
           2:15 - 3:00           Technique                                                       J.Green                       T.Johnson
                                                               be a Mystery                                                                                Stormwater
                                   G.Felix                        A.Platz                                                                       Management (Engineering Point
                                                                C.Beamon                                                                                    of View)
                                                              M.Champigny                                                                                    R.Holes

            Break                 Break                          Break                           Break                         Break                            Break
                                                 Managing Airfield PCC
                                                Pavements with Materials                                                                 Virginia System Study-Adding
                                                                                AAAE Interactive Training                                  Value to Airports through
     3:30 - 4:15                                      Related Distress
                                                                                         J.Johnson               Airport Geographi cal       Enhanced Approached
                                                                                      -----------------      Information Systems(AGIS)              C.Beamon
        Wed          Marshall Acceptance          --------------------------
4                        Testing/QA                Fast Track Pavement           Airfield Driver Training             Workshop                        C.Lamb
                                                                                          Program                     R.Bonanni              --------------------------
                         D.Blasland              Project Funding through
     4:15 - 5:00                                                                         L.Krauter                    T.Johnson             NY Airport System LOI
                                                    Alternative Project
                                                                                          T.Stoudt                                             completed FY2008
                                                            D.Eng                                                                                   J.Dermody

    Banquet                Banquet                     Banquet                        Banquet                       Banquet                       Banquet
     8:30 - 9:15                                Do you still call it a 405
                                               Survey? Get up to date on            Wildlife Hazard                                      Update on Aviation Planning &
                                                                                                               Runway Safety Program
                     Statistical Analyses          the new FAA AC                Management Workshop                                          Aviation Resources
5       Thurs
                        C. Steinhauer                150/5300-18B                      J.Weller
                                                                                                                    R.Heeralall                   G.Neumann
                                                         T.Roe                         M.Beiger
     9:15 - 10:00                                       D.Perry

       Break                 Break                       Break                            Break                        Break                        Break

                                               New Engineering Brief 75                                                                    PGL 08-02 Disposition of
    10:30 - 11:15                              Airport Design to minimize           Wildlife Hazard            Coordinating on Airport    Noise Land – Case Studies at
                          Percent Within            runway incursions            Management Workshop           Proposals, Construction         Three NY Airports
                          Limit/Computer                 J.Dermody                     A.Gosser                Activities & Changes in               A.Brooks
6       Thurs                Software            ----------------------------          C.Boggs                  Airport Runway Data         ----------------------------
                           C. Steinhauer           RTAP OEP runway                     C.Croson                        A.Muder             Passenger Facility Charge
                              G.Felix           commissioning template                  P.Henn                       C.Cassella                  S.Scarborough
    11:15 - 12:00                                       th
                                                IAD 4 runway example

      Lunch                 Lunch                       Lunch                             Lunch                        Lunch                       Lunch
                                                   Runway Safety Area
                                                   Overrun/Undershoot                                                                     Meet with FAA Management
                                                          Analysis                                                                                   Team
     1:30 – 2:15      Contractor Quality                  M.Ayres                                              Will Combine with                    T.Felix
                           Control               ----------------------------         5010 Update              Managers meeting in               L.Pagnanelli
7       Thurs          Presenter:TBA            Case Study TGI(Tangier                 H.Felices                  Session E-7                      S.Urlass
                                                 Island Virginia)runway                                                                          M.Digiulian
     2:15 - 3:00                               rehabilitation on the island                                                                         T.Page

                                                       Civil Rights Presentation (March 4th)
       8:30 AM               8:45 AM        9:15 AM        9:45 AM         10:00 AM         10:45 AM        1:00 PM      1:15 PM         1:45 PM          3:00 PM
Introductions by Wilbur      Overview       Title VI       Environ.        Environ.         LEP             Title VI     ADA/Sect        ADA/Sect         Panel
Barham, Director Nat’l       P.Tom,         Review         Justice         Justice          Review          Overview     504             504              Discussion
Airport C.R. Policy and      B.Ashby        O.Jordan       Overview        Presentation     M.Sarra         O.Jordan     Overview        Compliance
Compliance.                                                M. Stanco       M.Sarra                                       W.Barham        Project
                                                                                                                         B.Ashby         V.Ortiz

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