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Pathology – cell injury and adaptation MCQ 1


									Pathology – cell injury and adaptation MCQ

1      Irreversible cell injury is associated with
       a) Clumping of chromatin
       b) Endoplasmic swelling
       c) Reduced oxidative phosphorylation
       d) Profound membrane disturbance
       e) Fatty change

2      Dystrophic calcification
       a) Occurs in normal tissues
       b) Is associated with hypercalcaemia
       c) Is seen in vitamin D related disease
       d) Occurs in atheromatous disease
       e) May be a part of the milk alkali syndrome

3      Regarding metastatic calcification which statement is incorrect
       a) Affects kidneys and lungs more than the liver
       b) Is seen in organs that have a relatively alkaline compartment
       c) Is initiated in the mitochondria
       d) Occurs in normal tissues
       e) Is often seen in the pulmonary veins

4      Regarding hyperplasia which statement is correct
       a) It is never seen in the same tissue as hypertrophy
       b) it is seen in cardiac muscle in hypoxic patients
       c) it is limited to cells capable of mitotic division
       d) it is rarely physiologic
       e) complete removal of excess hormone triggers will slow progression but
          not reverse hyperplastic changes

5      ischaemic injury
       a) May be caused by any state of reduced oxygen delivery
       b) Is associated with an efflux of calcium and sodium
       c) Leads to redued glycolycis in the cell
       d) Leads to cessation of cardiac muscle contraction in approx 15 minutes of
           coronary occlusion
       e) Usually results in a necrotic pattern of injury

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