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FAA Home » Airports » Airport Safety » CertAlerts

CertAlerts for Part 139 Airport Certification
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      | Updated: 12:39 pm ET September 8, 2010

CertAlerts give the FAA Airports Safety and Operations Division a quick way of providing
additional guidance on Part 139 Airport Certification and related issues to FAA inspectors and
staff. If you have questions about a particular CertAlert, please see the appropriate CertAlert Log
for contact information.
CertAlert Logs
       Calendar Year 2010 (PDF) (6/30/2010)
       Calendar Year 2009 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2008 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2007 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2006 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2005 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2004 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2003 (PDF)
       Calendar Year 2002 (PDF)

  Number                                            Title
10-02         Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
              Interpretation of the Term 'Consecutive Calendar Months' as Used in Part 139,
              Certification of Airports (PDF) (revised 4/28/2010)
09-17         Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 10-02
09-16         Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Product Recall (PDF)
09-15         Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-17
              IAFC Releases Two New Alternative Fuels Training Packages for First
              Responders (PDF)
09-13         Aircraft Surface Excursions During Winter Operations (PDF)
              Airport Planning for Pandemic flu including H1N1 (Swine Flu) Update (PDF)
                     See also Airports Council International Pandemic Flu Guidelines (PDF)

09-11         Safety During Construction and Reducing Runway Incursions (PDF)
09-10         Wildlife Hazard Assessments in Accordance with Part 139 Requirements (PDF)
              Airport Planning for Pandemic Flu Including H1N1 (Swine Flu) - Cancelled by
09-08         Composites Training and Information (PDF)
09-07         Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facilities - Update (PDF)
09-06         Closing Active Runway for FOD Checks Increases Safe Operations (PDF)
09-05         Reporting Declared Distances to Aeronautical Information Services (PDF)
09-04         Aircraft Surface Excursions During Winter Operations - Cancelled by 09-13
              Availability of the Advisory Circular on Airport Winter Safety and Operations
  Number                                            Title
09-02      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-15
09-01      Notice to Users of Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Air Mask Equipment (PDF)
           Safety Risks for Operating Supertugs (TLTV) in the movement area and Air
           Operations Area (AOA) when towing large air carrier aircraft (PDF)
08-11      NTSB Recommendations for Clear and Concise Airport Communications (PDF)
08-10      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 09-02
08-09      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-10
           Interpretation of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 407 Standard for
           Aircraft Fuel Servicing paragraph (PDF)
08-07      Guidance on the High-Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) (PDF)
08-06      Super-tug Operations on Part 139 airports (All surfaces) (PDF)
08-05      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-09
08-04      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-05
           Status of the Cessna 208B Caravan and the Applicability of 14 CFR Part 139 to
           Airports that It Serves in Scheduled Commercial Operations (PDF)
08-02      AC 150-5200-28D, Notices to Airmen for Airport Operators (NOTAMs) (PDF)
08-01      AC 150-5200-28D, Notices to Airmen for Airport Operators (NOTAMs) (PDF)
07-11      Fuel Safety Training - Update - Cancelled by 08-04
           Vehicle Pedestrian Deviation Runway Incursions (PDF)

                 Presentation: Reducing the Potential for Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations
                  (V/PD) and Runway Incursions: PDF (7.54 MB), MS PowerPoint (17.8

           Class D Fire Fighting Agents – Update (PDF)
           Cancels Certalert 07-08.
07-06      Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-05      Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-04      Fuel Safety Training - Update (PDF)
07-03      Part 139 Airport Inactive Status (PDF)
           U.S Government Employees/Contractors Seeking Unescorted Motor Vehicle
07-02      Access to the Movement Area at a Part 139 Certificated Airport are Required to
           Meet the Specific Airport's Movement Area Access Requirements (PDF)
           Need for Better Dissemination of Runway/Taxiway Closure Information and
           Construction on an Airport (PDF)
06-08      NFPA 407/2007 Edition (PDF)
  Number                                        Title
           Requests by State Wildlife Agencies to Facilitate and Encourage Habitat for
06-07      State-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species and Species of Special Concern
           on Airports (PDF)
           Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Schools - Cancelled Certalerts 4-
           10 and 4-17. Cancelled by 09-07.
06-05      Stop Runway Incursions and Surface Incidents Now (PDF)
06-04      P-23 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicle (PDF)
06-03      Embraer 170/190 (ERJ 170/190) ARFF Door Operation Notice (PDF)
06-02      Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Meeting MIL-F-24385 (PDF)
06-01      Issuance of SAMS 23 (PDF)
05-03      Issuance of SAMS 21 (PDF)
05-02      Fuel Safety Training Update (MS Word)
05-01      Airport Winter Operations (Friction Measurement Issues) (MS Word)
           Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Training Facility Pool Size (Fixed and
           Mobile) (MS Word)
04-16      Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing (MS Word)
           Fuel Safety Training - Update: Additions to List of Acceptable Trainers: PDF, MS
           Enforcement Policy – Submission of ACM to FAA in Accordance with Part
           139.101 General Requirements: PDF, MS Word
           Rocket-Deployed Emergency Parachute Systems (PDF, 947 KB)

                 Accident Scene Safety with Rocket-Deployed Emergency Parachute
04-13             System (MS PowerPoint, 5.11 MB)
                 First Responder Video (Cirrus Aircraft) (added 3/11/2010)
                  Use the id "cirrus" and password "CAPS" to access video.

04-12      Dry Chemical Systems Inspection and Maintenance (MS Word)
04-11      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
04-09      Relationship Between FAA and WS (MS Word)
04-08      Part 139 ACM Submission Dates (MS Word)
04-07      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
           Security Related Items in Airport Emergency Plan may be referenced in the
04-06      Airport Operator's TSA Approved Airport Security Program (Options) (MS
           Investigation of a Vehicle Pedestrian Deviation (VPD) caused by a Mechanic
           Maneuvering an Aircraft (MS Word, 6.83 MB)
  Number                                        Title
04-04      Runway Threshold Markings (MS Word)
           Part Time ARFF Coverage and Air Carriers Operating Outside Scheduled Arrival
           and Departure Times (MS Word)
04-02      Illumination of Runway Exit Signs (MS Word)
04-01      Passengers and Crew on Cargo Aircraft (MS Word)
03-08      Conductivity Test Meter (Probe) Causes Erroneous Reading (MS Word)
03-07      Personnel and Equipment in the Runway Safety Area (MS Word)
03-06      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
03-05      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
           DOT's Research and Special Programs Administration, (RSPA) Hazardous
           Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant Program (MS Word)
           Guidelines for Submitting Bird Strike Feather Remains for Identification (MS
03-02      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
           ARFF Foam Mixture Testing Methods (MS Word)

                 Attachment 1: Evaluation of Conductivity Meters for Firefighting Foam,
                  DOT/FAA/AR-02/115 (PDF)
                 Attachment 2: Conductivity Meter Test Methods (MS Word)

02-10      Fuel Safety Training (MS Word)
02-09      Alternative Deer Fencing (MS Word)
02-08      PAPI Operation (MS Word)
02-07      Air Show Event Ground Operations Plan (MS Word)
02-06      Access to the FAA National Wildlife Aircraft Strike Database (MS Word)
02-05      Driver Training Simulators (MS Word)
           Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Concentrations, Restrictions, and Other
           User Guidelines (MS Word, 2.05 MB)
02-03      Air Carrier Accident Critique (MS Word)
02-02      Deicing Fluid Containing Potassium Formate (MS Word)
02-01      Aircraft Departing/Landing on Closed Runways (MS Word)
01-04      Deicing Fluid - Potassium Formate (MS Word)
01-03      Magnetic Variation (MS Word)
01-02      ARFF Rollover Study (MS Word)
01-01      Deer Aircraft Hazard (MS Word)
  Number                                           Title
00-03      Use of the term 'Stopway' (PDF)
00-02      NOTAM Procedural Changes: Snow Notice to Airmen (PDF)
00-01      Public Safety Personnel Operating in the Movement Area (PDF)
99-05      Announcement of the Airport Safety Newsletter (PDF)
99-04      Recission of Certalert 99-02 (PDF)
99-03      Clarification: Part 139.323, Traffic and Wind Indicators (PDF)
99-01      Fuel Safety Training Courses (PDF)
98-08      New Sand Specification (PDF)
98-06      Location of Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) (PDF)
98-05      Grasses Attractive To Hazardous Wildlife (PDF)
98-04      Aircraft Familiarization Charts (PDF)
98-03      ARFF Index (PDF)
98-02      Airports with Less than Full-time ARFF Coverage (PDF)
98-01      Runway and Taxiway Painting (PDF)
97-10      Snow Removal (PDF)
97-09      Wildlife Hazard Management Plan Outline (PDF)
97-08      Friction Testing Vehicles (PDF)
97-04      VOR Receiver Checkpoint Markings (PDF)
97-03      Fuel Training Programs (PDF)
97-02      FAA/ADC Relationship (PDF)
97-01      ARFF Rollovers (PDF)
96-02      High Reach ARFF Equipment (PDF)
96-01      Annual Live Fire Drill Training (PDF)
95-06      Reporting Braking Action (PDF)
95-05      Closing and Opening the Airport After an Accident or Incident (PDF)
95-04      ARFF Off Airport Operations (PDF)
95-03      Halotron I (PDF)
95-02      Friction Measuring Equipment (PDF)
95-01      Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)
           Excessive Accumulation of Potassium Acetate-Base Fluids When Used to Deice
           Runways, Taxiways or Aircraft Parking Aprons (PDF)
94-02      Delta Airlines Aircraft Familiarization Program (PDF)
94-01      NFPA Cautions that Some Protective Clothing May Have False Compliance
  Number                                            Title
               Labels (PDF)
93-05          Standards for Decelerometers (PDF)
93-03          Loading Bridges or Jetways at FAR Part 139 Airports (PDF)
93-02          NOTAMs concerning ARFF Equipment Outages (PDF)
               Semi-Flush Runway Edge Lights at Runway/Taxiway and Runway/Runway
               Intersections (PDF)
               Update on the use of HALON 1211 for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)
               Purposes (PDF)
92-03          Effects of Type II Deicing Fluid on Runway Friction (PDF)

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591
1-866-TELL-FAA (1-866-835-5322)

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