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									                                            FAA FIRC Facts
      April, 2007
      Volume 1, Issue 2

                                      FAA AFS-810 Flight Standards Certification and General Aviation Operations
       FAA FIRC                       Gregory French, National FIRC Program Manager

       • New FIRC AC                  New FIRC AC 61-83F On Track For ‘07
         On Track for 07.
                                      Hello, and welcome to this     providers throughout the       Even though the AC is still
       • The New FIRC
                                      second issue of the            process and the Agency         not official, those who
         Philosophy.                  quarterly FAA FIRC Facts       has been receiving             wish to move in that
                                      newsletter.                    universal praise for the       direction early can contact
       • Business                                                    new direction that the         Greg French
                                      The biggest news is still
         Aspects of                                                  FIRCs are going to take.       (gregory.french@faa.gov)
                                      the new Advisory Circular.
         Flight Instructing                                                                         to discuss how to go
                                      The rewrite is on track and    Even though the AC won’t
                                                                                                    about it.
       • Some Push-                   is still planned for release   “hit the streets” until late
         Back on the                  late summer of 2007. The       summer, several industry       New and revised TCOs,
         TSA Module                   AC has, for all practical      providers have already         that deviate from the old
                                      purposes, been completed       taken the initiative and       AC 61-83E to reflect the
                                      and is now going through       revised their Training         new goals on the horizon,
                                      the review process.            Course Outlines (TCOs)         will be reviewed and
                                                                     to reflect this new            approved on a one-on-one
                                      Staff here at AFS-800 has
                                                                     direction.                     basis by AFS-800.
                                      been working with industry

                                      The New FIRC Philosophy
                                      The change in direction of     named Bernoulli. This          a few. Where was the time
                                      the FIRC Advisory Circular     was both good and bad.         to teach these new and
                                      guidance has been an           Good, in that sometimes        important topics when the
                                      evolutionary one, guided       instructors need to be         old AC specifically
      Just a reminder:
                                      by a joint combination of      reminded of the basics.        required that 13 of the 16
      Let us know if
      you want your                   the changing face of           But the fact is, the bad far   hours be spent on the
      FIRC listed on                  aviation and by the needs      outweighed the good.           Core/Special Emphasis
      the FAA FIRC                    of the instructors in the      That is, the FIRC is only      topics that were,
      site. We’ll be                  field and the FIRC             16 hours long. Yet, these      essentially, the basics?
      posting soon.                   providers in industry. And     last few years have
                                                                                                    The exciting new
                                      that change in direction is    witnessed more significant
                                                                                                    philosophy of the FIRC
                                      fundamental.                   changes in aviation than
                                                                                                    will parallel that of the
                                                                     the industry has seen in
                                      In the past, the emphasis,                                    doctors who attends a
                                                                     the past 70 years! Sport
                                      indeed, the very philosophy                                   conference. They do so
                                                                     pilot, Technically
                                      of the FIRC, was that of a                                    not to learn basic biology
                                                                     Advanced Aircraft (TAA),
                                      refresher of basic skills: To                                 – they’re expected to
                                                                     FAA/Industry Training
                                      re-teach instructors that lift                                know that already – but
                                                                     Standards (FITS), TSA,
                                      equals weight and to                                          instead to learn about the
                                                                     GPS, IACRA, just to name
                                      remind us of a fellow                                         (continued next page…)

                                           FAA FIRC Facts                                                         Page 2 of 2
                                          The New FIRC Philosophy (continued)
                                          latest techniques and            There will still be 15 core     tune with what is happening in
                                          technologies in their fields.    topics, but they will all be    the field at that moment.
                                                                           addressing contemporary
                                          So, rather than a rehash                                         The idea here is that
                                                                           issues and can be
                                          of what a flight instructor                                      instructors will begin to look
                                                                           incorporated into their
                                          is reasonably expected to                                        forward to each new FIRC as
                                                                           TCO however they think
                                          already know, the slant of                                       an opportunity to get up to
                                                                           best. For example, some
                                          the new-and-improved                                             speed on the “latest-and-
                                                                           core topics can be
                                          FIRCs will be to empha-                                          greatest” of what’s happening
                                                                           combined into a single
                                          size new and ever chang-                                         in the world that has direct
                                                                           session and there will be
                                          ing topics. This means                                           effect on their fields. Doctors
                                                                           no time constraints placed
                                          more flexibility will be                                         all over the world voluntarily
                                                                           on those core topics,
                                          granted to the FIRC                                              and eagerly attend confer-
                                                                           although a minimum of 30
                                          provider allowing them to                                        ences so that they can be
                                                                           minutes each is
                                          decide what the most                                             more effective, and thus more
                                                                           recommended, totaling
                                          important topic of the day                                       profitable, in their fields. We
                                                                           only 7.5 hours. This new
                                          is and to decide for them-                                       want the same for the
                                                                           freedom will allow signifi-
                                          selves how much, or how                                          profession of flight instructing.
                                                                           cantly more time to devote
          “Let’s face it: flight          little, time to spend on it.
                                                                           to topics that are more in
    instructors are business
      persons, be they self-
     employed or work for a
                                          Business Aspects of Flight Instructing
              flight school…”              Let’s face it: flight            with clients, scheduling,       traditionally starving
                                           instructors are business         tax structures, and more.       instructors.
                                           persons, be they self-
                                           employed or work for a           Flight instruction is, above    The old AC explicitly prohib-
                                           flight school. In fact, the      all, a people-oriented          ited the coverage of this
                                           pay structure at many flight     service industry. Instruct-     topic. Opinions have since
                                           schools amounts to little        ors need to understand          changed. Business Aspects
                                           more than contracting,           that they are in the bus-       of Flight Instructing is now
                                           making even “employed”           iness of providing a            allowed as an optional
                                           instructors, in actual fact,     service to a customer, and      elective. We believe that an
                                           self-employed. Having a          that better service means       instructor who understands
                                           good understanding of the        better business. And            his/her financial role in the
                                           implications of that fact can    better business translates      industry can make for a
                                           help an instructor better        into more money, always         better instructor, so have at
                                           plan his/her interactions        a point of interest among       it!

                                          TSA – A New Required Topic – Some Pushback
                                           The Transportation               the appropriate direction.      TSA does not consider
                                           Security Administration          Flight instructors must be      ignorance of the rules an
                                           (TSA) has become a               aware of what airman            excuse. Yet, we’ve gotten more
                                           necessary fact of flight-        certificates the TSA is         instructor pushback on this
                                           training life. As a conse-       interested in and those that    topic than from any other. The
                                           quence of 9/11, the TSA          they are not. What the          argument has been: “we’re not
                                           has become involved in all       requirements are for            law enforcement.” True, but,
                                           aspects of aviation, inlcud-     citizenship documentation,      like it or not, the TSA is here to
                                           ing flight training, and new     records keeping, foreign        stay and we have to deal with
                                           flight students are not          student processing, and         it. It’s really not that hard, but it
                                           likely to be aware of TSA’s      more. Not following the TSA     does require proper training
                                           involvement of in their          guidelines properly can         and we at the FAA strongly feel
                                           own training. This means         have serious consequences       that the FIRC is the appro-
                                           they must rely on their          both for the student and for    priate venue to get that
                                           instructor to steer them in      the flight instructor, and      training.

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