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A highly motivated IT System Administrator professional with 10 years extensive business and engineering experience. Background includes LAN support for manufacturing networks for a wide variety of Cisco devices. Trained in telecommunications technologies that impact all levels of organizations, including: telephone systems and networking data communications systems.

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									                               CLINTON LOCKHART

626 Nahma Ave.                                                                      Cell (248) 302-3756
Clawson, MI 48017
                                         CAREER SUMMARY
A highly motivated IT professional with extensive business experience. Background includes LAN
support for a wide variety of Cisco devices. Trained in engineering telecommunications technologies that
impact all levels of organizations. Skilled in systems implementation, operations, and management.
Implementation. Highly effective problem solver resulting in enhanced customer relationship.
Experienced in new product development, launch, and rollout. Excellent presentation, communication,
and group dynamic skills.

                                   EDUCATION & TRAINING
BS, Major, Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio,                   1997
BS, Minor, Computer Science, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio,                         1997

Certified Cisco Network Assistant (CCNA Certified)
CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ Certified
Currently working towards CCNP
Experienced with VMware and Citrix XenApp Provisioning



System Administrator                                                                     2009 - 2010
Responsible for leading a team of approximately 10 analysts during implementation of VIOP within DPS
large LAN environment. Provided technical support for various Cisco technologies and platforms:
EIGRP, OSPF, VTP, STP, CallManager, and L2 switching.
• Reduced $20,000 in stock by implementing inventory tracking database.
• Demonstrated strong layer 2 knowledge by resolving VOIP issues.
• Provided leadership and direction to pc technicians in the execution of daily roles and repairs
• Monitored operational effectiveness and identified areas for improvement to streamline operations.
• Worked on Citrix XenApp, VPN, Server 2008, IPSec, and other firewall related items for security.
• Defined and configured VLANs, trunks, and port channels.


System Administrator                                                                     2009 - 2009
Responsible for maintaining network for 350 users.
• Responsible for migration of 350 users 40 application from Citrix XP Farm from 4.0 to 4.5.
• Maintenance and troubleshooting of Citrix Server farm running 100+ Windows 2003 servers.
• Install, maintain & monitor VMware and Citrix 4.5 Server.
• Responsible for maintaining all Dell Servers, Citrix Servers, VMware and Cisco server.

                               CLINTON LOCKHART
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Team Leader – Chassis Electronics                                               2007 - 2009
Responsible for evaluating supplier’s advanced technology capabilities.
• Analyzed suppliers new electronics capabilities for Hybrid and electrical vehicles.
• Performed tasks answering supply chain inquiries and grievances via telephone.
• Represented the organization to external customers and special events.
• Resolved several difficult customer service issues regarding terms and contract issues.

Senior Member – New Technology and Switches                                              2004 - 2007
Conflict troubleshooter for organization. Managed global launch projects with electronics suppliers.
• Managed 75 electrical suppliers through a successful global product launch.
• Contributed frequently to development of new ideas and methods.
• Communicated with vendors regularly to stay informed of new products and technologies.
• Worked with branded companies like Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Alpine, and Citrix.

Design Release Engineer | Project Engineer                                           1998 - 2004
Responsible for designing math data using Unigraphics NX CAD modeling techniques and simulations.
• Eliminated 80% of durability testing time for Chevy Malibu by using computer simulations.
• Created documentation on internal procedures and processes via how-to guides and best practices.
• Validated simulations software through using VMware as chassis.


Aerospace Network Technician                                                        1997 - 1998
Responsible for assisting in the implementation of new program assembly procedures including a parts
numbering and a project scheduling system.
• Led group to exceed production targets by focusing on quality.
• Showed ability to understand new systems and their applications.
• Responsible for loading new software and systems on existing equipment.
• Managed and tested backup and recovery processes for pre-production environment.


Network Technician | Help Desk Technician                                             1995 - 1995
Responsible for troubleshooting network servers, switches, and routers. Installed, built, repaired, and
configured Cisco routers and switches. Ran Ethernet between devices and rack equipment. Deployed PCs
and workstations.
• Provided engineering lab’s IT support and administration.
• 11% reduction in scrapped parts due to network installation.
• Terminated jacks and patch panels to 110 blocks and 66 blocks.
• Communicated with administration for receiving part quality data via new network installed.

NCAA Athlete - Team Player
Winning personality proven through National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Track Team

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