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4075044)" Ave.
NicoJlet, MN 56074
July 29,2008

Gary K. Van Meter
Deputy Director
Office of RegulatOl'Y Policy
Farm Credit Admin.i.strarion
150l fann Crodit Drive:
Mclean, VA 22102-5090

RE: Mlssion-Relatod and RuIll1 Conununity Investments

Dear Mr. Van Meter,

u.s. relics on a vibrant nuaI economy. In order to thrive, America's rural communitIes need
better and more (Ch.J,'e aocc:u to the capjtaJ thar will suppol'1 new invetmnents in the community facilitres
and infrastructuTc improvemenu necessary for their success

Agriculture dopends on rural communities to support the related businesses and markets critical to their
farming success but a150 to provide off-tium employment critical for the economic success of many farm
families Unfortunately, .ruraI c.onununities often laB behind metropolitan areas in essential infrastructure,
serviccs and facilities, in areas such e t:raospottation, health care, education and others that would drive
employment and oconomic opportunities to rural areas.

The Farm Cmiit Adminlmation's proposed rule to enable Farm Credit iMituaoos to make mission­
related investmerrtB in rural communities i5 a Itq) in the right direction to address this wgent need. This
proposal alloW5 those closes! to rural arcu, the falmer and cooperative owners of Farm Credit
instltutions, to support their c.ommuruties by malu.ns critically needed investments in the future: of those
rural communities I support what this proposed rule is striving to accomplish and urge the Farm Crodd
Administration to move it forward in the regulatory development process.

11umk you for your consideration and coocern for {l.lO.) Amenca


Dean Compart

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