Airfield Development by vbd19928


									                                 Airfield Development
50 NextGen Implementation Plan

                                 Implementation	Commitments
                                 Project                     FY09                                   FY10                                     FY11                                 FY12-15
                                 Airfield	     � Completed Washington Dulles        •   Complete FACT-2 next steps, to      •   Begin FACT-3, including update       •   Complete FACT-3 and identify
                                 Development     Runway 1L/19R                          include coordination of airport         of the NAS-wide analysis                 follow on strategic planning
                                               � Completed Seattle-Tacoma               action plans and integration with       of constrained airports in               initiatives
                                                 Runway16R/34L                          NAS Enterprise Architecture and         consideration of taxiways,           •   Continue planning and
                                               � Completed Chicago O’Hare               NextGen Implementation Plan             gates, airspace as well as initial       environmental projects
                                                 Runway 9L/27R                      •   Complete Charlotte Runway 17/35         evaluation of curb-to-gate issues    •   Complete Chicago O’Hare
                                               � Completed Dallas-Fort Worth end-   •   Fund metro area airport             •   Continue fiscal year 2010                Runway 10C/28C
                                                 around taxiway                         infrastructure improvements at          planning and environmental           •   Complete Fort Lauderdale/
                                               � Completed Philadelphia Runway          other than OEP airports                 projects                                 Hollywood International Runway
                                                 17/35 extension                    •   Continue Southern Nevada                                                         9R/27L
                                               � Completed New York (JFK)               supplemental environmental
                                                 airfield improvements                  impact statement (EIS)
                                                 o Taxiway YA extension             •   Continue Philadelphia EIS
                                                 o JFK Taxiway K/KA                 •   Continue Houston International
                                               � Obtained Record of Decision            EIS
                                                 for extension of Fort Lauderdale   •   Continue West Palm Beach EIS
                                                 Runway 9R/27L                      •   Complete Phase II of the San
                                               � Completed environment                  Francisco Bay Area Regional
                                                 assessment for Portland Runway         Airport Plan
                                                 10L/28R extension                  •   Conduct a Phase II study providing
                                                                                        feasibility analysis for potential
                                                                                        airport sites that can aid Atlanta
                                                                                        to accommodate future unmet
                                                                                    •   Continue surveys to support
                                                                                        development of WAAS/LPV
                                                                                        approaches to increase access to
                                                                                        airports. Consider obstruction
                                                                                        removal needs so that airports with
                                                                                        LPV approaches can achieve lower

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